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At the Bureau headquarters…
Chief Elizabeth Ripley (hands on her hips): <Rank> <Name>, you’ll recall the ancient manuscript Dupont told us went up to auction in France…
Chief Ripley: Correct, <Name>. It’s the same manuscript we believe was used to write a threat to Enid Grimshaw in London
Chief Ripley (crosses her arms): The very same. We heard that the editor-in-chief of the magazine Pretty Fair, Annette Sommeur, placed the highest bid.
Chief Ripley (hands on her hips): She’s booked the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles for a photoshoot and has the manuscript with her. Word is, she won’t let it out of her sight!
Chief Ripley (crosses her arms): We need Archer here at headquarters, so you’ll be going with Carmen Martinez.
Chief Ripley (hands on her hips, happily): Martinez is an investigative journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize for bringing down a major terrorist network in Yemen. You’ve probably heard of her.
Chief Ripley (crosses her arms): She’s one tough cookie, and she’s not known for her patience, but her smarts make up for her brusque personality. Most of the time…
Chief Ripley (winking): You and Martinez are expected at the castle in Versailles so there will be no need for introductions once you arrive. Please have a glass of Burgundy for me!

At the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles…
Carmen (crosses her arms, grinning): So you’re the famous <Rank> <Name>! I’m used to working alone, but let’s giddy up and you can show me what you’ve got!
Carmen: <Name>, this Annette Sommeur better not waste our time. I don’t care if she is some big-time magazine editor doing some fancy-pants photoshoot…
Carmen: People say she’s a real handful, the “Queen of Mean”! Well, she better tell us what we need to know about the manuscript she bought so we can move forward with this investigation!
Carmen (hands on her hips): Where the heck is she? Maybe we can poke around the Hall of Mirrors and find the dang manuscript ourselves!

Chapter 1

Investigate Hall of Mirrors.
Carmen Martinez (hands on her hips, shocked): Are you kidding me? We come here to grill our main lead about this manuscript and she got her head chopped off? This is insane!
Carmen: The guillotine must have been part of the photoshoot… We’ll have to figure out who got to Annette Sommeur… We’ll get her back in two pieces to Angela.
Carmen (crosses her arms): You didn’t find the manuscript anywhere? What DID you find? A faded card… you think the killer left a signature or something? I’m sure you’ll uncover the information we need.
Carmen (hands on her hips): What’s this Antiques Roadshow crap? I mean, that wooden box is pretty and all, but I don’t see how it’s relevant. Fine, dig through it, <Name>. Maybe you’ll find the manuscript…
Carmen (crosses her arms): Look, I know I may seem blunt, but I just don’t like wasting time. You of all people must understand that, <Name>.
Carmen (pumping her fist, angrily): We better get to the bottom of this murder quickly. We’ve got way bigger fish to fry…

Examine Business Card.
Carmen: Hmm… this business card you found at the crime scene says “Coup de Grace” and “Grace Goude, Photographe”… She must be the photographer who was working this photoshoot!
Carmen (crosses her arms): So the victim had organized a photoshoot… And it looks like Grace Goude was the photographer… So was Grace also the victim’s executioner?
Carmen (hands on her hips): We’d better go grill this Grace Goude about her photoshoot and fast!

Talk to Grace Goude about the victim’s photoshoot.
Grace (angrily): What do YOU want? I will not be selling any photos taken of Ms Sommeur to tabloids if you’re some of those nasty vultures!
Carmen (crosses her arms): Definitely not vultures, Ms Goude, we’re with the Bureau and we’re here to investigate the murder of Annette Sommeur.
Grace (holding a cigarette, smirking): Oh, the Bureau is on this case? Good. Annette would’ve wanted the “crème de la crème.” That’s why she asked me to do this shoot. Because I AM the best.
Grace (nervously): Except I had to go and walk out to the gardens for some fresh air… When I came back, she was… her head was… in the basket!
Grace (puts cigarette down, sadly): Annette launched me. She made my whole career possible! You have no idea what it was like to find her like that! I was in too much shock to know what to do!
Grace (holding a cigarette, nervously): Only two hours before, I was picking her up at the Amelie B. boutique in Montmartre and now… she’s gone…
Carmen (hands on her hips, prompted): You said she was at Amelie B.? I guess we better get over to that boutique, huh, <Name>? Stick around, Ms Goude, we may need to ask you some follow-up questions.

Investigate Boutique.
Carmen: The photographer, Grace Goude, said that she picked up the victim at the boutique before heading to Versailles for the photoshoot… Was there anything at all that could help us?
Carmen (amused): You found a champagne bottle near the Amelie B. boutique? How do you know it doesn’t just belong to the café?
Carmen (crosses her arms, nervously): Oh, I see… The tag says “For Annette”…
Carmen (hands on her hips): The label says “1945 Millèsime”… Does that mean it’s extra fancy champagne?
Carmen (winking): And there’s some kind of… serial number? Let’s see if you can decipher it, <Name>!
Carmen (pumping her fist): This other stuff you found near the boutique looks like torn cardboard. You want to piece it back together? If you think it will get us to the killer quicker… why not?

Examine Champagne Bottle.
Carmen (hands on her hips): You deciphered the whole serial number from that champagne bottle, right?
Carmen: I bet young mister Elliot can tell us more about who gave this bottle to the victim. Let’s get it to him!

