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Amy Young: Oh, hello <Name>, I'm so sorry I'm late! My brother needed me to run some errands for him, and I may have gotten lost...
Amy: Guess he wasn't joking when he offered to get me a GPS! I hope I didn't miss anything!
Chief Marquez: Next time you arrive late, Amy, just remember that my office gives directly into the entrance, and that crawling under desks gets you noticed.
Amy: I'm so sorry, Chief! It won't happen again!
Chief Marquez: Calm down, Officer Young, you're going to need your energy. <Rank> <Name>, I've got a murder investigation for you!
Chief Marquez: An ex-convict has been murdered in the Jewish Deli down Parks Avenue. A gruesome affair, and I need my best <Rank> on the scene.
Amy: We'll do our best, Chief! <Rank> <Name> will crack the case in no time! Ready when you are, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Delicatessen.
Amy Young: There's so much blood! And that open wound, brrr! Sorry, <Name>, I just need a second to focus...
Amy: You're right <Name>, his face seems bright red! As if he got burned or something... We have to send the body to Roxie!
Amy: Oh, Hannah just sent us the victim's details! His name is David Breitman, he was recently released from prison after serving a 25 year sentence!
Amy: Nicely spotted! Something seems to be stuck in the cash register on the floor, maybe it fell during the struggle? Should we have a closer look at it?
Amy: Oh, you're right, of course we'll also need to talk to the owner of the Deli! She was in the shop when it happened, the poor woman must still be in shock...

Interrogate Myriam Miller about the murder.
Amy: Ms Miller, did you see David Breitman's murderer? After all, he was killed in your shop while you were in it!
Myriam: I didn't see anything! He came by to buy some food, I went in the back to get everything, and when I came back he was... He was dead!
Amy: And you didn't hear anything?
Myriam: No. I'm telling you, I don't know what happened!
Amy: Alright... Then maybe the victim mentioned something suspicious before he was killed?
Myriam: He's just some old guy... But he was rambling about a meeting he had at the train station, it seemed to be really important for him.
Amy: A meeting? You're right, <Name>, it's a new lead for our investigation! Let's go to the train station!

Investigate Train Station.
Amy: I like train stations in the middle of the afternoon, there's so few people, you forget you're in a big city for a bit! Oh, but what did you find, <Name>?
Amy: A torn card? Oh, what a sad sight... I hope we can put it back together!
Amy: Look, there's a name on that prescription bottle you found! "David Breitman"... It's the victim's name! You're right, we have to decipher that number to know what it was and who prescribed it!

Examine Torn Card.
Amy: The card you just restored is a birthday card, <Name>! But what is that weird stamp on it...
Amy: It's from the Pacific Bay Prison, you're right! It means this card was sent from there, and since we know our victim has just been released... The two might be linked!
Amy: Oh no, the message on the back of the card is unreadable! Do you think you can find out what it says, <Rank> <Name>?

Examine Faded Postcard.
Amy: Perfect, <Name>! Thanks to you, we can read what was written on that birthday card! "Dear daughter, meet me at the train station at 5PM. I won't let you down"...
Amy: It was sent to a certain Eva Breitman... Breitman, the name sounds familiar...
Amy: Oh duh, sorry <Name>, of course it's our victim's name! Which means our victim was going to meet his daughter Eva here, and it's almost 5PM!
Eva: Excuse me officers, do you have the time? I'm supposed to meet someone here at 5PM, but I was in a hurry and forgot my watch...
Amy: Huh... Would you happen to be Eva Breitman? <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you a few questions...

Tell Eva Breitman about the death of her father.
Eva: What do you want, <Rank> <Name>? Sorry, it's just, I'm waiting for someone. I'm kind of anxious right now.
Amy: We know you're waiting for your father, Ms Breitman, and... We have very bad news. I'm afraid he was murdered this morning.
Eva: He... What? Oh my... Oh my...
Eva: Daddy... What happened? He was just a harmless old man... I waited so long to see him again, and now...
Eva: He was supposed to come and live with me, we were going to be a family again after all these years...
Eva: I'm sorry, Officers, I... I need to go home. I just... need to rest...

Examine Prescription Bottle.
Amy: Great job decoding the serial number on our victim's prescription bottle, <Name>! Let's send it to Hannah, she'll find out what was prescribed and by whom!

