Odette Kamarov (Rus: Одетте Камаров) was the victim in Murder-Go-Round (Case #15 of Pacific Bay).


Odette was a former Russian ballet dancer with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. At the time of her death, Odette donned red lipstick and a gold necklace. She also wore a burgundy jacket with black laces. As seen at the crime scene, she additionally wore a black patterned tank top under her jacket. 

Murder details

Amy and the player found Odette weeping blood on a carousel, with the words "Evil Woman" written on her jacket in a white powder. They sent her body to Roxie, who confirmed that Odette had ingested coffee laced with large amounts of a strong blood thinner, causing her to hemorrhage from all orifices. Roxie also found traces of borscht or Russian stew on the skin over Odette's neck artery, meaning that the killer ate Russian stew. They also sent a sample of the white powder on the jacket to Yann, who identified it as chalk, meaning that the killer used chalk.

Later, the team found a prescription box of blood thinner pills near the carousel. They sent the oily substance they found on it to Yann, who found traces of ingredients used for hair treatment of split ends, meaning that the killer had long hair.

Relationship with suspects

Before her marriage with Nikolai Kamarov, Odette was a ballet dancer whose partner was Ross Barthe. When Odette quit after giving birth to Andrew, Ross' career also ended and so he thought she owed him, intensifying his disappointment when Odette decided to back out of an investment in Ross' dancing studio. Meanwhile, Nikolai was unhappy with Odette, thinking that she was not a good wife nor a good mother to Andrew, resenting him for ending her ballet career and even refusing to vaccinate him. As such, Nikolai hired nanny Tammy Baker to take care of Andrew in proxy. Nikolai also asked his right-hand man, Sergei Yablokov, to keep tabs on Odette.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Tammy.

After denying involvement, Tammy admitted to the accusations. When Tammy found out that Odette refused to vaccinate Andrew, she slipped a big dose of blood thinner in Odette's coffee. Prior to her death, Odette had decided to be a good mother for once and came to pick Andrew up from school, resulting to her ending up in the carousel when she died. Judge Dante sentenced Tammy to life in jail.

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