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Chief Andrea Marquez<Rank> <Name>, thank God you're here! No one is going to get any sleep tonight!
Chief Marquez: The good thing is, I think we evacuated Jazz Town's residents just in time. The storm is almost on us!
Chief Marquez: But the flood defenses are weakening, and we're getting reports that looters are taking over the streets!
Chief Marquez: As if that's not enough, I just got word that a prisoner has taken advantage of the chaos to escape from the penitentiary!
FrankWhoa, it sounds like we're losing control of Jazz Town!
Chief Marquez: That's exactly why I need <Name> to patrol the streets, and you're going too, Frank. There's bound to be trouble out there tonight!
Frank: Don't worry, Andrea. If there's trouble, I'll be staying out of it!

Later, on the streets of Jazz Town...
Frank: Those looters had better not mess with us, eh <Name>? We'll show them who's boss.
Frank: What was that?! Who's there?!
KittyHiiii! Get out of my way! Even in these heels I'm getting far away from that place!
Frank: What the...?! What happened Ma'am... I mean Sir... I mean just what happened?!
Kitty: In the theater. There's a... it's disgusting! More disgusting than wearing clogs to a wedding!
Frank: Oh great. You're going to tell me to come with you to investigate that theater, aren't you <Name>?! So much for keeping out of trouble!

Chapter 1

Investigate Abandoned Theater.
Frank Knight: All the alcohol in the world isn't going to get that image out of my head! Who would be sick enough to tie someone to a chair and leave them to the rats?!
Frank: At least we know who the victim is, his jumpsuit has his name on it: "Scott Lee Allan".
Frank: You're right, <Name>, he's wearing a prison uniform! This must be the escaped prisoner Andrea told us about! After breaking out, he must have come to Jazz Town!
Frank: That broken jewelry next to an escaped convict is pretty suspect, I agree. But with your skills I bet you can get it fixed in no time.
Frank: Then there's that "lady" waiting outside. This is a bit weird <Name>, but did you think she was a little bit... manly?
Frank: Oh I get it! She's a man who wears women's clothing! A drag queen! Now that's clear... sort of, let's find out what she was doing in that theater!

Examine Broken Jewelry.
Frank: Ha, nice necklace, <Name>, but I'm not so sure it goes with your outfit.
Frank: Okay, my bad. I'll keep the fashion advice to myself. You say you've noticed something interesting on that necklace?
Frank: You think it's a family crest? Well that's fancy? If mine had one it would be a bar stool and a TV remote!
Frank: You're right, such a necklace must have insurance records. Maybe you could find out who that family crest belongs to in the database!

Examine Family Crest.
Frank: The crest on that necklace you found in the abandoned theater shows it belongs to the Blade family!
Frank: Remember Veronica Blade? She's the beautiful local heiress we met when investigating the murder of Joe Stanford.
Frank: Well done <Name>, we'd better ask her how her necklace ended up on a crime scene! I just hope she hasn't been evacuated yet!

Talk to Veronica Blade about her necklace.
Frank: Miss Blade, we didn't expect to find you home! Don't you know there's a big storm heading this way?
Veronica: That storm doesn't scare me, I've slept through hurricanes and still thrown a dinner party the next day.
Veronica: Besides, you can't trust anyone in this town. Why, only this morning some hooligan stole the necklace I was wearing right off my neck.
Frank: Someone stole your necklace?! That explains why we found it on our crime scene! The victim stole it. Was it this necklace, ma'am?
Veronica: Why yes it is! It's been in my family for generations! Oh thank you officers, if it wasn't improper I would kiss you!
Frank: It's nothing. Anyway, we're here because the man who stole this necklace from you was found murdered...
Veronica: Well I'm not surprised! He was a filthy nasty man. I imagine death was too good for vermin like that!

Talk to Kitty LaBombe about what happened in the theater.
Kitty: Let's hurry this up, I've got to work tonight and my makeup isn't going to do itself.
Frank: You can go when <Rank> <Name> says you can go. Now what were you doing in the abandoned theater, Ma'am?
Kitty: Darling, please! I didn't spend years learning to walk in stilettos to be called "Ma'am". I'm Kitty, the drag queen. Ms LaBombe to you!
Kitty: You think looking this fabulous is cheap? I went to that theater to see if I could find any old wigs I could "liberate."
Kitty: But all I found was a... a body!
Kitty: Now that I think about it... I'd seen that man before!
Kitty: He was on DuBois Avenue with the looters, tearing up the shops like housewives in the sales! Like a herd of elephants, but with less style!
Frank: Thanks for the tip... Ms Kitty. We'll go check out DuBois Avenue immediately!

Investigate Looted Street.
Frank: Look at this street! The looters have taken everything and burned the rest!
Frank: They didn't get everything though. Good job on finding that sports bag, <Name>. Let's look through it!
Frank: But I don't get why you think this broken device is more important than all the other broken crap around here. I guess I'll understand once you've fixed it.