Analyze Serial Number.
Hannah: So, I took a look at that serial number of yours, and it allowed me to find out that your victim was prescribed common painkillers by an unlikely source!
Hannah: The doctor who prescribed this to your victim is Mark McKenzie, a famous surgeon whose rates are well above anything an ex-convict could afford!
Hannah: He's a hot shot in the medical world, Ivywood stars' go-to doctor! But apparently he recently moved back to Inner City! There's no way people here can afford him...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, something doesn't fit. We have to know how the victim could afford someone like Mark McKenzie. Let's talk to him!

Ask Mark McKenzie about the victim's prescription.
Amy: Dr McKenzie, you prescribed medication to Mr Breitman, did you not? Can you tell us how a poor ex-con like him could afford a famous doctor like you?
Mark: I see my reputation precedes me! But it's all in the past now, I came back to Inner City to rediscover my roots, and to help the less fortunate.
Mark: Mr Breitman, being just out of prison, needed a new doctor, and I was more than happy to help him. He doesn't need heavy medical assistance, if that's why you're here.
Amy: You couldn't be more right. David Breitman was murdered this morning. We're looking into every possibility, we're investigating anyone who could have seen him recently.
Mark: Dead? Damn, I didn't expect that... He was a nice old man, I don't know exactly what he was arrested for, but he didn't seem dangerous.
Mark: He only came to my office twice for some painkillers. Nothing that could help your investigation I'm afraid.

Examine Cash Register.
Amy: I'll get those pink threads you collected from the cash register to the lab for you, <Name>. You don't have to worry about a thing!

Analyze Pink Threads.
YannWell, that was a tricky one for sure... These pink threads you collected from the cash register have actually been stained with blood! Quite tough to notice with these colors, except for you, <Name>!
Yann: I analyzed the blood, and it comes from your victim! He must have wrestled with the killer, and one of them got their clothes stuck in the cash register. Since your victim wasn't wearing anything pink...
Amy: It means the killer is the one wearing pink clothing! Great job, Yann!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: That was one neat murder, <Rank> <Name>! Your victim died from the blood loss, all nice and easy! Well, for me, not for him.
Amy: Roxie! Have a little respect for that poor old man! Would you like someone talking like that over your grave?
Roxie: I hope my grave becomes the hottest party spot in town! I'd rather have people drinking than crying. But speaking of drinking...
Roxie: You noticed that the victim's face was bright red, <Name>, and I can tell you why! This man was burned before getting gutted!
Roxie: So I analyzed his skin cells, and I found traces of tea! Green tea to be exact.
Roxie: My theory is that your killer blinded the victim by throwing hot tea at their face before killing them! Which means your killer drinks tea!

Back at the Police Station...
Amy: Well, that's one tricky investigation we've gotten ourselves into, <Rank> <Name>! Let me remember all we have found.
Amy: David Breitman's throat was cut in the Jewish Delicatessen, and the owner, Myriam Miller didn't see or hear anything even though she was inside! How weird...
Amy: We met his daughter, Eva Breitman, to whom he was trying to get closer, and also his doctor, Mark McKenzie, who recently came back to Inner City.
Amy: But who could have wanted to kill that man? Was it an old beef from 25 years ago? Was it a new enemy he just made? What a mystery, <Rank> <Name>!
Hannah: <Rank> <Name>! I got some news for you! I hacked into the Pacific Bay Prison servers...
Amy: Oh, no, not again Hannah! Andrea asked you to stop hacking government servers!
Hannah: And I did well not to listen! <Name>, you'll never believe where David Breitman was living!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi: <Rank> <Name>! I hacked into the Pacific Bay Prison servers and I found out where your victim had been living since his release from prison!
Hannah: And you'll never guess where! David Breitman had been living at the synagogue!
Amy: At the synagogue? But... How can he have lived there, it's a place of worship, not an inn...
Amy: You're right <Name>, the best way to know what he was doing there is to go take a look! Let's go to the synagogue!

Investigate Synagogue Interior.
Amy: What a beautiful place, <Rank> <Name>, I never had a chance to enter a synagogue before!
Amy: Hm, you're right, back to work. You think there's something relevant in that box of clothes donation? I hope you'll find it!
Amy: And you found a business card for Yuan's Garden! Isn't Yuan Wong that old herbalist we met in our previous investigation?
Amy: I knew the name rang a bell! Hm, nicely spotted, something was written on that card, we better try and recover whatever it was!
Amy: Oh, and you're right, there's also the Rabbi, he's been waiting to talk to you. His name is Jacob Fishman. Since the victim slept here, he might have valuable information!

