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David Jones: Hey, <Name>, are you ready? We need to leave if we don't want to be late to Lola Vallez's wedding!
Jones: I'm so happy she invited us to her wedding! It's been all over the news for weeks, there will even be an aerobatics show... And we're going to meet so many celebrities!
Jones: Oh, but listen to me babbling on. Come on, we better hurry, Lola's wedding is about to start!

At the Wedding Ceremony...
Jones: Isn't this the greatest party ever, <Name>?! I'm so excited!
Lola: Ooooh, I can't believe it, <Rank> <Name>! I'll shortly be married... and then, I'll hop into a private jet with Walter and fly off to our honeymoon!
Howard: Ah, Lola, you and Walter deserve all the happiness in the world! And thank you again for inviting us to the wedding of the century!
Serena: Hm, it's a little bit too glitzy for my taste but I suppose the champagne is adequate.
Jones: Still, it's not every day we get to witness Walter's death-defying stunts, Mrs. Johnson. Isn't that right, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones: ...And look, here he comes now!

Jones: Oh, my God! What the hell happened, <Name>? The stunt plane... it crashed! Right over there! We should go give a hand quick!

Chapter 1

Investigate Reception Garden.
David Jones: Oh god <Name>, it's the groom, it's Walter Fairbanks! His plane crashed right into the chapel! Well, he made it to his wedding... only dead!
Lola: MY LOVE! Help! Help! Someone killed my Walter!
Jones: I know this is hard to hear, Lola, but this was an accident.
Lola: An accident?! Walter was the best pilot there is and he'd been practicing this stunt for weeks. Please <Rank> <Name>, you've got to believe me: this is a murder!
Jones: Come now, Lola. For your sake, we promise to inspect this under every angle, and we'll talk to you shortly. But you shouldn't stay here, it isn't good for you.
Jones: You agree with Lola, <Name>? You've got a point: a skilled pilot like Walter would have checked his stunt plane before flying. This has got to be a sabotage!
Jones: We need to gather as many clues as possible! Maybe those broken plane parts you picked up will give us more information and-
Jones: Really? You saw something drop into that cake stand? I didn't pay attention in the panic, but we should inspect it then.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: Well, <Name>, your victim clearly died during the plane crash! The impact was so strong that he flew through the window!
Jones: Gee, you don't say.
Nathan: Walter Fairbanks was an excellent pilot. He even took part in last years Air Force parade. In fact, he's never had a plane crash in his life!
Nathan: Someone like Walter would have never flown this stunt plane if he knew it wasn't safe. Which means your killer sabotaged Walter's stunt plane at the last possible moment!
Nathan: Now, being something of an amateur pilot myself, I inspected the sabotaged plane. And, even knowing something WAS wrong, I couldn't find out what.
Nathan: So, although I can't tell you what the killer did to the stunt plane exactly, it was a beautiful piece of work: they really know their planes inside out!
Jones: Is that really all you can tell us, Nathan?
Nathan: Yes. But, sometimes, Jones, it's this single piece of evidence that can make all the difference in putting your killer behind bars!

Examine Cupcake Stand.
Jones: <Name>, you've found the wedding rings! The groom usually brings them to the ceremony... The shock was so violent it sent them flying into that cupcake stand...
Jones: Oh Lola... and to think she just witnessed her fiancé's death. You're right, it's high time we went to talk to the poor thing.

Talk to Lola Vallez About the Crash.
Lola: Our wedding! Our beautiful wedding! It was meant to be the happiest day of my life: the moment I've been dreaming of since I was a little girl...
Lola: The whole world came to witness our union... and instead they saw my dream of a happy future crash and burn.
Lola: I just can't believe my love is dead... that stunt of his, he did it for me. Oh, why didn't I stop him? What have I done?!
Esteban: Hey! What are you cops doing with my sister? She's just seen her husband die! Can't you see she's in shock?!
Lola: What do you care, Esteban?! You never even liked Walter anyway! And, you were only invited because I had no choice!
Jones: So, you hated your sister's fiancé, Esteban? Unlucky for you, but you've just become our favorite suspect!

Question Esteban Vallez About His Relationship With the Victim.
Jones: Just for the record, Esteban: not only were you invited to your sister's wedding out of family obligation, but you openly hated your sister's fiancé?
Esteban: Ah c'mon... Yes, I hated Walter, so what?
Jones: So Walter seemed like the perfect husband: smart, popular... and super rich. We'd have though you'd be happy having someone like that in your family.
Esteban: Ha, don't talk to me about family! If they had married, Walter would have made sure Lola never saw her family again!
Esteban: You see, Walter only loved Lola for what she had become: a super famous popstar. But, he was ashamed of her past and her poor background.
Esteban: At least now that Walter's gone, maybe she will get back in touch with her family: her roots!