Examine Sports Bag.
Frank: Well, gotta say, I didn't expect you to find prison shackles in that sports bag!
Frank: You think these might be linked to our victim's escape from prison? Guess we'd better send these shackles to the lab, then!

Analyze Prison Shackles.
Yann: <Name>, I had a look at those prison shackles you found, and I found Scott Lee Allan's DNA on them!
Frank: You mean this guy was able to escape prison while still wearing shackles?! How did he unlock them?
Yann: He didn't unlock them. The shackles were burnt through with very strong acid. It was poured on the cuffs and melted the metal.
Yann: The acid is concentrated boric acid. It's very rare, in fact according to the Health & Safety register only one person in town owns some.
Frank: That person must have been in contact with the victim! Do you have a name?
Yann: She's called Ethel Hubcap. And you'll never believe it... She runs a pest control business!
Frank: You don't say! <Name>, let's go talk to this Ethel, shall we?

Talk to Ethel Hubcap about her helping the victim.
Frank: Mrs Hubcap? We'd like to ask you a few questions about Scott Lee Allan, if you have a minute.
Ethel: Scott Lee Allan? Oh yes, I remember him. Turned up on my doorstep hungry and in chains. Disgraceful, I said!
Ethel: So I fed him some raccoon pie and used my best cockroach acid on his chains. You've got to be good to those in need, that's what I always say.
Frank: Helping an escaped convict is a felony, Mrs Hubcap. Not to mention Scott Lee Allan has just been murdered, and his body was covered with rats... You work in pest control, don't you?
Ethel: Yes I do, but the only thing I use rats for is to make delicious pies outta them! Now if you don't mind, I got squirrel stew on the stove and I don't want the cat gettin' at it.

Examine Broken Device.
Frank: Well done <Name> for fixing that... er... What the heck is it? It looks like a house for rats.
Frank: You think it's a humane rat trap? Who would want to catch rats and not kill them?!
Frank: I guess what matters is that the victim was found covered in rats! And there's blood on the trap! Think you could collect some of it, <Name>?

Examine Humane Rat Trap.
Frank: Perfect! Now that you've gotten some of the blood off that rat trap, all that's left to do is send it to Yann!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: <Name>, your intuition was right once again. The blood you found on that rat trap was the victim's!
Yann: The killer must have taken the trap with them and dumped it in the street where you found it!
Yann: But there's more! There was a foreign substance mixed with the victim's blood: alcohol. And not just any alcohol: Gold Stag whiskey!
Frank: So the killer drinks whiskey? I'm surprised I didn't pick up on that. I can usually sniff out some Gold Stag with my eyes closed!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: <Name>, you could have cleared those rats off the body before you brought it in here! This is a mortuary, not a petting zoo!
Frank: I wasn't going to touch any of those vermin! Thank God <Name> is made of sterner stuff than I am.
Roxie: That wouldn't be hard, Frank. Anyway, I examined the body and the good news is we have the murder weapon, or should I say weapons, about fifty of them.
Roxie: The victim was covered in a substance called Rat Attract, which is used by pest control experts to attract rats. It's like chocolate cake for them! They can't get enough.
Frank: You mean whoever killed the victim covered him in this stuff so the rats would eat him?!
Roxie: Yep. Ingenious, isn't it?!
Roxie: And there's more, <Name>. I also analyzed the ropes the victim was tied up with.
Roxie: They were tied with a Mexican handcuff knot, very unusual. It's usually only used in the military.
Roxie: Your killer is someone who doesn't mess around, <Name>. They definitely have military training!

Later, back at the station...
Frank: Well it is nice to be safe here back in the station, away from the mean streets!
Frank: So what have we learned about our escaped convict's murder, <Name>?
Frank: We know he robbed poor Veronica Blade of her necklace, but she's hardly a suspect. She isn't capable of murder!
Frank: That Ethel lady, on the other hand... Sure, she freed the victim of his prison shackles, but she does work in pest control, which means she's got easy access to our murder weapon!
Frank: Well, <Name>, something tells me this is going to be a long n-

Chapter 2

Frank Knight: What was that?! ... <Name>, are you there? Who switched off the lights?
Frank: Eek! Someone just touched my hand! Who's there?!
Roxie: It's me, Roxie! People are looting the police station! There must be a hundred of them out there.
Roxie: <Name>, we need to get out, but the looters are blocking the exits!
Frank: Well what do you suggest?! That we climb down the garbage chute?
Frank: ... You've got to be kidding me.

A few minutes later, in the street...
Frank: Ugh! Who knew we threw away so much rubbish! Is everyone alright?
Chief Marquez: We cannot leave the police station to the looters! I'm putting the hunt for Scott Lee Allan's murderer on hold.
Frank: What? No! We've pieced back together our victim's last moments! We know he took part in the looting after he escaped from prison! We just need more time to figure the rest out!
Chief Marquez: ... Alright. <Name>, keep investigating. But first I need a volunteer to go back in the station and assess the damage.
Hannah: I nominate Frank.
Roxie: Yep, me too. Thanks for volunteering, Frank.
Frank: What?! Oh thanks a bunch guys! What happened to everyone pulling together?!
Frank: Thanks for saying you'll come with me, <Name>. You're a real pal. Alright, let's go back to the station!

