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On a boat, off the coast of Sydney...
Jack Archer: <Name>, I can't believe we're sailing out to find an uncharted island from a 30-year-old SOMBRA map!
Elliot: <Name>, I think it's a solid lead! I managed to get in touch with X again, to ask about the map, and X's response was "Full steam ahead"!
Jack: So X knows about the island? That settles it: X must be SOMBRA too! <Name>, this is a trap!
Lars: I share your doubts, bro! Even if we find this secret island, what are we supposed to do there? Will X meet us? What if this alleged SOMBRA facility doesn't even exi-
Jack (looking through binoculars): Land! Land! <Name>, the secret island's in front of us!
Chief Ripley: At last! Lars, help me moor the boat! <Name> and Jack, you're going ashore!

​Chapter 1

Investigate Island Landing.
Jack Archer: Whoa! SOMBRA sure knows how to welcome visitors! There's a dead body on the beach! And look at his skin, he's all blue!
Jack: Hold on, we know this guy! He's Professor Metcalf! He's the scientist behind the "next level" experiments!
Jack: We know Metcalf also experimented on himself, but that humongous syringe sticking out of his neck doesn't look self-administered... more like someone brutally stabbed him with it!
Jack: But <Name>, if this is a secret facility only SOMBRA knows about, it means only SOMBRA could've killed Metcalf. But why? Metcalf was the brains behind the "next level"!
Jack: Unless... <Name>, since we know X must be SOMBRA... maybe X was Metcalf?
Jack: <Name>, if Metcalf betrayed SOMBRA, that explains why they silenced him! Which means we're now alone on SOMBRA's turf... with a murder to solve!
Jack: You're right: Metcalf's killer must still be on this island! Let's get on their trail! Any clues?
Jack: That cigarette's still smoldering, and I don't recall Metcalf smoking! We need to grab a saliva sample!
Jack: And that waterproof bag must be Metcalf's, his initials are on it! Let's search its contents!
Jack: <Name>, there's no going back now! We must solve this murder if we want this island to give up its secrets!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Jack: <Name>, what did you find in Metcalf's bag? Navigation charts, compass, flare gun... and his phone!
Jack: Did Metcalf pack his bag to leave the island? If he betrayed SOMBRA by helping us, his escape would make sense...
Jack: I agree, <Name>, we should unlock Metcalf's phone and find out what went wrong with his plans!

Examine Locked Phone.
Jack: <Name>, you've unlocked Metcalf's phone! Let's get it to Elliot!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Elliot: <Name>, Metcalf's phone had almost nothing in it. He took precautions.
Jack: Elliot, you need to give us something before SOMBRA finds us here and sinks our boat!
Elliot: Well, the only thing I could retrieve was a draft text message that read: "I must leave the island, SOMBR-". Metcalf didn't finish the message. You can guess why. 
Jack: He was interrupted by the killer!
Elliot: Looks like it. The metadata shows Metcalf never got to send the message.
Jack: Well if our theory is correct, and Metcalf was X, he was probably trying to contact us! Except he got killed before he could do it!
Elliot: But get this, <Name>: The meta data in Metcalf's phone also shows that the text was deleted - after Metcalf was murdered!
Jack: What?! If the message was erased after the murder, only the killer could've deleted it! Did they leave a trace?
Lars: That's where I step in, bro! Yes, the killer left a trace on the phone's touchscreen. A greasy substance that turned out to be sunscreen! There was no sunscreen on Metcalf's skin, so-
Jack: So our killer wears sunscreen! Well, the weather's pretty grim outside, but the prison cell will be darker still!

Examine Cigarette.
Jack: You've collected saliva from that cigarette, <Name>! The microscope is on our boat - let's hope the sea's calm enough to look at your sample!

Examine Transparent Substance.
Jack: <Name>, the DNA on the cigarette belongs to one Brice LeBeau... Does that name ring a bell?
Jack: You met LeBeau in Sydney? An infamous French treasure hunter who got in trouble for diving near a sunken SOMBRA ship?
Jack: I wonder how he knows about SOMBRA's secret facility! <Name>, we should find this LeBeau, he must be nearby!

Ask LeBeau what he's doing on the island.
Brice: La cigarette? Oui, I dropped it when I saw your boat, Inspecteur <Name>. I didn't want to get caught trespassing again. Le Bureau gave me so much hassle in Sydney.
Jack: How do you know about this island, LeBeau? It's uncharted!
Brice: Uncharted? Boff! I don't look at charts, I dive!
Jack: You shouldn't dive here. There are facilities here run by criminals, and one of them got murdered.
Brice: Murdered? Quelle horreur! But it's not mon problème. I'm heading back to Sydney.
Jack: Nobody leaves the island until <Rank> <Name> says so. You'll smoke the rest of your cigarettes by our boat, where we can keep an eye on you!

Jack: <Name>, I can't believe this guy! He's diving and smoking on SOMBRA's secret island?!
Jack: You think it's a cultural thing? Maybe we should ask Dupont if... oh, my phone!
Jack (speaking on the phone): Archer speaking!
Elliot (speaking on the phone): <Name>, I've got news!
Jack: What happened? Did X get in touch again?
Elliot: Nope, nothing from X, which is worrying.
Elliot: But I found something on the satellite: a little hut carved out of the mountainside! It could be SOMBRA's base! I'll send you the coordinates.
Jack: Alright, <Name> and I will check out that hut! Over and out!

Investigate SOMBRA Hideout.
Jack: Look at the view, <Name>! Is this really SOMBRA's headquarters? How can they have nicer digs than us?
Jack: Sorry, <Name>... You're right, better focus. Let's start with taping that torn picture back together!
Jack: And is that a box of ammunition? There's a faded note attached. Let's grab the dusting kit!

