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(Zara is seen wearing a Swiss Guard uniform throughout the case.)
Zara Tien: Thank goodness we rescued Leonardo da Vinci from the Spanish Inquisition, <Name>! We need his help to fix our time machine!
Zara: Of course, we had to tell him that we're from the future and let him into the machine...
Da Vinci: And I will help fix the machine! Not to worry! Besides, I love to study your futuristic contraptions!
Da Vinci: But first, I need to finish the mural King Francis commissioned for his beautiful castle in Chambord!
Zara: We understand, Signore Da Vinci...
Da Vinci: Call me Leonardo, please!
Zara: Okay! Well, Leonardo... from what I've read, the king of France is a true Renaissance royal, a lover of the arts!
Zara: You'll be safe from the Inquisition here. And hopefully you'll have some time to think about our time machine code while you paint!
Da Vinci: You are kind people! Now I must go prepare, but you should have a nice walk around the gardens!

Chapter 1

Investigate Chambord Gardens.
Zara Tien: Well, <Name>, if we have to wait for Leonardo to finish his mural, we might as well enjoy the gard-
Zara: Oh no, that man in the fountain! He's dead! It looks like he was stabbed three times, in the throat, the heart, and the stomach!
Zara: If he's out here in the garden, could he be a part of the Royal Court of King Francis?
Francis: Did We hear Our name called?
Francis: OH NO! Triboulet!
Zara: Whoa, there! Who are- OH! You... Your... Majesty! Do you know this man?
Francis: Yes, this is Triboulet, Our court jester! We can't believe he's dead! This is horrible!
Francis: But you are the Swiss Guard who brought Leonardo to Chambord! Therefore, We shall trust you to capture the cruel cur who killed Triboulet!
Zara: Your Ma... Majesty, it would be a great honor to serve you in this capacity!
Zara: But please sit and rest for now. We will need to ask Your... High... Highness some questions about Triboulet in a moment.
(Francis leaves.)
Zara: Oh no, <Name>! Not more royalty! Dealing with kings and queens was the one course in my time travel training that I almost flunked!
Zara: It's always "Your Highness" this and "Your Majesty" that. Why can't we just call him Frank? And don't get me started on the way they talk!
Zara: You're right, <Name>, I'll have to pull myself together! King Francis has charged us with the duty of solving the murder of his jester!
Zara: The jester's staff is in pieces! If you reconstruct it, we may be able to get a clue about Triboulet's killer!
Zara: Now Leonardo is not the only one with a job to do in Chambord! We must solve this murder!

Ask Francis I about the victim.
Francis: OH! Poor Triboulet! Our old friend! Where will We find anyone to match his wit?
Zara: Your... um... Majesty, we are sorry to intrude on your grief, but-
Zara: ... May we ask, did Triboulet have any enemies?
Francis: No, not a one! All who were invited to Our humble hunting retreat in Chambord loved him dearly!
Francis: You are free to search all of Chambord for the belligerent boor who destroyed the mirth of Our castle!
Francis: Triboulet spent most of his time in Our banquet hall, so you may wish to start there!
Francis: Now a statement must be prepared for the town crier to inform Chambord of Triboulet's passing!
(Francis leaves.)
Zara: And we must go to the banquet hall to search for more clues, <Name>!

Investigate Banquet Hall.
Zara: So, <Name>, this is the banquet hall! Not too shabby!
Zara: The victim also spent most of his time in the hall, according to King Francis, so did you find any interesting clues?
Zara: If you think that fancy wooden box could be hiding something, I'd say we should get to unlocking it!
Zara: And what is this cushion? It looks almost like a dog bed, and it's done up in the same colors and fabrics as the jester's clothing!
Zara: Could it be the victim's seat? Don't tell me that the king expected the jester to sit on the floor like a dog!
Zara: Well, in any case, <Name>, there seems to be a slippery substance on the cushion! We'll need a sample!
Zara: One thing is for certain, we must find Triboulet's killer! We're on a mission from the king!

Examine Floor Cushion.
Zara: The sample you took from the jester's cushion looks like it's ready for an inspection under the microscope!