Investigate Looted Station.
Frank: Phew, thank God, the looters have gone! But everything's ruined! What kind of hooligans would do this?!
Frank: Damn it! The looters broke into my locker! That's where I was stashing my whiskey! Do you mind looking through it, <Name>?
Frank: I don't remember seeing that postcard before. Who's it from? "Dear Mom, sharing a room with Scott Lee Allan is hell on earth. I wish he was dead!"...
Frank: One of the looters knew our victim, and they weren't friends!
Frank: Hey, you're right, this postcard was sent by a prisoner, there's an ID on it! So whoever wrote this must have been our victim's cellmate!
Frank: We need to figure out who this was! Any chance you can decipher that prisoner ID, <Name>?
Freddie: <Rank> <Name>! I'm so relieved to see you!
Freddie: Remember me? I'm Freddie Alonzo! The event organizer? We met when poor Elmer Buttons was murdered...
Frank: You know that guy, <Name>? Hm, I guess you must have been working with Amy that day... Well, sir, stick around, we'll talk to you as soon as possible.

Talk to Freddie Alonzo about what he was doing in the police station.
Freddie: Thank God you came, <Rank> <Name>! I came to the station for protection from the looters, but they were here already and beat me up!
Freddie: It's been chaos in town ever since they evacuated most of the population! People think they can do whatever they want!
Freddie: Say, do you have a drink, <Rank> <Name>? I would kill for a glass of Gold Stag right now.
Frank: You and me both!
Freddie: I've even heard that prisoners have escaped from the penitentiary in the chaos! Our town is on the brink of being destroyed!
Frank: Talking about prisoners, would you have happened to see this particular man around?
Freddie: Hmm... No, his face doesn't ring a bell. Sorry, <Rank> <Name>. I wish I could have been of help.

Examine Postcard.
Frank: Ever thought of a career in the Post Office, <Name>? You deciphered that prisoner ID fast!
Frank: I'm just kidding. Let's get that prisoner ID to Hannah to see who was so unhappy about being our victim's cellmate.

Analyze Prisoner ID.
Hannah: Well that one was easy, <Name>. I only had to hack into the penitentiary systems to figure out who the prisoner ID on this postcard belonged to!
Hannah: Turns our your victim's cellmate was a certain Andre Roche!
Hannah: Roche is a small time crook and he's recently been released from prison. Which means he was free as a bird when your victim was killed...
Frank: I'm right behind you, <Name>! Let's go see this Andre Roche!

Talk to Andre Roche about sharing a cell with the victim.
Frank: Mr Roche, <Rank> <Name> found a postcard you wrote mentioning Scott Lee Allan. You two used to be cellmates, is that correct?
Andre: Y... yes. Why? D-did something happen?
Frank: Scott was murdered. And in your postcard you mention wishing he were dead...
Andre: That... That was just a manner of speaking! I could never have hurt Scott, he was twice as big as me!
Andre: For months, he made my life miserable. If my mom sent me Gold Stag, he'd steal the bottle. Whatever money I could make, he would take from me!
Andre: The truth is, he made me his slave. I cleaned the cell, made his bed. I used to be his punching bag. But then again, I'm everyone's punching bag...
Andre: Please, <Rank> <Name>, I had nothing to do with his murder! Don't send me back to jail! I couldn't stand it!

Examine Police Locker.
Frank: What is that packet doing in my locker?!
Frank: Hey, you're right, it's Rat Attract, the substance the victim was covered in!
Frank: Wait... just because it was in my locker... you can't suspect me?! After all we've been through <Name>! Let's get this packet to Yann, he'll prove my innocence!

Analyze Rat Bait.
Frank: Yann, thank God your lab survived the looters. You can prove to <Name> that just because they found that Rat Attract in my locker, I'm not the killer!
Yann: Don't worry Frank, and yes, my lab survived the looting. Honestly, I was more worried about my kids' drawings being safe than the equipment!
Yann: Anyway, there's no doubt the packet of rat bait <Name> found belongs to the killer. I compared it with the substance on the victim's body and it's a perfect match!
Yann: And I also found a foreign substance on the packet. A powder, Slertec, it's a type of sleeping pill.
Frank: Slertec? I think my ex-wife took that when she couldn't sleep... I snore a lot.
Frank: Anyway, this means our killer takes sleeping pills! Thanks a bunch, Yann.
Yann: Wait! I'm not done. I got Hannah to search sales records for Rat Attract for you, <Name>.
Yann: She says the killer can only have gotten the packet from the Pest Emporium shop on DuBois Avenue!
Frank: Perfect! <Name>'s right, we should go to the shop immediately!

Investigate Pest Emporium.
Frank: The looters even ransacked this shop! I guess some of them had need for pest repellent...
Frank: You want to repair the broken shop sign? Well aren't we a good Samaritan today, <Name>...
Frank: I'm more interested in that telegram you picked up. Who knew those still existed?!
Frank: Hey, nicely spotted! That telegram is addressed to Scott Lee Allan! Let's hope you can retrieve the faded parts of the message, <Name>!

