Paul Etter was the victim in Gut Out (Case #7 of Supernatural Investigations).


Paul was an artist and art instructor with brown eyes and short, dirty gray hair, a mustache and a shaggy beard. At the time of his death, he wore a paint-stained, open-collared cream shirt with three paint-stained paintbrushes in his front left pocket. Additionally, he sported black trousers and brown shoes.

Murder details

Paul's body was found disemboweled by a chupacabra in the village square. Ben noted that both Paul's guts and vocal chords had been ripped out. Per Felix, the behavior of the attack suggested that the chupacabra had been trained by the killer. Felix revealed that specific sounds in the Spanish language had a soothing effect on chupacabras, concluding that the killer spoke Spanish.

Later, Luke and the player encountered the chupacabra that had killed Paul. In self-defense, Luke shot the chupacabra dead. Ben confirmed the chupacabra in question to be the murder weapon and revealed that he had found hairs in its fur belonging to vampire Bathsheba.

Relationship with suspects

Art retreat organizer Malcolm Drummond was irritated by Paul's difficult nature, prompting him to leave Paul a threatening voicemail. Waitress Carmen Garcia was horrified by the abstract portrait that Paul had made of her. Paul's sister, goat ranch owner Susan Etter, asked him for financial aid for her farm, but he refused. Artist Axel Bross was annoyed after Paul told him that his focus on mythical creatures would make him worthless as an artist. Bathsheba encountered the chupacabra that killed Paul before the murder. She knew that the chupacabra was going to attack Paul, but the harsh sunlight prevented her from stopping it.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Susan.

Susan admitted that she had found the chupacabra in her garden one night and raised it to attack the goats in all the competing farms in Taos Pueblo. With her own farm still failing, Susan asked Paul for financial aid, which he refused to give. She then trained the chupacabra to attack Paul and make it look accidental so she could collect his life insurance money. With the team recording Susan's confession, they turned her over to the police.


  • Paul's death at the hands of his own sister is thus far one of the instances of domestic homicide in Supernatural Investigations.

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