Examine Torn Picture.
Jack: <Name>, that picture shows Metcalf!
Jack: But it looks like the other half of the picture's missing! We see Metcalf handing a file to somebody, but we don't see the other person! There's just a hand!
Jack: You're right, there's also a message scribbled on the photo: "You're playing with your life - Michelle."
Jack: Hey, this Michelle wouldn't be Michelle Zuria, the lawyer you arrested in Sydney for tampering with that SOMBRA shipwreck?
Jack: And that wasn't the first time Michelle's been involved with SOMBRA... she represented that dirtbag who kidnapped Elliot!
Jack: If it turns out Zuria is on SOMBRA's island, it's pretty clear she's in cahoots with them! Let's find her!

Question Michelle about her threat to the victim.
Michelle: <Rank> <Name>, you're here!
Jack: And so are you, Michelle! You can't deny it anymore: you're SOMBRA!
Jack: Now cut to the chase and tell us if you killed Metcalf! We've got proof you threatened him!
Michelle: Darnit, that blue-skinned fool's dead? I knew he'd complicate things!
Michelle: But yes, I did threaten him! So what? Metcalf should've known better than to show his work to strangers!
Michelle: Before you ask, I don't know who he spoke to, or what he gained from it. At least he had the sense to destroy the other half of the picture!
Michelle: But I warned him that SOMBRA doesn't take kindly to traitors. Looks like I was right.
Jack: So, you freely admit SOMBRA silenced Metcalf? And you expect us to believe it wasn't you?
Michelle: Oh, no. I know you only believe what you can prove, <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Note with Bullets.
Jack: <Name>, someone wrote "Go back and do your duty" on the note with these bullets!
Jack: It sounds like an order... but without a signature, it's pretty vague.
Jack: But you're right, <Name>: that show-off Jonah will probably have something to say about these bullets!

Analyze Bullets.
Jonah: <Name>, I'm surprised you didn't recognize these bullets!
Jack: Get to the point, Jonah! Why should we have recognized them?
Jonah: Because you saw them in Sydney! These bullets are from the same gun Veronica used to shoot her target!
Jack: But Veronica's now in jail, so how did these bullets get here?
Jonah: They got here through Baxter Fraser. I've checked with the lab, his fingerprints are all over the casings.
Jack: Baxter's here, on SOMBRA's island? But he ran away to New Zealand! He was terrified they'd find him!
Jonah: Well, he's back. Looks like he was reminded of his duty.
Jack: I wonder what duty it was... Baxter and Veronica were both trained by SOMBRA to be assassins!
Jack: Wait, <Name>... You think Baxter came back to kill Metcalf? It wouldn't be the first time SOMBRA killed one of their own!
Jack: Baxter didn't use these bullets, but he may still be our man! Let's find him and make him talk!

Find out why Baxter came back to SOMBRA.
Jack: There you are, Baxter. You ran away from SOMBRA once, but it didn't take much convincing to bring you back into the fold!
Baxter: Don't let appearances fool you, <Rank> <Name>. There's a lot that you don't understand.
Baxter: I came back to take destiny into my own hands!
Jack: By killing Metcalf? Admit it: it was the duty you were called back to do!
Baxter: You don't know how wrong you are, <Rank> <Name>. But if you don't want to listen, I'll let you discover the truth the hard way.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, Metcalf's cadaver is fascinating. His self-experiments resulted in so many pathologies, they'd fill a PhD thesis!
Jack: You already hold five PhDs, Angela. But we only had one informant... chances are, it was Metcalf. So just tell us how he died!
Angela: Well, the primary murder weapon was the syringe, containing hydrogen cyanide, a very fast-acting poison.
Angela: The only fingerprints on the syringe was Metcalf's, which suggests that it was his own.
Jack: I wouldn't put it past Metcalf to walk around with a poison-filled syringe. But he didn't inject himself with the poison, right?
Angela: Nope. As <Name> suspected, the killer stabbed Metcalf with the syringe. The shape and the location of the impact wound leave no doubt.
Angela: Furthermore, bruises all over Metcalf's body indicate that he fought his attacker. The bruises are difficult to notice because of his skin. But they are quite telling.
Angela: They cover specific nerve points on the body. There's one particular style of fighting that targets these pressure points: Krav Maga.
Jack: Krav Maga? That's what the police and secret services use in some parts of the world... This killer knows what they're doing. But so does <Name>!

Later, on the boat...
Jack: <Name>, we haven't heard from X since we sailed to this island... Instead, we've found SOMBRA's chief scientist stabbed with his own syringe.
Jack: We've discovered that Metcalf was leaking SOMBRA's secrets to an unknown party... Which would, admittedly, fit him being X. No wonder SOMBRA silenced him.
Jack: The question is, who did it? Was it Baxter, the young "next level" assassin, who came back to do his "duty"...
Jack: ...or was it Zuria, SOMBRA's lawyer, who discovered Metcalf was betraying them?
Elliot (holding phone): <Name>! I've just received a distress call!
Jack: A distress call? Could X still be alive?
Elliot: No, it's... someone who says they're being held hostage... inside a volcano!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, we haven't heard from X since we sailed to this island... Instead, we've found SOMBRA's chief scientist stabbed with his own syringe.
Jack: We've discovered that Metcalf was leaking SOMBRA's secrets to an unknown party... Which would, admittedly, fit him being X. No wonder SOMBRA silenced him.
Elliot (holding phone): <Name>! I've just received a distress call!
Jack: A distress call? Could X still be alive?
Elliot: No, it's someone who says they're being held hostage... inside a volcano! They're still on the line!
Jack (answering phone): Hello? Who are you?
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, it's Ruby Armstrong! I'm held hostage in a lab, inside a volcano! Please come and save me!
Jack: Ruby Armstrong? The volcanologist? Last time you were in New Zealand, how did you end up-
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, please just come and get me!
Jack: We don't even know where you-
Jack (holding phone): Argh, the line's broken!
Elliot: I've already traced the call, <Name>! Ruby's in an underground structure hidden inside the island's volcano!
Jack: Wait, are you saying SOMBRA set up camp inside a volcano?!
Jack: You're right, <Name>: only one way to find out! Elliot, give us the directions to this volcano!