Ask Jacob Fishman why the victim was sleeping in his synagogue.
Jacob: Hello <Rank> <Name>! To what do I owe the pleasure? Here, let me make you some tea.
Amy: Mr Fishman, I'm afraid that David Breitman has been murdered this morning. We learned that he'd been sleeping here since his release from prison.
Jacob: Murdered? It's horrible, why would anyone do that? David was an ex-con, it's true, but he was trying to turn his life around!
Jacob: He had nowhere to go after his release from prison, so I offered to let him stay here until he could find proper accommodations.
Jacob: I knew him, before he was incarcerated. I saw him for Sabbath, he was a nice man, if you forgave his illegal activities of course.
Jacob: I have to admit David seemed to have a lot on his mind lately, though. He spent a lot of time at the train station, just sitting and thinking...
(After talking to Jacob Fishman)
Amy: Poor Mr Breitman tried really hard to turn his life around... You're right, <Name>, we've got to find his killer as soon as possible!
Amy: It's true, Mr Fishman mentioned that David spent a lot of time at the train station... It might be a good idea to go back there, what do you think <Name>?

Investigate Railway.
Amy: Did you find interesting things in the train station, <Name>? You think there's something in that trash bag? I hope you took gloves!
Amy: And that newspaper article you found is completely torn up! People in this city really need to take better care of their belongings! ... Do you think you can restore that article, <Name>?

Examine Torn Article.
Amy: That article you found in the train station is about our victim's arrest! It must be at least 25 years old! What does it say, <Name>?
Amy: Apparently the robbery that caused David's arrest was a messy affair! One of his associates was killed!
Amy: And the name of that dead associate was Isaac Miller! The same name as Myriam Miller who owns the Deli where your victim was killed, <Name>!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, she must be his daughter! But she didn't mention that she had a history with the victim! She'd better tell us everything this time!

Ask Myriam about David Breitman's ties to her father.
Amy: Myriam, you never mentioned that the man murdered in your Deli was working with your father on robberies!
Myriam: Of course I didn't! It would make me the perfect suspect. But since you know that much, I might as well tell you everything. Let me just put my tea away.
Myriam: My father was working with Breitman on his robberies. He was a safecracker, he was nicknamed "The Fox"! I was very proud to be his daughter.
Amy: Ms Miller, with all due respect, what your father did was illegal!
Myriam: My father took pride in his work! You cops, you think life's easily divided between the good guys and the bad guys. My father just did what he was best at!
Myriam: But David, he never had enough. That last robbery, he didn't listen to my dad's warnings, he made them stay too long on the crime scene, and the police arrived!
Myriam: A shooting broke out, and my dad was caught in the crossfire... It's all Breitman's fault! If he had listened, Dad would still be alive!
Myriam: So I'm not sad he died, and I sure won't mourn him. I'm glad that someone finally avenged my father!

Examine Trash Bag.
Amy: Oh dear, the pocket knife you found in the trash bag is covered in blood!
Amy: You're right, we have to send that knife to Yann right away, before possible evidence gets ruined by contamination!

Analyze Pocket Knife.
Yann: Great job, <Rank> <Name>, the blood on the pocket knife you found is your victim's!
Yann: That means you've just found your murder weapon!
Yann: I couldn't find any other biological imprint, but I noticed something in the knife itself! There was a tiny screw stuck inside!
Yann: It's the type of screws used for glasses! It was small enough to get stuck inside the pocket knife!
Yann: Which means your killer wears glasses, <Rank> <Name>! And if they thought you wouldn't figure it out, they've got another thing coming!

Examine Business Card.
Amy: Perfect as always, <Name>! You've uncovered what used to be written on that business card! Let's see what it says...
Amy: Oh dear, it's Chinese symbols! But I don't know what they mean, <Name>, I took Spanish as a second language in school!
Amy: You're right, we should send that note to Hannah, she'll know how to translate those characters!