Analyze Champagne Label.
Elliot (yawning): Well, <Name>, the champagne bottle you brought me is full of pretty special stuff, if you’re into luxury…
Elliot (grinning): It’s from Domaine Tafrèze. 1945 was dubbed an exceptional year, or “Millésime”, for the vineyard…
Carmen (crosses her arms, curiously): That’s some old champagne! Any idea who gave it to the victim, little man?
Elliot: “Little man”? Seriously?
Elliot: Well, since this champagne is so exceptional, it isn’t sold to just anyone. The serial number showed that the bottle was purchased by Princess Sofia of Girona.
Elliot: She’s been in Paris since fashion week, which is only too predictable, and she’s staying at the Royal Manchot Hotel, equally predictable…
Carmen (hands on her hips, winking): I guess it’s time to talk to her most predictable highness, Princess Sofia of Girona! She can tell us why she offered such a fancy gift to the victim!

Ask Sofia of Girona about the champagne she gave to the victim.
Carmen (crosses her arms): So, Princess Sofia of Girona-
Sofia (holds out her hand): Just plain Sofia, please, no need to be so formal just because I’m wearing my tiara!
Carmen (nervously): Ok… Sofia, can you tell us about the bottle of champagne you offered to Annette Sommeur? We’re putting together a timeline of events leading up to her murder.
Sofia (shocked): Her murder?! Annette Sommeur was killed?!
Sofia (nervously): I just saw her this morning! I offered her the champagne as a thank you gift. She had decided to put me on the cover of her magazine, Pretty Fair!
Sofia (holds out her hand): Finally, someone had recognized my superior fashion sense and wanted to share it with the world!
Sofia (tearing up): Annette had so much class! She was royalty, too, in her way… and now she’s dead!
Carmen (hands on her hips): We’re sorry, but you better plan to extend your stay in Paris, Sofia. We may need to ask you more questions about Ms Sommeur.

Examine Torn Cardboard.
Carmen: So you pieced the cardboard you found near the boutique back together, huh? What have we got? It’s a cut-out of some lady… do you recognize her because I sure don’t!
Carmen: Wait, there’s a message: “To Annette, one helluva woman!” and it’s signed by… your guess is as good as mine! The signature’s totally illegible!
Carmen: I’ve heard that you are top notch when it comes to comparing facial features in a database, <Name>. Maybe you can figure out who this is?

Examine Cardboard Cut-out.
Carmen: So our mystery cardboard cut-out is Jacqueline Proust, huh? Am I supposed to know her?
Dupont: Hmph, I’m rather impressed that you don’t know her, Miss Martinez… You show more taste and intellectual capacity than I imagined.
Carmen: Uh… thanks? So you know who this is, Dupont?
Dupont: To my chagrin, yes. Jacqueline Proust is a pathetic excuse for a fiction author, but, unlike the great MARCEL Proust, her talent appeals to… how should I say it… the mass market?
Carmen: Ok, then… looks like we need to track this Jacqueline Proust down and ask her about the autograph she signed for the victim!

Talk to Jacqueline Proust about her autograph for the victim.
Carmen: Ms Proust, right? I was wondering if you had a minute-
Jacqueline: I only do autographs when my literary agent forces me to, sorry!
Carmen: Did your literary agent force you to autograph a cardboard cut-out of yourself for Annette Sommeur?
Jacqueline: No, that was a gift! She was an inspiration to creative women everywhere! Granted, maybe not as much of an inspiration as I am, but still…
Jacqueline: I wanted to let her know how much I appreciated her work! We women have to have each other’s backs, you know!
Carmen: Just the backs, or the heads, too? Annette Sommeur was decapitated today, Ms Proust.
Jacqueline: No! That’s awful! And she had just bought that manuscript at auction, too…
Jacqueline: Do you think the manuscript could be part of the murder?
Jacqueline: I bet it is! Excuse me, I need to grab my writing notebook. Inspiration strikes!

Examine Antique Chest.
Carmen: What did you find in that box, <Name>? That digital instant camera doesn’t fit with that Marie Antoinette stuff at all!
Carmen: Looks like someone was trying to hide it… That’s pretty suspicious. Let’s get this camera to Elliot and see what he can make of it…

Analyze Camera.
Elliot: <Name>, I have some interesting news for you about that digital instant camera you found at Versailles. Well, “interesting” is a subjective term…
Carmen: If it gets us closer to Annette Sommeur’s killer, we’re all ears, kiddo!
Elliot: “Kiddo?” Ugh… Ok, one photo was taken, printed then deleted from the camera’s hard drive around the time of the murder, so the killer clearly touched this camera. Maybe to capture a parting trophy…
Elliot: I couldn’t lift prints, but the killer did leave evidence of an addiction behind: loose tobacco leaves.
Carmen: So we know that the killer smokes. Great… We need to find one smoker in France! That should take about ten years… We better get started, huh, <Name>?

