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Chief Samuel King: Congratulations on yet another promotion well-earned <Rank> <Name> and welcome to the Grimsborough's University!
Jones: Woohoo, we're going back to college! I've heard the students are always more busy organizing concerts and parties than actually studying!
Chief King: Jones, we're not sending you to the University to party, but to make sure that the students there are safe! Is that clear?!
Chief King: That said, things are pretty quiet since all the students have gone away on summer break.
Chief King: It's the perfect opportunity for you to take things easy and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.
Jones: You heard the Chief, <Name>: we're finally going to have some time to relax!

Two months later...
Jones: Ugh, I was really looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet... but if we get one more call to save a kitty stuck up a tree, I'll go mad!
Jones: Argh, I almost don't want to answer the phone: I swear, has Ramirez gone around telling everyone that we're now the Pet Rescue detectives?
Jones: Hello?
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>! The students have barely returned from summer break and there's already been an incident on the College campus!
Chief King: It seems a first-year student, Rani Goshwalla, was found dead on the campus lawn this morning!
Jones: Finally, a REAL case!
Chief King: Murder is nothing to be excited about, Jones! I promised the college Dean that I'd put my best <Rank> on the case, so don't disappoint!
Jones: Don't worry Chief: <Name> will solve this case in no time!
Jones: You heard the Chief, we've got a murderer to catch! Let's head straight to the campus lawn to investigate!

Chapter 1

Investigate College Grounds.
David Jones: What the heck happened here?! How did this girl end up tied up... right next to an ANT HILL! Oh god, her body is literally crawling with ants, <Name>!
Jones: Do you think it was a party gone wrong? I mean the vomit suggests the poor girl most probably drank too much...
Jones: And what's up with all the writing on her body? And... and it looks as if someone took off her bikini top at some point. These aren't students, they're animals!
Jones: Let's send the body for autopsy and see what Nathan can tell us about her death...
Jones: ... and we should talk to the Dean about Rani's life here on campus.
Jones: And you really think we ought to collect a sample of ants for analysis? Very well then... but I think I'll just watch from a distance, if that's okay.
Jones: And then we can move on to something a little less scary: restoring these torn pieces of paper.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: First of all, I analyzed the writing on your victim's body and found nothing of interest: they were just harmless messages...
Nathan: But as harmless as the messages were, your victim's death was incredibly twisted! She was forced to ingest huge amounts of alcohol --
Jones: What makes you so sure that Rani was forced to drink against her will?
Nathan: Because I found scratchings in her throat from when a funnel was jammed down it. But she didn't die from alcohol poisoning.
Nathan: As you know, Rani was tied up next to an ant hill. When she fell unconscious, the ants crawled into her ears, nose and mouth until she ended up dying of asphyxiation.
Jones: Oh my god, that is so gross! Swarmed by ants, invading your body until you suffocate!
Nathan: I'm guessing all the sugar in the alcohols attracted the ants. But I found traces of a specific type of alcohol, champagne, on Rani's body but NOT in her system.
Nathan: This champagne is of a much higher quality than what Rani was made to drink. Obviously, the killer wanted to keep such an expensive drink all to themselves.
Jones: So our killer drinks champagne? ... And apparently they don't like sharing: shame, because it's now going to cost them a lengthy stint behind bars!

Talk to the Dean about the victim.
Donna: This is absolutely deadful, there's never been a murder at Grimsborough College before! And to think that the first-term has barely started!
Jones: We're here to help, Dean Walker. About Rani, it seems she consumed a lot of alcohol prior to her death: was she known as a party girl?
Donna: Not at all. Rani seemed to be a model student, she even came here on a scholarship. If you ask me, she was the victim of a hazing.
Jones: Wait a second, isn't hazing illegal here?!
Donna: Of course it is! But this is rush week, where all the sororities go crazy trying to enroll new recruits. It's impossible to control!
Donna: These sororities force the first-year students to compete in humiliating tasks. Inevitably, a lot of drinking is involved.
Donna: Rush week kicked-off yesterday at the Eisenhower Amphitheater. All the sororities gathered there to present their houses to the first-year students.

Jones: Dean Walker seems convinced Rani's death was due to a hazing pushed too far. Why do students do such things?
Jones: But let's not jump to conclusions just yet. For starters, we don't even know if Rani was interested in joining a sorority.
Jones: Great idea, <Name>! Dean Walker DID say that rush week started off at the Eisenhower Amphitheater where all the sororities presented their houses.
Jones: So if Rani was interested in joining a sorority, she would have been there! It's the best lead we've got, you ready to check it out?

Examine Ant Hill.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! I think you've collected enough ants from the murder scene to start your very own ant farm!
Jones: Let's send these ants to Grace. Since they were right next to the victim's body, they might be able to tell us something about the murder.

Analyze Ants.
Grace: Ants act like little recorders of their environment: they store away everything they come into contact with, so you did well to collect some from the crime scene.
Grace: I analyzed these ants and found many traces of the victim inside their digestive tracts --
Jones: You mean the ants ate here?!
Grace: That's not the only thing they ate: they also ingested large amounts of frozen yogurt --
Jones: Uh, I'm so glad they kept room for dessert.
Grace: You should be, Because I checked with Nathan and he informed me that your victim was lactose intolerant.
Grace: Given that the ants still had the frozen yogurt in their system, it means they ate it in the last few hours...
Jones: So then that can only mean it was our killer who was enjoying a frozen yogurt shortly before or after having tied Rani up!