Analyze Chinese Characters.
Hannah: Choi Translation Services, at your service <Name>! So I ran the Chinese characters from the business card you found at the synagogue through the computer...
Hannah: And they've been written by a lovesick poet with dreadful grammar! It roughly translates into "My little dragon of love"! No way Mrs Wong would have written that, it's pre-school level!
Amy: You're right <Name>, since we found that card where the victim was sleeping, it must be David who wrote those words!
Amy: Do you think that means David Breitman was linked romantically to Yuan Wong, <Name>? Let's go see her!

Talk to Yuan Wong about her ties to the victim.
Amy: Mrs Wong? It seems David Breitman wrote a message on this card, about a "little dragon of love"... Was he talking about you?
Yuan: You're talking about him in the past tense, <Rank> <Name>. That means he's dead, isn't he? Every time you come to see me, it's to announce someone's death!
Yuan: But to answer your question, yes, I was David's "little dragon of love".
Yuan: David and I... We had an affair, a long time ago. No one ever knew about it. We had to keep it a secret from my husband, but when I was with him, I felt invincible!
Yuan: But then he went to jail, and I decided to commit myself entirely to my family. It all seems so far away now... Part of another life.
Yuan: I'm afraid it's all I have to say about this, <Rank> <Name>. Now please, let an old woman mourn her lost love. I need a cup of tea and some peace.

Examine Clothes Donation.
Amy: Whoa, people are really generous! Someone donated a phone to the synagogue!
Amy: ... Haha, I hadn't seen that the victim's name was written on the phone. Of course, that's why you picked it up!
Amy: The phone is locked though... Do you think you can find the right code, <Name>?

Examine Locked Phone.
Amy: Great job unlocking the victim's phone, <Rank> <Name>! But it's weird, there's only one message on it!
Amy: "I'll only help you out of pity, you ruined my life! I'll never forgive you!" And it was sent by Eva, the victim's daughter!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, it doesn't fit with what she told us, she seemed eager to live with her dad again... We have to talk to her!

Ask Eva about her resentment toward her father.
Amy: Eva, we know you weren't as happy about your father's return as you pretended. <Rank> <Name> found the message you sent him!
Eva: Of course I was angry! He destroyed my life! He abandoned me, he got himself caught, and I had to grow up without my father!
Eva: And he comes back 25 years later, and he thinks he can just waltz back into my life?! That he can just make it up to me?
Eva: You have no idea how hard it was. We didn't have any money, I used to go to bed with just a cup of tea! Kids at school made fun of me, it was a nightmare!
Eva: And just when I thought it was all behind me, Dad comes back without an ounce of remorse! He couldn't understand what I had been through because of him.
Eva: It's too late for him to make amends now, anyway. Dad's associates, they used to call him "The Wolf", you know. They should have called him "The Cuckoo".

Later, at the Police Station...
Amy: What a curious case, <Name>, I wouldn't mind taking a minute to recap it all! Wouldn't you?
Amy: We met with Rabbi Fishman, who tried to help our victim reintegrate society! He was letting him sleep at his synagogue!
Amy: We also learned the truth about Eva's deep seated resentment for her father...
Amy: And there's the role our victim played in the death of Myriam Miller's own father, who used to do robberies with Breitman until he was shot by the police!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, let's not forget that David Breitman had an affair with Yuan Wong when they were younger! It's so unexpected!
Hannah: <Rank> <Name>, I have something for you! Remember that love message from your victim to Yuan Wong? "My little dragon of love"?
Hannah: Well, I researched your victim's history, and I learned some of his old associates' codenames! You already know of "The Fox", Isaac Miller...
Hannah: David Breitman was "The Wolf", so on and so on for every one of his associates. Until I found the one called "The Dragon"! Get my drift, <Name>?
Hannah: That's right, it wasn't just a message of love, it was a codename! Yuan Wong must have worked with your victim on his robberies!
Amy: WHAT?!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: <Rank> <Name>! Remember that love message from your victim to Yuan Wong? "My little dragon of love"?
Hannah: "Dragon" was actually Yuan's criminal codename! Which means she and David Breitman were partners in crime 25 years ago!
Amy: Sweet Mrs Wong was a criminal?! I can't believe it, <Name>! She's just an old lad--
Hannah: Breaking news, Amy, old people used to be young people, and young people do lots of crazy things. Like going all Bonnie and Clyde.
Hannah: The Dragon was a master burglar! She stole precious artifacts, and was never arrested!
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, we need to talk to Yuan as soon as possible! What she did was highly illegal!
Amy: And you're right, maybe the victim kept other mementos of that time! We have to look at the synagogue too! Where do we start?