Examine Broken Shop Sign.
Frank: What the... Someone wrote "Scott you're a dead rat" on that shop sign! Was that a warning towards our victim?
Frank: I agree, best thing we can do is interrogate the shop owner. "Ethel's Pest Emporium"... Hey, wasn't that crazy lady we interrogated earlier called Ethel?
Frank: And didn't she help our victim by freeing him of his shackles? Then why would she threaten him?
Frank: Yup, I agree <Name>, this is fishy. Let's go talk to Ethel again!

Talk to Ethel Hubcap about the threat to the victim on her shop sign.
Ethel: Don't move or I'll shoot!
Frank: Wait, hold on! It's the police!
Ethel: Oh, it's you, <Rank> <Name>! Can I offer you a drink? Termite punch? A glass of Gold Stag?
Ethel: Sorry I pointed my gun at you, but with all the vermin scurrying around the streets... My dear husband was in the army, and he taught me to defend myself!
Frank: Did he also teach you how to use your shop sign to keep people at bay? "Scott, you're a dead rat"... Do you have any idea who might have written this?
Ethel: I did, and I'm not ashamed! Why, I took this man in, freed him of his chains... And d'you know how he repaid the favor?
Ethel: He looted my shop! He destroyed my livelihood! So I painted that sign as a warning to him: come back and I'll kill you!
Ethel: After all, <Rank> <Name>, getting rid of vermin is what I do best!

Examine Telegram.
Frank: Perfect, <Name>! You've managed to retrieve what was written on that telegram sent to the victim! Let's see...
Frank: The telegram reads: "I'm begging you, please return the money. I'll do anything you ask!"
Frank: Well well! Seems our victim owed money to someone. Not surprising, for a felon, but I wonder who it was? Good idea, let's get this telegram to Hannah, she'll figure it out!

Analyze Telegram Message.
Hannah: Seriously <Name>, that telegram you found is hilarious. People still send these?!
Hannah: Anyway, it was pretty straightforward to figure out who sent this telegram. It was Veronica Blade.
Frank: Of course! A telegram suits Veronica, she's too sophisticated for text messages or emails!
Frank: Hm, anyway, if Veronica wrote this telegram to our victim...
Frank: Then it means Scott owed her money! Things must have been really tough for her to get mixed up with a criminal.
Frank: Veronica needs help! Let's go save... I mean talk to her!

Talk to Veronica Blade about her telegram to the victim.
Veronica: Back so soon, Officers? Can I fix you a drink? A whiskey? A mint jul-
Frank: Veronica, we know about the telegram you sent to the victim, begging him for money. What exactly happened between you and Scott Lee Allan?
Veronica: Gosh darnit! So you found out. Fine. That grotesque little rat was the reason for all my troubles...
Veronica: A few years ago, Scott robbed my family of our fortune! He tricked my poor gullible father into investing all our money in a fake business deal!
Veronica: But instead of making us rich... He ran off with the money!
Veronica: I swear I could have killed him! My father was in the army and taught me how to handle a gun. But I never had the chance.
Veronica: Now I must retire. It's late. I'll have to take a sleeping pill, you've so distressed me!

Later, at the evacuation center...
Frank: I know with the station wrecked Andrea wants us to base ourselves somewhere safe, but she could have picked a nicer spot than the Thunderdome! Like, a bar!
Frank: I'm sorry, <Name>. I'm just cranky. We've been up all night and I'm confused about this investigation.
Frank: There's that weakling Andre Roche, who was stuck in a cell with the victim. He doesn't seem capable of blowing his nose, let alone murdering someone.
Frank: Then there's Ethel, whose reaction to Scott looting her shop was... rather explicit. And she definitely knows a lot about rats!
Frank: And then there's beautiful Veronica! But obviously she's an innocent victim in this story! Scott stole her fortune, after all!
Russell: <Name>! Quickly! Give me a hand! Amy... Amy's been attacked!

Chapter 3

At the evacuation center...
Russell Crane: <Name>, quickly! Give me a hand! Amy... Amy's been attacked!
Frank: What the... Amy, are you alright?!
Amy: I... I think so, yes. Thank God Russell found me!
Amy: I was in the police station, patrolling in case the looters came back. I heard a sound behind me, I turned around, and then... I was knocked out!
Amy: I think they were wearing a mask, I couldn't see their face...
Amy: But I remember what they said! "Tell <Rank> <Name> to drop their investigation, or else..."!
Frank: They want us to drop the investigation?! <Name>'s right, this means you were attacked by Scott's killer!
Frank: I agree, we need to get back to the station! Stay here with Russell, Amy. <Name>'s got this!

Investigate Police Files.
Frank: Is that a plan of our crime scene? Great catch! Now we just need to retrieve what was written in the center!
Frank: What's up with that broken thingy, though? <Name>, I'm counting on your skills to piece it back together!
Frank: What about that picture? You're right, that's our victim, only he looks much younger.
Frank: Which means the kid next to him might be his son! ... Do you reckon your face recognition software is still working? We need to know what this kid looks like today!

