Director Nahum Meir (Heb: נחום מאיר), acting as a minor character in Criminal Case, appeared in a video during the events of Down to the Wire (Case #55 of World Edition).


Nahum is the director of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service. He has brown eyes and black hair which is graying in the sides. He wears a black suit over a white shirt and a blue necktie.

Events of Criminal Case

In Asal Hawaa's hard drive, Elliot found a video of Nahum talking with Chief Ripley when she was young. In the video, Nahum informed Chief Ripley that SOMBRA was reappearing in his agents' records, despite the CIA's attempt to completely wipe them out. As Ripley financed SOMBRA in her tenure in the CIA to pay them into attacking the country of Grenadia for oil, she regretted her decision and decided to establish a team of investigators (which would be later known as the Bureau) in order to defeat SOMBRA. However, Nahum wanted to keep SOMBRA under wraps and so told Chief Ripley that none of the Bureau's agents should know about SOMBRA from her.

Later, Asal revealed that she grew distant from Jack and the rest of the Bureau under Nahum's orders. After this, she did some digging into Mossad's files and found the aforementioned video.

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