Ask Yuan about her exploits as The Dragon.
Amy: Hello Mrs Wong, or should we say, "The Dragon"?
Yuan: What are you rambling on about?
Amy: We know you used to be a burglar! Don't you try to deny it, <Rank> <Name> has evidence!
Yuan: Alright, no need to get angry. I'm surprised <Rank> <Name> managed to find out my identity. I must say I'm impressed.
Yuan: It was another time, before all those stories of Chinese against Russians. I got married young, but I felt trapped, I longed for freedom!
Yuan: So I started to live a double life for years. The perfect housewife by day, a burglar by night. Don't be so surprised, <Rank>, I was almost an athlete back then!
Yuan: That's how I worked with "The Wolf". That's when I fell for him. I had two lives, so I had two loves. And when he got to jail, "The Dragon" disappeared with him.
Yuan: Now, <Rank> <Name>, I must ask a favor of you. Please, do not mention what you've learned to anybody. I've built an honest life. Don't let the mistakes of my past destroy it.

Investigate Benches.
Amy: What did you find inside the synagogue, <Rank> <Name>? A torn up photograph? I'm sure you'll put it back together in no time!
Amy: You also found a diary? You're right, that's the name of our victim written on it, but the message is illegible! Can you do something about it?

Examine Victim's Diary.
Amy: "Time to find the one who put me away"... Gosh, <Name>, the message you found in the victim's diary is a threat!
Amy: So if the victim wrote this... That means he came out of prison looking for revenge!
Amy: You're right, we absolutely need to figure out who's the person who called the police to report the robbery!
Amy: Oh, great idea! Hannah will know how to uncover their identity in the old police archives! Let's ask her about the diary!

Analyze Angry Message.
Hannah: The police archives are a real hassle to go through! It's a mess, but I found out more about your victim's initial arrest!
Hannah: I managed to recover the original files from the 80s, but the witness' identity was kept anonymous!
Hannah: It took me a while to figure it out, but the witness is no other than Mark McKenzie! He was barely 20 then.
Amy: Mark was the one who witnessed the robbery and caused our victim to go to jail? But why would he accept to become the victim's doctor after he got released then?
Amy: And why didn't he mention any of this when we talked to him? I agree, <Name>, let's go see Mr McKenzie again!

Talk to Mark about the victim's arrest 25 years ago.
Amy: Mark, we know you were the one who called the police and caused David Breitman's arrest 25 years ago! Why then did you choose to help the victim after his release from prison?
Mark: He came to me! I thought he was here for revenge, but I quickly understood he had no clue I was the one who gave him to the police.
Mark: You see, I stumbled upon their last robbery by accident! I was going home, it was the middle of the night...
Mark: No one else could have raised the alarm. It was my duty to inform the police of what was happening!
Mark: They made sure I would remain anonymous, so that none of Breitman's associates could find me. I moved away from Inner City and built a new life...
Mark: But I don't regret my actions. I have lived in fear for most of my life, but now I can drink my tea knowing I did the right thing.

Examine Torn Photograph.
Amy: Look, the photograph you found in the synagogue shows Jacob holding a little girl! He looks much younger, the photo must be quite old...
Amy: There's something written on it! "Keep watching over her"... Someone must have put that child under the Rabbi's care, you're right!
Amy: What, you think you can find out what that little girl looks like now just with this photo, <Rank> <Name>?! That's super impressive!

Examine Little Girl Photograph.
Amy: The little girl on this photograph is Eva Breitman! It must have been taken 25 years ago, at the time her father was arrested...
Amy: You think that message means David had left his daughter under Jacob's care before going to jail, <Name>?
Amy: But why wouldn't Jacob mention it to us? You're right, <Name>, let's go talk to him!

Talk to Jacob about his ties to David and Eva Breitman.
Amy: Jacob, we know you didn't just know David Breitman in passing, you took care of his daughter since she was a little girl! <Rank> <Name> found the picture!
Jacob: This little girl needed a father figure! When David got arrested, he asked to make sure she was safe. That's what I did.
Jacob: It was really hard for her, but I gave her guidance the best I could. And she grew up into a beautiful woman.
Jacob: But when David was finally released from jail, instead of thanking me for all I'd done, he asked me for even more help!
Jacob: Not once did he think about all I did for his daughter, he thought it was normal! That as a rabbi, it was my job! Can you believe that?!
Jacob: Eva is like a daughter to me. The death of her father is tragic, but it will spare her from greater pains in the long term.