Investigate Volcano Lab.
Jack: <Name>, words fail me...! SOMBRA really did build a lab inside a volcano!
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, I thought you'd never come! Please get me out of here, I don't want to die!
Jack: Deep breath, Ruby... you're safe now. We'll get you out and take you to our boat!
(Ruby leaves.)
Jack: <Name>, what a discovery! This must be Metcalf's lab!
Jack: But you're right, we'd better have a look at those lab supplies! And that CCTV camera must have some interesting footage, let's unlock it!

Examine Lab Supplies.
Jack: <Name>, you found a photo among those lab supplies? Hmm, that woman doesn't look like a lab assistant...
Jack: Hey, you're right, this photo's torn in the middle, and the other half's missing... unles...
Jack: <Name>, you're a genius! Of course, this must be the missing half of the photo we found earlier, in SOMBRA's lair! They fit perfectly together!
Jack: Let's run that woman's face through the database, we need to know who she is!

Examine Mysterious Woman.
Jack: <Name>, this can't be true! The woman in the picture, receiving the file from Metcalf... it's Asal!
Jack: Remember when we met Asal in Indonesia? She wouldn't tell us why she was there, but now it's obvious she was meeting Metcalf!
Jack: You're right, Asal can't hide any more secrets from us if you interrogate her as a suspect! Let's go!

Question Asal about her involvement with Metcalf.
Asal: <Rank> <Name>, what a surprise! I didn't think you'd find this island. No offense, I know you're good, but even I needed the help of a SOMBRA insider to locate it.
Jack: <Name>, it's time to be honest with us. We know Metcalf was your informant. Trouble is, he's just been murdered.
Asal: Metcalf's dead?
Asal: He kept saying SOMBRA was onto him, and he couldn't risk talking to me anymore. I thought he'd just lost his nerve!
Asal: Between us, Metcalf was mentally unstable. He thought my sunscreen was poison, and that I was plotting to kill him with it!
Asal: His paranoia made Metcalf a totally useless informant.
Jack: Useless? A SOMBRA scientist, willing to talk, was an invaluable witness! It's not for you to decide how useful he was!
Jack: Or did you silence him yourself? It's wouldn't be the first time you killed a witness before <Rank> <Name> could question them!
Asal: Jack, professional jealousy is very unattractive. You want my help? Here's my advice: leave the island now. You're all in danger here.
Jack: Nice attempt at misdirection. But you're our suspect now, Asal, and you don't get to tell <Rank> <Name> what to do!

Jack: <Name>, why does Asal keep stonewalling me? I can't trust her anymore when she's keeping so many secrets!
Jack: Dunno, <Name>, maybe I need to rethink this relationship!
Jack: And hey, didn't Angela say the killer used Krav Maga to overpower Metcalf? Mossad agents are trained in Krav Maga! <Name>, it's not looking good for Asal!

Examine CCTV.
Jack: <Name>, you've unlocked the CCTV camera! Elliot will analyze the footage, and then we'll know what SOMBRA's cooking up in this lab!

Analyze CCTV footage.
Elliot: <Name>, I've downloaded the footage from the secret lab's CCTV, and found something... unexpected.
Jack: Nothing's unexpected with SOMBRA! Human experiments, agony, cruelty... just tell us, Elliot, we can take it!
Elliot: Uhm, the camera's set to record out-of-work hours, so most of the tape shows no activity at all.
Elliot: Until, suddenly, that French guy wanders in, water dripping from his wetsuit, totally calm, poking into glass containers and flicking cigarette ash onto the floor.
Jack: What... LeBeau? In the lab? How on earth does LeBeau know about SOMBRA's lab?
Elliot: Don't ask me, <Name>! But LeBeau's clearly on the tape, on two different days. Each time he just comes in, looks around a bit, and goes away.
Jack: <Name>, that's strange, but one thing is clear: LeBeau knows more about this island than he lets on! We must question him again!

Ask LeBeau how he knows about the lava lab.
Jack: LeBeau, you never told us you knew about the lab inside the volcano! We have proof that you've been there several times!
Brice: So what if I found a lab? I'm an explorer, n'est-ce pas? It looked interesting, so I broke down ze door with a Krav Maga kick, and voilà!
Brice: Franchement, it wasn't worth it. Dirty rats and test tubes. No treasure. Très disappointing.
Brice: I only went back a second time because I forgot my sunscreen. It's an expensive French brand, I wanted it back.
Jack: You went back to retrieve your sunscreen from an evil scientist's secret laboratory? You must be joking!
Brice: Oh la la, here you go with ze "evil scientist" again! I never met anyone in that lab!
Jack: That's enough, LeBeau. We'll take you to our boat, and Dupont will supervise you until the case is solved!

Jack: <Name>, I don't know what to make of this guy! How could he have stumbled upon SOMBRA's lab by accident?
Jack: I wonder if LeBeau could be another "next level" assassin, but he's too old!
Jack: Good point, whoever he is, if LeBeau knew about SOMBRA's lab, he probably ventured into SOMBRA's hut, too! Let's have another look around!

Investigate Front Steps.
Jack: <Name>, you found a lab scale covered in orange crystals? You're right, there could be a link with the lab, and the experiments... let's vacuum up a sample!
Jack: And we should put those wooden pieces back together, too!