Jones: You're right, <Name>: it seems there was no love between Lola's brother and Walter. With Walter now out of the picture, we better keep an eye on Esteban!

Examine Plane Pieces.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! So the broken pieces you found were parts of the plane's tail before it crashed!
Jones: And you're right, this plane tail is frozen to the touch, unlike the rest of the stunt plane. This isn't normal!
Jones: If the stunt plane was sabotaged, we'll surely find clues of it at the victim's aircraft hangar. After all, that's where Walter also keeps his private jet.

Investigate Plane Hangar.
(Before investigating Plane Hangar)
Jones: Wow, Walter's aircraft hangar is huge! And look, there's the private jet that was meant to take Lola and him on their honeymoon.
Jones: Uh, Walter was definitely a rich man, but sadly all the money in the world couldn't bring him back. Jones: You're right, <Name>, we know this is from where his plane took off, before the crash. Are you ready to search for clues?
(After investigating Plane Hangar)
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! We should search through that crate you found: it could give us clues about the victim's plane maintenance... and explain why it crashed!
Jones: And this looks like a map but it's all smudged... Would you mind making it legible again? I know I would just end up smudging it even more.

Examine Smudged Plan.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! You've just recovered the flight plan which mapped out our victim's itinerary from this hangar to his wedding ceremony!
Jones: And-- Hey, you over there! Grimsborough P.D., put your tools down and identify yourself!
Yan: Er, I'm Yan Gobin, chief mechanic for Walter Fairbanks' planes...
Jones: That means you had access to Walter's plane before it crashed. Needless to say, <Rank> <Name> has a few questions to ask you.

Talk to Yan Gobin About the Victim's Flight.
Yan: I can't believe Walter's stunt plane crashed! Such a terrible accident... on his wedding day no less!
Jones: Thing is, Yan, it wasn't an accident: Walter's plane was sabotaged! As his mechanic, you prepared the stunt plane, did you not?
Yan: Me? ... Why, yes, sure... I even double-checked the stunt plane with Walter lift off. Everything was working fine...
Jones: ...Until he crashed! You realise in what a dangerous situation you're in, Yan?
Yan: But I don't know what to tell you! I didn't notice anything suspicious - and I didn't spot anybody in the hangar either: everything was as it was meant to be!
Yan: And, I certainly didn't do it: I've been Walter's mechanic for years! To kill him would be to sabotage MY career: I'll never find an employer who loves planes so much!

Jones: I agree, <Name>: as the only suspect who had direct access to Walter's stunt plane, we're not gonna let Yan off the hook any time soon!
Jones: Now, about the victim's flight plan that we found in the victim's hangar before Yan interrupted us: it clearly shows the itinerary Walter took for his aeronautics display.
Jones: So he set off from his aircraft hangar, before passing over the West Bridge and ending up at the wedding ceremony...
Jones: Hum, but to check everywhere ourselves would take hours...
Ramirez: I can go, <Rank> <Name>! I haven't helped you out in an investigation in like forever! And if ever a piece of the plane fell elsewhere during the crash, you can be sure I'll find it!
Jones: Wow, thanks for your enthusiasm, Ramirez. Well, here's the itinerary, just remember to keep your eyes peeled.

Examine Maintenance Tools.
Jones: So, what did you find amongst these tools, <Name>? A can of "de-icing fluid"? Is this some product to melt ice?
Jones: You're right, <Name>: the broken plane part you found at the crash site was frozen to the touch. And, here is a product that was meant to keep the stunt plane from freezing...
Jones: Let's not waste any time and collect a sample!

Examine De-Icing Fluid.
Jones: Good job collecting that sample from the de-icing fluid can, <Name> ...But, I'm not sure whether that's it's normal color.
Jones: You're right, since the plane tail that fell off Walter's stunt plane was clearly frozen, we should send this sample to the lab!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Grace: I analyzed the sample from that can of de-icing fluid you found in your victim's aircraft hangar, <Name>. Now, before I begin, let me tell you about this product.
Grace: De-icing fluid protects clouds water droplets from turning into ice. Without the fluid, the pilot could lose control of the plane.
Grace: But I studied the composition of this product you gave me, and it's clearly NOT de-icing fluid!
Jones: What is it, then?
Grace: This fake product is in fact a mix of chemical products that actually froze the stunt plane quicker! Not only did it cause the plane tail to fall clean off...
Grace: ...But the freezing cold must have affected the circuit board, causing a spark that made the plane explode in mid-air! With such a sabotage, Walter didn't stand a chance!
Grace: You're facing a smart killer, <Name>: for them to have created such an ingenious product, they must really master chemistry!