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Bonjour, <Name>. This was an interesting end for the so-called “Queen of Mean”… And it was a pretty clear cut autopsy.
Angela: The guillotine blade that decapitated the victim had been sharpened recently…
Angela (happily): Fun fact: did you know that beheading by guillotine takes only two-hundredths of a second?
Carmen (crosses her arms, nervously): No… That’s… fascinating… so the murder weapon was definitely the guillotine?
Angela: Absolutely. Her head was severed between the vertebrae C1 and C2, the atlas and the axis that help nod and rotate the head. When I swabbed the cut, I found something really strange, though…
Angela: There was diacetyl, which is found in butter flavoring, isovaleric acid, which smells like old gym socks, and Penicillium camemberti, a bacteria only found on the rinds of camembert cheese.
Carmen (amused): So you think someone used the guillotine to cut – pardon the expression – the cheese?
Angela: The more logical explanation is that the person who checked the sharpness of the guillotine blade transferred some of the camembert they were eating to it!
Carmen (nervously): And then that cheese wound up in the victim’s neck! So the killer eats camembert… Looks like we have our work cut out for us, <Name>! So to speak…

A short time later…
Carmen: So far everybody seems pretty sweet on Annette Sommeur… Yet someone chopped off her head…
Carmen: Did you dig Jacqueline Proust? I understand wanting to strike while the iron is hot, but she treated Ms Sommeur’s death like a writing prompt!
Carmen: Princess Sofia – sorry – “just plain” Sofia seemed genuinely upset about the victim. Besides, could she even figure out how to use a guillotine?
Carmen: And Grace Goude was really upset… but she was right there on the crime scene and she didn’t call the cops… that’s just wrong…
Carmen: Sorry, I have to get this.
Carmen: What’s up, Ingrid?
Ingrid: <Name>, I’ve got news for your timeline reconstruction. We’ve determined where Annette Sommeur was last night!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: People seemed to like Annette Sommeur, but someone DID chop off her head…
Carmen: Sorry, I have to get this.
Carmen: What’s up, Ingrid?
Ingrid: <Name>, I’ve got news for your timeline reconstruction. We’ve determined where Annette Sommeur was last night: the Louvre.
Ingrid: I’m sure you remember that the victim bought the manuscript that could tell us more about the ancient order behind Prince Albert’s murder in London.
Carmen: Yeah, we were looking for that dang manuscript when we found her body at Versailles!
Ingrid: Exactly. But the manuscript was incomplete. So she went to the Louvre to demand the missing sections.
Carmen: Hmm… maybe this murder has something to do with that manuscript, after all…
Ingrid: Witnesses say that there was an altercation in the gardens near the museum, but they couldn’t understand what it was about. You’d better go investigate!
Carmen: Well, <Name>, looks like we need to take a trip to the Louvre Gardens! The fight Annette Sommeur had there might have been an appetizer to her murder.

Investigate Louvre Gardens.
Carmen: So what treasures were the Louvre Gardens hiding, <Name>? A piece of newspaper… You think this old guy has something to do with this investigation? Let’s retrieve the headline then!
Carmen: And looks like someone lost their luggage at the park… the tag says “Marcel le Mime”…
Carmen: A mime? You really think a mime’s belongings might help us solve Annette’s murder? Well you’ll have to look through it then, I’m not touching it!
Carmen: That piece of paper you found has blood all over it!
Carmen: And there’s a message: “L’enfer, c’est Annette Sommeur”… Don’t know what that means, but it mentions the victim
Carmen: You’re right, the most important thing is to get a sample of that blood, <Name>! Let’s step on it!

Examine Luggage.
Carmen: So did you find anything interesting in that mime’s luggage from the Louvre Gardens, <Name>? A wig with sunglasses attached?
Carmen: This wig looks really familiar, where have we seen them before? You’re right! This wig looks just like Annette Sommeur’s hair!
Carmen: So what was Marcel the Mime doing with a wig that looks like the victim’s hair… I guess we better go ask him!

Question Marcel Robin about his Annette Sommeur wig.
(Marcel acts freaked out)
Carmen: Man, I hate mimes… Look, pal, why did you have this wig and sunglasses costume? They’d make you look a lot like Annette Sommeur, who was just murdered!
(Marcel acts sad)
Carmen: Unless you really are a mute, you better knock this crap off right now! We don’t have time for this nonsense.
Marcel: Whoa, settle down! Look, I was performing right here by the Louvre and that… that… “lady” came up to me and kicked me! Unprovoked! Then she laughed!
Carmen: If I saw you impersonating me, I’d probably be tempted to kick you, too!
Marcel: I started making fun of her AFTER she kicked me. That’s how I deal with bad stuff, I put it in my show! Turn it into laughter!
Carmen: Well, if you did anything more to Ms Sommeur than use her for material, you won’t be laughing for long…

Examine Bloody Note.
Carmen: You got a sample of the blood from the note you found at the Louvre Gardens? Alright, let’s get it to Lars!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: <Name>! I have the results for the blood sample you collected from that note.
Lars: But first, you ought to check out my band’s last rehearsal!
Carmen: No, Lars, we just want the information. We don’t have time to listen to your hobby.
Lars: Oh, come on, man! We’re a serious band! You’re working with a future inductee at the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame and you don’t even know it!
Lars: Fine. Whatever… The blood in question belonged to Annette Sommeur, point for point. This means the killer wrote the note after the murder.
Carmen: Great! But we still need to know what the heck it says!
Dupont: Well, if you permit an old man to interrupt, I can tell you that your killer knows their Sartre…
Carmen: Sar-who?
Dupont: Jean-Paul Sartre, my dear. The French philosopher who coined the term Existentialism? Well, your killer paraphrased his famous line: “L’enfer, c’est les autres”, or “Hell is other people”.
Dupont: In this case, the message said “L’enfer, c’est Annette Sommeur” or “Hell is Annette Sommeur”.
Carmen: The logic checks out… So the killer is a fan of French philosophy, huh? Well, they better get ready for some angst with <Name> on their trail!