Examine Lab Scale.
Jack: <Name>, let's send those orange crystals from the lab scale to Lars!

Analyze Orange Crystals.
Lars: Nice to see you, <Name>! Knock-knock!
Jack: Hi, bro. Who's there?
Lars: Orange Chris.
Jack: Orange Chris who?
Lars: Orange crystals! Get it? Orange-
Lars: Alright, <Name>, I know, what you really want to know is who killed Blue Metcalf with these orange crystals.
Jack: Wait, you mean the crystals <Name> found on the scale were the poison in the syringe that killed Metcalf?
Lars: Partly. The crystals were sodium cyanide, an inorganic compound that releases hydrogen cyanide - the poison in the syringe - when mixed with strong acids.
Lars: And the sample was contaminated with an organic compound: DNA. Which matched one of your suspects: Michelle Zuria.
Jack: What? SOMBRA's lawyer handled the poison that killed Metcalf?
Lars: There's no doubt it's her, <Name>. Oh, and I also found traces of sunscreen in the sample, so you can add that to Michelle's suspect profile, too!
Jack: That's it, <Name>! You caught Michelle red-handed, even if those crystals are orange! Time for another chat with her!

Question Michelle about the orange crystals.
Michelle: <Rank> <Name>, I already told you: I don't know who Metcalf spoke to about his experi-
Jack: We're not here about that! Why don't you tell us how your DNA ended up in the poison that killed Metcalf? The charade is up!
Michelle: So you found the cyanide crystals and thought I GAVE them to Metcalf? <Rank> <Name>, you want to pin this murder on me so badly that you refuse to see the obvious!
Michelle: I was trying to take those crystals AWAY from him! <Rank> <Name>, Metcalf lost his mind! He was a danger to himself, and to everyone else!
Michelle: Just yesterday I had to wrestle a gun away from him! Only my Krav Maga skills saved the day!
Jack: So not only did Metcalf betray SOMBRA, he was becoming uncontrollable? All the more reason for you to silence him!
Michelle: You don't understand, <Rank> <Name>. When Metcalf started walking around with a poison-filled syringe, I had to make sure he wouldn't harm himself, or me!
Jack: You argue well, Michelle. You must be a good lawyer. Pity you're on SOMBRA's side! But <Rank> <Name> WILL find the evidence that'll finish you!

Examine Wooden Pieces.
Jack: <Name>, I don't know what that device you just fixed is, but Elliot will tell us! Let's get it to him!

Analyze Strange Machine.
Elliot: <Name>, the machine you found in SOMBRA's hideout is a Morse telegraph.
Elliot: These machines usually only transmit messages, but don't record them. This one, however, was fitted with a microchip. I guess SOMBRA takes security seriously around here.
Jack: So, does this mean you can tell what messages were sent through this machine?
Elliot: Exactly. The last outgoing message reads: "Need urgent rescue, get me out of here." And it was sent right after the murder!
Jack: "Get me out of here"? <Name>, if the message was sent after the murder, it couldn't have been dispatched by Metcalf!
Jack: And who else but the killer would be in such a hurry to leave the island? They must know you're onto them, but now we know they use Morse code!
Dupont: Are you talking about Morse code, <Name>?
Dupont: Because I was just chatting to that charming French man you brought in, <Name>. He told me about his adventures in the French Navy!
Dupont: Which means Monsieur LeBeau must know Morse code, too, because the French Navy's used it since 17-
Jack: Dupont, you're more devious than you let on! Good work, we'll add Morse code to LeBeau's suspect profile!

Ask Ruby how she got locked up in the volcano lab.
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, you saved my life!
Jack: Ruby, you're safe now. But it'd help if you could tell us how you ended up in that lab!
Ruby: Alright, well... I was out at sea, testing my equipment, when I suddenly detected unexpected seismic activity.
Ruby: I thought it was strange, because there's no known volcano around here. So I decided to follow the signals...
Ruby: ...And I ended up here, on this uncharted island! And when I went to have a closer look at the volcano, I fell on that lab! I thought it was AMAZING!
Ruby: But then, a man appeared! He overpowered me, tied me up, and said I knew too much to leave this island alive! His skin was blue, and he was shouting like he was INSANE!
Jack: A blue man, you say? Well, he can't hurt you now, Ruby. He's dead.
Ruby: Dead? Well, that makes me feel a little safer, <Rank> <Name>! Except I'm all out of sunscreen... would you happen to have some?

Jack: <Name>, we're on SOMBRA's secret island, and we're no closer to solving Metcalf's murder!
Jack: Several of our suspects said that Metcalf was going crazy. If he was X, as we first suspected, that doesn't bode well for us.
Jack: But what if Metcalf wasn't X? Their hints were always spot on! How could they have come from a madman?
(The ground shakes while Jack is talking.)
Jack: Anyway, SOMBRA wanted to silence Metcalf for leaking secrets. But-
(The ground stops shaking.)
Jack: Wait, did the ground just shake, <Name>?
Jack: Anyway, my money is on Michelle! She handled the poison that killed Metcalf, what more proof do we need?
Jack: Though I must say Asal's a strong suspect, too. That woman loves secrets way too much... perhaps she thought no one keeps secrets like a dead man!
(The ground starts shaking once again.)
Jack: Hey, the ground is shaking again!
Elliot: <Name>, I've been looking for you everywhere! We have a problem! Ruby says the volcano is going to erupt!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, we're on SOMBRA's secret island, and we're no closer to solving Metcalf's murder!
Jack: Several of our suspects said that Metcalf was going crazy. If he was X, as we first suspected, that doesn't bode well for us.
Jack: But what if Metcalf wasn't X? Their hints were always spot on! How could they have come from a madman?
(The ground shakes while Jack is talking.)
Jack: Anyway, SOMBRA wanted to silence Metcalf for leaking secrets. But-
(The ground stops shaking.)
Jack: Wait, did the ground just shake, <Name>?
Elliot: <Name>, we have a problem! Ruby says the volcano's going to erupt! It'll take some time, but the shockwaves are going to get worse and worse!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! This means we must wrap up everything before we're killed by lava! Let's go back to the lab!

