Nathaniel Mason (1850–1925) was the true killer of property developer Jeremy Cross in The Curse of Black Ridge (Case #3 of Supernatural Investigations), where he possessed home buyer Rick Lewis' body to commit the murder. He then appeared as a quasi-suspect shortly after he was found out.


Nathaniel is the 75-year-old ghost of Black Ridge and a former gold mine owner. He has blue eyes which turn white, a white beard, a matching mustache, and sports wrinkles across his forehead. He wears a buttoned-up shirt, suspenders, a bandana across his neck, and a cowboy hat.

Height 5'9"
Age 75
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

Upon arresting home buyer Rick Lewis for the murder of property developer Jeremy Cross, Nathaniel appeared from Rick's body and admitted to the murder. He informed the team that a gold mine tunnel that he had built released a poisonous substance to the ground, leading to "the curse of Black Ridge". Since then, Nathaniel had been killing any visitors to the town to keep people away, including the murder of one of Anika Cross' friends ten years ago. Most recently, he possessed Rick to convince Jeremy to stop building property on the town and endanger his clients. When Jeremy did not listen, Nathaniel (in Rick's body) killed him with an ax. Nathaniel then told the team that they had until sundown to leave or he would kill them as well before he left Rick's body.

Later, Luke and the player set about trying to decontaminate Black Ridge. After sending a soil sample to Priya, they learned that ground had been contaminated with lead. Priya informed the team that they could treat the soil with phosphate. Luke and the player then asked property developer Leah Spencer to hire a decontamination team as she was planning on buying Black Ridge.

After speaking with Leah, Luke and the player searched the windmill in order to find a worldly possession of Nathaniel so that they could put his soul to rest. After they found his hat, Nathaniel appeared before the team. Luke told him that they had found a way to make Black Ridge safe again, meaning that he could now be at peace. Nathaniel thanked the team and then disappeared.


  • Nathaniel is one of the characters who animate (or move) during at least one cutscene in the game.

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