Examine Broken Object.
Frank: That broken object you found in the station is a mask!
Frank: You're right! Amy said the killer wore a mask when they attacked her! Hm, should we send it to the lab th-
Russell: Or you could give it to me. There's a way we could use the mask to jog Amy's memory of the attack, see if she remembers something else about the killer.
Russell: I've never done this before, so I'll need a few hours to read up on the technique. Leave that mask with me, <Name>, I'll figure something out!

Analyze Mask.
Russell: <Name>, I've found a way to help Amy remember her attack by the killer, using the mask you found in the police station!
Russell: Now, Amy, I want you to close your eyes and cast your mind back... Back to the police station, earlier tonight. What do you see?
Amy: My desk destroyed. My lovely office all ruined. It's dark and scary, I wish <Name> was here...
Amy: I... I hear something. Behind me. Something just moved. Someone is here!
Russell: Now, Amy, I want you to open your eyes and tell me what you see.
Amy: The killer! The killer is here! They're wearing... a horrible mask! All I can see is...
Amy: ...these terrible green eyes!
Russell: Wake up Amy. You're back. You're safe.
Amy: Oh, <Name>. I remember now. The person who attacked me. The killer. They had green eyes!

Examine Family Picture.
Frank: Amazing job, <Name>! You've managed to find out what our victim's son would look like today! Weird, that face looks kinda familiar...
Frank: ... What do you mean, "picture this man with a pink wig and in make-up"? <Name>, you've been hanging out with freaks like Russell for too long!
Frank: No, I won't do it! Why would I picture this man with... a pink wig...
Frank: Oh my God! You're right! Our victim's son... Our victim's son is actually Kitty LaBombe! We need to go talk to her!

Talk to Kitty LaBombe about being the victim's son.
Frank: Miss LaBombe, when you said you had seen the victim before, you failed to mention he was your father!
Kitty: So you figured it out. Yes, Scott was my father, if you can call him that.
Kitty: For years, he made my life miserable! He tried to beat the gay out of me, and when that didn't work he sent me to military school, so they could have a try!
Kitty: He thought I wasn't tough enough! Like wearing makeup and being this glorious is easy!
Kitty: Every day when I put on my wig I don't know whether someone is going to hug me or punch me. But I put it on anyway. I take sleeping pills at night just to relax!
Frank: Whoa, that's... I'm sorry your father gave you such a hard time, Dan- Miss Kitty. You must have been pretty angry against him...
Kitty: I wore diamond hot pants to his trial and I intend to toast his death with a glass of Gold Stag, sugar!

Examine Faded Theater Plan.
Frank: Well done, <Name>, I thought that plan of the theater was completely ruined, but you saved it!
Frank: Hm, you're right, there's an "X" right on the spot where you found the victim...
Frank: Which means this plan must have been used by the killer!
Frank: You're right, we'd better get back to the crime scene. If we're lucky, the killer will have left clues behind when they set everything up!

Investigate Theater Stage.
Frank: Hey, that diary you picked up was issued by the Pacific Bay penitentiary! Must be a prisoner's diary. Let's see...
Frank: Whoever owns this diary has got a delightful mind! "Food here is terrible"... "Today was NOT a good day"... A drawing of vomit...
Frank: Oh, nicely spotted, <Name>! "All work and no play makes Andre a dull boy". Could this be Andre Roche's diary? After all, he was our victim's cellmate!
Frank: There's a big blank spot were Andre's last entry should have been... Think you can retrieve what was written there, <Name>?
Frank: And I'm looking forward to you going through that box of costumes. Maybe you'll find a disguise for your next undercover assignment...

Examine Diary.
Frank: Great! You managed to retrieve the last entry in Andre Roche's diary!
Frank: It reads: "Scott Lee hidden loot: need to find out more"...
Frank: He must be talking about the money Scott stole from Veronica's family! So Andre knew about it, too!
Frank: Got you loud and clear, <Name>. Let's go grill little Andre about his diary! I just hope he doesn't cry again...

Talk to Andre Roche about the victim's hidden treasure.
Frank: Andre, <Rank> <Name> has found the diary you kept in prison. We know you intended to find Scott's hidden stash...
Andre: Ha! Don't talk to me about that! I slaved for weeks in the hope that Scott would agree to tell me where it was, but he never said anything!
Andre: He was in jail for life, and I was about to be released! Why did he need to keep that treasure?
Frank: You must have been pretty disappointed...
Andre: Oh, I'm used to being trod over. My parents sent me to the army when I was 16, to "make a man out of me". Me, in the army! Can you imagine?
Andre: Anyway, when I turned 19, the army kicked me out. Six months later, I ended up in prison for shoplifting, and things only got worse from there.
Andre: Prison was hell. I was so stressed I had to take sleeping pills at night, and even so I barely slept.
Andre: Scott could have helped me get a better life! But instead he tormented me, just like everybody else!