Later, at the Police Station...
Jones: I'm exhausted, <Name>, I was expecting a celebrity wedding party, not another criminal investigation!
Jones: But seriously, who would have expected this wedding to turn out this way? I bet the tabloids are all over this dramatic ceremony...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad you're still here! You're not going to believe this, but I think I've just solved your case!

Chapter 2

Eduardo Ramirez: You're never going to believe this, <Rank> <Name>, but I think I've just solved the case: I know what happened!
Jones: Bu... But... What? How?!
Ramirez: It's all thanks to a tabloid magazine I was reading. In it, there was a very interesting article about your victim!
Jones: A magazine article?! You've got to be kidding me.
Ramirez: That's what Chief King said... and then he tore it up! But, all the answers are in it!
Jones: What about the victim's flight itinerary we sent you on, Ramirez. Didn't you find anything?
Ramirez: Apparently, some pieces of the plane fell into the river during the explosion. We laid them out near the bridge if you want to take a look.
Jones: And, you still want to read the article, <Name>? Well, even if it's all torn up, that's never been a problem for you. But which lead do you want to start with?

Examine Torn Tabloid.
Jones: I can't believe it, <Name>! You managed to fix Ramirez's magazine even though it was torn up into a thousand pieces!
Jones: Hm, When Ramirez read this article, he thought he had solved the case... Well, let's see what it says: "Fairbanks already looking for Lola's replacement?"
Jones: According to the magazine, Walter was seen with various young women, only a few days after he announced his wedding!
Jones: Haha, when Ramirez read this gossip, he obviously thought Lola must have killed Walter because of these rumors...
Jones: ...It's just lucky you're not as quick to jump to such conclusions, <Name>! But you're right, this still warrants another talk with Lola!

Question Lola Vallez about her relationship with the victim.
Jones: Lola, we know you must still be in shock, but we need to ask you a few questions about you and Walter... We know there are many rumors recently...
Lola: I hate this part of a celebrity's life! All the press and the gossip... with the stories of Walter cheating on me!
Lola: At first, I refused to believe the gossip... But then, so many magazines kept publishing the same stories, I admit I got a little paranoid. Who wouldn't be?
Lola: So, I cornered Walter in our honeymoon jet, before the ceremony! We got into an argument... I even thought about cancelling our wedding!
Lola: But Walter reassured me. He was so sweet, he even offered to stay with me instead of doing his surprise entrance! But, I didn't want to spoil the party, so I left him to his planes.
Lola: His damn planes! I should have stopped him, I never like those flying death traps!
Lola: Even when my brother learned to fly, I was scared... This is making me sick!

Jones: If Walter really DID cheat on Lola, she'd never admit it. And she wouldn't take that public humiliation lightly...
Jones: You're right, <Name>: Lola mentioned having an argument with Walter inside their honeymoon jet. Let's go and see what kind of fight it was!

Investigate Private Jet.
Jones: Wow! Seriously, <Name>, no wonder Lola didn't want to cancel her wedding... I'd marry Walter myself just to fly in this jet! It's so comfortable and luxurious!
Jones: But it's true, those mechanic's gloves look a little misplaced in here... I understand why you'd want to have a closer look at them.
Jones: And, you're right about that broken object: it may have been smashed during Walter and Lola's fight... Either way, you're the only one who can fix it, <Name>!

Examine Broken Object.
Jones: You're right, <Name>! This model you pieced back together is a reproduction of the plane Walter crashed in!
Jones: And look! There's something written on the wings, but it's all smudged... Time to show how good you are with the powder, <Name>!

Examine Plane Model.
Jones: Good job, <Name>: this message is as clear as day: "You've shown me another world. One of splendor. Thank you." ... The one who gave this gift to Walter Fairbanks seemed close to him...
Jones: But, you're right: fact remains this is an exact replica of the stunt plane Walter crashed in... Maybe Alex can identify who wrote this message!

Analyze Plane Model Message.
Alex: Good news, <Name>, identifying who wrote this message on the model you found was a piece of cake: this writing was already in our database!
Alex: The handwriting has changed a bit since last time, but I can certify it's Adam Bentley who wrote that message to our victim!
Jones: Adam Bentley! That young socialite who imitated Jerry Bigwall's handwriting? It looks like his penmanship has gotten caught up in a murder investigation once again!
Jones: After having gotten close to Jerry Bigwall, it appears Adam managed to befriend Walter Fairbanks, too! He sure does get around...
Jones: C'mon, <Name>, let's go talk to him!