Examine Faded Article.
Carmen: So that old man on that bit of newspaper you found near the Louvre is named Constantin Perrier… Don’t know him…
Carmen: I don’t know French, but the article mentions Versailles… Maybe he was involved in the victim’s photoshoot…
Carmen: I’m with you, <Name>. We’d better have a chat with this Constantin Perrier! Let’s go!

Ask Constantin Perrier about his connection to the victim.
Carmen: Mr Perrier, I’m sure you’re aware that a murder was perpetrated here today…
Constantin: Yes, I learned during the cheese course of my lunch, a lovely camembert… And I was aware of the photoshoot, of course…
Constantin: I authorized the photoshoot because Annette Sommeur was a high-profile personality. We can’t let just anyone use the castle as they wish! I am not even allowed to smoke inside anymore!
Constantin: Of course, now Versailles will get entirely the wrong sort of publicity… But one cannot control everything, as Louis XVI discovered to his dismay…
Carmen: Louis XVI is an interesting example, Mr Perrier, considering that Annette Sommeur was beheaded…
Constantin: The King also lived in Versailles, so my choice in words hardly makes me a suspect. If you have no further questions, may I?
Carmen: Don’t go far, Mr Perrier. We may need to ask you some follow-up questions…

Later, at headquarters…
Chief Ripley: <Name>, have you seen the latest political polls in France? The far right are getting rather too popular for my taste…
Carmen: The far right? Like extremists?
Chief Ripley: Some of them MAY be, I dare say… The politics of intolerance and fear draw all types of unsavory characters…
Chief Ripley: But I doubt the far right in France had anything to do with the beheading of Annette Sommeur… Best let you get back to solving that murder…
Carmen: I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something more to the place where the victim was earlier this morning… And we still haven’t found that manuscript!
Carmen: Great minds think alike, <Name>! Let’s head back over to the Amelie B. boutique and see what we can find!

Investigate Cafe Table.
Carmen: So did you pick up any more clues near the boutique? You want to dig through a stand of fancy clothes? Well, make it snappy… I don’t want to waste any time!
Carmen: You also found a Pretty Coffee cup? And the victim’s name is on it!
Carmen: Looks like something was written below the logo on it. Get your duster ready!

Examine Faded Coffee Cup.
Carmen: So what was written on the cup from the café table, <Name>? The message says “Annette – You’re nothing without your Amazing Grace”…
Carmen: Amazing Grace… Grace Goude thinks she’s pretty amazing… Think they might be one and the same?
Carmen: And didn’t Ms Goude mention picking up the victim here before the photoshoot?
Carmen: Picking her up, getting her coffee… I thought Ms Goude was a photographer, not Annette Sommeur’s personal assistant…
Carmen: Let’s get a little more precision from Grace Goude about what went down between her and Annette this morning!

Talk to Grace about her message to the victim.
Carmen: So, Ms Goude, we found Annette Sommeur’s coffee cup with your message to her… it’s interesting. We thought you were her photographer, not her personal assistant!
Grace: Of course, I didn’t mention it! It’s embarrassing!
Grace: That woman abused her power, treated me like she owned me. I was her private chauffeur, her lackey, she even told me when I could smoke!
Grace: When I told her I was going to leave Pretty Fair and strike out on my own, she threatened to blacklist me in the publishing world!
Grace: The stress has been rough. I’m eating way too much camembert… It’s going to ruin my figure…
Grace: But, as the French philosopher Albert Camus said, “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” And I wanted my freedom!
Carmen: Well, Ms Goude, if you killed to get your “chance to be better”, you won’t have that chance for long…

Examine Clothes on Sale.
Carmen: What did you find in the clothing bin from the boutique? Anything good? I guess not, since you just showed me a mess of torn paper…
Carmen: Only joking! Hey, maybe you could do that puzzle trick you did before, <Name>!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: Get outta here! Is that Princess Sofia on the magazine cover you pieced back together? She really was gonna be a cover girl for Pretty Fair!
Carmen: Oh SNAP! The cover calls her a “Royal Mess”! She must’ve not been too happy about that. We better go check with Princess Sofia and see what’s what!

Question Sofia about the “Pretty Fair” cover.
Carmen: Princess Sofia, we found the cover for the next issue of Pretty Fair… and it’s not pretty for you…
Sofia: It’s AWFUL! Annette never told me that she wanted to do a story about royal fashion FAILURES! She thought I didn’t have any style!
Sofia: Like she would know anything about style, have you seen the silk scarves she’s trying to sell through the department stores? I wouldn’t wrap my camembert in one of those!
Sofia: When I saw the preview of the cover, I ripped it to shreds. I am so stressed about, I even started smoking again!
Sofia: What will people think of me after this issue comes out! I’ll be a laughing stock! My reputation will be ruined!
Carmen: Princess, if you killed Annette Sommeur for revenge, your whole life will be ruined!