Back at the Police Station...
Amy: So many revelations, <Name>, between Mark reporting David out to the police 25 years ago...
Amy: And Jacob raising David Breitman's daughter while he was in jail...
Amy: I'm getting lost in this investigation! You're right, I have to keep my focus, to stay concentrated on the murder! That's the most important!
Amy: You think we should go back take a look at the Deli? Great idea, <Name>! Maybe the crime scene hasn't told us all of its secrets!

Investigate Deli Counter.
Amy: My goodness, there's some blood on that battered up menorah! You're right, it must have been handled by the killer! Can you collect some of it?
Amy: And you think something may be hidden in all that food? I'll follow your instincts anywhere, <Name>! We'll catch the killer soon, I know it!

Examine Bloodied Menorah.
Amy: Great job collecting the blood on that menorah, <Name>! I'll get it to Yann right away!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: I may not be religious, but I don't like seeing holy artifacts like this menorah being used to hurt others.
Yann: The blood on it actually came from two different sources! One of them was your victim, and it stands to reason the second must be your killer!
Yann: I tried to separate the two samples of blood to analyze it more thoroughly, and it went on without a hitch!
Yann: Which means I can tell you that your killer's blood type is O+! Now go and catch them, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Food.
Amy: You found one of those things used to wipe glasses with in all that food, <Name>!
Amy: You're right, we know the killer wears glasses...
Amy: So this cloth must be theirs! Let's take a closer look at it!

Examine Cloth.
Amy: Great job collecting this liquid from that cloth, <Name>! Let's send it to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Unknown Liquid.
Yann: The liquid you found on that cloth was actually sweat, <Name>.
Amy: Yann, our killer wears glasses and this cloth was on the crime scene, we know it is theirs! Did you manage to find something about them?
Yann: Of course, it's my job after all. So in that sweat, I managed to find strands of DNA, badly damaged, but nothing I couldn't fix!
Yann: And thanks to that DNA, I can tell you, <Name>, that the killer you're looking for is female!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: This is it, <Name>! You've found all the evidence we needed. Time to put David's murderer behind bars once and for all!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Yuan?! You killed David Breitman?! But why? You loved him!
Yuan: I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm but an old lady, I wouldn't hurt a fly!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found evidence, Yuan! They found the cloth for your glasses, they found threads from your clothes, your blood--
Yuan: Alright, no need to get angry. Good job, <Rank> <Name>, you caught me, something that all your colleagues failed to do.
Yuan: David came back after 25 years, after getting foolishly caught, and he expected me to give him his cut of our last robbery!
Yuan: That money was mine by right! I created my business, I helped my family out of dire times with it! Giving it back would have ruined everything I've built!
Yuan: But did he care? No! He was ready to rob an old woman blind to get his own life back on track! He would have destroyed my family!
Yuan: So when I bumped into him at the Deli... I didn't even think. I just did what I knew had to be done. I threw my tea at him to blind him, and then... I cut his throat.
Yuan: It all happened very quickly. I hit him with the menorah to knock him out, so he wouldn't feel the pain. I'm hard, but not cruel.
Yuan: Family always come first. David never quite understood that. For the sake of my family, I had to kill him. I had no other choice.
Amy: I think there were other ways to give him that message than murder, Yuan. You're under arrest.

Honorable Dante: Mrs Wong? What are you doing here, is there a problem with my order of medicinal mushrooms?
Yuan: I'm under arrest, Mr Dante. And I'd like you to keep our private business private.
Honorable Dante: Wait a minute... Oh, you mean you're the one standing accused of David Breitman's murder? It's too bad, I just let him out of prison a few weeks ago!
Honorable Dante: You could have done it 25 years ago, it would have saved everyone a lot of time and paperwor--
Amy: YOUR HONOR! What are you talking about?!
Honorable Dante: Oh, sorry, excuse me Miss Young, I lost myself here. Moving on!
Honorable Dante: Mrs Wong, you murdered an ex-convict over a loot that you have kept for 25 years! Despite all your attempts at an honest life, you're still a crook at heart.
Honorable Dante: As they say, no bad deed goes unpunished. Mrs Wong, for the murder of David Breitman, you're sentenced to 25 years in prison. Court dismissed!