Quiz Adam Bentley about his relationship with the victim.
Adam: <Rank> <Name>, I didn't know you'd been invited to Walter and Lola's wedding! I wish we didn't meet in such tragic circumstances...
Jones: Cut the pleasantries, Adam! Care to explain why every powerful man you get close to ends up dead? <Rank> <Name> has found the plane model you gifted to Walter Fairbanks.
Adam: Ah, you found my gift. I had made it especially for him, to thank him for everything he's done for me!
Jones: Really? So you were... friends?
Adam: Of course we were! He introduced me to his friends, and taught me everything about planes. I turns out I was a great pilot...
Adam: ...And thanks to my knowledge in chemical products, I aced the plane maintenance aspect too!
Jones: You really expect us to believe you never once wanted to take over Walter's life? You know, get close to him, act like him and then... get rid of him!
Adam: Goodness, no! You could say I was his protégé, I would never do something like this! We were very close, and his death affects me greatly...

Jones: I can't shake this weird feeling I have everytime I talk to Adam. I don't buy his stories, do you, <Name>?

Examine Gloves.
Jones: Hm, this sample has no particular smell or color, <Name>... But Grace should be able to tell us what stained those gloves you found in Walter's jet!

Analyze Unknown Liquid.
Grace: <Name>, this liquid sample you retrieved from the gloves in the private jet was quite an enigma!
Grace: First of all, I noticed this sample contained molecules of fake deicing fluid: the same fluid that was used on the victim's plane!
Jones: So, it's our killer who wore those gloves?! I guess they must have hid at some point inside the private jet and forgot them there!
Grace: Now, the liquid sample that stained your killer's gloves also contained traces of hydrogen peroxide components. To put it simply: it's a contact lens solution.
Grace: I'm guessing your killer had a problem with their contact lenses while sabotaging the killer, and they must have rubbed their eyes!
Jones: Thank you, Grace! So our killer wears contact lenses... Well, I certainly didn't SEE that one coming, <Name>!

Investigate Bridge Entrance.
Jones: Wow, I can't believe you found the stunt plane's flight recorder, <Name>! I guess when the plane exploded high up in the sky, debris flew far and wide...
Jones: ...Let's just hope the water didn't damage anything! Can you unlock it so we can check?
Jones: I'm not so sure about that wet piece of paper you found, though. I can't even read what's written...

Examine Flight Recorder.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! Let's see what Alex can make of this flight data!

Analyze Flight Data.
Alex: Ah, <Name>, I analyzed the flight data from the victim's stunt plane after you retrieved it from the water. And, it taught me a lot from his last few minutes!
Alex: The flight data recorded all the conversations going in and out of the plane. And it seems Walter was arguing with someone right up until the plane started to fall!
Jones: Do you think Walter was too busy arguing that he didn't even notice anything was wrong with the plane?!
Alex: Sadly, I couldn't make out who he was talking to because of the water damage. But I isolated the interlocutor's voice, maybe you could compare it to your suspects voices, <Name>?
Jones: Do you even have to ask? <Name> always aces everything!

Examine Voice Recordings.
Jones: Unbelievable, <Name>! You took this voiceprint from the flight data and correctly guessed that the voice belonged to Yan!
Jones: So Walter was arguing with his mechanic when something went wrong with his stunt plane. But, what were they fighting about?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the only way to know is to question him!

Question Yan Gobin about his argument with the victim.
Jones: Yan, <Rank> <Name> found the flight recorder from Walter's plane. Would care to explain why you were fighting with him before the crash?
Yan: Walter was accusing me of having badly prepared the stunt plane, but it's unfair: I designed all the maintenance products myself and there's never been a problem till now!
Jones: Had Walter lost confidence in your skills recently?
Yan: It's Walter who had changed, not me! It's as if his interest in planes slowly turned into an interest in women. He started collecting marriages instead of planes...
Yan: ...Until the planes became a tool just to seduce women!
Yan: When I confronted him about it during his flight, he threatened to fire me! I panicked and cut off all communications... and now I hate myself for it.

Jones: I agree, <Name>, Yan made a pretty good case for himself. But, as our victim's mechanic and a fellow pilot, he's not dropping off our radar any time soon!

Examine Wet Document.
Jones: Hm, that document you found under the bridge is a restraining order, made to keep someone away from the victim!
Jones: And it's not just anyone, it's Molly Mocard! She's the victim's first wife! The tabloids went crazy over their divorce, I heard she never got over it...
Jones: But, she's also well-known for being the creator of MocLab, a biochemical research company! ...Oh, and she's also famous for trying to ruin ALL of Walter's following weddings!
Jones: That would explain the restraining order! And, you're right, given that our killer has knowledge in chemistry, this makes Molly a strong suspect. Let's go talk to this wedding crasher!

Talk to Molly Mocard about the restraining order.
Jones: Miss Mocard, <Rank> <Name> found this restraining order filed by Walter Fairbanks... Maybe you could tell us wha-
Molly: That ghastly restraining order is HER doing! That vile singer tried to keep me away from my husband! My dear Walter would never have done this to me...
Jones: But the order was signed by Walter, Miss Mocar--
Molly: It's MRS Mocard! I may not be married on paper, but Walter will always be my husband... Even if Lola did try to steal him away from me!
Molly: He was way more cautious with his planes when we were married! He even taught me how to pilot them! Oh Walter, I miss him so much!