Investigate Control Desk.
(The ground shakes while Jack is talking.)
Jack: <Name>, the seismic shocks are even stronger down here in the lab!
(The ground stops shaking.)
Jack: Great, the shockwaves seem to come and go without warning... we'd better hurry!
Jack: That's a photo of Metcalf experimenting on his test subjects! You're right, we'd better retrieve that faded text, too!
Jack: I agree, we should also restore that torn paper! As for that device, I have no idea what it is, but if you want to unlock it, do it before the volcano burns us both to a crisp!

Examine Faded Diary.
Jack: <Name>, you retrieved the text in the diary next to Metcalf's picture! It says "I know what I have to do!"
Jack: Hmm, it seems to be the only entry in the diary. That's not much to go on!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, Marina should see this diary before we're swallowed up by lava!

Analyze Diary Entry.
Marina: <Name>, there was only one entry in the diary you salvaged from the lab. But even a small handwriting sample has telltale signs.
Marina: The use of capital letters and the pressure on the paper indicate anger. It also suggests the writer isn't used to writing... not a man of intellect, but a man of action.
Marina: <Name>, after reviewing your suspect list, my conclusion is that the diary's author is Baxter Fraser.
Jack: Baxter? Oh, then it's obvious what he meant by "I know what I have to do"! We know he came back to SOMBRA because he remembered his duty!
Jack: This is further proof that Baxter's back in the fold of SOMBRA... He kept a picture of his target in his diary!
Marina: <Name>, Baxter's behavior has been contradictory from the start. Despite SOMBRA's conditioning, he already rebelled and went into hiding once.
Marina: Also, if Baxter was blindly following SOMBRA's orders, why'd he write about it in his diary? Clearly, he was battling with himself!
Marina: <Name>, Baxter's behavior is ambiguous, but I think together we can cajole the truth out of him!

Interrogate Baxter about his diary.
Marina: Baxter, I've read your diary. You were one of the "next level" test subjects, you clearly have complicated emotions about it.
Baxter: There's nothing complicated about my emotions! Those experiments were carried out without our consent!
Baxter: <Rank> <Name>, remember Riaja! And Veronica! They were sweet, kind girls before SOMBRA turned them to assassins!
Marina: So... when you wrote "I know what I have to do," you didn't mean you finally accepted to be one of SOMBRA's soldiers?
Baxter: I NEVER accepted orders from SOMBRA! I came back here to kill Metcalf, so he'd never do to others what he did to us!
Baxter: I've planned it all, I've been practicing Krav Maga! I knew exactly how to take that blue monster down!
Marina: Baxter, are you... confessing to Metcalf's murder?
Baxter: No, <Rank> <Name>... Unfortunately, somebody else got there first! Metcalf was already dead when I found him on the beach, with the syringe sticking out of his neck!
Marina: So you didn't do it in the end? Or is this an elaborate trick you learned from SOMBRA? I'm not sure we can believe you anymore, Baxter!
Baxter: <Rank> <Name>, arrest me if you must must, I don't care! Knowing Metcalf's rotting in hell is enough satisfaction!

Marina: <Name>, it seems like the brainwashing failed on Baxter. Metcalf managed to increase his natural strength and anger, but Baxter turned it back on him!
Marina: <Name>, I don't recommend taking Baxter's word that someone else killed Metcalf! I'll keep him under observation while you continue your investigation!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: <Name>, this picture is a map of the lab! Look, it's a view of the inside of the volcano!
Jack: But wait, the text on the picture says "Designed by Ruby Armstrong!"
Jack: Hold on... if Ruby designed this lab, it means she lied about how she found it! She knew it was there all along!
Jack: <Name>, Ruby's cover story's just come crumbling down! Time to confront her with the evidence!

Question Ruby about designing the lava lab.
Jack: Ruby, you lied to us! You didn't find the island by accident, you knew there was a lab here, because you designed it!
Ruby: Well, yes, it's true, <Rank> <Name>...
Ruby: But whatever, I'm proud of my work! It's the first of its kind, nobody managed to pull this off before!
Jack: Proud? Do you have any idea what kind of criminals run that lab?!
Ruby: I'm not working for them! They never even allowed me to visit that lab once it was built!
Ruby: Metcalf thought he could keep me away with his threats, but I deserved to see my plans come to life!
Jack: You deserve a prison sentence! Admit it, Ruby: what did you do to Metcalf when he refused to-
(The ground shakes while Jack is talking.)
Jack: What the-
(The ground stops shaking.)
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, it's the volcano! We have to leave now, before it erupts! Believe me, I know-
Jack: Ruby, we're not falling for your "I'm a volcanologist, I know why the earth is trembling" trick! If you killed Metcalf, <Rank> <Name> will prove it, even if we're all swallowed up by the sea!

Examine Locked Device.
Jack: <Name>, it's Asal's Mossad number! This isn't lab equipment... it's a communication device!
Jack: So, not only did Asal know about this lab, she must have come here behind Metcalf's back, too!
Jack: This is the last straw, <Name>! Asal better start talking now!