Examine Slippery Substance.
Zara: So that substance on the jester's cushion was pig fat soap? Ewww... gross, and not very helpful!
Da Vinci: Pig fat soap! Of course, that's helpful, <Name>!
Zara: Leonardo! I thought you were supposed to be working on your mural!
Da Vinci: I am! But, luckily for you, I forgot some of my art supplies here in the machine!
Da Vinci: So I can tell you that the pig fat soap is used by the maid assigned to the banquet hall!
Da Vinci: The maid's name is Gilia La Bonne. Such a pain, that one...
Da Vinci: She's forever getting that soap on everything! The last time I was here, she even cleaned part of my mural off the wall!
Zara: Then it looks like we need to talk to Gilia La Bonne. Since her soap was found on his cushion, she may have known the victim well!

Question Gilia La Bonne about the victim.
Zara: Gilia La Bonne, we have some questions about the court jester, Triboulet.
Gilia: Bof, what would I know about that clown? I'm not IN the Royal Court, am I? I just clean up after them!
Zara: You do know that Triboulet was murdered today in the garden, right?
Gilia: Oh, is murder what the town crier was going on about? Then I guess there won't be any dancing in here tonight, Dieu merci!
Zara: You seem totally untouched by this poor man's death!
Gilia: Poor man?! He didn't have to clean up after the feasts, so why should I feel sorry for him?
Gilia: Now if you'll excuse me, that Italian artist guy is back getting his mess everywhere, so I have even more work! The fun never stops!

Examine Locked Box.
Zara: That fancy wooden box is open, but what's inside, <Name>? A hairbrush? It's odd to lock one of those up...
Zara: But there seems to be some writing on the paddle of the brush! I'll grab your dusting kit!

Examine Hairbrush Paddle.
Zara: The writing on the paddle of that hairbrush reads, "Lady Anne"... in English!
Zara: Lady Anne? The only English Anne we know is Anne Boleyn!
Zara: We last saw Anne Boleyn in England. She was a suspect in the Queen's murder!
Zara: And now that the Queen of England is dead, what is Anne Boleyn doing in France? The two countries are at war!
Zara: We'd better go ask Lady Anne exactly what she's doing here!

Ask Anne Boleyn about the victim.
Zara: Lady Anne, what are you doing here in France?
Anne: Being trained. Apparently, my manners aren't good enough. Ridiculous!
Zara: And how are you coping with death so close at hand, right here at Chambord?
Anne: Death? Whose?
Zara: The king's jester Triboulet was murdered! Did you not hear of it?
Anne: Whatever! Triboulet concerns me only slightly less than the war does! A mere jester!
Zara: Can you tell us anything about the victim? Did he get on someone's bad side?
Anne: I paid him no heed. I never did understand why a refined man such as King Francis would tolerate a fool like Triboulet!

Examine Broken Staff.
Zara: You've pieced together the jester's staff! It's unlikely that the victim broke one of his only possessions...
Zara: This must be the killer's handiwork! We should get the staff to Theo right away!

Analyze Jester Staff.
Theo: Greetings, <Name>! I had a look at the victim's staff that you pieced together!
Theo: Did you know that jesters used their staffs as ventriloquist dummies?
Theo: That way, nobody could accuse the jester of having made an offensive joke himself!
Zara: Yeah, we're pretty sure the killer broke it... did you find any clues?
Theo: You bet! The killer left traces of goose fat and liver all over the staff! They certainly enjoy their foie gras!
Zara: A fancy pants killer, eh? Well, they'd better eat their foie gras and be mercy before punishment is meted out!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis (holding a jester cookie): <Name>! Zara! You're right on time! I made some jester cookies!
Zara: Janis! I'm sure your new morgue-baked cookies taste amazing, but is this really the time for snacks?
Janis: Oh come on, Zara... We need a little humor around here to ease the tension!
Janis: Besides, this jester has told his last joke... someone has to pick up the slack!
Janis: Anyway, as you surmised, he was stabbed three times: once in the neck, once in the heart, and once in the stomach.
Zara: Any idea of the weapon used, Janis?
Janis: Oh yes, it was a sword, but-
Penelope: It wasn't the usual sword used in this period, <Name>! This murder was committed by rapier!
Penelope: A rapier is a much thinner blade, and it was introduced with the new sport of fencing, which had recently been imported from Italy.
Penelope: So since the killer knew their way around a rapier, it's safe to say that they are not unfamiliar with fencing!
Zara: Excellent work! I'll remember to yell "Touché!" when <Name> nabs this fencing killer!