Jones: Do you think Molly could have staged the crash so Walter wouldn't marry any other woman, <Name>? I mean, did you hear how she still called him "her husband"?

Some Time Later...
Jones: Damn, <Name>, this investigation is exhausting... I thought life in Maple Heights was meant to be easy-going!
Yan: <Rank> <Name>! Oh, I'm so glad I found you! Please, I need your help!
Jones: Whoa! What's going on, Yan? What are you doing here?
Yan: It's about Molly! Molly Mocard! She-She's about to kill herself!
Jones: WHAT???

Chapter 3

David Jones: What do you mean Molly is going to kill herself?! We talked to her earlier about her ex-husband's crash: she seemed crazy, sure, but not suicidal!
Yan: After yelling Walter's death was Lola's fault, she ran away to the West Bridge, screaming she was going to fly into Walter's arms!
Jones: Oh my God, <Rank> <Name>, you have to stop her! Quick, let's run to the bridge!

Investigate Riverbank.
(Before investigating Riverbank)
Jones: <Name>, we need to try and find Molly before she jumps!
(After investigating Riverbank)
Jones: Phew, nice work, <Name>; you saved Molly from jumping in the nick of time! And now that she's safe, maybe she can explain why she wanted to die so badly.

Talk to Molly Mocard About Her Suicide Attempt.
Molly: Why did you save me, <Rank> <Name>? You should have let me jump! I want to fly with Walter!
Jones: Come on, Molly, I'm sure Walter wouldn't want you to give up on life so easily. You've still got a chance at happiness, I promise.
Molly: I can't stand being alive while knowing that wh*re was about to marry my love! She's not even honest about her appearances, wearing fake contact lenses, fake hair color...
Molly: Everything about her is a lie! And she's a murderer! She killed my husband and I have proof! I saw her fight with him, just before the wedding! My camera caught everything!
Jones: What camera?!
Molly: I... I installed a camera in the hangar, to check up on my husband sometimes... I took it with me, I wanted to bring one last memory of Walter with me... but it slipped from my hand...
Molly: I couldn't see where it fell... I took out my contact lenses before jumping. I suffer from vertigo so I thought it would make things less scary...
Molly: ...And deep down, I'm glad you saved me, <Rank> <Name>.

Jones: Molly's a creepy stalker who spied on her ex-husband via a hidden camera... But if we find it, we might be able to retrieve some vital evidence!
Jones: She said it fell from the bridge, and if anyone could find it, that would be you, <Name>!
Jones: And, you're right, now that Molly's safe, we should think about re-canvasing the plane crash: maybe we missed something in the mess!

Investigate Riverbank.
Jones: Wow, I can't believe you managed to find Molly's camera, <Name>!
Jones: But it's completely smashed after falling from the bridge... Fixing it just might be your biggest challenge yet!

Examine Broken Camera.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! Seeing how fast you pieced this camera back together, I'm starting to think you have magic powers!
Jones: Let's hope Molly wasn't just being paranoid, and that whatever Alex will extract from this camera will give us valuable information!

Analyze Video Camera.
Alex: <Name>, I'm afraid the quality of this camera is too bad to really get anything out of it. It wasn't angled right in the hangar, and it's very blurry: it's clearly the work of an amateur...
Alex: But, Cathy played with video codes and helped me find an algorithm... and we managed to find something! Isn't she a genius?!
Jones: Aw, things seem to be going well between you two!
Alex: Oh! No, no! We just... It's because we... kind of like the... uh... same things...?
Alex: Anyway, the video is still very blurry, but you can see Lola clearly fighting with Walter at some point...
Alex: ...And Yan walking around, working on that big private jet...
Alex: Sadly, after that, the video gets very dark for a few minutes. But when the image is back, you can see a brown haired figure sneaking behind the plane, near the maintenance products!
Jones: Of course, <Name>! This must be our killer swapping the de-icing product for a fake one! It's a shame we can't identify anyone, but now we know they have brown hair!

Investigate Plane Crash.
Jones: Wow, someone really went to town on this torn album... Do you think you could put it back together again?
Jones: And this looks like an official document... but of course, all the interesting bits are faded. <Name>, would you mind recovering the text?

Examine Torn Album.
Jones: Good job piecing that photo album back together, <Name>... But look, there are only pictures of plane crashes! What a frightening joke!
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, there's a caption beneath the picture: "Have a nice flight, jerk! Adam B"!
Jones: Pictures of plane crashes that are a grim reminder of our victim's fate... topped with this hateful message! Adam has a lot of explaining to do!