Question Asal about her disguised communication device.
Asal: <Rank> <Name>, thanks for finding my communication device. Since I lost it, I had to use SOMBRA's wretched Morse transmitter to get in touch with Mossad.
Asal: If you found a microchip on the Morse telegraph, <Rank> <Name>, please return it to Mossad. I installed it after I'd seen that SOMBRA lawyer send a message.
Jack: That's enough, Asal! We found your device, it's time you told us what exactly was Mossad looking for on this island!
Asal: No need to get upset, Jack. I can tell you what my orders were: kill Metcalf, then leave the island.
Jack: Kill Metcalf? I knew it! It's not the first time you kill in cold blood!
Asal: Yes, well, if the Bureau's not prepared to do the heavy lifting, Mossad has to step in!
Asal: But this time, I couldn't carry out my orders. Someone else got to Metcalf before me.
Jack: Yeah, right... you know what, I think this whole Mossad thing is nothing but a convenient excuse! Like when you forgot our six month anniversary!
Asal: Well, here's something I won't blame on Mossad: the volcano's going to erupt! And it'll kill us all if we don't leave now, <Rank> <Name>!

Jack: <Name>, I wonder if we'll have time to find Metcalf's killer before the volcano blows up on us!
Jack: So far, we've discovered that it wasn't just SOMBRA who wanted to silence Metcalf... quite a few others were out to get him, too!
Jack: According to Asal, Mossad wanted to get rid of Metcalf, too... Which, knowing Asal, might or might not be an excuse.
Jack: Baxter also admitted he plotted to kill Metcalf... but claimed he got there too late. And-
(Fiery ashes and rocks start falling from the sky.)
Jack: And now there's fire falling from the sky! <Name>, let's take cover inside!

Inside the boat...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, the situation is catastrophic! We have to evacuate the island!
Jack: But Chief! We're so close! Let <Name> and I have one last look around the beach!
Chief Ripley: Alright, but I expect you to be quick and efficient, <Name>! All of our lives depend on it!

Investigate Volcanic Beach.
(The ground is shaking.)
Jack: <Name>, the volcano stopped throwing up lava... for now! But if you want to check that pile of volcanic rocks, we'd better take them back to the boat!
Jack: And that Morse codebook must belong to the killer! But that stain in the corner won't be of much use to us if we're burnt to a crisp! Let's go!

Examine Morse Code Book.
(The ground is shaking.)
Jack: <Name>, I have no idea how you managed to keep the killer's Morse book still for long enough to grab those skin cells! But let's give the sample to Lars!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Lars: <Name>, do you think we'll leave this island alive?
Jack: It depends on how fast you give us the results on the killer's skin cells from the Morse book, bro! Time is of the essence!
Lars: Funny you should mention time! Nowhere is the biological process of aging as obvious in the human body as on our skin. I hope you use a good moisturizer, bro!
Jack: Are you implying I have wrinkles?
Lars: No, I'm saying I've analyzed the glycosaminoglycan molecules in your samples. These large, sugar-like molecules control the moisture levels in skin cells. They're a good indicator of age, at least within a range.
Lars: <Name>, based on the quality of the collagen in their skin cells, I'd say your killer is under 30 years old.
(The ground starts shaking.)
Jack: Well, this killer will grow old in prison! Provided we don't get buried under lava first!

Examine Volcanic Rocks.
Jack: We seem to have a moment of respite. And you're right, <Name>, these glasses you found under the rocks look familiar... Metcalf used to carry them in his lab coat pocket!
Jack: Great, I'm sure we'll see this murder more clearly once Lars is done with these glasses!

Analyze Victim's Glasses.
Lars: <Name>, you were right about these glasses: they were Metcalf's. Apparently, he even experimented with his eyesight! It's a miracle he wasn't completely blind!
Jack: I hate to curtail your enthusiasm, but Metcalf's self-experiments are irrelevant now! What about the killer?
Lars: Well, we already know that Metcalf fought his attacker. That's probably how he lost his glasses.
Lars: And you're in luck, <Name>, because, as the killer touched the glasses with their sunscreen-stained fingers...
Lars: They left enough DNA on the glasses for me to establish a partial profile. <Name>, your killer has brown eyes!
(The ground starts shaking.)
Jack: Alright, <Name>, it's time to arrest this brown-eyed killer, and get out of here before the volcano erupts!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: <Name>, you have all the evidence you need to arrest Metcalf's killer! Let's go before more fire starts falling from the sky!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: LeBeau! It was you! <Rank> <Name>'s arresting you for the murder of Professor Metcalf!
Brice: Inspecteur <Name>, I don't understand a word of zis!
Jack: You can drop the act, LeBeau! Your cigarette on the crime scene was as good as a smoking gun... you killed Metcalf just minutes before we arrived! I must admit, I admire your calm!
Brice: Inspecteur <Name>, why would you say zhat? Did you get hit by one of those fiery balls falling from ze sky?
Jack: You knew about SOMBRA's secret facilities all along! Are you SOMBRA, too? Or did they pay you to silence Metcalf?
Brice: Inspecteur <Name>, what are you talking about? And what is SOMBRA? I don't understand!
Jack: You're lying! You came to the island, overpowered Metcalf with Krav Maga, grabbed his syringe and stabbed him with it!
Jack: Then you sent a Morse message, trying to escape! We know everything, except why you did it!
Brice: Alright, zat's enough! I did kill zat man, but it was self-defense! He tried to stab me wiz a syringe!
Jack: What? It was Metcalf who attacked YOU? But why?
Brice: Don't ask me, Inspecteur <Name>! I told you, I didn't even know him!
Brice: As soon as ze blue man saw me on ze beach, he ran at me, yelling like crazy, that I wanted to kill him! I said non, monsieur, pas du tout, I'm just here to dive!
Brice: But he wouldn't calm down, he kept trying to stab me! I had to defend myself! What was I supposed to do? He was blue! And angry!
Jack: So... you don't work for SOMBRA at all? You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Jack: Talk about irony, <Name>... with all these people wanting him dead, it turns out Metcalf's murder was a stupid accident!
(The ground starts shaking.)
Brice: I told you, Inspecteur <Name>, I'm just a treasure hunter! It was self-defense, I swear!
Jack: Great... the ground's shaking again! LeBeau, self-defense or not, you're coming back to the boat with us! You're under arrest!