Later, in the gardens...
Zara: <Name>, we rescued Da Vinci from the Spanish Inquisition and brought him to King Francis for protection.
Zara: But then you found the King's jester, Triboulet, dead from multiple stab wounds on the king's castle grounds!
Zara: No one seems to have seen anything, least of all King Francis himself! But he has charged us with solving the murder!
Zara: And Anne Boleyn claims to be in France for "finishing school"... It's clear that she didn't pay much mind to the jester!
Town Crier (ringing the bell): O-YE! O-YE! Guards! Have I got news for you!
Town Crier (holding the bell): The king's jester is ALIVE!

Chapter 2

Zara Tien: <Name>, here we are at the Chambord castle, one of the poshest palaces in all of Europe! Yet King Francis calls it his humble hunting lodge!
Zara: We haven't seen any hunting, but we have seen a stabbing! The king's jester, Triboulet, was run through three times with a rapier!
Zara: Solving murders, that I can handle! But curtsying is not my thing!
Town Crier (ringing the bell): O-YE! O-YE! Guards! Have I got news for you!
Town Crier (holding the bell): The King's jester is ALIVE!
Zara: Town Crier, you say Triboulet's alive?! That's impossible! You must be mistaken!
Town Crier: No mistake! I saw Triboulet with my own eyes near the musketeer barracks!
(Town Crier leaves.)
Zara: How can Triboulet be alive, <Name>?!
Zara: We need to get to the bottom of this! Let's go to the musketeer barracks!

Investigate Musketeer Barracks.
Zara: So the town crier said he'd just seen Triboulet here alive...
Zara: But there's no sign of anyone fitting the victim's description here, <Name>!
Zara: If you think that wooden chest might help us understand what's going on, you need to unlock it!
Zara: And, you're right, something could be in that laundry basket, too! We'd better rummage through it!
Zara: But what about those pieces of metal? Looks like some kind of jewelry! You'll need to piece it together to be sure!
Zara: We know that Triboulet cannot possibly be alive, but hopefully these clues will help us figure out what's going on!

Examine Locked Chest.
Zara: You managed to open the wooden chest, and it's full of swords... but one sword is covered in blood!
Zara: And this sword's thinner than the others, like the rapier Janis and Penelope said was used to kill the victim!
Zara: This sword could be the murder weapon! Let's get it to Theo!

Analyze Bloody Rapier.
Theo (holding a sword): Up for a bout of fencing, <Name>?
Zara: First archery, now fencing? Did your fancy pants family ever let you play anything normal like basketball, Theo?
Theo: Normal? Of course! I'm an ace at polo!
Zara: Figures... so did you have anything useful to tell us about the sword <Name> found?
Theo: The good news is that this rapier <Name> found is indeed the murder weapon! The victim's blood was all over it!
Zara: And was the killer kind enough to leave anything else behind on it?
Orlando (with Theo): I'll take over from here, Theo!
(Theo leaves.)
Orlando: The rapier was specially handcrafted, which makes sense since this type of sword was relatively new in the Renaissance.
Orlando: But what's astonishing is that the handguard metal has been designed for a left-handed person!
Orlando: Not being right-handed was seen as a devilish thing in this period. And this killer is left-handed!
Zara: Well, the killer was definitely "devilish," but not for being left-handed!
Zara: And we need more clues if we want to catch them! Let's go back to the castle's banquet hall, <Name>!

Investigate Banquet Table.
Da Vinci: <Name>, you're back in the castle! Did you come to see the mural? It's coming along, but you can't rush genius!
Zara: No, we're back to search for clues! And I believe <Name> has found some in the banquet hall!
Da Vinci: I see! Well, that parchment you found looks very official! It has the wax seal of the King Francis!
Zara: You're right! But I can't make out anything else on the parchment! I'll grab your dusting kit, <Name>! We wouldn't want to bother the king for nothing!
Zara: And those juggling clubs have a "T" on them. Jesters do juggle. They must've belonged to Triboulet!
Zara: But what are those little pieces of white fabric all over the clubs? We'll need a sample!
Da Vinci: I do hope that you can find Triboulet's killer! King Francis was very attached to him and is terribly sad over his loss...
Zara: Don't you worry, Leonardo! <Name> will catch and deliver the killer to the king!

Examine Juggling Club.
Zara: <Name>, you have a sample of those white fabric pieces from the victim's juggling clubs! Orlando will know what to make of them!