Examine Torn Pieces of Paper.
Jones: <Name>, I can't believe you just pieced back together a leaflet promoting "how to commit the perfect murder!"
Jones: Please don't tell me the killer was stupid enough to leave it here!
Tess: Hey, I see you've got my promotional leaflet. Are you interested in joining the True Crime society?
Jones: No. But we are interested as to why there was one of your leaflets at an actual murder scene.
Tess: There's been a MURDER on campus?!? Oh. My. Gosh. Finally! I've been waiting sooooo long for this!

Question Tess Goodwin about her enthusiasm for murder.
Jones: Tess, can you explain what one of your leaflets on "how to commit the perfect murder" was doing right at the murder scene?
Tess: Please Officers, I've been handling out leaflets for students to join my True Crime society. But each time I hand one out, they tear it up. I can't help it!
Tess: I'm passionate about crime, that's why I'm studying criminal psychology. And maybe I sounded excited by the murder, but for one to actually happen on MY campus is fascinating.
Tess: OMG! I can't even believe I'm talking to the living legend <Rank> <Name> right now! I've followed every one of your cases, you're like a cop superstar!
Tess: Do you think I could assist you in solving this case? It could REALLY help me with my thesis. I'll be as quiet as a mouse.
Jones: We're flattered you like our work but I'm sorry: this isn't a textbook exercise, it's a real murder!

Jones: Wow, she's such an odd character. I really hope the rest of the students here aren't as enthusiastic about murder as Tess Goodwin is.

Investigate Amphitheater.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! I can't believe you managed to find this bag among all this mess! And look, it clearly has our victim's name on it!
Jones: This proves Rani was here for the sorority presentation...
Jones: ... but you're right: it still doesn't prove her death was the result of a hazing!
Jones: We should search through her bag: with a bit of luck, we might find something of interest.

Examine Handbag.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! By searching through our victim's bag, you found this handmade scrapbook: "Rani's guide to surviving the rush week".
Jones: Huh... sadly it didn't help Rani much.
Jones: And look, there's the name of the person who made the book... but it isn't in English.
Jones: Good idea, let's send the scrapbook to the lab and get this name translated!

Analyze Rani's Book.
Alex: So I had a look at the scrapbook "Rani's guide to surviving rush week" that you found in your victim's bag.
Alex: It turns out the name of the person who made it was written in Hindi, and in English it translates to Misha Goshwalla!
Jones: Goshwalla? You mean like...
Alex: Like your victim, yes! Misha Goshwalla is your victim's sister!
Alex: What's more, Misha is a third-year student at Grimsborough College!
Jones: <Name>, this isn't going to be easy, but we need to inform Misha of her little sister's death.

Inform Misha of her sister's death.
Misha: Rani's dead?! But that's impossible, nobody could have possibly wanted to harm my little sister, she was just too sweet!
Misha: Oh Rani! I so wish I hadn't treated her so badly: I didn't even want her to come to this college because I thought I'd have to babysit her.
Misha: So instead I wrote her this stupid book on how to survive rush week in the hopes that it would excuse me of my sisterly duties...
Jones: About rush week: we have reason to suspect your sister died in a hazing accident. Do you know which sorority she wanted to join?
Misha: She was so desperate to make new friends, I think she would have joined any of them...
Misha: ... I knew she was scared of being away from home, and I ignored her!

Jones: Having to deliver such terrible news to the loved ones of the deceased is truly the most excruciating part of our job. I hope Misha manages to hold it together.

Later at the police station...
Jones: Uh, I thought with all the technology available nowadays, students no longer had any privacy left... but we still have no idea what our victim was doing the night of her murder!
Jones: All we know is Rani was tied up, covered in writing, with her bikini top undone...
Jones: Our two most plausible theories are it's a hazing gone wrong... or something of an even more sinister nature.
Alex: <Rank> <Name>, you're not going to believe this but there's a video that's just leaked online which has gone viral on campus!
Jones: We're not in the mood to watch a funny video, Alex.
Alex: This is definitely NOT a funny video. It's a viral video of some kid boasting about having slept with Rani... And it was posted online late last night!

Chapter 2

David Jones: We found our victim tied up with her bikini top undone, which suggest Rani was the victim of a possible sexual assault...
Jones: ... and now Alex, you're telling us there's a video of a college boy bragging about having slept with her that's found its way online?!
Alex: Sadly, yes. It was filmed last night but it became viral this morning. Here, why don't I play it for you, <Rank> <Name>?

The online video...
Viral Video: Wassup my brothers! The latest to join our sleeping hall of fame is one lucky Psi Sigma Gamma pledge. She's a spicy little number called Rani Who-gives-a-sh*t...
Viral Video: ... but let me tell ya, she was through the roofie!
Viral Video: For all you other fraternities, rush week is almost over so you better hurry and taste that fresh meat before it spoils! Party on, wooooo!