Later, on the boat...
Jack: <Name>, you've caught Metcalf's killer, but if we go back to Sydney so LeBeau can stand trial, we'll lose our last chance to investigate SOMBRA's island before it sinks into the sea!
Chief Ripley: LeBeau's taken care of. He wants to be sentenced in France, and the Judge has already agreed to extradite him. Claiming self-defense, he'll probably get off with 5 years.
Chief Ripley: But, while I'd loathe to waste an opportunity to find SOMBRA, we can't risk the safety of our team, and the other suspects!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, we'll hold an emergency briefing! Meet you in 5 minutes under the deck!

The Next Level (6/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, you've caught Metcalf's killer, but we still have one big decision to make.
Chief Ripley: Either we maximize safety, and evacuate the island, or we investigate SOMBRA, and risk being caught in the volcano's eruption.
Chief Ripley: To help us make the decision, I've reluctantly requested the help of Ms Armstrong, since she's the most capable of assessing the risks.
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, I may have worked for the wrong people... but I've never been wrong about volcanoes before!
Ruby: Seismic shocks come in waves. The first shock's now over. We have about two hours before the next wave hits... but it'll be much more powerful.
Chief Ripley: We have two hours? Then what happens?
Ruby: The volcano will erupt with such force that the island will explode and sink into the ocean. The same thing happened when the Krakatoa erupted in 1883-
Chief Ripley: That settles it! <Name>, we have two hours! All of our lives depend on your suspects, so you have to secure the cooperation of the suspects, too!
Chief Ripley: First, get Asal to disclose whatever she learned about Metcalf from SOMBRA! If we know what to look for, we can be out of here faster!
Chief Ripley: And Michelle Zuria already said she wants a word. Don't let your guard down with her, <Name>. She's dangerous.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, remember we have two hours before the ocean swallows up the island. Make the most of your time!

Ask Asal what intel she got from Metcalf.
Jack: Asal, let's bury the hatchet! Time's running out, and we need your help! We know Metcalf shared information with you about SOMBRA. What was in that file he gave you?
Asal: I told you, <Rank> <Name>, Metcalf had lost his mind. The last file was nothing but the deranged ramblings of a madman.
Asal: But if you want to waste the last few hours of your life reading it... I put the file back in SOMBRA's hideout so they wouldn't get suspicious.
Asal: Oh, and Jack, I think we're both grown-up enough to realize that this relationship has gone sour. It's best we part ways here.
Jack: What?! You're breaking up with me?!
Jack: You can't be breaking up with me, because I'm breaking up with YOU!
Asal: It'll be for the best. Here's a little gift for you, <Rank> <Name>: Metcalf's formula to turn yourself blue! You know it's harmless!
(Asal leaves.)
Jack: <Name>, did you hear that? And I don't even have time to be heartbroken! We have to go back to SOMBRA's hideout and find Metcalf's file before it's too late!

Investigate SOMBRA Hideout.
Jack: <Name>, these must be Metcalf's files! Asal said they were-
Jack: Erm, my EX-girlfriend said they were just a madman's ramblings, but I say we get the dusting kit and see for ourselves! Let's hurry, the clock is ticking!

Examine Metcalf's Files.
Jack: Ha, maybe that's why Asal thought they were doodles: she didn't understand what they meant!
Jack: You're right, there's no time to gloat! Let's get these notes to Lars before the volcano starts spouting fire again!

Analyze Metcalf's Notes.
Lars: Jack, I heard about you and Asal... if there's anything I can-
Jack: Thanks, bro, but I don't want to talk about it.
Lars: That's cool, bro. Well, I had a look at Metcalf's files, <Name>.
Lars: First, the molecules on the first page were Metcalf's attempts to solve the problem with the yellow eye side effect.
Lars: Metcalf couldn't figure it out... I guess that's what drove him nuts in the end.
Lars: So nuts, in fact, that near the end of the notes... there's one thing so strange I don't know if I should even mention it.
Jack: Bro, we need all the answers we can get, so spill the beans!
Lars: Well... Hidden among molecules and equations, Metcalf randomly wrote "The Bureau". Just this, nothing else. I guess Metcalf really lost his mind in the end.
Jack: Well, we busted Metcalf in Indonesia, so he must've known the Bureau was onto SOMBRA...
Lars: But there's more! In his more clear-headed notes, Metcalf mentions a ship of recruits. It left the island two days ago, with dozens of assassins on board.
Jack: Then we need to stop that ship! Does Metcalf mention where it was headed?
Lars: No... after this, his writing is almost incoherent.
Jack: <Name>, we may not know where that ship's headed, but time's running out... we must tell the Chief about this!

Ask Michelle what she wants.
Jack: What do you want, Michelle?
Michelle: <Rank> <Name>, it's time for me to come clean. I'm your informant, X.
Jack: You're... what?!
Jack: There's no way you're X! How do you even know about them?
Michelle: I know about X because I AM X.
Jack: Nonsense! It was X who told us to find you in Singapore! That proves X must be a different person! Anyway, we're pretty sure it was Metcalf.
Michelle: That bumbling baboon? Think again, <Rank> <Name>. I helped you find Metcalf's camp in Indonesia! I told you about the Sydney gala-
Jack: Enough! You're just trying to distract us so we can't salvage anything from the island before the volcano erupts!
Michelle: <Rank> <Name>, I'm a lawyer, I don't make claims I cannot prove! Go back to the lab! There you'll find a copy of all the messages I sent as X!
Michelle: As another show of goodwill, take this money. If we make it out alive, it may come in handy.