Confront Adam Bentley About the Photo Album.
Jones: Adam Bentley! Care to explain why you offered another "gift" to Walter Fairbanks! And, what a gift! A photo album of plane crashes!
Adam: He deserved that gift! He led me to believe we were friends!
Adam: Walter helped me become integrated in the higher circles of Maple Heights: he taught me how to wear classy suits, advised me to wear contact lenses instead of my old glasses...
Adam: ...But the truth is, I was just his tool! I was a provocative pet raised to upset the uptight community of Maple Heights!
Jones: What do you mean? You're hardly seen as a provocative person in this community...
Adam: They look down upon me because I'm not from one of those old influential families! Befriending me was like flipping them off from Walter.
Adam: I was so mad when I discovered that. But fighting him openly would destroy my reputation. So, I sent this gift... But I never suspected he'd actually crash!

Jones: I'm convinced Adam could have planned Walter's death without blinking, <Name>!
Jones: And, you're right: He did say he wears contact lenses!

Examine Faded Paper.
Jones: Good job recovering the text on this bank notification, <Name>! And, check it out, it's addressed to Esteban Vallez!
Jones: His bank is notifying him his account has been closed at the behest of his sister, Lola!
Jones: Wow, this goes way beyond sibling rivalry! With no money left, Esteban must be furious - but let's go see for ourselves.

Confront Esteban Vallez About His Money Problems.
Jones: Hello again, Esteban! <Rank> <Name> found this bank notification, and we'd like to know why your sister would close the account she had opened for you.
Esteban: It's all because Walter Fairbanks was a jerk! He's the one who ordered Lola to cut off my money! He ruined my project!
Jones: What project?
Esteban: Lola agreed to finance my awesome idea of a new contact lens product. It was going to be revolutionary!
Esteban: But then Walter came along and ordered Lola to stop financing it. Apparently, he didn't believe in my project, saying it wasn't even chemistry 101!
Esteban: Don't you see?! Walter ruined my chemistry career! He shot down my one and only chance at fame and riches, and my sister didn't even try to stop him!

After One Too Many Coffees...
Jones: I don't get it, Walter was rumored to be a nice guy, yet all of our suspects seem to hold a grudge against him... which makes each one of them more suspicious than the last!
Jones: I'm afraid King really won't be happy if we don't solve this case soon, <Name>!
Chief King: You're damn well right I won't be, Jones!
Jones: Argh! Wha... How... I mean, I didn't see you there, Chief! Were you hiding or something?
Chief King: I was standing right here, Jones, but you obviously never see ANYTHING!!!
Chief King: Luckily <Name> here is your eyes, ears... and brain!
Chief King: You need to solve this case before the media blows it out of proportion! I'd suggest you head back to the victim's aircraft hangar!
Jones: Because...? Ah right, <Name>, that's where the stunt plane was before the crash! Quick, let's go before King kills me!

Investigate Plane Hangar.
Jones: I'm impressed, <Name>! This hose you found seems to be used for applying the deicing product! The killer must have used it to put the fake product into Walter's stunt plane!
Jones: You're right, we should inspect it to see if the killer left any trace evidence!

Examine Spraying Hose.
Jones: Well, I certainly didn't expect you to find pieces of fabric stuck in this deicing hose, <Name>!
Jones: I bet the killer didn't notice their clothes getting caught like this! C'mon, let's send this piece of fabric to Grace!

Analyze Fabric Sample.
Grace: I analyzed the fabric you found stuck in that deicing hose from the hangar, <Name>: it turns out it's high quality fabric!
Grace: But what's really important isn't the fabric itself. Once placed under the microscope, it's visibly stained: it's covered in a really dark substance!
Grace: And after a few lab tests, this dark substance turned out to be mechanical oil!
Grace: It makes sense: if your killer got close to the plane's maintenance products, they would get oil on their clothes...
Jones: Thank you, Grace! Now we know the killer must have oil smudges on their clothes. Look out for dark stains, <Name>!

After Completing All Tasks...
Jones: Well, <Name>, I'd never have guessed this wedding would turn into such a gruesome investigation!
Jones: But, I guess we have all the evidence we need now! Let's arrest the murderer and close this disastrous case!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: I can't believe you'd kill your own sister's fiancé, Esteban! And on her wedding day!
Esteban: What choice did I have?! Everything was going great in my life: Lola was suddenly famous, and I was making the most of it...
Esteban: ...But then Walter came along and convinced her to stop giving me money. She wouldn't listen to me anymore, not with him in the picture.
Jones: So, you decided to kill Walter before he finally married your sister? Before she could be free of you?!
Esteban: Everyone knew he was going to do his little show! I knew exactly what to do... it was so easy, nobody paid me any attention when I snuck into his hangar!
Esteban: I just had to mix a few chemicals to replace the deicing fluid with a fake product... He flew so high to impress everyone, his plane had to freeze!
Esteban: Just like Icarus, he thought he could get too close to the sun, and he crashed!
Jones: Do you realize how you hurt Lola... If not physically, then emotionally: She's going to be scarred for the rest of her life! All for a bit of money?!
Jones: But you'll have time to think about what you've done when you're in jail! Esteban Vallez, you're under arrest for the murder of Walter Fairbanks!