Jones: I can't believe it! He actually posted a video online in which he brags about sleeping with Rani...
Jones: ... and then he encourages his fraternity friends to hurry up and sleep with first-year students while rush week is still going on!
Jones: What an **hole! If he's the one who tied Rani up and got her drunk to have his way with her, then he's got to be super dumb to brag about it online afterwards.
Jones: At least he taught us something: he called Rani a Psi Sigma Gamma pledge... which means Rani wanted to join that sorority!
Jones: You're right, we should go search the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority house and check for ourselves whether Rani was there.
Jones: Now all that's left is to identify Mr. Big Mouth. <Name>, do you think you'd be able to identify him by running his profile through the College database?

Examine Viral Video.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! So the boy who's claiming to have slept with Rani in the online video is called Josh Anderson.
Jones: Given how dumb you've got to be to post such a video online, I'm surprised he even goes to college. C'mon, let's go question him!

Grill Josh concerning his viral video.
Jones: Josh Anderson, we've just seen a video that was posted online in which you claim to have slept with Rani Goshwalla!
Josh: Ssshhh, bro, not so loud: I've got a b*tch of a headache. I swear champagne is such a killer, man.
Josh: But yeah, I slept with Rani. Lol, you want the details or something? I met her in the Eisenhower amphitheater, she was hot, we banged, end of story.
Jones: And then you had to go and brag about it online?!
Josh: It's a fraternity tradition! We... initiate first-year rushees into the ways of college, and then we film our stories. But some a**hole leaked mine online.
Jones: Do you even realize Rani's DEAD?!
Josh: Sssshhh, not so loud, my head is gonna explode. And unless Rani died from total bliss which is sleeping with me, I didn't kill her, bro.

Jones: What a little sh*t! Josh seems so freaking sure of himself! Well you can be sure he's just made it to the number one spot on our suspect list!
Jones: To think that the fraternities here prey on vulnerable rushees. First-year students who are most probably too intimidated to even say no!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, it's pointless getting worked up. Let's head back to the amphitheater, with a bit of luck we might find enough incriminating evidence to arrest Josh...
Jones: ... I mean, our killer!

Investigate Auditorium.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! This newspaper article heading is extremely faded...
Jones: ... but that one word in the title, "HAZING" is enough to warrant a little more digging! Would you mind recovering the full headline?

Examine Newspaper Headline.
Jones: Great work <Name>! You not only recovered the full headline from that newspaper article, but you also recovered its date!
Jones: The article dates back to 1981 but the headline still has me curious: "HAZING GONE WRONG"...
Jones: Especially since Rani's death could have been due to hazing!
Jones: I agree <Name>, even though this article is apparently more than 30 years old, it would be smart to send it to the lab so that Alex can recover the full article.

Analyze Article Headline.
Alex: After much searching, I managed to find the article, "HAZING GONE WRONG" based on the newspaper strip you found in the amphitheater.
Alex: It's about a first-year student who, during rush week of 1981, wanted to join the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority--
Jones: Oh my god, that's the sorority Rani wanted to join!
Alex: The sorority organized a hazing and tied this first-year student up before forcing her to drink huge amounts of alcohol --
Jones: What the --?! This is EXACTLY what happened to Rani!
Alex: Remember this happened in 1981 AND this first-year student survived. In fact, the hazing victim is now the Dean of this very college!
Jones: The hazing victim in the article is Donna Walker?! Rani's death must have stirred up a lot of bad memories, it'd be best if we checked up on her!

Talk to the Dean about her past hazing.
Jones: Mrs. Walker, we're sorry to have to bring this up, but we've recently discovered that you were a victim of a hazing incident back when you were a student at this very college.
Donna: It's true, I was invited to a Psi Sigma Gamma party, during which the girls thought it'd be funny to tie me up and force me to drink. I was in a coma for four days.
Jones: Oh my god, we're so sorry.
Donna: The only positive outcome of that incident is that I've hardly ever touched alcohol since.
Jones: "Hardly ever"?
Donna: Well... I admit I may drink the odd glass of champagne from time to time, for... special occasions.
Donna: What hurt me most about that incident is that the Dean at the time didn't do anything to punish the Psi Sigma Gamma girls... It made me so angry I vowed to become a Dean myself and do better.
Donna: And if Rani's death was caused by the Psi Sigma Gamma girls, I admit the young student in me would be very happy to see their sorority closed down for good!

Jones: Poor Mrs. Walker, it's terrible what happened to her. Why do kids find it necessary to torture others like that?
Jones: One thing is clear: the Dean doesn't even try and hide her hatred for Psi Sigma Gamma.
Jones: <Name>, what if Mrs. Walker tried to frame Psi Sigma Gamma for killing Rani in order to close down the sorority for good?!
Jones: And now that I think of it, she's the one who found the body!

Investigate Sorority Common Room.
Jones: Remember <Name>, in the viral video it was mentioned Rani wanted to join the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority. Now we need to verify this lead!