Investigate Volcano Lab.
Jack: <Name>, I still don't believe Michelle is X! That woman's got some nerve!
Jack: But you're right, we'd better take that USB key back to the boat to unlock it! It's getting hot down here. The next eruption must be close!

Examine Locked USB Key.
Jack: <Name>, you've decoded the USB key! Michelle said this'd prove she's X... I say let Elliot be the judge of that!

Analyze USB Key.
Elliot: <Name>, this USB key seems genuine. All communication I've received from X is here, using the same specific encryption.
Jack: So, Michelle didn't fabricate it? We can't afford to make a mistake, Elliot. If we trust her, and she's still on SOMBRA's side... imagine the consequences!
Elliot: I know! But the techie stuff checks out, <Name>. Michelle Zuria is X!
Elliot: The truth is, <Name>, whether we trust her or not, with everything Michelle told us about SOMBRA, they definitely want her dead now!
Jack: I still don't see why we should trust that woman, <Name>. But if you want to talk to her again, better make it quick!

Ask Michelle why she helped us.
Jack: Michelle, let's say we believe you're X. Why did you betray SOMBRA?
Michelle: Because my ethics can only stretch so far!
Michelle: When I found out SOMBRA was experimenting on young people, I couldn't go on defending them. They weren't paying me enough to turn a blind eye to that!
Jack: I'm not buying this. What about Sydney? You tried to blow up that SOMBRA shipwreck so we'd never find out about this island!
Michelle: You're mistaken, <Rank> <Name>! SOMBRA wanted me to blow up the shipwreck, but I sabotaged the bomb to make sure you'd find the documents you needed!
Michelle: Look, <Rank> <Name>, you've got to trust me! SOMBRA must be taken down, and you'll need my help!
Jack: <Name>, we've listened to this nonsense long enough! Michelle will stay here in custody, but we should get back our strength before the earth starts shaking again!

Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, it's been two hours! What have you found?
Jack: We discovered that the last ship carrying "next level" assassins left the islands two days ago! But we have no idea where it's headed.
Michelle: <Rank> <Name>! You've trusted the messages I sent you as X, trust me one more time! The assassins boarded the ship at the beach. I think it's worth searching again!
Jack: Right, like we're going to believe a word you say!
(The ground starts shaking.)
Jack: Oh no, the earth's shaking again! If we want to go back to the island, it's now or never!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, we've come too far to turn back now! Go back to the beach, but be quick! If the volcano erupts again, we won't be able to wait for you!

Investigate Island Landing.
Jack: <Name>, have you found anything or was Michelle just trying to get us killed here?
(The ground starts shaking.)
Jack: Hey, that backpack is Baxter's, his name is on it! I always knew he came back to SOMBRA, no matter what he said!
Jack: <Name>, the tremors are getting worse! Let's grab this bag and run back to the boat!

Examine Backpack.
Jack: <Name>, there was a map of Africa in Baxter's bag!
Jack: And look, it says "Your destination"! This must be where SOMBRA sent their assassins, but... Africa's huge!
(The ground starts shaking.)
Jack: Nicely spotted, <Name>, looks like there's some faded text on the map! We'd better retrieve it while we still can!

Examine Faded Map.
Jack: <Name>, the tremors are getting less and less spaced out! I don't think we've got much time left!
(The ground starts shaking.)
Jack: Baxter's map says his destination was Kenya! So that's where SOMBRA sent their assassins!
Jack: <Name>, we need to interrogate Baxter, NOW!

Question Baxter about his mission.
(The ground is shaking.)
Jack: Baxter, we know you came back to the island to rejoin SOMBRA! We've found your map!
Baxter: <Rank> <Name>, it's true that I was supposed to go to Kenya. I was given the mission a day before the ship left with all the others.
Baxter: But I never intended to go! I only pretended to come back to kill Metcalf!
Jack: We don't have time for this nonsense! The volcano will erupt any second! Tell us what those SOMBRA assassins are supposed to do in Kenya, NOW!
Baxter: They didn't tell me! Just that I'd be briefed once I'm there. Now they've probably reassigned my mission to somebody else! <Rank> <Name>, that's all I know!
Jack: <Name>, there's no more time! We must tell Ripley about this, so she can give the order to evacuate! I just hope it's not too la-
(Fiery ashes and rocks start falling from the sky.)
Jack: Oh, no! The burning rocks are falling again!
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>! I've been looking for you! We've run out of time! Look!
(An explosion occurs, signalling the volcano's eruption.)

A moment later...
(Smoke fills the air while fiery rocks continue falling. The rocks eventually stop falling.)
Jack: Boy, that was something! Is everyone alright?
Ruby: <Rank> <Name>, look! The island!
Jack (looking through binoculars): It's... it's sinking!
(Through the binoculars, the volcanic island is seen sinking.)
Jack (holding binoculars): <Name>, I can't believe SOMBRA's island is really gone!
Chief Ripley: SOMBRA may have destroyed the island, but the evidence is safe with us! We know that the "next level" program was about!
Chief Ripley: SOMBRA's been experimenting on innocent youths to turn them into assassins! But they won't be able to do this again for a long time!
Chief Ripley: Thanks to <Name>'s stellar work, we also know the last sleeper agents that left the island are headed to Kenya!
Jack: Which means this is where we need to go, too!
Chief Ripley: Exactly! We'll drop off our suspects in Sydney and board a plane for Africa. And we're taking Michelle Zuria with us!
Jack: Michelle? But she's SOMBRA! She says she isn't now, but-
Chief Ripley: Taking her doesn't mean we'll trust her. But it's safer if Michelle stays close to us. <Name> will keep an eye on her.
Chief Ripley: We must get to Kenya before SOMBRA does! I hope you're ready, <Name>!

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