Judge Hall: Esteban Vallez, you stand before this Court for the brutal murder of Walter Fairbanks, one of the most affluent personalities of Maple Heights.
Esteban: Your Honor, don't get me wrong, but I did this city a favor. That guy treated everyone as a joke! He only cared what people could bring him!
Esteban: May it be a new wife or a new plane, he was always lusting after the next big thing! Bigger, better, shinier... I couldn't let my sister marry him, and then watch their marriage fail!
Esteban: He would have gotten board and instantly divorced. This would have ruined Lola's reputation... I HAD to protect her Honor!
Judge Hall: Stop searching for excuses, Mr. Vallez! <Rank> <Name> has proven money was your real motive!
Esteban: Why did Walter care if my sister gave me a bit of money anyway? It's not as if HE needed it!
Judge Hall: Enough! Esteban Vallez, for the premeditated plane crash and subsequent murder of Walter Fairbanks, this Court sentences you to twenty years in jail!
Lola: YOU MONSTER! Walter was a good man! You've destroyed everything... You've ruined my life!

Jones: I can't believe Esteban killed Lola's fiancé because she stopped giving him money. It may not even have been Lola's fault!
Jones: If all Lola's family is like this, it's not wonder she tried to flee her past...
Jones: I thought being rich and famous would be sweet. But people in Maple Heights seem to be constantly yearning for more... Always going to extremes!
Jones: Grimsborough needs more positive figures like you to look up to, <Name>!

Additional Investigation

David Jones: Well, <Name>, that was a smoothly handled investigation... and an exhausting one, too! How about getti-
Chief King: Jones, <Rank> <Name>! What the hell do you think you're doing, loitering around the station?!
Jones: Uh, Chief, <Name>'s caught Walter's killer so we were about to celebr-
Chief King: Celebrating will have to wait! Molly Mocard has been spotted near the bridge again! I will not risk her jumping and have people saying we can't keep people from dying around here!
Jones: Oh, dear! We'll go check on her right now, Chief! Right, <Name>?

Jones: Is it me or is the Chief a little tense these days, <Name>? He could use some time off...
Jones: We'd better go see Molly, but I really want to check on Adam, too. The way he tries to twist everybody around his little finger is exasperating... and shady!
Ramirez: <Name>, thank God I found you! Lola Vallez called for you! She's at the Fairbanks hangar and she sounded very worried and... and...
Ramirez: Well, I was wondering, <Name>, if it's no trouble, could I... Could I come with you to see Miss Lola? I swear I'll be very professional, like last time!
Ramirez: I can? Oh, you're the best, <Name>! Thank you so much!!

See What You Can Do For Lola Vallez.
Lola: <Rank> <Name>, you're here! And Officer Ramirez, too! I'm really glad to see you both!
Lola: I don't want you to think I'm callous, but I still want to go to my honeymoon. It... It feels like the best place to do my mourning.
Ramirez: Of course, Miss Lola, everybody has the right to take a break, especially after what you have been through.
Lola: I knew you'd understand. But I'm scared. My... My brother... You know what he did. What if the plane I'm about to take has been tampered with? Yan is not here and...
Ramirez: Don't worry, Miss Lola, <Rank> <Name> will spot if something's wrong with your plane! I'm sure everything is fine!

Investigate Plane Hangar.
Ramirez: You're right, <Name>, the tarpaulin you found under the jet's landing gear is stained, as if the plane had lost some fluids!
Ramirez: We'd better collect a sample from the tarpaulin, hadn't we?

Examine Stained Tarp.
Ramirez: Good job, <Name>! Now what should we do with this sample you collected from that tarpaulin?
Ramirez: Oh right, send it to the lab, of course! I'll transfer it straight away!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Grace: <Name>, you can rest assured that the liquid you found in Lola's hangar is in no way a sign of threat to the plane.
Grace: Polutherane, water and some other pigments... It's aircraft paint. However, the dosage was wrong, and the paint must have melted under the heat!
Ramirez: So Miss Lola doesn't have to worry at all! Let's go give her the good news, <Name>, she'll be so pleased!