Jones: Well done, <Name>! I'm surprised you weren't blinded by all this pink!
Jones: People really should invest in paper shredders, because these torn pieces of paper are just too easy for you.
Jones: And since you can find a needle in a hay stack, I know you'll be able to find something of interest in this pile of girls' items!

Examine Torn Pieces of Paper.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! So those pieces of paper you found in the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority make up an invitation!
Jones: "Dear Rani, you have been invited to join Psi Sigma Gamma! After you've squealed with joy and jumped up and down, come see us. Your Psi Sigma Gamma sisters."
Jones: This not only proves that Rani wanted to join this sorority but they also wanted her to be a part of it - so why tear up the invitation?
Jones: You're right, it must have been torn up because either someone was jealous... or the invitation was no longer needed now that Rani's dead!
Jones: Let's talk to the Psi Sigma Gamma president about all this. If the massive portrait of her in the sorority common room is anything to go by, her name is Madison Springer.

Question Madison about her sorority.
Jones: Madison, as Psi Sigma Gamma president, we'd like to ask you a few questions concerning the death of Rani Goshwalla, who wanted to join your sorority.
Madison: It's a tragedy! I soooo wanted Rani to be a part of our house. She would've been such a great multicultural asset. She just rocked that whole Indian thing way better than her sister Misha.
Jones: Misha is a Psi Sigma Gamma?
Madison: Yes, but I don't know for how long. Misha's been temporarily suspended since last week for having broken the house rules after drinking WAY too much champagne.
Jones: Hm, interesting... And one last ting: did Psi Sigma Gamma happen to have a party last night for the first-year rushees?
Madison: Nah-uh. Last night I went out for a low-fat frozen yogurt and then I went to bed. There wasn't any Psi Sigma Gamma party that I heard of, Officers, and as their president, I would know.
Jones: Oh come on! You honestly think that we'd believe a sorority president would go to bed early during rush week: the busiest and most activity filled week of the year for sororities?
Madison: I promise you! Psi Sigma Gamma is so popular that we don't need to sl*t ourselves out like other skanky sororities. And if you don't believe me, I've got dozens of sisters who are willing to back me up.

Jones: Argh, if you ask me, Madison is lying through her teeth!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, I'm getting ahead of myself. But I'm convinced there is evil lurking behind those big puppy eyes.
Jones: It's true: at least we learnt that Misha is a Psi Sigma Gamma girl, though there's not much point questioning her since she's temporarily suspended.

Examine Girls' Items.
Jones: Nicely done, <Name>! The funnel that was hidden in those clothes reeks of alcohol!
Jones: Huh, funnels: helping college kids get drunk for decades... But it could also be used to FORCE someone to drink!
Jones: You're right, there's a high chance this is the funnel that was used on Rani! Let's send it straight to the lab!

Analyze Funnel.
Grace: I analyzed the funnel you collected from the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority, and as you already guessed, it was used for drinking.
Grace: Or rather, it was used to FORCE someone to drink! I found membrane particles on the funnel which came from Rani's esophagus...
Grace: Rani must have already been tied up when this happened because no one with their throat full of blood would then allow someone to pour alcohol down the funnel!
Jones: So that meanss it was the killer who forced Rani to drink!
Grace: Exactly! Now on the outside of the funnel I found faint traces of ascorbic acid which make up Vitamin C supplements. Evidently, you killer enjoys the extra boost!
Jones: So our killer takes Vitamin C supplements? Huh, they will come in handy soon because there won't be much sunlight once they're behind bars!

Back at the office...
Jones: Well, at least now we know that Rani wanted to join the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority... but we still don't know what she did the night she got killed!
Jones: We also know that the Dean hates the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority and could possibly have gone to extreme measures to try and get it shut down.
Jones: Then there is Josh who claims to have slept with Rani - but as of yet, there's no proof of a sexual assault.
Jones: And of couse, there is the president of Psi Sigma Gamma who denies her sorority had a party last night. But even after finding all that out, I still don't have the faintest idea who our killer is!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, a certain Tess Goodwin wants to see you. She claims to know who killed your victim!
Jones: What the?! That's impossible! How could a student have cracked the case before us?

Chapter 3

Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, a certain Tess Goodwin wants to see you. She claims to know who tied up and murdered Rani Goshwalla!
Jones: Surely a student couldn't have discovered who the killer was before us... even if she does major in criminal psychology!
Jones: Either way, the longer the killer is at large, the more the students are at risk. So we need any help we can get!
Jones: Which reminds me: Ramirez, I want you to go around campus to hang up posters asking for any possible witnesses of the murder to come forward!
Ramirez: A walk about campus, that actually sounds like fun!
Jones: And you're right <Name>, since we'll already be on campus to speak to Tess, we might as well search the campus lawn!

Talk to Tess about her claim of knowing who the killer is.
Tess: Argh, I don't feel well. Do you think you can overdose from taking too many Vitamin C supplements?
Jones: I honestly don't think so, Tess. Apparently you wanted to see us because you know who the killer is?
Tess: I don't know you killer's identity but I do know their psychological profile! From what I've heard about the way Rani died, I can tell you your killer is passive-agressive with a deep inferiority complex.
Tess: In other words, they must belong to the Psi Sigma Gamma house. Those girls are more twisted and morally depraved than any psychopath I've ever heard of!
Tess: And those psychos become especially deranged during rush week. I mean they're famous for their sick hazing rituals which leave most girls emotionally damaged.
Tess: ... I actually wish I could study their hazing rituals to learn more about group torture first-hand. It was going on last night but I wasn't able to get close enough.