Analyze White Fibers.
Orlando: Hello, <Name>... I got that sample you sent, but first I have a question for you: have you seen Penelope?
Zara: Nope, we haven't seen her since the autopsy when she told us about the history of fencing in France!
Orlando: Hmph. She's been in a daze ever since she met that dashing musketeer! If you see her, can you tell her to get back to work?
Zara: Of course! But about that sample of fabric from the jester's juggling clubs... any idea what it was?
Orlando: Yes! It's English tatted lace! Or, at least, it was before it was ripped to shreds!
Zara: English lace? How can you tell?
Orlando: Well, English tatting is done with a throw around the shuttle's needle instead of using a picking motion as the French do!
Zara: English lace in France? This lace must belong to Anne Boleyn! Good call, <Name>!
Zara: Lady Anne claimed to have nothing to do with the victim, yet her lace was on his juggling clubs! We need to get to the bottom of this!

Interrogate Lady Anne about her encounter with the victim.
Zara: Lady Anne, you denied having anything to do with Triboulet before, yet your lace was all over his juggling clubs!
Anne: Thank you very much for bringing up such an unpleasant incident!
Anne: One evening, Triboulet stole my plate of foie gras and when I caught up with him...
Anne: He grabbed me and lifted my skirts for a laugh! Then he spanked my bum right in front of King Francis!
Zara: Whoa! That's not funny!
Anne: I agree! And that's why I lost my temper and bit his leg to break free!
Anne: My lace was ripped to pieces, but I was able to grab his stupid juggling clubs and hit him right where it counts! THAT got a laugh!
Zara: Lady Anne! What a fighting spirit!
Zara: But... even if the victim's behavior warranted a strong response, I hope you left it at that! For your sake!

Examine Faded Paper.
Zara (searching through at her tablet): You've uncovered the writing on the parchment.
Zara: Hold on! According to the translator, this parchment says that the king is ordering Triboulet's execution!
Zara: But King Francis loved his jester! What could have made him so angry that he'd want to execute the victim?
Zara: We will have to navigate our next encounter with His Royal Majesty very carefully, but we must ask him what this order to execute the jester is about!

Ask Francis I about his order to execute the victim.
Francis (holding a feather): Have you found the villainous vole who killed the joy of Chambord? We shall sign the writ of execution immediately!
Zara: We're still investigating, Your Extremely... Serene Highness!
Zara: But speaking of execution orders, we found a writ of execution that you signed for Triboulet!
Francis: Well, of course, We threatened to execute him! His japes and jibes were hitting a little too close to home!
Francis: And We must live up to Our motto: Nutrisco et extinguo: "Nourish the good and punish the bad"!
Francis: We asked Triboulet how he wished to die, and he said, "Of old age!" Even facing death, he made a joke!
Francis: We laughed so hard, We almost choked on Our foie gras! It was so amusing, We didn't have the heart to execute him anymore!
Francis: We still can't believe he's gone... We can't even bring Ourself to go fencing today... Excuse Us...
(Francis leaves.)
Zara: Poor King Francis... But, yeah, <Name>, I noticed it, too. His Majesty held his quill with his left hand! We'd better note it down...

Examine Basket of Clothes.
Zara: That flask that you found in the musketeer clothing has a name on it: "Alexandre"!
Zara: Could the wineskin belong to the only musketeer we know, Alexandre Devereaux?
Zara: We last saw Devereaux in England! He was a suspect in the murder of the Queen!
Zara: And he's the musketeer that Penelope has a huge crush on...
Zara: If Alexandre Devereaux's in Chambord, we should speak with him! He may be able to help!

Question Alexandre Devereaux about the murder.
Devereaux: Ah, Guard <Name>! Delightful to see you again! My darling Penelope has told me about your prowess at solving crimes!
Devereaux: And speaking of Penelope, did she get my letter? What did she say?
Zara: I'm sure she'll tell you herself... We need to speak with you about something else...
Zara: Did you hear that Triboulet, the king's jester, was run through with a rapier and killed!
Devereaux: Someone murdered Triboulet? Why would anyone do that?
Zara: So you knew him?
Devereaux: Well, I knew of him, of course! The boys at the barracks loved his jokes!
Devereaux: Triboulet kept the king happy, while soldiers like me keep His Highness safe! We respected each others' work!
Devereaux: Now if you'll excuse me, I must go to my daily fencing practice!

Examine Metal Pieces.
Zara: The pieces of metal turned out to be a locket! And look! That's a small painting of Triboulet!
Zara: But who is the other guy? They look almost identical, except for their clothing!
Zara: Could it be that Triboulet had a twin brother? This would explain why the town crier thought he saw the jester alive and well!
Zara: You're right, <Name>, we'd better check this face against the town records to be sure!

