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Amy Young: <Name>, Andrea has asked me to go with you to the abandoned fairground to meet Randolph!
Amy: Are you sure we should go, though? I mean... Does Andrea seriously believe that Randolph is an alien?!
Amy (sweating): And what if something goes wrong? Colonel Spangler tried to help Randolph, and look where that got him!
Amy: Of course, <Name>. An order is an order. Let's head over to the abandoned fairground and see what Randolph wants from us!

At the abandoned fairground...
Amy: This abandoned fairground gives me a major helping of the creeps! What if there are killer clowns?
Amy: You're right, <Name>. I need to focus. We're here to meet with Randolph. But I don't see him anywhere!
Amy: I'm not the biggest fan of the idea, but you have a point. If we split up, we can cover more ground.
Amy: Randolph must be around here somewhere. I bet you'll find him first, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Fairground.
Amy Young: You found Randolph in the shooting gallery? His chest was open? Don't tell me he's dead!
Amy (queasy): Oh my goodness, his organs are just out in the open for all the world to see...
Amy (crying): First Spangler was killed, and now Randolph? He's the most harmless person we've met in Rhine Canyon! Who would do this to him?
Amy: You're right, we must focus on the clues! This fairground is abandoned... and yet this claw machine looks like it's still working!
Amy: Whatever that claw machine is hiding, you're sure to find it in no time!
Amy: And that card has an oddly familiar moth design, doesn't it? I'll get your dusting kit so you can uncover the information!

Examine Faded Card.
Amy: The card you found at the crime scene belongs to Otto Schmetterling? He was a suspect in the murder of Burt Montana, wasn't he?
Amy: Schmetterling's set himself up as some kind of collectibles dealer now? The card says he trades in "the occult and the bizarre"... Creepy...
Amy: Sure, there are collectible items at the fairground, but who would he trade with? The only person hanging out here was Randolph!
Amy: I'm with you, <Name>! Let's ask Mr Schmetterling what his card was doing at the crime scene!

Ask Otto Schmetterling why his business card was at the fairground.
Otto: Of course I left my card at the fairground, <Rank> <Name>. I leave my card anywhere bizarre collectibles can be found!
Otto: I had heard that there was a real live alien in Rhine Canyon and I had to see it for myself! His name is Randolph, I believe...
Amy: You seriously believe Randolph was an alien?!
Otto: Yes, I have been handing out my card so people can contact me if they find him. Would you be interested in helping me? I would pay handsomely...
Amy: We don't have time for antiquing, Mr Schmetterling. Randolph was murdered!
Otto: Oh, what a shame... Well, I can always scout Area 61 for another alien...
Amy: Area 61? What's that?
Otto: It's a secret military base where all the aliens in Rhine Canyon end up... Or so I hear... But it's hard to get in if you're only a human!

Amy: The desert heat must have gotten to Mr Schmetterling! Area 61 involved with aliens? That's crazy!
Amy: I know Randolph was convinced he was an alien... Colonel Spangler thought so, too! Maybe someone at Area 61 was also a believer?
Amy: But how will we get into Area 61? The security is too tight...
Chief Marquez: You let me worry about that. Go to Area 61. I'll call Judge Dante. You'll have your clearance in no time, <Name>, or they'll be sorry!

Investigate Army Base.
Amy: You know, I think this Area 61 place might even be creepier than the abandoned fairground... Where is everybody?
Amy: You're right, <Name>. We're not here for conversation, we're here for clues! What have you found?
Amy: The camouflage pattern on that tablet screams "military." I'm sure you can unlock it and see if there's any information about Randolph!
Amy: I agree, that torn paper doesn't belong out here. You'll piece it back together in no time, I'm sure!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Amy: You unlocked that military tablet in record time, <Name>! I see some folders... What could be in them?
Amy: You're right, this looks like a job for Hannah! She'll crack this tablet wide open!

Analyze Military Tablet.
Hannah: Hey, <Name>. As you might expect, I managed to decrypt the applications on this military tablet.
Hannah: It was standard military stuff... until I unlocked the videos and found a rousing speech from General Freeman! Take a look...

Area 61, Situation Report, 0600...
Freeman (holding a high-tech gun): Listen up, soldiers!
Freeman: Perhaps some of you remember Colonel Spangler as a hero, but I remember him as a bungling idiot!
Freeman: Towards the end of his shortened life, Spangler took it upon himself to let loose one of the visitors to our planet.
Freeman: Now we have been charged to clean up the mess he left behind! Our mission is to track, capture an-
Freeman: Hey, you! Turn that tablet off right now! We do not, I repeat, DO NOT film sitreps!

End of footage...
Amy: General Freeman wanted his unit to track and capture a "visitor to our planet"? Did he mean an alien?
Amy: And he mentioned Colonel Spangler specifically... Do you think the "visitor" Freeman was referring to was Randolph?
Amy: I agree, <Name>, we need to have our own sitrep with General Freeman! It's time to stop this alien nonsense!

Ask General Freeman about the video.
Freeman: You've got a lot of nerve coming into Area 61 and confiscating military property, <Rank> <Name>! We handle sensitive national security issues here!
Amy: National security issues like aliens, General Freeman?
Freeman: I can neither confirm nor deny any activities that occur in Area 61.
Amy: Then maybe you can tell us more about our murder victim, Randolph?
Freeman: Randolph was murdered?! How?!
Amy: We're not at liberty to discuss details of active murder investigations, General Freeman.
Freeman: Well played... Here's what I CAN tell you. We had intel that Randolph was still around Rhine Canyon. I launched a mission to bring him back to Area 61.
Freeman: And that is still my mission. I demand you bring his body and everything pertaining to your investigation to Area 61 immediately!
Amy: Fat chance, Freeman! Besides, people might get suspicious and start nosing around your super secret hideout!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: The article you pieced together is from "Weird Science Monthly"? Talk about a niche market!
Amy: The title of the article is "Do Your Own Alien Autopsy"! Who would even do that? There are no aliens! And besides, it's disgusting!
Amy: The article's author is a so-called "Dr D"... That won't help us find him!
Amy: Of course, <Name>! You can check the author's photo against the database! You're bound to find out who wrote the article!