Jones: Tess seems overly obsessed with Psi Sigma Gamma... and it's not reassuring that she wants to witness the hazings for herself!
Jones: What if she captured Rani and decided to conduct her very own little hazing... in the name of "research"?
Jones: Still, Tess is convinced Psi Sigma Gamma organized a hazing, but she couldn't get close enough to the sorority to witness it. Lucky for us, we're unstoppable!

Investigate Sorority Lounge.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! Hm, nobody these days EVER leaves their cell phone just lying around like that.
Jones: I've got the sneaking suspicion that it could be interest to us. It's asking for a pin code: do you think you can guess it in less than three tries?
Jones: And look at this photo of Rani and her sister in front of the Taj Mahal. I agree, we should give this back to Misha. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Give back a photo to Misha.
Jones: Here Misha, <Rank> <Name> found this picture of you and your sister in the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority and we thought you'd appreciate having it back...
Misha: Oh Rani! I've just learnt that she wanted to join the same sorority as me, Psi Sigma Gamma... and I know what my sorority sisters are capable of!
Misha: Since I've been suspended from Psi Sigma Gamma, I don't even know if they even conducted their hazing ritual last night.
Misha: Madison promised me they didn't go forth with the hazing... yet Rani's dead and I don't know who to trust anymore! I'm going mad over this!
Jones: You look faint, Misha... maybe you should eat something.
Misha: How can I eat knowing that Rani is dead?! The only thing I managed to swallow was a Vitamin C supplement and even that made me feel sick!
Misha: Booohoooo... I'm such a terrible sister: last time I saw Rani, I invited her to eat a frozen yogurt. I had totally forgotten she was lactose intolerant!

Jones: It kills me to see Misha in such a state. And if it turns out the girls of Psi Sigma Gamma killed Rani, it would be the ultimate betrayal!
Jones: <Name> we need to solve this case quickly - all these stories and rumors aren't good for anybody!

Examine Cell Phone.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You unlocked this phone you found in the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority house in no time.
Jones: Now let's see... Oh my god, this phone belonged to Rani! Let's hurry and send it to the lab: it might finally give us some insight into our victim's private life!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Alex: I analyzed the victim's phone you found inside the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority house. I didn't find anything in her texts or photos...
Alex: ... but then I analyzed her call history and noticed that she called an anti-hazing hotline late night --
Jones: You're right <Name>, that anti-hazing hotline is used to report illegal hazings!
Alex: Rani hung up after a few seconds... but I could still trace the call and I can confirm it came from inside the Psi Sigma Gamma sorority house!
Jones: I don't know why Rani hung before reporting the hazing, but at least this proves without a doubt that there was a hazing going at the sorority!
Jones: Let's go talk to the Psi Sigma Gamma president again, and this time Madison better do one better than her puppy eye look!

Quiz Madison about possibly conducting a hazing.
Jones: Madison, we have proof that your sorority subjected the first-year students to hazing last night!
Madison: Hazing? Oh no officers, we were just having a little bikini party. And I admit we had a bit of fun by writing on the rushees...
Madison: ... but I've never heard of death by permanent marker before.
Madison: And maybe there were a few... challenges to complete but we 'tots have to have some sort of test to decide on who can enter our prestigious house!
Jones: And was there any drinking involved at your party?
Madison: I admit I may have drank a little champagne: it's my only weakness. Apart from that, I'm an angel.
Madison: But I made sure nobody under 21 drank. And before you ask: Rani was at the party, but she left with all the others.

Jones: I'm getting tired of that queen bee acting all innocent all the time. "Death by permanent marker". Pfffff.
Jones: Well, at least the sharpee explains all the writing on Rani's body. I'm sure all the other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place shortly.

A little while later...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, your idea to put up posters around campus calling for possible witnesses really worked! You're such a genius!
Ramirez: One student came forward. Apparently she was on a night out with some friends, and they took a load of pictures. As it turns out, some were taken near the campus lawn last night!
Jones: Oh my god, please tell me she caught the murderer on camera!
Ramirez: I don't know: she gave me ALL her photos and I'm not sure what I should be looking for exactly...
Jones: Don't sweat it, Ramirez. <Name> will have a look through them and be done with it in seconds! Isn't that right?

Examine Box of Photos.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! I'm amazed you managed to pick out this particular photo among all the other ones the student gave us.
Jones: Look, the photo's pretty blurry but in the background it looks like it could be Rani who's tied up with someone standing next to her...
Jones: ... that must be our killer!
Jones: Huh, these girls were most probably so drunk that they failed to notice Rani.
Jones: You're right, there seems to be something glinting on the killer's shirt thanks to the flash of the camera...
Jones: ... I can't make out what it is, but hopefully Alex will have more luck than us at the lab.