Examine Unknown Man.
Zara: According to these documents, Triboulet was born Nicolas Ferrial, and he did have a twin named Charles!
Zara: This backs up what we saw in the locket: Charles Ferrial looks exactly like his brother!
Zara: It seems Charles Ferrial left Chambord some years ago, but he must be back in town! He must've been the person that the town crier saw!
Zara: We must find this Charles Ferrial and find out what he knows about his brother's demise!

Ask Charles Ferrial about the victim.
Zara: Excuse us, are you Charles Ferrial, twin brother to Nicolas Ferrial, also known as Triboulet?
Charles: I am, Guards... I have just heard of my brother's murder and I am devastated...
Charles: My dear brother and I haven't seen much of each other... our lives took us down different paths.
Charles: He became the king's jester and I, a tax collector in Aquitaine.
Charles: I just arrived in Chambord today to deliver these taxes to the king. I was looking forward to seeing my brother after such a long while!
Charles: I even brought him the tastiest foie gras you can imagine as a gift!
Charles: But I sensed something was wrong... the twin bond, you see... But I never imagined it would be murder!
Zara: Mr Ferrial, we also want justice for your brother's murder. If you hear anything, please find us and let us know!

Later, in the gardens...
Zara: <Name>, we still don't know who stabbed Triboulet the jester with a rapier...
Zara: King Francis seems very sad, but he did intend to execute Triboulet!
Zara: I thought he was a man of reason with a love of the arts! He wouldn't just haul off and execute his jester!
Zara: Maybe the jester did go too far with his jokes. Lady Anne had a physically violent encounter with Triboulet before the entire court! Did the situation escalate?
Zara: And what a shock to discover that the victim had a twin brother!
Devereaux: Guard <Name>! Forgive me the intrusion, but I have news!
Devereaux: I have found Triboulet's killer!

Chapter 3

Zara Tien: <Name>, we still don't know who stabbed Triboulet the jester with a rapier...
Zara: And we need to wrap this up! Although King Francis is a Renaissance man with a love for the arts, he does have the power to execute whomever he pleases!
Devereaux: Well, Guard <Name>, the king may have someone else to execute now!
Zara: Alexandre, what do you mean?
Devereaux: I have found Triboulet's killer - it's Gilia La Bonne!
Zara: What? You think Gilia killed Triboulet? Do you have any proof?
Devereaux: Simple! I caught the maid stealing from His Royal Highness!
Devereaux: And if she has the audacity to steal from King Francis, who knows what else she might have done?
Devereaux: She is being detained at the barracks for your interrogation!
(Devereaux leaves.)
Zara: Well, <Name>, it's a big jump from theft to murder, even if Gilia did steal from the king. But it warrants a chat!

Interrogate Ms La Bonne about her theft.
Zara: Gilia, it's come to our attention that you were caught stealing from His Royal Majesty King Francis! Is there anything else you have to tell us?
Gilia (sweating): I might as well admit it. This isn't the first time I've been caught stealing from the king... Triboulet also saw me pocket a candlestick once...
Zara: And did Triboulet threaten to reveal your theft?
Gilia: No! Triboulet wasn't like that! He never addressed me! He just gave me one of his teasing smiles...
Gilia: But that smile meant he knew what I was doing! And there was no telling what Triboulet might joke about in front of the king!
Zara: So... did you make sure Triboulet wouldn't say a word by silencing him forever?
Gilia: No! I swear I didn't kill him! I just couldn't keep my hands off the silver, that's all! But I'll never steal again!
Zara: That would be wise. Now return to the castle. We won't report you to the king this once, but if you are proved guilty of murder, all bets are off!
(Gilia leaves.)
Zara: I agree, <Name>, now that she's gone, we should have another look around these barracks!

Investigate Barracks Staircase.
Zara: <Name>, if you think this torn paper could be important, you should definitely piece it back together!
Zara: And there's something hidden in that haystack... wait...
Zara: Astro?! Theo's robot?!
Zara: What is he doing outside the time machine? I hope no one saw him!
Zara: Astro must've snuck out, <Name>. And he's probably programmed to hide when his battery gets low, so he went under that haystack...
Zara (holding Astro): Do you remember how to unlock Astro when he's like this? Theo showed me once, but I totally forgot!

Examine Shut-down Astro.
Zara (holding Astro): Oh look! Astro's little eyes are blue again!
Zara: I wonder if Astro recorded something before he powered down.. We better sneak him back to Theo in the time machine!