A short while later…
Carmen: Man, <Name>, finding the person who beheaded Annette Sommeur might be harder than I thought! And we still have to find that dang manuscript!
Carmen: I didn’t realize that Princess Sofia could get so riled up! But could she have killed Annette Sommeur over an article saying she had bad taste?
Carmen: And what about Grace Goude? Would she have decapitated the victim to break free and start a career of her own?
Carmen: Marcel the Mime doesn’t seem like the strongest suspect, but if he was willing to risk a lawsuit impersonating Annette Sommeur, who knows what else he might have done?
Carmen: That’s my phone again!
Carmen: Carmen Martinez speaking.
Jacqueline: This is Jacqueline Proust! Please come quickly! I need your help!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: So <Name>, what have we learned about-
Carmen: Dang! My phone again! This better have something to do with the murder of Annette Sommeur…
Carmen: Carmen Martinez speaking.
Jacqueline: This is Jacqueline Proust! Come quickly! I need your help!
Carmen: What is it, Ms Proust? Are you in danger? Are you hurt?
Jacqueline: Not yet! But please come to the Louvre quickly! I’m running out of time!

At the Louvre
Jacqueline: Ah, there you are, <Rank> <Name>! Thank goodness you’re here!
Carmen: You have some nerve calling us up like that, Ms Proust! You were in no danger at all!
Jacqueline: I wasn’t in danger, but my research certainly was! I’m being repressed! CENSORED!
Jacqueline: There’s a special item that I require for researching my next novel. I can’t tell you about it, obviously. SPOILERS!
Jacqueline: If only those Louvre idiots would’ve just let me borrow that decryption tool, then I’d just need to get my hands on Annette’s manuscript…
Jacqueline: Oops… did I just say that out loud?
Carmen: Yes, you did! So you’re looking for Annette’s manuscript, too? Wait right here, we’re going to have a proper chat with you!
Carmen: What do you say, <Name>? Should we grill Jacqueline Proust about the manuscript right away?
Carmen: Or should we let Ms Proust stew and take another look around the Louvre for more clues? Your call!

Ask Jacqueline about the manuscript.
Carmen: Tell us everything you know about that manuscript, Ms Proust. Did you kill Annette Sommeur to get it?
Jacqueline: NO! I would never do anything like that! I knew Annette had bought it in an auction, so I asked her over for red wine and camembert to see if she would let me use it for researching my next book.
Jacqueline: But that petty little… woman… wouldn’t grant me access to the manuscript! ME! I mean, she knew who I was! Everyone knows who I am!
Carmen: Right… I find your change of heart very interesting. When we first talked, you called Annette an inspiration…
Jacqueline: Well, she did inspire my next novel! And I borrowed the title from a French philosophy book, “The Will to Know”…
Jacqueline: But she was keeping me from writing my book by hogging that manuscript! And if I’m not writing, I’m smoking! Like a chimney!
Carmen: I bet you do know just where that manuscript is, Ms Proust, and it gives you a big motive for killing Annette Sommeur! We’re watching you like a hawk!
(After talking to Jacqueline Proust)
Carmen: Research! Hmph! Even if Jacqueline Proust didn’t kill Annette Sommeur, and that’s a big if, we have got to keep an eye on her.
Carmen: And get our hands on that manuscript before she does! Who knows what she might be planning to do with it!

Investigate Fountain.
Carmen: So what did you find, <Name>? That torn red fabric looks like silk… Go ahead and piece it back together!
Carmen: And you found a smartphone? Why are people so careless with such important stuff?
Carmen: But you’re right, that phone’s probably holding important information! Think you can unlock it?
Carmen: We better wrap up this case soon, <Name>! We still have to track down that manuscript, and who knows where that thing could be now!

Examine Torn Silk.
Carmen: So that torn silk was a scarf! Wait a minute… that bob haircut, those sunglasses… that’s Annette Sommeur! Someone ripped her likeness to shreds!
Carmen: And there’s white oily stuff on all over this scarf… Let’s grab a sample!

Examine Silk Scarf.
Carmen: Got a sample of that white stuff from the victim’s scarf? Let’s rush it to Lars. The sooner we know, the sooner we catch the killer!

Analyze White Substance.
Lars: Hey, <Name>. That white substance you collected from that scarf was some pretty slick stuff thanks to the petrolatum in it, but I nailed it down!
Carmen: Cut to the chase, Lars. We don’t have time for corny jokes!
Lars: Got it. In addition to petrolatum, there was also zinc oxide, which gave the substance its white tint. There was also beeswax, lanolin, and talc.
Lars: If that sample sounds like makeup, that’s because it is! It’s clown white, and that’s not exclusive to clowns. Mimes use it, too!
Carmen: Mimes, huh? Like Marcel? Looks like we need to have a chat with Marcel the Mime about how his make-up got on Annette’s torn-up scarf!

Talk to Marcel about the victim’s torn silk scarf.
(Marcel signifies a telephone)
Carmen: Not this again! Listen, fool, we found some of your make-up on a torn up scarf bearing Annette Sommeur’s image. What’s that about?
Marcel: Fine… But you know what the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said: “Words are loaded pistols.” That’s why I prefer not to use them…
Marcel: Ms Sommeur came back through the gardens last night. She was sobbing and swearing! She kept repeating “Caveat emptor”…
Carmen: Hmmm… “Caveat emptor” is Latin… It means “Buyer beware”… Did she mention what she had purchased?
Marcel: She said she’d been tricked, she’d paid a lot of money for some old book that wasn’t even complete! Part of a page was missing or something…
Marcel: Then she tore up her own scarf in a fit and ran off. I picked up the pieces and used it to clean off my makeup!
Carmen: Hmmm… you’re a good listener, aren’t you? Well, get used to using your words, Marcel. We may not be done with you yet!