Examine Autopsy Article.
Amy: According to the database, a certain Jarvis Donne wrote that alien autopsy article. The database also says he's involved with medical research at Area 61!
Amy: You're right, <Name>! Maybe his autopsy expertise was applied to Randolph!
Amy: We should go have a chat with Mr Donne about his article!

Question Jarvis Donne about his article on alien autopsy.
Jarvis: It's so nice to meet fans of my writing outside of UFO conventions! For whom shall I sign the autograph?
Amy: <Rank> <Name> is more interested in your autopsy work than your writing, Mr Donne.
Jarvis: DOCTOR Donne, thank you. I DO have a PhD in biology and I have worked on several major research projects!
Amy: You have a PhD in biology and you wrote for "Weird Science Monthly"? That's... interesting...
Amy: Anyway, did any of your research at Area 61 involve a young man named Randolph?
Jarvis: Yes, it did! Randolph and I became friends during his time at Area 61. We played a lot of word games between... other tests...
Jarvis: Unfortunately, Randolph escaped at a crucial point in my research...
Amy: Randolph "escaped"?! You make him sound like a prisoner, not a friend!
Jarvis: Oh no, we WERE friends. Randolph was the kindest and most trusting alien I've ever met!
Amy: Oh great... Yet another person who believes that Randolph was an alien!

Examine Claw Machine.
Amy: Oh my goodness! The page you found in the claw machine is covered in blood!
Amy: You're right, <Name>. If we get the page to Yann, he'll be able to tell us exactly what we're dealing with.

Analyze Book Page.
Yann: <Name>, I ran a comparison and the blood you found on that page from the fairground was definitely the victim's!
Hannah: Sorry to butt in, but I've seen that page before! It's from a book called "Truth About Aliens"!
Hannah: I know it sounds silly, but the book's considered a classic for UFO and alien nuts who want to find aliens among us!
Yann: Well, there's so much blood on this one page that it's safe to say whoever killed Randolph was reading the book.
Amy: So the killer was reading "Truth About Aliens"... Maybe they wanted to know if Randolph was an alien or not!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Well, <Name>, I guess Randolph was as human as you and me, in the end!
Roxie: But I do appreciate the fact that the killer did my job for me! Randolph was effectively autopsied to death!
Amy: Roxie, have a little respect. Randolph may have been a little loony, but he was still a nice guy!
Roxie: Sorry... At least the killer had enough respect to use a proper scalpel to do the job...
Amy: So the murder weapon might be a scalpel? We'll have to keep an eye out for it...
Roxie: There's more! His organs are squeaky clean! Factory fresh! Randolph may not have been an alien, but he is the healthiest human I've ever seen in the morgue!
Roxie: Of course, that threw into question the little patches of color I found on his skin... They were from food coloring used in a popular candy!
Roxie: But judging from his insides, Randolph wasn't eating any candy, so...
Amy: So you're saying that the killer eats candy? What kind of creep would eat candy while autopsying someone?
Roxie: What can I say, sometimes you need a snack! Still, I LEAVE the morgue to eat. Whoever did this was driven... or maybe just driven crazy.

Later, at the station...
Amy: Poor Randolph... Quite a few people were convinced he was an alien and someone autopsied him to death! Were they trying to prove it?
Amy: Jarvis Donne has the expertise to have committed the murder. And he was convinced that Randolph was not an "Earthling".
Amy: And General Freeman wanted to capture Randolph and take him back to Area 61. He still wants Randolph's body!
Hannah: <Name>! You have to see this! I just intercepted a message from space!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi: <Name>! You have to see this! I just intercepted a message from space!
Amy: Hannah, what on Earth are you talking about?!
Hannah: Do you know about SFAL? The "Search For Alien Life"? Researchers at SFAL scan the universe for radio waves in the hope of finding intelligent life!
Hannah: Well, I rigged my computer to intercept radio signal data from SFAL and I just saw data not of this Earth!
Hannah: The data is not random, but repetitive. So far, my translation program has found the most repeated word: Krep-9!
Hannah: <Name>, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Krep-9 the planet Randolph thought he was from?
Amy: It's not like we believed Randolph when he said that. How can you believe you've received a message from another planet?!
Hannah: I'll work on the translating the entire message, it'll probably shed some light on this.
Hannah: In the meantime, whether you believe it or not, <Name>'s right: you should go check out the SFAL radar field!

Investigate Radar Field.
Amy: Would you look at this place? Between the stars in the sky and all these radar dishes, I feel so small and insignificant...
Amy: So what was the radar field hiding from us? A bag of candy! That's what the killer was eating while they autopsied Randolph...
Amy (queasy): Oh wait... that candy bag is covered in blood... There's more than enough blood for a sample, <Name>. I'll let you handle it.
Amy: Please distract me... What else did you find? A torn snapshot? With your puzzle skills, we'll have the whole picture soon enough!

Examine Torn Picture.
Amy: The snapshot you pieced together has Randolph in it? But who's that guy standing next to him?
Amy: His badge says "Haku" and he works right here at the SFAL radar fields!
Amy: You're right, <Name>. We should go talk to this Haku guy and find out if he and Randolph were friends!