Analyze Astro.
Theo: Thank goodness it was you who found Astro, <Name>! Stealth mode must've overheated him!
Zara: What was he doing out of the time machine anyway?
Theo: Well... Orlando wanted me to send Astro to the barracks to look for Penelope... I know it's a violation of the rules, but...
Zara: As long as Amy doesn't find out! At least, your heart was in the right place... And Astro's okay?
Theo: Fine as can be now! In fact, he managed to record a little something before he hid and powered down! Check it out!

Start of footage...
Devereaux (with his horse): That old fool Triboulet! He thought he could just take whatever he wanted!
Devereaux (with his horse): But he paid for his mistake! I gave him no choice!
Devereaux (with his horse): That fool learned the hard way, didn't he, Tréfle? No one messes with Alexandre Devereaux!

End of footage...
Zara: Wait. What? Alexandre said that he admired Triboulet, but now we learn that they had issues!
Theo: And the dashing musketeer said something about making the victim pay... This doesn't look good!
Zara: We must find Alexandre and ask him about the problem he had with the victim!

Question Alexandre Devereaux about his conflict with the victim.
Zara: Alexandre! We heard a rumor that you had words with Triboulet!
(Devereaux stands, serious.)
Devereaux: King Francis entrusted me with a very important missive. But that fool Triboulet took it from me before I could deliver it!
Zara: A missive? What was it about?
Devereaux: Ha! As if I would tell you that! All I can tell you is that losing something of such importance could've cost me my life!
Zara: And did you take Triboulet's life to get it back?
Devereaux: No! He was a doddering idiot! I distracted him with my right hand, then punched him with my much stronger left-hand hook!
Devereaux: He promised me all the foie gras I could eat if I would stop, then handed me the missive! That was the last I saw of him!

Examine Torn Paper.
Zara: This letter was signed by Charles!
Zara: And the victim's birth name was "Nicolas"! This letter was sent to Triboulet! I'll scan it and see what this is all about...
Zara (searching through her tablet): Whoa! That's harsh! The letter says that Nicolas is no longer considered part of his birth family.
Zara: But Charles Ferrial claimed that he couldn't wait to see Triboulet! Was it all a lie?
Zara: We need to speak to Charles Ferrial about disowning his brother right away!

Ask Charles Ferrial about disowning his brother.
Zara: Mr Ferrial, we found the letter you sent to your brother! Were you disowning him?
Charles: You must understand... my brother's joking was growing increasingly dangerous!
Charles: If King Francis had taken offense at one of my brother's jokes, he could've turned his anger against our whole family!
Charles: And it was even tougher for me being his twin brother!
Charles: I moved away from Chambord on purpose, but such was the fame of Nicolas' risky japes, I couldn't hide from the king's temper forever!
Charles: I took fencing lessons to protect myself, but I'm not very good... It's hard to find the correct equipment when you're left-handed...
Zara: Well... we knew that the king made a writ of execution for Triboulet, so your concerns weren't unfounded...
Zara: And being in Chambord as the twin brother of the jester, you must've feared for your life! Maybe you were afraid enough to kill your own brother!
Charles: No! I left the matter to the quill and not the sword! Even with the trouble he caused, I wouldn't spill my teen brother's blood!

Later, in the time machine...
Zara: <Name>, we're close, but not close enough! We must find Triboulet's killer to set King Francis at ease!
Zara: We know that Alexandre and Triboulet came to blows over a mysterious missive...
Zara: And Gilia may have killed the jester to cover up her thieving!
Zara: But what about his brother, Charles? He wanted to cut ties with the victim forever! Did he mean that literally?
Zara: You're right, <Name>, the only way we'll solve this murder is to return to the crime scene!

Investigate Garden Fountain.
Zara: That must be Triboulet's hat, <Name>! But what is that purple stain on it? We need a sample!
Zara: And if you think something is hiding in that wheelbarrow, let's have a dig through!
Zara: We're close to catching Triboulet's killer! And the answers are here in these clues!

Examine Jester Hat.
Zara: You have a sample of that purple substance from the jester's hat! Let's get it to Theo, <Name>!