Examine Box of Costumes.
Frank: You sure got through that costume box you found in the theater quickly! You didn't fancy trying on at least one of the wigs?
Frank: What is that photograph you found inside it? Those kids are all dressed in gray, they look miserable!
Frank: ... You're right! The mean kid in the center, beating up that other kid... That's our victim!
Frank: You think Hannah can tell us who the other kid is? Then let's get this photo to the lab!

Analyze School Photo.
Hannah: <Name>, that picture you sent me was taken at St Benedict's Reformatory, which was basically a prison disguised as an orphanage.
Hannah: Your victim spent his childhood there, and as you can see on the picture, he quickly chose the camp of the tormentors.
Hannah: I found out who he was beating up on this picture. And you know him, <Name>! It's Freddie Alonzo!
Frank: Freddie was bullied by our victim? <Name>, what do you say we talk to Freddie and see if he remembers those happy days?

Talk to Freddie Alonzo about his relationship with the victim.
Frank: Freddie, you claimed you'd never seen Scott Allan before, and yet <Rank> <Name> has found the proof you two grew up together!
Frank: Judging from that lovely photo, you weren't the best of friends...
Freddie: Sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I just didn't see the use in dragging up all that muck. It took me years to get over what Scott had inflicted upon me.
Freddie: That photo's just the tip of the iceberg. St Benedict's was a military orphanage, and the worst place on earth. But Scott made it even worse!
Freddie: The guy was scum. One time, he locked me in a tiny storage cupboard. There were rats in there as big as your arm! It was two days before someone found me!
Freddie: I couldn't sleep after that. The doctors gave me sleeping pills and I've been addicted ever since.
Freddie: I know it's going to put me at the top of your suspect list, <Rank> <Name>, but I don't care. I'm glad to hear that Scott died. He deserved the death he got!

Back at the evacuation center...
Frank: Woah, this case is getting thicker than a cocktail at Mardi Gras! Could the victim's hidden loot be enough to make Andre kill him?
Frank: And what about Freddie, bullied by the victim all through school... But surely he'd have gotten over it by now, right?
Amy: <Name>, it's horrible! The levees! The levees have broken! The whole center of Jazz Town is flooding!
Frank: Well! I guess that'll put a stop to the looting, at least!
Chief Marquez: No Frank, you imbecile! It means DuBois Avenue is about to disappear under floodwater and all possible evidence could wash away!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, go down there to see if you can find anything else to solve this case! Frank, go with them, and try not to drown!

Investigate Looted Street.
Frank: Ugh! Keep that thing away from me, <Name>! Did you seriously pick up a dead rat from the street? Seriously?!
Frank: Ah... I get your point. That rat looks like it's covered in that Rat Attract thing... Could this be one of our murder weapons?
Frank: But wait, we already know how the victim died. What more could this rat tell us, exactly?
Frank: Alright, alright! If you insist on taking a closer look at this disgusting rodent, who am I to stop you? Have fun, <Name>!

Examine Dead Rat.
Frank: Alright, so now you've got skin cells from that dead rat's teeth. And you've probably caught ten different diseases while collecting them, might I add...
Frank: I don't get where you're going with this, but I know you're going to prove me wrong. I can sense we're getting closer to the killer! Let's ship those skin cells to the lab!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Yann: <Name>, I must admit, you've really outdone yourself this time. Is it true you found those skin cells on a dead rat?
Frank: Yup, I was there to witness it in all its gross glory...
Yann: You were inspired, <Name>! Most of those skin cells belonged to your victim, which confirms this rat was used by your killer...
Yann: But some skin cells didn't match the victim's DNA, and their weird bluish color intrigued me...
Yann: Long story short: the bluish tint of those skin cells was due to the presence of pigments trapped within!
Yann: Which means our little rodent friend also nibbled on tattooed skin!
Frank: Wait, you're telling us our killer has a tattoo? And we know it because <Name> picked up a dead rat?
Frank: I knew you'd rub my face in it, and I'm not even sorry! Our killer has a tattoo, and we're this much closer to catching them!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: <Name>, you should get a medal for working all through the night and gathering all the evidence of this disgusting crime!
Frank: Let's go and arrest this murderer!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Andre Roche, you are under arrest for the disgusting murder of Scott Lee Allan.
Andre: What? I ain't done nothing! You can't prove anything!
Frank: Actually, we can. <Rank> <Name> found the packet of Rat Attract you covered the victim in, on which you left powder from those sleeping pills you take!
Andre: I... I don't even know what Rat Attract is!
Frank: Really? We also found the rat trap you used! Were you afraid the Rat Attract wouldn't be enough?
Andre: That could be anybody's! Loads of people collect rats... Gimme a second I'll think of someone!
Frank: Stop it, Andre! We know you killed Scott Allan! But what I'd really like to know is how you thought you could attack a member of our team and get away with it!
Andre: I guess you got me... I hope that girl wasn't too freaked out. I admit the mask might have been too much, but I needed to scare you off my trail!
Andre: I was so mad when Scott refused to tell me where he'd hidden his treasure! I was tired of being taken for a fool!
Andre: So today, when I saw him in the street... I knew it was my chance to finally get revenge for his bullying!
Andre: I devised a plan. I knew how much he hated rats, so I collected as many of them as I could. Then I lured Scott to the theater.
Andre: I only meant to torture him, I swear! I just wanted him to tell me where the money was! And once he had told me, I tried to untie him, but...
Andre: But the rats... the rats were so hungry... I couldn't get them off him! They ate... They ate him alive!
Frank: ... Andre Roche, you're one sick puppy, but thanks to <Rank> <Name> you are now under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Let's make this trial quick, my car was stolen by the looters and I have to take the bus home.
Honorable Dante: Andre Roche, I understand you murdered your former cell mate with rats?
Honorable Dante: Don't you know Pacific Bay rats are a protected species? And human flesh is incredibly bad for the digestion.
Honorable Dante: Who knows how many rats are scurrying around Jazz Town tonight with upset stomachs! You ought to be ashamed!
Honorable Dante: Therefore, for the murder of Scott Lee Allan and the indigestion you caused to those poor creatures, I sentence you to 40 years in jail. And you shall have a cell mate who snores!
Andre: What?! But... But, you can't do that!
Honorable Dante: Of course I can, I'm the judge! But I may show lenience if you tell the Court where you hid Scott Allan's treasure...
Andre: After what I had to do to get it?! No way in hell! That treasure will be waiting for me when I get back out!
Honorable Dante: Spoilsport. Very well. Bailiff, take the prisoner away. Court is adjourned!