Analyze Blurry Photograph.
Alex: I analyzed that photo you found among all those snapshots the eyewitness gave you of her night out.
Alex: And I can confirm that it is indeed your victim in the background... with her killer standing right next to her!
Alex: I enhanced the glint coming off the killer's shirt and discovered that it was a brooch. I could even make out the letters on it!
Alex: They are greek letters... which make up the Psi Sigma Gamma name.
Jones: So our killer wears a Psi Sigma Gamma brooch? Well, how about that!

Investigate Campus Lawn.
Jones: Awesome job, <Name>! Uh, look at this note: it's addressed to Rani but the message is too faded to read. Do you think you could recover the writing?
Jones: And at first glance, this looks to be a broken trinket of some kind. Since it's on the crime scene, it could be of importance. Would you mind piecing it back together?

Examine Note.
Jones: <Name> does it again! I can't believe how quickly you managed to recover the message written on that note you found on the crime scene.
Jones: So, let's see what's written: "Rani, you talk, you die. Josh". Short and straight to the point... but you've got to be pretty stupid to sign your name on a death threat.
Jones: And we already know Josh posted a video online claiming to have slept with Rani... so why would he then threaten her to keep quiet? It doesn't make sense.
Jones: I really don't want to see his face again, but it looks like we don't have a choice. I'll just keep my hands in my pockets for fear of slapping him.

Question Josh about his death threats to the victim.
Josh: I've just found the magic cure for hangovers: frozen yogurt laced with Vitamin C supplements! Works a charm!
Jones: Don't try to change the subject or we'll give you another headache!
Jones: We found a death threat you wrote to Rani. It was the last piece of evidence needed to arrest you!
Josh: What?! No, wait, I'll tell you everything! Rani caught me kissing another boy outside the amphitheater yesterday. I pleaded with her to keep it a secret.
Jones: But why even keep it a secret? There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Josh: WTF, wake up man! Everybody judges you ALL the time! You've got to fit in and pretend you're someone else. If people found out I was gay, I'd lose everything!
Josh: So I thought if I leaked a video online claiming to have slept with Rani, it would damage her reputation and no one would believe her if she said the truth!

Jones: If Josh is telling the truth he feels pressured to hide his true self, then I feel sorry for him.
Jones: Still, this DOESN'T excuse his online video! I mean, destroying a young woman's reputation just to save face!
Jones: Tell me <Name>, how are things ever gonna get better if the new generation doesn't rebel against expectations?!
Jones: And given that Josh has acted out that part so carefully for so many years, don't you think it's possible he could have taken it one step further?
Jones: Either way, he got what he wanted: Rani's not going to be telling anyone his secret anymore.

Examine Broken Trinket.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! You restored that piece of jewelry you found on the crime scene in no time!
Jones: And look at these symbols... You're right, we've seen similar ones before on Rani's scrapbook! These are Hindi letters!
Jones: Since this piece of jewelry is of Indian origin, this could very well belong to our victim! Let's quickly send it to the lab.

Analyze Trinket.
Grace: I analyzed that jewelry you recovered from the crime scene and it's actually a really beautiful anklet of Indian design.
Grace: And there's Rani's name written on it in Hindi! I ran some tests and managed to extrapolate fragments of pink fibers stuck within the chain work.
Jones: Okay... but of what interest is that to us?
Grace: Well, as you know Rani's hands were tied up by the killer, so she could only use her legs to defend herself...
Grace: Obviously at least one of her kicks connected to the killer, and that's when microscopic pieces of the killer's clothing got stuck in Rani's anklet!
Jones: So our killer wears pink clothing? Ha, they picked the perfect color to really make the handcuffs stand out!

Later, in Chief King's office...
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, how's your first case of the University district coming along? Not too big of a challenge, is it?
Jones: Not at all Chief! We were actually preparing to leave the station to arrest our killer! <Name>, are you ready to go teach them a lesson?

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: Misha Goshwalla, you're under arrest for the murder of your younger sister, Rani Goshwalla!
Misha: It wasn't a murder! It was an accident! When I heard she was dead this morning, I thought it was just a bad dream!
Jones: An accident? You tied her up and tortured her!!
Misha: I didn't mean to!! It all started because of Madison! She phoned me up last night after Psi Sigma Gamma organized their hazing initiation!
Misha: Of course Rani passed all their tests with flying colors and Madison couldn't shut up about how Rani was soooo much cooler than me!
Misha: How could I NOT be mad?! Ever since we were kids, Rani has always strived to be better, prettier and more popular than me. She lives to make me miserable!
Misha: I decided to tell her how I really felt. As my sister, I hoped she would understand. But when I saw her in her bikini, covering in writing, she looked so ridiculous...
Misha: ... and that gave me an idea: if I humiliated Rani in front of the whole college, maybe it would ruin her reputation for ever!
Misha: I told Rani that there were more hazing rituals coming up and that she needed to practice drinking. I kept giving her more and more to drink...
Misha: ... until she finally refused. She was already quite drunk, so I easily managed to tie her up. And then I forced her to keep drinking until she passed out.
Jones: And after admitting all this, you still want us to believe it was an accident?!
Misha: It WAS! I swear to you I didn't want to kill her! I just wanted people to find her like that in the morning...
Misha: If I had realized there was an ant hill next to her, I would have never left her there!
Misha: Oh my god, what kind of monster am I to have killed my own sister?!