Question Haku Kamaka about his relationship with the victim.
Haku: Of course, I knew Randolph... He was SFAL's little starman who fell to Earth...
Haku: Well, HE was convinced he was an alien. I've read "Truth About Aliens" and he looked human to me...
Haku: Anyway, we took this picture after Randolph asked to send a message to his "home planet", Krep-9...
Amy: And so you actually sent a message to Krep-9?!
Haku: Yes! I could have gotten in trouble for misuse of equipment, but hey! Scientific research for the win!
Haku: To be honest, it was a joke! Krep-9 is 40 light years away! I'll be retired by the time Randolph's message reaches that part of the universe!
Amy: Wait a minute! You're saying that Krep-9 exists?! It's a real planet?
Haku: Of course Krep-9 is a real planet! Why wouldn't it be?!
Haku: But it doesn't matter now... Randolph's not here anymore to receive any messages from any planets, home or otherwise...

Examine Candy Bag.
Amy: I'm sure you got an ample sample of blood from the candy bag you found at the radar field, <Name>!
Amy: Now let's get this blood to the lab!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: <Name>, I ran the blood sample you took from the candy bag, and there were some surprises!
Yann: The blood belonged to the victim, which wasn't a surprise...
Yann: But I also found droplets of snot from a sneeze! It was mixed with an antihistamine for allergies!
Yann: Given that Randolph was in perfect health, it was the killer who sneezed on the candy bag!
Amy: So the killer has allergies! I hope they're not allergic to prison, because that's where they'll be headed soon!

Amy: So we know that our killer has bad allergies, which is sure to narrow down the suspect pool...
Amy: I still can't believe anyone could have done this to Randolph. He never harmed anyone!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we can at least put whoever did this behind bars. And good idea, another look at the crime scene will surely tell us more about the killer!

Investigate Fairground Stands.
Amy: Look at all these crazy old carnival posters! Do you think they could be hiding something? You'll find whatever it is, I'm sure!
Amy: There's a torn photo, too! Your puzzle prowess will get us all the information!
Amy: What's that glass jar? The plaque says "Alien Head"... Is this a joke item? There seems to be more written on the glass... I'll get your dusting kit!

Examine Pile of Carnival Posters.
Amy: The old carnival posters were hiding a keychain? It's shaped like an alien head! Seems pertinent to the case!
Amy: Maybe if you dust it, we can get some fingerprints and figure out who the keychain belongs to!

Examine Key Chain.
Amy: Great! You collected prints from the keychain you found under the carnival posters! Hannah will track down who they belong to!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: <Name>, why did you send those fingerprints to me? I have more important things to do!
Hannah: That message from Krep-9 won't decrypt itself, you know!
Amy: Watch the attitude, Hannah! Finding Randolph's killer is the top priority, not decrypting a bunch of baloney! Just tell us who the fingerprints belong to!
Hannah: Fine. The keychain belongs to Astrid Saucer. I'm sure you remember her, <Name>. She was a suspect for the murder of the astronaut.
Amy: Astrid Saucer is well-known for her UFO chasing. And she knew Randolph! We should ask her why her keychain was at the crime scene!

Ask Astrid Saucer why her key chain was at the fairground stands.
Astrid: I'm so happy you found my keychain, <Rank> <Name>! I got it when I first came to Rhine Canyon! It has a lot of sentimental value.
Amy: You might not be so happy when we tell you where we found it, Ms Saucer. It was at the fairground where we found Randolph's body.
Astrid: His body?! Randolph was murdered!?
Astrid: I lost this keychain the last time I saw Randolph. I would ride my bike out to the abandoned fairground and hang out with him...
Astrid: It was just so exciting to hand out with a real alien!
Amy: Oh right... You were one of the people who believed Randolph was an alien...
Astrid: Randolph WAS an alien! After staying up night after night reading "Truth About Aliens" and eating candy, I knew it!
Astrid: All I ever wanted was to help him get back home to Krep-9, where he would be less cold and much happier...

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: You pieced the photo back together before I could blink, <Name>! The message says: "Randolph! Want it? Come and get it!"
Amy: Isn't that General Freeman? What is that weird object in his hand?
Amy: Whatever it is, Freeman seemed to be taunting Randolph into some kind of confrontation. Let's go ask Freeman what he wanted from Randolph!

Question Freeman about his message to the victim.
Freeman: That photo was a means of luring Randolph onto the base. I wanted to make him think we had his spaceship.
Amy: You seriously expect anyone to believe that little thing is a spaceship?
Freeman: I knew Randolph was an alien. And as an alien, he posed a serious threat! He had to be contained!
Freeman (sneezing): Atchoo!
Amy: Gesundheit! Sorry, but I had a hard time seeing Randolph as a threat... never mind as an alien!
Freeman: That just shows how naive you are! Can you imagine what would happen if people learned that humans aren't the only intelligent life in the universe?!
Freeman: There would be mass hysteria! How could people go on functioning in the face of their insignificance?!
Freeman: Even though I didn't eliminate Randolph, I'm glad someone did. Believe me, sister, you wouldn't want to stay on Earth if word had gotten out about him!
Freeman: General Freeman, we're far more concerned about overzealous soldiers like you!

Examine Specimen Jar.
Amy: There really was something written on the glass of that specimen jar! The message reads "Perfect for my collection"...
Amy: You're right, <Name>! That creepy skull moth symbol is Otto Scmetterling's signature!
Amy: Do you think Mr Schmetterling wanted to keep Randolph's head for his collection?! We'd better go ask him!