Examine Locked Smartphone.
Carmen: Dang, <Name>! You unlocked that smartphone you found at the Louvre Gardens like you were on fire!
Carmen: Look at the unlock screen! That’s the cover of Pretty Fair… This must be Annette Sommeur’s phone!
Carmen: Let’s look at recent text messages… There’s a message from Constantin Perrier?! It says: “Cela suffit, Sommeur. C’est fini!
Carmen: I don’t know what that means, but we have no time to play guessing games! Let’s go grill Constantin Perrier about this text message!

Question Constantin about his text message to the victim.
Carmen: So, Mr Perrier, help me out here. My French isn’t great. You sent this text message to the victim: “Cela suffit, Sommeur. C’est fini!”
Constantin: Yes, I was telling her that I had had enough and that it – the photoshoot – was over. I mean, she brought a guillotine into Versailles! Sacre bleu! How could she?!
Constantin: As the French philosopher Blaise Pascal said, “The only shame is to have none.” And Annette Sommeur had no shame!
Constantin: On top of that, she and that photographer were having these huge arguments. I was worried they’d break something! And, in the end, look what happened! A MURDER!
Constantin: Versailles is a national treasure! I could not have some kind of rock’n’roll circus happening in the Hall of Mirrors!
Carmen: All I want to understand is just how far you went to stop Ms Sommeur’s shenanigans, Mr Perrier! You better clear your schedule. We’re not done with you yet!

Back at headquarters…
Carmen: Well, <Name>, I’m getting antsy here. We’re closer to finding Ms Sommeur’s killer, but not close enough!
Ingrid: <Name>, you have to get to the crime scene! The Versailles cleaning crew is about to start clearing everything away!
Carmen: If they touch a thing, they’ll have the Bureau to answer to! <Name>, we better get over to the Hall of Mirrors as fast as we can!

Investigate Antique Table.
Carmen: Hey, <Name>… is that a French philosophy book? We know the killer reads French philosophy… This is the killer’s book!
Carmen: Looks like there’s a coffee stain on it… But what are those little black things stuck in the coffee stain? The new vacuum kit should work to collect those… whatever they are…
Carmen: And is that the victim in that instant photo?! Looks like she’s in the guillotine from the crime scene… This must have been taken moments before she died!
Carmen: We found an instant camera here earlier and a photo had been printed and deleted… this has got to be the photo the killer printed out, you’re right!
Carmen: The killer wrote “Say cheese”… That’s sick! But you’re right, there’s something more. Part of the photo didn’t develop… let’s get your dusting kit out!
Carmen: We’re definitely getting closer to solving this murder, <Name>. I have a hunch and my hunches are never wrong!

Examine Philosophy Book.
Carmen: Got a sample of those little black fuzzy things from the killer’s book? Let’s get them to Lars on the double!

Analyze Black Fuzz.
Lars: Those “little black fuzzy things” that were stuck to the killer’s book you found at the crime scene come from a sheep, <Name>!
Lars: Can you believe that? A sheep! But not just any sheep: the latxa sheep from the Basque country!
Lars: White wool from this sheep is dyed black and felted to make black berets!
Carmen: So let’s think this through… the killer was reading that French philosophy book…
Carmen: They left their black beret on it not realizing that felt from the beret would get stuck in the coffee stain…
Carmen: So the killer wears a black beret! Nice catch, <Name>! We’re closer than ever to catching this killer!

Examine Instant Photo.
Carmen: So you’ve managed to retrieve an image from that instant photo of the victim. That’s an interesting shape… I bet Elliot will be able to figure out exactly what it is. Let’s go!

Analyze Strange Symbol.
Elliot: Except for the shape you wanted me to examine, this photo would make a great 80s heavy metal album cover… But the photo also gave information about the killer…
Elliot: The photo was pressed against an object during a crucial processing point, an object shaped like a “fleur de lys”…
Elliot: The image has been used as an emblem of the French monarchy since 750, or so Dupont insisted on telling me…
Elliot: I ran the object against our database and found a match to a luxury fleur de lys brooch from Monpoussin.
Carmen: Wait, so you’re saying the killer is wearing a fleur de lys brooch? I’ll file that in!
Carmen: We’re so close to catching Annette Sommeur’s killer now, I can almost taste it!