Amy: Mr Breitman was coming back to a regular life, and all he found was death...
Amy: Sometimes it seems like you can't escape your past, <Name>. So many people might have killed him for revenge, but in the end greed destroyed him.
Amy: I at least find comfort in the fact that you've put his murderer away, <Rank> <Name>, like always!
Amy: No murder will be left unpunished, no murderer will feel safe as long as you're in Pacific Bay, <Name>! I'm sure of it!

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, you've done a great job on this investigation, but I'm afraid you're not off the clock yet!
Chief Marquez: There's been a problem at the train station, a fight broke out and I'd like you to make sure everything is secure before we can allow the trains to function again!
Chief Marquez: Also, Eva Breitman came to the station. She said there was a problem at the synagogue and wanted to talk to you...
Chief Marquez: She sounded worried, please talk to her when you've got a spare minute. But don't wait too long to go to the station, I expect a full report about the incident there!

Ask Eva what is worrying her.
Amy: Hi, Eva! We heard you wanted to talk to <Rank> <Name>, what's wrong?
Eva: I recently noticed a lot of anti-religious graffiti in the neighborhood. And just the other day, some strange people were wandering around the synagogue!
Eva: I warned Jacob but he won't listen, says I'm being too suspicious! I'm worried those people could be a threat to him!
Amy: I agree, <Rank> <Name>, we could take a look at the synagogue and make sure everything is safe! Don't worry, we'll be thorough!

Investigate Synagogue Interior.
Amy: Somebody obviously came here and they left something behind! It seems to be broken though. Can you take a look?

Examine Broken Pieces.
Amy: Oh my! That mask you restored is scary! What could it have been used for, <Name>?
Amy: You say those masks are used as a protection against toxic fumes? But... What kind of toxic fumes could there be in a synagogue? I'm so confused!
Amy: Oh right! Of course! Eva warned us there had been a lot of anti-religious graffiti recently! This mask must be used by the graffiti artists, so they don't inhale the spray paint!
Amy: We still need to figure out who this particular mask belongs to... Understood, <Name>, I'll go get the fingerprinting kit for you straight away!

Examine Graffiti Mask.
Amy: The powder worked its magic, <Name>, you've found some prints on the mask! Time to send this to Yann, see if it gives some results!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Yann: Hey <Name>, love the mask you brought me from the synagogue!
Yann: It reminds me of this underground artist I knew in Jazz Town, he used to exhibit his graffiti in galleries.
Yann: By the way, I found who the prints belong to. Some tough guy whose criminal record is filled with larcenies. His name is Fredo Mancini, here's the picture from his file.
Yann: But the thing is, it's been years since we last heard about him. So I called Chief Marquez to b-
Chief Marquez: Unfortunately, I've had the displeasure of dealing with this man, <Name>...
Chief Marquez: Do you recall the anarchist group Inner Chaos? Well Fredo has been their leader for as long as I can remember.
Chief Marquez: You'd already discovered that Inner Chaos was active again, but if Fredo is still their leader, we're in for a heap of trouble!
Chief Marquez: I dread to think what could happen if Hannah hears he's back. Please, keep this to yourself and be careful. That man cannot and should not be trusted.
Amy: How dreadful! <Name>, we'd better be cautious. But you're right, for now we still must go warn Eva about this gang!

Warn Eva about the anarchists.
Amy: Ms Breitman, you were right about the threat in the neighborhood!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found a graffiti mask in the synagogue. It's been used by an anarchist gang...
Eva: An anarchist group? I knew I had good reasons to worry! I hope Jacob will be safe working at the synagogue!
Amy: Don't worry, Ms Breitman, the Police are here to protect people from any threat! We'll go warn Jacob about this, won't we, <Name>?
Eva: Thank you so much <Rank> <Name>! Please, I'd like you to accept this. It was a gift from my father!

Warn Jacob about the anarchists.
Jacob: <Rank> <Name>! Did you talk to Eva? She's worried something bad could happen to me. She sees evil everywhere! Even here, in this holy place!
Amy: Eva is right to worry. Anarchists are getting active in the neighborhood, Mr Fishman. You will need to be cautious from now on.
Jacob: Dear God, so Eva was right! Between them and the community feud, life will be tougher than usual in Inner City.
Jacob: But do not worry, I will spread the word. For now, <Rank> <Name>, please accept this money. I was saving it for David's rehabilitation but I guess he doesn't need it anymore...