Question Otto about the alien head container.
Otto: Of course I wanted Randolph for my collection... Was there another alien roaming free around Rhine Canyon?
Otto: I knew I had to add Randolph to my collection of the occult and the bizarre after checking my copy of "Truth About Aliens"!
Amy: So you thought his head wouldn't be enough and decided to cut him open?
Otto (eating candy): Why would I do that? Even a piece of Randolph as small as this candy would have been sufficient to make me a household name! At least, among collectors...
Otto: Can you imagine how my reputation would have grown? The power I would have commanded at auctions? I would've been unstoppable!
Otto: But now that I see he was just a paltry human, Randolph has no value to me whatsoever...

Later, at the station...
Amy: This case has got my brain in a whirl! I wonder if we'll ever find out who autopsied Randolph!
Amy: Otto Schmetterling claimed that he was no longer interested in Randolph, but his earlier plan was to keep his head in that creepy jar...
Amy: And General Freeman believed Randolph was a threat to humanity... Maybe Freeman killed him to protect us?
Amy: Poor Randolph... Astrid Saucer seems to be the only one left who wanted to help him...
Hannah: <Name>, I've got it! I decoded the message my computer intercepted from Krep-9! You're not going to believe this!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: <Name>, I've got it! I decoded the message my computer intercepted from Krep-9! You're not going to believe this!
Hannah: The aliens from Krep-9 are coming to Earth!
Amy: Aliens are coming to Earth?! Hannah, you really need a vacation!
Hannah: My computer cannot be wrong about this!
Hannah: Besides, think of all the weird stuff we've experienced in Rhine Canyon so far: crystal skulls, a talking Aztec statue...
Amy: Fine. Let's say aliens are coming. How long do we have until they get here?
Hannah: According to my calculations, the aliens from Krep-9 will be here in under three hours!
Amy: I don't buy this for a second, but I agree with <Name>, anything linked to Randolph is important for the investigation.
Amy: We should go back to the radar field and try to find out more about this interstellar exchange between Randolph and "Krep-9"!

Investigate Satellite Station.
Amy: What do you think, <Name>? Could Hannah be telling the truth? I just can't believe aliens exist, let alone that they'd be coming to Earth!
Amy: You're right! Our priority right now is to find Randolph's killer!
Amy: And if you think that something in this cardboard box will help, let's dig through it!
Amy: And what's this notebook? Hey, Randolph's name is in it! Let's retrieve the rest of the message!
Amy: You also found a phone? Who would throw a perfectly good phone away? That's suspicious...
Amy: I know you can unlock the phone, but you should do it quickly! Who knows when those "aliens" are going to get here?

Examine Cell Phone.
Amy: You unlocked the phone you found at the radar field? Great, let's send it to Hannah, on the double!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Hannah: Well, <Name>, the phone you found at the radar field proves that Haku Kamaka is an even bigger geek than me!
Amy: Haku, the SFAL researcher? The one who helped Randolph send a message to outer space?
Hannah: That's him! I found a video of him in the phone's trash can! I think you'll find it interesting...

Haku's Log, Stardate 2015.76...
Haku: Ok, guys this is huge! Remember that guy Randolph who I was making fun of the other day? The guy who say he's an alien?
Haku: Well, I was wrong! Randolph really IS an alien!
Haku: And he holds the answer to interstellar communication that SFAL has been searching for! What he knows could change the world!
Haku: Don't worry, guys! I won't let him go back to Krep-9 until I have all the information I can get out of him!

End of footage...
Amy: So Haku DID believe that Randolph was an alien! Didn't he tell us the opposite, <Name>?
Hannah: Not only did Haku believe Randolph was an alien, but he was determined to keep him in Rhine Canyon!
Amy: I wonder how far Haku might have gone to keep Randolph here! Let's go grill him about this video, <Name>!

Talk to Haku about the video message.
Amy: Hello, Haku... <Rank> <Name> saw that little video you made about Randolph...
Haku (eating candy, sweating): Wha... What video?
Amy: Don't play games with us! We know all about your plan to keep Randolph on Earth! We know you believed he was an alien!
Haku (sweating): Look it's... it's not what you think!
Haku: Yes, I did want Randolph to stay on Earth. I even tried to bribe him by offering him all my candy!
Haku (sweating): But I would've never hurt him! I had so much to learn from him! He knew things about the universe that we puny humans are just beginning to understand!
Haku: But it doesn't matter anymore! According to our data, the aliens from Krep-9 are coming to Earth soon!
Haku (sneezing): By the way, can you tell them I helped you get justice for Randolph? Maybe they'll take me with them so I can see the interstellar highway! I just hope I'm not allergic to them!
Amy: You're not going anywhere, Haku. We might return for a chat before you can even pack your bags!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Amy: So the notebook you found in the radar field was Astrid Saucer's diary. Her message reads: "I'm ashamed to be human after what happened to Randolph"!
Amy: Seems like she felt guilty. But was this written before or after the murder?! You're right, we need to talk to Astrid again!

Talk to Astrid about her diary entry.
Amy: Ms Saucer, <Rank> <Name> found your diary at the radar fields... You wrote that you felt "ashamed to be human after what happened to Randolph." Was this a confession?
Astrid: I wasn't confessing to killing Randolph, if that's what you mean! I was just writing out my feelings! That's what you do in a diary!
Astrid (sneezing): Atchooooooo! Great, my allergies are flaring up again!
Astrid: <Rank> <Name>, I feel horrible for everything Randolph has suffered at the hands of humans. Especially the military!
Astrid: Do you have any idea what they did to him? The torture they subjected him to in the name of science?!
Astrid: How could anyone NOT feel ashamed to be human after learning such things, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: Or maybe you just felt guilty for murdering an innocent HUMAN being... Stay put, Ms Saucer, we may not be done with you!