After completing all tasks…
Carmen: You really live up to your reputation, <Name>! Looks like we have enough to arrest Annette Sommeur’s killer! Let’s do it!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Constantin Perrier, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Annette Sommeur!
Constantin: That’s absurd. I told you I wasn’t there! I only found out about Ms Sommeur’s demise at lunch!
Carmen: A lunch where you ate camembert! How much of that stinky cheese do you eat, Mr Perrier? And do you ever wash your hands? You left some of it on the blade of the murder weapon!
Constantin: That is nonsense. I wouldn’t go near a guillotine! S’il vous plaît, do I look that foolish to you?
Carmen: Foolish? I don’t know. But you sure are sloppy. You also left behind a photo of the victim in the guillotine!
Constantin: The… the photographer probably took that photo! She hated Ms Sommeur’s guts, you know!
Carmen: Don’t try to pin this on an innocent person! The photographer doesn’t wear a luxury "fleur de lys" brooch, Mr Perrier. But you do!
Constantin: Oui! Oui! Fine, I DID kill Annette Sommeur, but I only did it for the money!
Constantin: It was my turn to live like a king! Do you know what it’s like to be surrounded by such wealth day after day and be looking at a pittance for retirement?
Constantin: So when they offered me money to kill Annette Sommeur and steal the manuscript from her I didn’t hesitate!
Carmen: “They” offered you money? Who are they?!
Constantin: If I told you, they’d kill me!
Carmen: And these people have the manuscript?!
Constantin: I don’t know! I never gave it to anyone! After the murder, I… I panicked! I don’t remember where I left it!
Carmen: You better remember soon! In the meantime, you’re under arrest for the murder of Annette Sommeur!

Judge Adaku: Constantin Perrier, you are on trial for the murder of Annette Sommeur by guillotine.
Judge Adaku: That’s the first time France has used the guillotine since September 1977, though this was hardly an official execution…
Constantin: I didn’t intend to use the guillotine, Your Honor. But there it was, so I took advantage. I needed to kill her!
Judge Adaku: Since you’re such a fan of French philosophy, I’ll throw some Camus at you: “No cause justifies the deaths of innocent people”!
Judge Adaku: Constantin Perrier, this Court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison!
Constantin: 25 years?! Please have pity on this poor pensioner!

Carmen: Man, <Name>, I’m impressed… Good job catching the killer! Constantin Perrier’s greed drove him to kill, but he’ll pay a hell of a price…
Carmen: But the situation’s getting more complicated by the minute! Someone used Perrier’s greed to their advantage, to get that manuscript!
Carmen: Part of the manuscript was already used as a threat to make sure Prince Albert was killed…
Carmen: Then they hired someone to kill the person who bought the rest of the manuscript at auction…
Carmen: Who knows what they might do once they have their hands on it?! We’ve got to find it before they do!

Europe in Crisis 2

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, we need to find the manuscript Constantin Perrier stole from Annette!
Carmen: We know that whoever threatened Enid Grimshaw into killing Prince Albert used a torn page from this manuscript.
Carmen: They also paid Constantin to kill Annette so they could get their hands on the full book!
Carmen: We need to figure out who “they” are, and put a stop to whatever they’re planning, or more people could die!
Carmen: I agree, we should interrogate Constantin again. Maybe spending a few hours in jail will have made him talkative!
Ingrid: <Name>! A second of your time. We’ve received a call that someone has been lurking around the Hall of Mirrors!
Carmen: What if they were also looking for the manuscript! We’d better go back to Versailles, <Name>! I’ll drive!

Question Constantin about the whereabouts of the manuscript.
Carmen: Mr Perrier, now that you’ve had the chance to get your wits about you, are you ready to talk? Where’s that manuscript you stole from Annette’s cold body?
Constantin: I told you, I don’t remember! What’s the brouhaha, anyway? It’s just an old book! It looked like a silly stage prop!
Carmen: You seriously think you would be asked to kill someone over a silly stage prop?! Think! What did you do after the murder?!
Constantin: It’s a blur! ... Wait! There were flowers… Yes, I remember hiding the manuscript somewhere near the Louvre… in the gardens. But I can’t remember the exact spot!
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> is right. We need to stop wasting time with this killer and get to the Louvre Gardens!

Investigate Louvre Gardens.
Carmen: I’m with you, <Name>! Perrier’s faking his panic! We know he’s a calculating killer. He would have hidden that manuscript where no one would want to look!
Carmen: That wheelbarrow’s full of nasty dead leaves. I’m learning to trust your instincts… If you think the manuscript is in there, dig in!

Examine Wheelbarrow.
Carmen: You found it! That book you found in the wheelbarrow looks like the manuscript everyone’s been looking for!
Carmen: The symbol on the front matches the symbol on the torn page you found in London, I saw it in the evidence room…
Carmen: I hope you can crack the lock, <Name>! We’ll finally see the inside of this mysterious manuscript!

Examine Locked Manuscript.
Carmen: I’m amazed, <Name>, you got the manuscript unlocked and you didn’t even damage it! But I can’t read what’s written in this thing!
Carmen: Let’s send it to Dupont! I can’t wait to know what’s so important about this manuscript people keep killing for!

Analyze Unlocked Manuscript.
Dupont: My dear <Name>, you have indeed found the manuscript from which that page was torn! And what a beauty it is!
Dupont: However, I was surprised to find modern markings within the manuscript, even though the Promethians’ cult ended centuries ago.
Carmen: Wait, the Promethians? Is that what the “P” on the cover corresponds to?
Dupont: Yes. They’re an ancient cult that was believed to engage in human sacrifice…
Carmen: Human sacrifice? Do you think the Promethians could’ve orchestrated the murders of Prince Albert and Annette Sommeur?
Carmen: What about those modern markings you mentioned? Can you decipher them, Dupont?
Dupont: Ah, malheureusement, I do not have the tool required to uncover their meaning…
Carmen: Hey, <Name>’s right, we need to talk to Jacqueline Proust! She mentioned a decryption tool earlier, she knew the manuscript was coded!