Analyze Purple Substance.
Theo (with Amy): Ah, <Name>, you're already here... Amy and I are just finishing up...
Amy: Listen, Theo. This is the last time you let 21st-century technology out of the time machine without clearance. Got it?
Theo: I read you loud and clear, Amy!
(Amy leaves.)
Theo: Phew, <Name>! That went better than I thought!
Zara: You got chewed out, huh? Well, looks like you got off easy! So how about the purple substance from the victim's hat?
Theo: Ah yes! It was purple for good reason! Blue ink was mixed with the victim's blood!
Theo: The killer left traces of the blue ink when they took the hat off the jester's head! They must have a ton of ink on their clothing as well!
Zara: So the killer has an ink stain, but that's no match for the stain on their character!

Examine Wheelbarrow.
Zara: <Name>, what's a nice glove like that doing in a wheelbarrow?
Zara: Aren't gloves like that used for fencing? Orlando mentioned something about these gauntlets when he made our uniforms...
Zara: But wait a minute! This gauntlet is for a left hand! The killer must have left it here after the murder!
Zara: Let's get this gauntlet to Theo, he may be able to find something more on it!

Analyze Gauntlet.
Zara: Theo, were you able to analyze anything from the left-hand gauntlet <Name> found?
Theo: Yes, indeed! I examined the gauntlet closely and I found tiny droplets of Triboulet's blood on the outside of the glove!
Zara: So the killer was definitely wearing the gauntlet during the murder!
Theo: Yes! Not only that, the killer left skin cells inside the gauntlet, so I ran a partial DNA profile!
Theo: The skin cells showed that the killer has blue eyes!
Zara: Well, our blue-eyed killer had better watch how they go! <Name> is about to catch them!

After completing all the tasks...
Zara: <Name>, we have all we need to catch Triboulet's killer, and bring them before King Francis!

Take care of the killer now!
Zara: Charles Ferrial, you are hereby arrested for the murder of your brother, Nicolas Ferrial, also known as Triboulet the Jester.
Charles: Me? Murder my twin brother? But this is pure fabrication!
Zara: Admit it, Ferrial. You came to Chambord to confront your brother and put an end to the threat he presented to the family once and for all!
Charles: No! All I did was write him a letter! I swear!
Zara: Don't deny it! We know it was you! You used your left-handed rapier! Admit it! You killed him!
(Charles stands, speechless.)
Charles: Yes! I killed him! I ran him through!
Charles: Triboulet knew how jealous I was of him! He was always "the funny one"! Everyone loved him!
Charles: I never wanted to be a bean-counter! I wanted to be a jester like my brother!
Charles: Every joke he made, I knew I could've done it better!
Charles: But the king could only have one jester! My dream of making the court laugh could never come true!
Charles: I moved away because I couldn't stand the sight of my brother living the life I dearly wanted for myself!
Zara: So you killed your twin brother because you were jealous of his job?!
Charles: I wouldn't have killed him, but... my brother went too far! He mocked me!
Charles: He took his... stupid... little... jester staff and started pretending to have a conversation with it about ME!
Charles: Nicolas always knew exactly how to hurt my pride! The jokes were relentless and I LOST MY CALM!
Charles: I took his staff and broke it! I ripped off his hat! But that didn't stop him! He kept making jokes!
Charles: I had had enough! I took my rapier and stabbed him in the stomach, hoping to make it stop!
Charles: But he KEPT TALKING. So I stabbed him in the heart!
Charles: And do you know what he did then? He LAUGHED!
Charles: Finally, I stabbed that idiot in the throat to shut him up forever!
Zara: And now you must face your fate, Ferrial! We shall now remand you to King Francis!

Francis: Charles Ferrial, you have admitted to killing Our dear friend and your own twin brother, Triboulet!
Charles: But he drove me mad, Your Majesty!
Francis: That's no excuse!
Francis: Normally, We would simply have you executed on the spot! Instead, you shall be locked away in prison for life!
Charles: But Your Highness!
Francis: You look too much like Triboulet. Your face offends too greatly! Be gone!
(Charles leaves.)
Francis: As for you, Guard <Name>, We are most pleased with your discovery of the villain who killed Our beloved friend!
Francis: You may stay at Chambord for as long as you wish and will forever be welcome in France!

Amy: <Name>, good job on solving the murder before King Francis got too upset!
Zara: But our other problem remains... we need Leonardo da Vinci's help to fix the time machine!
Amy: For the time being, he's busy with his mural... But, you're right, we should check in on him, <Name>!