Frank: Well, <Name>, another case solved! I'm impressed you managed to keep your cool when faced with such disgusting stuff!
Frank: I wouldn't have expected a weasel like Andre would have been capable of murder... But I guess when you bully people too much, they can end up tormenting other people in turn...
Frank: Anyway! Now we can FINALLY rest! I can't decide whether to have a beer or go to bed... Maybe I'll have a beer IN bed!

Additional Investigation

Later on, at the police station...
Yann Toussaint: <Name>, I know you're busy with paperwork after you put Andre Roche behind bars, but, well... I need your help.
Yann: I had found a hard drive containing every back up file on the Puppeteer investigation...
Yann: But I lost it when the station was looted! I need your help to get it back, I need to have access to those files!
Frank: I'm pretty sure <Name> will be happy to have a look around the station with you, Yann!
Frank: But I've also heard that Veronica was in the station. If she needs help, we'd better talk to her, right, <Name>?

Investigate Looted Station.
Yann: <Name>, I think you've found the hard drive I was looking for... But it's completely broken!
Yann: You really think you can fix this jumble of pieces? Well... I sure hope you can do it fast then!

Examine Broken Hard Drive.
Yann: Thanks for fixing that hard drive, <Name>! It looks good as new!
Yann: It's going to take me some time to have a look at all the files we have on the Puppeteer... I'll let you know when I'm done.

Analyze Restored Hard Drive.
Yann: <Name>, I've got great news! I browsed through all the info on the Puppeteer on this hard drive, and I found something pretty big!
Yann: The Puppeteer's first victims were Freddie Alonzo's parents! I've known him since I was a kid, and he never mentioned it!
Yann: The weird thing is, that's not the only person I know who had their parents murdered by the killer...
Yann: Anyway, Freddie could have crucial information about the Puppeteer... He has to...
Yann: I'm not looking forward to asking Freddie about it, but... It might be the only solution... Will you come with me, <Name>?

Talk to Freddie about his parents being the first victims of the Puppeteer.
Freddie: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>... and Yann! What brings you guys here?
Yann: Well... I know it's a bit abrupt, but I'm currently investigating the Puppeteer murders... and I found out your parents were the first victims...
Yann: So, I... I wondered if you remembered anything specific. Maybe something that could be linked to the killer's relative... "lack of experience"?
Freddie: I'm afraid I don't remember anything specific, Yann. You know, I had quite a hard time getting over my parents' death, so...
Yann: Oh, right... Sorry to bother you with that, I didn't mean to... Anyway, if there's anything <Rank> <Name> and I can do...
Freddie: No worries! But it's weird you bring the Puppeteer up, because I've been planning in inaugurating a memorial plaque for their victims...
Freddie: The plaque had been put up on DuBois Avenue, but it got lost during the meltdown that hit the neighborhood... probably those looters... I'd be really glad if you could help me find it.
Freddie: But first, let me offer you something to eat before you have a look around!

Investigate Looted Street.
Yann: <Name>, this must be the plaque Freddie lost!
Yann: A lot of the text is missing, though... You think you could do something about it, <Name>?

Examine Damaged Plaque.
Yann: Great work, <Name>! The plaque Freddie wants to inaugurate on DuBois Avenue is legible again!
Yann: "In loving memory of Arturo and Carla Alonzo, beloved parents gone too soon"... So Freddie made this plaque for his parents! It won't change what happened, but it's a lovely homage.
Yann: You're right, we should tell Freddie we found his plaque, I'm sure he'll be relieved!