Examine Cardboard Box.
Amy: What did you find in that box? Hey, there's Randolph's picture on this clipboard!
Amy: Is this anatomical drawing supposed to represent Randolph's body? And look at those notes! "Superior vision, hyper flexibility, high resistance"...
Amy: You're right, there's also Dr Donne's name! So this clipboard belongs to him!
Amy: What was Jarvis planning on doing to poor Randolph?! We need to go talk to him straight away!

Ask Jarvis about his anatomy notes on the victim.
Jarvis: <Rank> <Name>, how did you find my research notes?! Hand them over immediately!
Amy: So that's what your research was about! You were studying Randolph's physiology?
Jarvis: Of course! Alien physiology is my specialty. I was even a consultant for "Truth About Aliens"!
Jarvis (sneezing): Yah-tchoo! Sorry, my allergy to latex is getting worse!
Jarvis: Who knows how many human lives could be enhanced through my research on Randolph? Eyesight restored! Flexibility well into old age!
Jarvis: Randolph was like candy. The outer shell was rather ordinary, but the goods inside were like a fountain of youth!
Amy: Our coroner did mention that Randolph's body was incredibly well-preserved... But you were willing to sacrifice your friend to achieve all this?
Jarvis: Look, I couldn't get too chummy with Randolph. I'm a scientist, after all, and I had to maintain a professional distance.
Amy: So you could autopsy him without feeling guilty? Stick around, Dr Donne. I have a feeling we're not done with you yet!

Later, at the station...
Amy: So many of our suspects either wanted to eliminate Randolph, pick his brain for knowledge or worse!
Hannah: <Name>! The message from the Krep-9 aliens is getting stronger! They're getting closer!
Amy: Hannah, we have a murder to solve! I'll believe the aliens are coming when they get here!
Amy: I agree with <Name>! What's important now is to make a final sweep of Area 61. The killer could be getting away as we speak!

Investigate Barricade.
Amy: So what have you found, <Name>? That army crate doesn't seem out of place here, but if you think there's a clue hidden inside, please start digging!
Amy: And is that a bloody scalpel? Have you just found the murder weapon?! Let's collect a sample for analysis!

Examine Bloody Scalpel.
Amy: Did you get the blood sample we needed from that scalpel? Quick, let's get it to the lab before the killer makes a run for it!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: You did it again, <Name>! The blood you found on the scalpel was Randolph's!
Amy: That means the scalpel is the murder weapon!
Amy: I'm happy we have the murder weapon confirmed, Yann, but we need more to catch the killer!
Yann: Don't worry! There IS more! Besides Randolph's B+ blood type, another blood type was present in the sample: Type B-!
Yann: The killer must have got nicked while cutting into Randolph. And now you know their blood type is B-!
Amy: The killer cut Randolph, but we won't cut them any slack until they're under arrest! Thanks, Yann!

Examine Army Gear.
Amy: What did you find in that army crate? Is that a piece of glass? There's blood all over it!
Amy: Plus it's perfectly round! It looks like a lens... but what for? Let's hope Yann can process this glass on the double!

Analyze Piece of Glass.
Yann: Wow, <Name>! The victim's blood got all over the place! It was even on this lens!
Amy: So that WAS a lens? What is it used for?
Yann: You'll never guess! After analysis, I found that the lens includes green phosphorus, which is used in night vision goggles!
Yann: It makes sense that the killer who have needed the goggles to see in the dark while murdering Rudolph...
Amy: So the killer wears night vision goggles! <Name>, this could be the missing piece of the puzzle!

After completing all the tasks...
Amy: You've done it again, <Name>! Whether aliens from Krep-9 are coming or not, nothing will stop you from arresting Randolph's killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Jarvis Donne, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Randolph, the most harmless person in Rhine Canyon!
Jarvis: He was indeed harmless. I am as baffled as you are about this whole situation! Who could have done this?
Amy: You did, Dr Donne! You have the expertise and you even left food coloring from candy on Randolph's skin when you opened him!
Jarvis: Opened him up?! In the middle of an abandoned fairground?! That would hardly meet my professional standards!
Jarvis (sneezing): Besides, my allergies are still bothering me! I'm too tired to hurt anyone!
Amy: About that... <Rank> <Name> found Randolph's blood all over the bag of candy you were eating, and your allergy medication was mixed in with it!
Jarvis (sweating): You're mistaken, <Rank> <Name>! I swear to you on a stack of "Weird Science Monthly" that I never hurt Randolph!
Amy: Enough! <Rank> <Name> found the murder weapon! Not only was Randolph's blood on it, your type B- blood was, too!
Jarvis: You don't understand... I did cut this body open, but Randolph...
Amy: What the... Do you seriously expect us to believe the body in the morgue isn't Randolph's?!
Jarvis: It wasn't his REAL body! I only cut open the human shell to help Randolph escape from inside it! I wanted to help him!
Jarvis (sweating): But when <Rank> <Name> arrived at the fairground, I told Randolph to hide and I ran away! I knew you'd never believe any of this!
Amy: And you were right! Do you think we're children who believe in aliens, Dr Donne?!
Jarvis: <Rank> <Name>, you MUST believe me! Randolph is still alive and hiding at the abandoned fairground!
Amy: Dr Donne, I see you're trying to plead insanity, but Randolph is DEAD and you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Jarvis Donne, you are standing trial for the murder by autopsy of Randolph... Did this guy even have a last name? Was he some kind of concept artist?
Honorable Dante: Oh yeah! He was that little oddball who thought he was an alien!
Honorable Dante: Wait! So he WASN'T an alien?
Jarvis: Yes, he was an alien, your Honor! And he is not dead! I helped the REAL Randolph escape his human shell!
Jarvis: <Rank> <Name> must go back to the abandoned fairground! They must help Randolph reunite with his Krep-9 brethren!
Honorable Dante: I had an alien teacher in high school... He came from the planet Baguetron, a charming man. But I don't think he'd have survived an autopsy...
Honorable Dante: You sound very nice, Mr Donne, but I will go with the evidence on this, and the evidence tells me Randolph is dead. This Court thereby sentences you to 10 years in prison!
Jarvis: It doesn't matter. My life doesn't count. But <Rank> <Name>, promise me you'll go help Randolph! You HAVE to help him!