Judge Hall: Misha Goshwalla, as far as I can tell you're a bright, educated girl who's enjoyed a healthy upbringing...
Judge Hall: ... yet you've murdered someone you've grown up with, someone you're meant to love unconditionally: your sister.
Misha: I swear it was an accident, I never meant to hurt Rani!
Judge Hall: You tied Rani up, forced her to drink and let her get swarmend by thousands of ants. Whether you acted consciously or not, this is no accident.
Judge Hall: Misha Goshwalla, you're hereby charged with manslaughter and sentenced to twelve years in prison during which I want you to see the prison psychiatrist regularly.
Misha: Please you Honor, I've made a horrible mistake and I'm ready to pay for it... but please don't throw away my life like this!
Judge Hall: We'll make sure you continue your education during your term and we'll assist you every way we can upon your release, but this is prison - not summer camp.

Jones: Everybody says university is meant to be the best time of your life... but it's also that age where you're still figuring out who you really are... and some people can get lost on the way.
Jones: On the plus side, the youth have loads of energy to spend... and so do we until our next case!
Jones: There's a concert at the Grimsborough University Concert Hall. What do you say we go get our groove on?

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>! You've done a great job, as usual! You've just arrived in this District, yet everyone has already heard how good you are!
Chief King: But rush period isn't over, and the Dean asked to see you. She needs your help to solve this hazing problem!

Jones: Hey <Name>, while we're there, I'd like us to patrol around the campus. We should make sure what happened to Rani doesn't happen again.
Nathan: The university campus? That brings back memories! Now that the case is over could I come with you? I'd love to visit the place!
Jones: Sure, we should just hurry up. But... Nathan? What's this sweatshirt you're wearing? Are you trying to disguise yourself as a student?
Nathan: Of course not, didn't I tell you? I was a Phi Sigma member in college! If we're in a hurry, I can tell you about it on our way, let's go!

Later, at the university...
Jones: Everything looks as calm as ever, maybe rush week is winding down? I hope so, the university should be a safe place for its students. I hope the Dean has an idea to stop hazing!
Madison: <Rank> <Name>! I'm so glad to see you here! I really need your help right now! Someone stole from me, in our chapter house! Oh my gosh, I can't even believe it! You must help me!
Nathan: A chapter house? This brings me back in time... <Rank> <Name>, maybe I could help you with this problem? After all, I'm more familiar with the greek system than Jones...
Madison: Whatever, this "problem", as you say, is a really urgent matter! So, is someone going to help me, yes or no?
Jones: Yes, yes, <Rank> <Name> will be right with yo-
Tess: Get out of my way! Psychological emergency, I need to pass! The amphitheater will close in an hour! Move, MOVE!
Jones: Wah! She nearly knocked me over! What's wrong with her? We should check up on her, too, once we've talk to the Dean. Between them and Madison, I guess you won't be bored, <Name>...

Talk to the Dean about the hazing problems.
Donna: <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad you're here! Thank you for your efficiency during the investigation. I know I can trust you, so I thought I could ask your help.
Jones: That's why we're here, Mrs Walker. What's the matter?
Donna: You see, I've fought with the university board for years to get hazers suspended, but until now I never succeeded. But I know one of the students has taken photos of pledges being subjected to hazing!
Donna: They used them to keep the pledges from reporting their treatment. I even know which student is playing paparazzi during their "welcoming rituals"! He'll never testify, but his photos are proof enough!
Jones: And you want us to interrogate the photographer so he'll give us his pictu-
Donna: No, it'd be useless. But I head he keeps his negatives somewhere in the campus grounds. Please, I need you to find those negatives! The board would finally listen to me if I had them!

Investigate College Grounds.
Jones: I'm glad you're so efficient, <Name>! You found those shredded negatives in this big campus in no time, and putting an end to hazing is a very pressing matter!
Jones: I hope those are the negatives the Dean needs to stop those cruel behaviors. Can you restore them, <Name>, so we can be sure?

Examine Torn Up Negatives.
Jones: Here we go, thanks to your skills, those negatives look better! Those shattered pieces we found would have been useless for the Dean.
Jones: But they're still very damaged, I can barely make out two pictures and, even if they seem to depict some horrible hazing ceremony, we need more evidence... Alex should be able to do something about it!

Analyze Negatives.
Alex: Seriously, <Name>, the pictures on those negatives are awful, I couldn't restore all of them, but I think you'll have enough with what I found...
Alex: Those pictures show all the hazing going behind the scene at the university... From slightly embarrassing moments to sadistic humiliations! It must be very traumatic...
Alex: Your photographer took a lot of photos. With so many evidence, I hope you'll be able to make him deeply regret taking part in all of this!
Jones: Disgusting! Why would those students want to immortalize such moments? This should help Dean Walker. Let's bring her those negatives!