Ask Jacqueline about the decryption tool.
Carmen: Ms Proust, you said you would need a decryption tool from the Louvre to decipher the manuscript, didn’t you? We can help, but you’ll need to share your findings with us!
Jacqueline: Wait, does that mean you have found the manuscript? Let me see it!
Jacqueline: And we don’t need the Louvre. I memorized their decryption tool and made one myself from cardboard! Now let me have the book!
Jacqueline: Thanks… there are the markings! Looks like there’s a… date… Let’s see… Hm, that’s tomorrow!
Carmen: What’s tomorrow? Is something going to happen?
Jacqueline: I can’t tell, some of the words are missing… But there is a place mentioned: Germany!
Carmen: Think you could narrow it down to a city? Germany’s not exactly Lichtenstein…
Jacqueline: I can’t be any more specific. But if you leave the manuscript with me, I can keep working on it!
Carmen: This manuscript is a piece of evidence from the murder investigations of two people so far! We’re not leaving it with you!
Jacqueline: Then let me make a copy of it! I promise I will share my findings with you, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: You’re sure we can trust her, <Name>? I wouldn’t if I were you, but you’re the boss…
Carmen: I guess we’ll be off to Germany next, but before we go anywhere, I need some food! All this decryption drama made me hungry!

Investigate Hall of Mirrors.
Carmen: So, was there anything out of the ordinary in the Hall of Mirrors, <Name>? A cigarette case… What’s that orange goo on it? You’d better get a sample!

Examine Cigarette Case.
Carmen: Great! You got a sample of that orange goo from the cigarette case you found in the Hall of Mirrors. Lars will want a look at that!

Analyze Orange Substance.
Lars: Got the answer you need, <Name>, rock star that I am!
Carmen: Spit it out, Lars…
Lars: That sample of orange goo you found on the cigarette case was hypo clearing agent.
Lars: Photographers use the agent in dark rooms to cut down the wash time for film.
Carmen: Photographers, huh? Want to hazard a guess that the cigarette case belongs to Grace Goude, <Name>? Let’s go talk to her!

See what Grace is doing on the crime scene.
Carmen: Ms Goude, we found your cigarette case and we’re curious about what you’re still doing lurking around the crime scene…
Grace: Please, I wasn’t “lurking around”… I was preparing for another photoshoot! Someone offered me $100,000 to photograph them! This could launch my career now that Annette’s gone!
Carmen: “Somebody” hired you? Who was it? Did they contact you directly?
Grace: They slipped me a note when I was buying Annette’s coffee, I didn’t see who because she was barking at me to hurry up. There was no name. I must have left the note somewhere near the boutique.
Carmen: <Name>, you think we should look into this? Sorry, but $100,000 is a bit too generous not to be hiding something. Let’s go have a look around the boutique, see if we can find this note!
Grace: Wait! Before you go, <Rank> <Name>, take a little something chic to wear! You cannot go through Paris dressed as you are… no offense…

Investigate Boutique.
Carmen: That note you found corresponds to the message Grace says she received. “Ms Goude, I NEED you for my next photo shoot. I will pay you $100,000!”
Carmen: And you’re right, it WAS signed, it’s just that the signature was washed away. Better get your dusting kit out to see who sent it to her!

Examine Faded Note.
Carmen: So what does the whole note say? “Ms Goude, I NEED you for my next photo shoot. I will pay you $100,000! Yours sincerely”… and it’s signed by Sofia of Girona!
Carmen: I’m curious… Why would Princess Sofia be ready to pay so much for a photoshoot? Let’s go ask her, <Name>.

Question Sofia about her request for a photoshoot.
Sofia: You want to know why I was ready to pay a fortune for a photo shoot? I’m launching my political career!
Sofia: I’m going to run as head of the right wing faction in Spain!
Carmen: Politics? I would have expected something different from royalty…
Sofia: Typical left-wing assumption! You people think that royalty does nothing but live off taxpayer money, but that’s not me!
Sofia: It’s time someone pulled Europe out of its crisis! And, with me leading the right wing faction, all Europe’s problems will be solved!
Carmen: So you decided to hire Grace Goude for an official photoshoot? In the Versailles palace?
Sofia: Yes, well, I’ve had a closer look at her work and I’ve changed my mind. It’s far too avant garde for my campaign!
Sofia: You can take the money I was going to pay her, <Rank> <Name>. Give it to your widows and orphans funds or whatever…

Later, back at headquarters…
Carmen: I can’t believe Sofia of Girona wants to get into right wing politics to “save Europe”, <Name>! Can royalty even run for office?
Chief Ripley: Yes, but this is of no immediate concern to us.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, congratulations on finding the Promethians’ manuscript! It looks like this “ancient cult” is still going strong today, if the recent murders are any indication.
Carmen: Yeah. And according to Jacqueline Proust, something’s about to happen in Germany next…
Chief Ripley: This makes sense. Oktoberfest starts tomorrow! Our informants have told us that festivities in the town of Bierburg could be a target.
Chief Ripley: Think about it. Oktoberfest is an institution and large crowds gather every year to celebrate…
Chief Ripley: It would be a prime target for the Promethians, a way for them to show the world that they can strike anywhere at anytime!
Chief Ripley: Pack your lederhosen and beer steins, <Name>, and get ready to stop a catastrophe in the making!

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