Amy: Wow, <Name>.. Jarvis Donne needs some serious help... He's really convinced himself that he didn't kill Randolph!
Amy: But no matter what tales he has to tell himself to sleep at night, he did autopsy Randolph! Roxie proved it!
Amy: <Name>, why do I get the feeling that you're about ask me something? You're not seriously intending to go check the fairground for traces of the "real" Randolph, are you?!
Amy: Of course I will come with you! But I really don't see the point! Randolph is dead, and no fairy tale will change that!

Map to the Stars: Part 7

At the fairground...
Amy Young: <Name>, I don't get why we came back here. Donne was crazy! He killed Randolph and made up this story about an alien living inside to feel less guilty!
Amy: How could there be an alien living inside Randolph's body?! And how are we supposed to look for it?
Amy: Alright, if you insist... Gosh, I can't believe I'm about to do this...
Amy: RANDOLPH! RANDOLPH! Are you here?!
Amy (sweating): What was that?! Something moved!
(Randolph is seen in his alien form.)
Randolph (waving): <Rank> <Name>! Randolph is over here! Is it safe not to hide?!
Amy: EEE! What the... What is... You're...
Amy: <Name>, I...
(Amy faints.)

Back at the station...
Amy: Thanks for getting me back to the station, <Name>. I feel better now.
Amy: I'm really sorry I fainted, but I... For a second there, I thought I'd seen an actual alien!
Randolph (waving): Hello again!
Amy: Eek! I can't believe it! Aliens aren't real! I must be hallucinating!
Randolph: Randolph is very real! This is my true form!
Amy (sweating): No, it's not possible! Randolph was murdered! And he definitely wasn't an alien!
Randolph: Randolph can explain. Randolph was living in a fake body to make him look like a human. He could control it, like a machine.
Amy: If what you're saying is true and I'm really talking to a real alien, does that mean Dr Donne really opened up your b-, I mean, the body, so you could get out?
Randolph: Yes! But then there was a big mean cat and Randolph got scared and ran away! Randolph didn't dare move until he heard <Rank> <Name>'s voice!
Hannah: Hey guys, what are you d-
Hannah: What... Is that... Is that what I think it is?!
Randolph (waving): Hello, Earthling!
Hannah: AN ALIEN! I think I'm going to faint! <Name>, aliens are real! I knew it! Deep down, I knew it!
Hannah: It's too bad Frank's off-duty! He'll never believe this!
Hannah: I've got so many things to ask you about your alien technology, Mr Alien!
Randolph: Randolph would be happy to explai-
Russell: Wait a second! Is that... an ALIEN?! So they really exist?! I'd love to run some psychological tests on you. Can you read minds? Are you telepathic?
Randolph: Er...
Chief Marquez: What is all this commotion, <Name>? I cannot...
Randolph: Hello again, Andrea. Randolph still remembers you when you were a little girl with a ribbon in your hair. You were so nice to Randolph!
Chief Marquez: Ran... Randolph?! You're real?!
Chief Marquez: So... So I wasn't crazy... Oh God, I think I'm going to cry. There's so much I want to talk to you about...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, Andrea has been waiting to meet this... this alien again all her life. We should give them both some space. I need some fresh air, anyway...

A little later...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, thank you so much for allowing me to reunite with Randolph. It means so much to me.
Randolph: Randolph wanted to see you again too, Andrea. Randolph realized that nobody would believe you and he felt bad about it!
Chief Marquez: We have to help Randolph escape before he's recaptured, <Name>! He's especially vulnerable without his human body, so we have to act fast!
Randolph: Randolph's friends are on their way to Earth to escort Randolph home. We need to help them land safely! They mustn't crash like Randolph!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we could go ask Haku for help. He was very excited about the arrival of aliens... I still can't believe he was right about that!
Randolph: Randolph is glad! But Randolph will also need his spaceship. The evil General has taken it!
Amy: Don't worry Randolph, <Name>'s not afraid of Freeman. We'll go to Area 61 and get your spaceship back!
Amy: <Name>, are you ready? I can't believe I'm saying this, but... let's go help an alien get back to his home planet!

Ask Haku Kamaka about potential landing sites.
Amy: Haku, what <Rank> <Name> is about to ask you needs to stay between us, do you understand? You cannot make a blog post about this!
Haku: Ooooh, this sounds exciting! It's about the Krep-9 aliens, right? SFAL received data showing they were on their way to Earth!
Amy: Well, as a matter of fact... They ARE coming and we need to help them land safely!
Haku: And you want me to help? Great! The safest place for them to land is the satellite field. Discreet, and wide enough for a spaceship of moderate size.
Amy: That's... That's great, Haku. So you're really not shocked about any of this? About aliens being real?
Haku: Of course not! I always knew Earth would make contact with aliens!
Haku: Anyway, <Rank> <Name>, they'll also need a landing strip, or they might crash into a satellite. We'll need some kind of light source visible from afar...
Amy: <Rank> <Name>'s right, we can take care of that. Go to the field. We'll search the fairground for some lights!