Give the negatives to the Dean.
Donna: Well done, <Rank>! I'm so glad you found those negatives! I can't believe I finally have a proof to show to the board!
Jones: Yes, I bet this photographer never thought his photos would be used against him and his peers.
Donna: I guess he didn't. But thanks to you, and to those negatives, this time the board will be forced to step in! I'll finally be able to put those dangerous behaviors to a stop!
Donna: It's a good thing you've been promoted her, <Rank> <Name>, we really need help to ensure the students' safety! Take this, you deserve it after what you've done for us!

Check up on Tess Goodwin.
Jones: Tess Goodwin, what had you running like this? You could have hurt yourself!
Tess: I'm sorry for earlier, <Rank>, but I really don't have time to chat right now!
Jones: Yes, we gathered that much. What's the matter? Tell us, and maybe <Rank> <Name> will be able to help you.
Tess: Well... Alright. I had this special criminal psychology class, the once-in-a-year kind of class. I took a lot of notes, of course, so I'd be prepared for the oncoming test. But I lost them!
Tess: I'm sure I had my notebook with me during my last class in the amphitheater, so I thought I'd search the place. The test is in three days! I can't fail it! Please, help me find my notes!

Investigate Amphitheater.
Jones: Awesome, <Name>! This is Tess's notebook! She even wrote her name on it. I bet she's the kind of student who always forget their stuff everywhere. Like in this amphitheater. Let me see...
Jones: Oh! <Name>, someone tore the page with her last notes off! I'm afraid she'll have a nervous breakdown if she doesn't get her notes, can you recover them?

Examine Tess's Notebook.
Jones: Alright, those notes seem legible now, it's a good thing you're handy with powder, <Name>. Tess will be relieved to have her notebook back.
Jones: Damn, I don't understand half the things written here... But those murder stories and diagrams look gruesome, that criminal psychology class seems very macabre.

Give her notes back to Tess Goodwin.
Jones: Look what <Rank> <Name> found in the amphitheater! I think it belongs to you, Tess.
Tess: My notebook! Thank you! Thank you so much! I was starting to think I'd have to borrow a friend's notes, but nobody takes as detailed notes as I do, and I would've failed the test and...
Jones: And you're welcome. Geez, just breathe a little, would you? Your criminal psychology course seems stressful enough, with all those murder stories.
Tess: Yet you face those stories everyday. I don't know how you manage to keep a cool head while dealing with those murders, <Rank> <Name>! But thank you again! You totally saved me!
Tess: I cooked too much this morning, thinking I might have a lot of work to do at lunch. But with my notes back, I'll be alright. You can have some, as a thank you!

Ask Madison Springer what's wrong.
Madison: <Rank> <Name>! Thank you so much for coming to my help! It's really nice of you to take the time to do so!
Nathan: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name> is the best, I'm sure they'll solve your problem in no time!
Nathan: This place remind me of my own chapter house so much! Except for the pink furniture of course. Fraternity brothers aren't very attracted to pink, weirdly...
Madison: I'm sorry, but someone stole my president's pin! It was the Psi Sigma Gamma's founder's pin! It's been passed from president to president since 1931!
Madison: I know I sound like a lunatic, but nobody outside of the sorority would know how rare that pin is, or where I put it away. <Rank> <Name>, I think the thief is one of my sisters!
Madison: Please. could you help me search the house? That pin is very important!

Investigate Sorority Common Room.
Nathan: What's with those girls and pink, I wonder... There is pink everywhere! You're right, though, this box could be a good hiding spot. Nobody would think of checking its content for a stolen pin...
Nathan: Nobody but you, <Name>! You know, in my fraternity, we also had a beautiful old pin collection, important members would wear them for graduation and... Right, let's dig into this box first!

Examine Pink Basket.
Nathan: This pin looks a little like the kind of pin we had in my fraternity. But this one shows the greek letters "Psi Sigma Gamma"!
Nathan: The rest of the letters engraved are half erased. We'd better make sure that this pin is Madison's, I'm afraid she'll have a fit if we're wrong. Do you think you can decipher them, <Name>?

Examine Old Pin.
Nathan: "PSG oct. 31"? You're right, <Name>, that matches what Madison told us about her founder's pin! It wasn't very smart of the thief to hide it in that box in the middle of the house!
Nathan: Internal wars can get pretty ugly in a sorority or fraternity. There was this incident when I was a sophomore, and that guy thought he could get away with...
Nathan: Well, <Name>, I think that story isn't really... Appropriate to tell. Especially when standing in a girl's dorm. Let's just give Madison her pin back!

Give the Pin to Madison Springer.
Madison: My pin! Oh my God! Thank you so much <Rank> <Name>! It's such an important symbol in our sorority!
Madison: Who was crazy enough to steal it? I bet it's one of my sisters! Some kind of backstabbing tramp, for sure!
Madison: Oh! Well... Sorry, I mean she was probably just a lost sister looking for attention? A jealous traito-... treasure! She was jealous of this treasure! I'll make sure she gets the puni-the other purple pin I have!
Nathan: Oh! But all ended well thanks to <Name>! Nothing worth fighting over, right? It's a good thing you got this pin back!
Madison: Of course, thank you again, <Rank> <Name>. You're really the best! Here, take those outfits, they'll totally suit you! Trust me, I'm a fashion expert!

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