Tell Lola Vallez About the Paint Stain.
Ramirez: Miss Lola, <Rank> <Name> double checked the hangar, and the only suspicious thing was this weird stain under the jet... which actually was just melted paint.
Lola: Thank God! I will be able to get away from Grimsborough and it's craziness for a few weeks, to revitalize a bit.
Ramirez: It's always good to take some time on your own! Every year, I go fishing in Alaska. No kids, no wife, just me, nature and the sweet noise of the running river...
Lola: That... sounds great! I'm more the "tanning while sipping a pina colada on the sand" kind, though.
Lola: Thank you so much for helping me, <Rank> <Name>. Have a burger, please, I just made them!

Make Sure Molly Mocard Isn't Doing Anything Stupid.
Jones: Mrs. Mocard? Mrs. Mocard! What are you doing here?
Molly: I... I'm sure I saw something... Something on some plane debris out there...
Jones: What?! What are you talking about?
Molly: I saw something on some plane debris out there! Something... Something for me! But, I can't find it anymore!
Jones: Huh, OK, sure... <Rank> <Name> will have a look at that... "something" for you. But please stay away from the bridge, Mrs. Mocard!

Jones: It's so sad to see Molly still struggling to move on. And that "thing" she saw...
Jones: You're right, <Name>, true or not, we need to check it out. I don't like her wandering around the spot of her last suicide attempt on her own.

Investigate Bridge Entrance.
Jones: You actually found something, <Name>? I'm impressed, I thought it was all in Molly's head!
Jones: There are words on that plane part you found on the bridge, but they're all scratched. I'm sure it won't be a challenge for you, though!

Examine Plane Part.
Jones: Good job, <Name>, I knew some scratches on a plane scrap wouldn't stop you!
Jones: "Holy Molly"... That must be the name of Walter's plane! Molly was right, she really saw "something" for her on the plane's debris!
Jones: I guess it's a kind of bittersweet tribute from Walter to his ex-wife. Even though they fought, he seemed to still care, or at least he didn't forget her.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we'd better go show this to Molly!

Tell Molly Mocard About the Plane Part.
Jones: Mrs. Mocard, you were right. <Rank> <Name> found your name on a piece of debris from your ex-husband's plane.
Molly: Let me see... ha! I knew it, I KNEW I'd seen my name! Walter sure had a weird sense of humor!
Molly: Ah, all this makes me realize how different it could have been after our divorce if I hadn't acted so obsessively...
Jones: Don't be mad at yourself, Mrs. Mocard. What is done is done, for now, it's time to get yourself together...
Molly: ...And move on. Yes, you're right. Here, <Rank> <Name>, I'm not going to need my old piloting gear anymore. Thanks for helping me deal with my old demons.

Check Up On Adam Bentley.
Adam: <Rank> <Name>, I couldn't be more pleased to see you! I've been looking for an object of sentimental value for hours, and...
Jones: And you expect <Rank> <Name> to help you? Adam, we just wanted to make sure you were not making any trouble, that's all.
Adam: Trouble? Oh, you are referring to my dealings with Walter, I expect? But, this is in the past. I'm looking for a gift that was made to ME by a dear, dear friend.
Jones: Well, good luck finding it on your own. But we're keeping an eye on you, Adam!

Jones: Can you believe the nerve of this man, <Name>? Thinking we'd help him search for his silly "gift"!
Jones: On the other hand... Looking for that gift could be instructive. Maybe we could learn a bit more about what Adam is hiding...
Jones: And it won't take you much time to find it, <Name>, right? It'll be a matter of minutes, I'm sure! Let's do it!

Investigate Reception Garden.
Jones: Nicely spotted, <Name>! With our luck, this broken thingy will be the gift Adam was looking for!
Jones: Well, I guess putting whatever this is back together will tell us why Adam was so determined to find it. I'll let your expert hands handle this!

Examine Broken Statuette.
Jones: Hahaha, this is a bobble-head figure of Martha Price!! So, that's what Adam calls "a gift of sentimental value"?
Jones: This bobble head looks more like a promotional campaign freebie than a personal gift, nevermind the signature!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should give Adam his statuette back... But don't expect me not to laugh at him!

Give the Statuette Back to Adam Bentley.
Jones: Adam, <Rank> <Name> found your gift... First Mayor Johnson, now Martha Price? You really have a finger in every pie. Can't pick a side?
Adam: Unless you prove me wrong, being friends with people having different political views isn't against the law!
Jones: Friends? This "precious" statuette is nothing more than a campaign freebie from the Blue Party!!
Adam: Ahem... It has my name on it... It's a unique piece, handed to me by Martha herself.
Adam: I'm greatly attached to it, and I would like to thank you, <Rank> <Name>. Please, accept these gift vouchers, you'll probably need them more than I do.

Jones: I don't know what Adam's playing at, <Name>, but courting both parties might land him in trouble...
Jones: Ah, well, yet another excuse for keeping a close eye on him!

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