Investigate Fairground.
Amy: <Name>, did you find anything here that could help us create a landing strip for the aliens?
Amy: ... I can't believe I just asked you that. Is any of this real?!
Amy: Ah, at least you found something! There's "Spare Lights" written on this box, sounds like what we need!
Amy: The box is locked, but I'm sure you'll unlock it in a flash!

Examine Locked Box.
Amy: Nicely done, <Name>, you got that box unlocked! And look, fairy lights!
Amy: They should work as a landing strip for Randolph's friends... Because aliens are coming to Earth. It's really happening.
Amy: Sorry <Name>, I guess it's going to take me a little time to get used to the idea! I don't know how you're staying so calm!
Amy: Anyway, let's send those lights to Hannah, she'll know how to make them work as a landing strip!

Analyze Fairy Lights.
Hannah: So <Name>, Randolph and I had a look at the lights you found...
Hannah: Sorry, I just have to squeal. I still can't believe I asked an alien for help. An ALIEN!
Hannah: Um, anyway, Randolph helped me program the fairy lights so they light up in a specific pattern, so his friends know it's safe to land there!
Randolph: Hannah is a very talented Earthling, <Name>, just like you!
Hannah: Oh shush! I must look like an idiot compared to your super alien intelligence!
Hannah (holding the lights): <Name>, here are the lights! Give them to Haku so he can lay them on the satellite field to create a landing strip!

Give the lights to Haku.
Amy: Haku, we've brought you some lights to create a landing strip for the... for the aliens.
Amy: I'm sorry, no matter how many times I say these things, they're not sounding any less crazy.
Haku: Haha, that's because you didn't believe until now! Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
Haku (holding the lights): And thanks for the lights, <Rank> <Name>! I'll go place them at the satellite field, just meet me there when you're ready!
Amy: Great! <Rank> <Name>, we should make sure we've got everything we need. And could we stop for burgers on the way? All these emotions are making me faint!

Investigate Army Base.
Amy: <Name>, did you find Randolph's spaceship?!
Amy (sweating): I still can't believe I'm saying such things. We're looking for a spaceship. For an alien. A real alien!
Amy: Sorry, <Name>, I know we don't have time to dawdle! It's just a lot to take in!
Amy: Anyway, you did find something! But it's broken, you'll have to repair it!

Examine Broken Spaceship.
Amy: You did it, <Name>! You repaired Randolph's spaceship!
Amy: It looks so strange! Is this thing really supposed to fly through space?!
Amy: I guess we'd better take it back to him... Or should I say "it"?
Freeman (holding a gun): HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?
Amy (sweating): Eeeh! We're... just finishing off the investigation. That's all!
Freeman (aiming his gun): You're lying! And you're trespassing on army property! So you'd better talk before I have you court-martialed for treason, <Rank> <Name>!

Face General Freeman.
Freeman (holding a gun): Something's not right. <Rank> <Name>, you seemed pretty attached to that Randolph guy...
Freeman: And what are you trying to hide behind your back? Is that the alien's spaceship?!
Freeman: Are you trying to help the filthy alien vermin escape?!
Amy (sweating): General Freeman, you're crazy! Aliens... aliens don't exist!
Freeman (aiming his gun): We both know that's not true! Now give me the alien, <Rank> <Name>, or prepare to die!
Amy: No, you know what?! We're not going to let you intimidate us! You're not the only one working for the government here!
Amy (holding a fine): I'm sick of you blocking our investigations! Here is your fine for threatening a police officer, and now if you'll excuse us, we have work to do!

Amy: Phew, that was close, <Name>! For a moment there I thought Freeman would shoot us both!
Amy: You're right, he may still have second thoughts about letting us go! Let's make a run for it!

Later, at the satellite field...
Amy: Well, I think we have everything! A spaceship, a landing strip...
Amy (sweating): Gosh, this all sounds so surreal, <Name>! Here we are, waiting for... for aliens to land!
Randolph (sitting on Chief Marquez's shoulder): Randolph is very grateful to you all. And lok! Here are my friends!
(Krep-9 Aliens arrive.)
Krep-9 Aliens: .......
(Krep-9 Aliens land.)
Randolph: Hello, my friends! I am here!
Krep-9 Aliens: RaN-D-O'lf, finally! We've been looking for you for ages!
Hannah: <Name>, can you believe this?! Two more aliens... That makes three of them!
Krep-9 Aliens: Hello, Earthlings. We hope RaN-D-O'lf hasn't been a disturbance to you. Thank you for looking after him.
Hannah: Not at all, Mr Aliens, sirs!
Krep-9 Aliens: RaN-D-O'lf, are you ready to leave?
Randolph: Actually, Randolph cannot leave yet. The Earthling technician has repaired Randolph's ship, but it still needs a battery.
Amy: A battery? Like... like what we put in our remote controls?!
Randolph: It is a little stronger than that. Randolph hid it when he first crashed on Earth, back at the fairground.
Amy: <Name>, maybe we could go look for it? Even if this is all a dream, we may as well get to the end of it. Let's go to the fairground!

Investigate Fairground Stands.
Amy: <Name>, I didn't want to say this in front of the... of the aliens, but... How crazy is this?!
Amy: Aliens! On Earth! Three of them!!
Amy: I guess it's good I'll never talk to anyone about this, because nobody would believe me anyway.
Amy: But I see you've found a box of electronics! Let's have a look inside, maybe Randolph's battery is in there?