Give the commemorative plaque to Freddie.
Yann: Freddie, <Rank> <Name> found the plaque you wanted to inaugurate on DuBois Avenue!
Freddie: Thanks a bunch, <Name>! This plaque means a lot to me.
Freddie: Carnival season is always a tough moment for me. My parents... My parents were murdered on the day of the Carnival. That's why I made this plaque.
Yann: Really?! My parents were killed on the day of the Carnival too! Freddie, this might help us catch the Puppeteer!
Freddie: You think so? But it's been ten years since the Puppeteer disappeared... They must be long gone by now.
Freddie: I know I'm ready to put this behind me, at least! The Carnival is really close now, and it's gonna be amazing! I really hope to see you there, <Rank> <Name>!
Freddie: Oh, by the way, as you know, the weather is not at its best lately, and I thought these clothes might come in handy! They're for you!

See what bothers Veronica.
Veronica: Dear Lord, <Rank> <Name>, Detective Knight, my saviors, you're finally here! I need your help, please!
Veronica: As you already know, my family's fortune has been taken away...
Veronica: And after Hurricane Yves hit Jazz Town, most of what I had left went up in smoke! This lost treasure is the only thing that could save me from bankruptcy.
Veronica: I'm begging you, officers! Could you please find what has been unfairly taken from me? Of course, you will be duly rewarded.
Frank: Huh... Y-Yeah, of course, we'll do something! If... If you don't mind, <Rank> <Name>!
Frank: We know Andre did find Scott's treasure in the end, but he refused to tell Judge Dante where it was.
Frank: Good idea! We might find a clue in his belongings! He left them in the station when he "checked in"... Let's go have a look around!

Investigate Police Files.
Frank: "Andre Roche's Belongings"... No doubt about it, you found the box we need! But this damn thing is locked!
Frank: Are you up for an unlocking job, <Name>? Perfect, let's do this!

Examine Police Box.
Frank: Unlocking that box was not a big deal for you, huh, <Name>? So let's see what this rat had with him when you caught him...
Frank: There's nothing but a lottery ticket in that box! Why would Andre hold on to a lottery ticket?
Frank: You think it's worth sending this ticket to the lab? I guess you're right, Hannah could check if it's a winning ticket, and then Veronica's troubles would be over!

Analyze Lottery Ticket.
Hannah: <Name>, I don't know how you guessed that Andre's lottery ticket was more than meets the eye, but you've got good instincts!
Hannah: What first caught my attention was the fact Andre picked more numbers than is allowed...
Hannah: And after that it didn't take me long to realize the numbers circled were actually geographic coordinates!
Hannah: I entered the coordinates in my computer and... They point to the theater where your victim was killed!
Frank: This must have been the coordinates to find the treasure! So all this time, we were walking on Veronica's fortune? Talk about irony!
Frank: There's no time to lose, <Name>, let's go back to the theater!

Investigate Abandoned Theater.
Frank: Who-hoo! <Name>, this fancy jewelry box must be Veronica's lost fortune!
Frank: Huh, you're right, we'd better make sure it's actually valuable. Let's have a look inside that box!

Examine Jewelry Box.
Frank: You found a brooch with the Blade family crest on it! This proves the jewelry box belongs to Veronica!
Frank: The bills and the bearer bonds are in pretty bad shape... if rats can eat men, they can eat paper for sure! But I'm sure the brooch is worth a lot!
Frank: Let's give the brooch back to Veronica, <Name>! I'm sure she'll be so pleased, she'll give us a kiss!

Give the brooch back to Veronica.
Frank: Miss Blade, <Rank> <Name> found your family treasure! That brooch is beautiful!
Veronica: Who cares about that brooch? Where are the bills, the bearer bonds?! My fortune!
Frank: Erm... well... Roche hid the jewelry box in the theater, and... it seems that the rats started to eat the content of the box... But your family's brooch is intact!
Veronica: You don't understand, you ridiculous man! The brooch itself is not enough! Oh gosh, I have nothing left!
Veronica: But I'm forgetting my manners. I told you I would reward you if you found my family's fortune... And even though it was destroyed, you did find it.
Veronica: Here, take a bit of my money as a reward for your efforts. It's not a lot, I know, but I cannot afford to give you more. Thank you, <Rank> <Name>.

Later, at the police station...
Yann: <Name>, I know the Puppeteer hasn't been active for ten years, but I'm convinced this fiend's still around, I refuse to give up on this!
Yann: I have the feeling we're really close to finding something... The question is, "what?"
Chief Marquez: Sincerely, Yann, I think you should calm down about the Puppeteer. There isn't any new evidence. Just focus on what I hired you for, please.
Hannah: Sorry to cut you off, chief, but... uh... You remember how they told us we still had a few days to go before Hurricane Zelda actually reached us?
Hannah: Well... No one understands how this happened, but the hurricane accelerated and... It's going to strike Jazz Town, RIGHT NOW!!

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