Investigate Train Station.
Amy: Well, Chief Marquez said there was a fight here, but apparently it's over now, <Name>!
Amy: Oh, you're right! This camera might have been broken during the incident... Which means it could have filmed what happened! It's intricate work, but if anyone can repair this, it's you!

Examine Broken Camera.
Amy: Well done, <Name>! It's like this camera was never broken! Hannah should get the recordings easily now...

Analyze Station Camera.
Hannah: <Name>, I can't believe it! The camera you found at the train station... The video shows two persons fighting, and one of them is my girlfriend!
Hannah: Uh... I mean... I did tell you about my girlfriend, Heather, didn't I?
Amy: She is your girlfriend? Aw, she looks adorable!
Hannah: Of course she does, but that's not the point! She called me just before going to the Deli. We were supposed to meet up afterwards. So I don't know why she was at the station!
Hannah: I'm so worried, <Name>, she doesn't answer her phone! I can't even make out who she was fighting with, the camera wasn't angled right...
Amy: I'm sure she's fine, but <Name> is right: you two should go to the Deli. If Heather went there, the Deli's owner, Myriam, must have seen her!

Ask Myriam if she's seen Hannah's girlfriend.
Myriam: <Rank> <Name>, what brings you back to my shop? Finally decided to taste some babk-
Hannah: We don't have time for this, Ma'am, my girlfriend's disappeared! You know, a lovely blonde with pretty lips, she comes here often and tends to wear weird printed tops...
Myriam: Heather, right! Lovely girl, always so polite. She always buys some chocolate sesame halva. She came by earlier!
Myriam: She seemed upset, though, and suddenly ran out to make a phone call! Look, I think she even forgot a bag near the counter...
Myriam: Sure, <Rank> <Name>, feel free to get it, it's right over there. Honey, you look too worried, sit down a bit, I'll get you all something to eat!

Investigate Delicatessen.
Hannah: This is Heather's bag, <Name>! I'd recognize it anywhere, she thought the caption was funny... Do you mind checking it while I try to call her again?

Examine Heather's Bag.
Hannah: What did you find in Heather's bag, <Name>? I couldn't reach her on the phone, she's turned it off and-
Hannah: What?! A restraining order? B-By Chris and Ivy Valentine? <Name>, they're Heather's parents! They got a restraining order against their own daughter?!
Hannah: This forbids her to go near them and their house! There's even a mile radius limitation! This is horrible!
Hannah: They've never approved our relationship, always saying we were degenerates... But Heather never gave up on them. I bet she's at their house, trying to change their mind about this!
Hannah: I never thought they'd do this! I... I'll go get her and bring her back to the police station, <Name>! See you there!

Later on, at the Station...
Heather: Hello, <Name>, Hannah told me a lot about you... I'm sorry we meet in these circumstances.
Heather: You see, my relationship with my parents is complicated. They can't seem to accept my sexual orientation, nor my relationship with Hannah.
Heather: When my mother asked to meet me, I hoped she had changed her mind... But all she had to say was that I couldn't be their daughter unless Hannah and I broke up!
Heather: She told me they'd use that restraining order against me! It made me so upset, I totally lost it...
Heather: Sorry you got dragged into this, but thanks for getting my bag and... Thank you so much for having Hannah's back like that! You're a good person, <Rank> <Name>!
Hannah: I'm so sorry, Heather, I never thought your parents would react like this to your coming out...
Heather: It's not your fault, babe. You're the only one who's always accepted me for who I am! You're the only family I need!

Later, at the Station...
Amy: Well, <Name>, it's been quite a day! I'm so happy to have met Hannah's girlfriend!
Amy: But it's sad her parents don't accept their own daughter the way she is... I hope they'll change their mind soon, for Hannah and Heather's sake!
Amy: You're really amazing, though, <Name>! Whether it's dangerous anarchists or awful family stories, you always manage to keep a clear mind!
Amy: This district seems full of troublemakers. I hope I'll manage to keep my cool... And I really wonder why Andrea keeps telling us not to say anything about Inner Chaos to Hannah...

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