Examine Box of Electronics.
Amy: I agree, <Name>, the thing you found in the box of electronics definitely doesn't look like a regular battery! This must be what Randolph is after!
Amy: I guess we should send the battery to Hannah, so they can both get the ship in working order.
Amy: We're going to repair a spaceship... You know, if this is all a dream, I'm starting to hope I won't wake up from it!

Analyze Battery.
Hannah: We did it, <Name>! We inserted the battery you found into Randolph's spaceship, we ran a few tests... Everything's working perfectly!
Randolph: Randolph is happy, <Name>! And yet Randolph is also sad, because Randolph is going to leave his new friends behind...
Haku: <Rank> <Name>! They told me you'd be in here! Ther-
Haku: O-M-G, Randolph, it's you! You look exactly like I thought you would!
Randolph (waving): Hello, Haku! Is there a problem?
Haku: Oh right. We need to talk!

Ask Haku what's wrong.
Haku: <Rank> <Name>, I came to warn Randolph that a meteorite shower is expected in the vicinity of Mars!
Randolph: Oh dear, Randolph will need to recalculate his ship's trajectory...
Haku: Don't worry, I did it for you! You just need to go past Venus, then do a detour around Pluto, and you'll be back on track!
Randolph: Thank you, Haku! You've always been a good friend to Randolph!
Haku: No, thank YOU, for proving to me that aliens really do exist! Please tell me you'll send me messages from Krep-9? There's still so much I need to ask you!
Randolph: Randolph will do it! But it is time for Randolph to leave now. We must go to the satellite fields.
Haku: Of course! And <Rank> <Name>, I've brought this for you! A special occasion requires a special outfit!

Later, at the satellite field...
Chief Marquez (with Randolph sitting on her shoulder): Oh Randolph! I wish you could have stayed longer. There was so much I wanted to talk to you about!
Krep-9 Aliens: RaN-D-O'lf, it is time to leave. Say goodbye to the Earthlings.
Randolph (crying): Goodbye, little girl. Randolph will never forget you!
Amy: Aww, <Name>, I think I'm going to cry!
Chief Marquez: And there he goes, into his spaceship... <Name>, I feel like I'm six years old again!
Randolph (in his spaceship): <Rank> <Name>, Randolph thanks you for everything you did for him. Randolph will always remember his visit to Earth!
Randolph: But it is time for Randolph to go! Goodbye, Earthlings! Goodbye!
Randolph: YIPEEEE!!
(Randolph and Krep-9 Aliens fly away.)
Chief Marquez: ... He's gone.
Amy: I can't believe this really happened. And how can I miss him already?!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, I'll see you back at the station. I think I need some time to... to think about things.

Later, at the station...
Agent Z: <Rank> <Name>, congratulations on helping the alien escape.
Amy (sweating): Alien? What alien? We don't know what you're talking about, Agent Z.
Agent Z: I've been authorized to tell you that my agency, "GIA", doesn't actually stand for "Government Investigation Authority," but for "Galactic Intelligence Agency."
Agent Z: We were trying to help that alien escape and avoid any conflict with its planet, Krep-9. So congratulations <Rank> <Name>, you just helped avoid an inter-galactic war.
Amy: Wait! You're actually one of the good guys?!
Agent Z: Yes, we've been helping aliens for decades, but nobody can know about it.
Agent Z: Which is why I must unfortunately take precautions to make sure none of you remember any of this. I'm sorry, it's GIA policy.
Hannah: What do you mean? What are you going to do to us?!
Agent Z (holding a neuralyzer): I'm just going to... modify your memories.
Chief Marquez: Is that what your agents did to me when I was a kid?! Is that why I didn't remember anything after they left?!
Agent Z: Yes. I'm really sorry about this, but there is no other choice. It is for your protection, as much as for ours.
Agent Z: <Rank> <Name>, I would suggest you put on some sunglasses: my agency wants you to remember this. Please know that I hope we get a chance to work together in the future.
Agent Z: Now, everyone else: can you please look at this device?
Agent Z: Forget everything you've just seen. There was no alien, since aliens do not exist. Your investigations in Rhine Canyon were perfectly ordinary crimes, and you are now about to leave for Innovation Valley.
Amy: What... is happening... My head... feels blurry...
Agent Z: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name>, they'll feel fine in a few minutes. You will be the only one to remember that aliens visited Earth. I trust you will keep this secret safe. Farewell!

A little while later...
Amy (sweating): <Name>, I don't think I can work today. My head is killing me! I can't even remember what made it hurt so badly...
Hannah: Me either! Did we go partying yesterday?
Russell: I never get migraines but my head is throbbing!
Chief Marquez: I honestly don't know what happened, but I somehow feel at peace with myself.
Frank: Hey there, <Name>! Why all the long faces?
Frank: ... Have you been drinking without me?! Not fair!
Chief Marquez: Frank, shut up. Nobody's been drinking... at least, not that I can remember.
Chief Marquez: Anyway, <Name>, I think we're done with Rhine Canyon. It's time to visit another district. Innovation Valley is waiting for us!
Frank: Great, we're FINALLY leaving those crazy alien theories behind!
Amy: What alien theories are you talking about, Frank?!
Frank: Well the... Ah, I see. We're pretending nothing happened. Duly noted, and thanks! I couldn't take that silliness anymore!
Chief Marquez: Frank, you should really stop drinking. Anyway, <Name>, I hope you will like Innovation Valley. There are a lot of very intelligent people there, you should feel right at home!

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