Pip Huckabee, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of A Brave New World (Case #52 of Grimsborough).


Pip was a young male Pilgrim who lived in the 1600s with his mother, Elma Huckabee. He most commonly used to wear a Pilgrim hat and Pilgrim outfit.

Murder details

Pip was murdered in 1642 and was left dead at the natural harbor. In It All Ends Here, an old man named Stuart Huckabee told Jones and the player to go to the natural harbor and grab digging tools. So, in A Brave New World, the team went there. Jones digged and found a coffin which contained a skeleton. Nathan, the coroner, said that it belonged to a kid, so he asked the team to examine the skull of the skeleton. After finishing the examination of the skull, the team discovered that it belonged to a Pilgrim boy. The team wondered who would kill an innocent kid, so they decided to continue the investigation and eventually found out the truth behind the murder.

Killer and motives

Pip was killed by a notorious secret society known as The Crimson Order.

In 1642, Pip was on the Pilgrims' ship which was sailing to the "New World". At the ship, Pip was spying on the Crimson Order performing their ritual. They noticed him, and thus decided to kill him to not let him reveal their secret. They then arrived to the natural harbor, where they murdered Pip and buried his corpse inside a coffin.

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