A Stroke of Genius (3/5)

Zara Tien: Well, <Name>, so far we've not done bad for ourselves in Renaissance France, solving the murder of the king's jester Triboulet!
Zara: Now we can focus on fixing the time machine! I sure hope Leonardo is making some progress with King Francis' mural so he can come back and help us!
Da Vinci: Hello, my friends! I am very pleased to announce that the sketch of my banquet hall mural is complete!
Da Vinci: Now it is time to begin painting! And I think I shall use the technique that I did for "The Last Supper"!
Theo: Oh NO! Don't do that! The paint started flaking off almost as soon as you were finished!
Da Vinci: But this new mural is inside the castle! Outdoor weather won't be a factor!
Theo: Trust me! I know a way to speed up the drying time of the paint and keep this mural pristine for centuries!
Theo: I believe we'll find what we need in the castle gardens, <Name>!
Orlando: <Name>! There you are!
Orlando: I need to talk to you right away!
Zara: So, <Name>, looks like you need to go with Theo to the gardens. Or I can join you in Orlando's office in a bit!

Speak with Orlando.
Zara: Orlando, what's up? You seem really upset!
Orlando: I AM. Penelope is missing! No one has seen her for hours!
Zara: This is starting to sound worrying. It's not like Penelope to leave the machine without saying where she's going... and for so long...
Orlando: As you know, I convinced Theo to send Astro out to look for her, but the little bot powered down...
Orlando: I still think that she has to be at the musketeer barracks! The last time I saw her she was re-re-re-reading the letter she received from Alexandre...
Zara: Never fear, Orlando, we'll go to the musketeer barracks right away and look for her!

Investigate Musketeer Barracks.
Zara: I don't see Penelope anywhere!
Zara: That's true, <Name>, we should look absolutely everywhere for clues, so if you think a dig through that firewood is worthwhile, I trust you!

Examine Firewood.
Zara: Oh no, <Name>! That looks like Penelope's ribbon! She wore it all the time!
Zara: We should take this ribbon to Orlando and see what he makes of it, but I've got a bad feeling about this!

Analyze Penelope's Ribbon.
Orlando: <Name>, I can't imagine how Penelope lost that ribbon!
Orlando: It's her good luck charm! She always kept it with her, even if she didn't wear it all the time!
Zara: Did the ribbon tell you anything at all?
Orlando: Well, there was a substance on it! Janis said it's called pierre d'argent! It's used to clean silver!
Zara: Where could Penelope have come into contact with silver cleaning stuff?
Zara: You're right, <Name>! That maid, Gilia! She likes to run off with the king's silverware!
Zara: This maid probably touched this ribbon and that means she may have seen Penelope! Let's go speak with Gilia!

Ask Gilia La Bonne if she has seen Penelope.
Zara: Gilia, we believe that you may have seen a friend of ours... she's quite short, has freckles, and-
Gilia: She's the one with that strange pink hair?
Zara: Yes! Where did you see her?
Gilia: Right here in the banquet hall! She was gathering provisions with the musketeer who held me in custody!
Zara: <Name>, Penelope was here with Alexandre! But where are they now, Gilia?
Gilia: How should I know? I just work here!
(Gilia leaves.)
Zara: Well, since Penelope was in the banquet hall, we should have a look around! And grab a bite to eat while we're at it!

Investigate Banquet Table.
Zara: You found a parchment addressed to us, <Name>! And Penelope signed it!
Zara: But we can't read the rest! I'll grab your dusting kit!

Examine Faded Parchment.
Zara: Oh no, <Name>! This is a goodbye letter from Penelope!
Zara: It reads, "Dear T.I.M.E. Crew: By the time you read this, I will be gone with my true love, Alexandre!"
Zara: Penelope left with her dashing musketeer! That's insane!
Zara: How could Penelope do this? She can't settle into a time period so different from her own!
Zara: We MUST find her and bring her back!
Zara: Good point, <Name>, Penelope left with Alexandre, and he wouldn't leave France except on the king's orders!
Zara: We'd better go request an audience with King Francis and ask where they might've gone!

Ask Francis I where Penelope went.
Francis: Oh, dear friends! You requested an audience with Us and We are only too happy to see you again!
Zara: Your Highness, we are concerned for our friend Penelope. She has abandoned her duties to follow her heart!
Zara: We must find her! Would Your Ever-Generous Majesty be kind enough to tell us where they may have gone?
Francis: Well... You did find the person who killed Our jester...
Francis: ... and you did bring Leonardo back to Chambord... We believe we can trust you!
Francis: We sent Alexandre to the Ottoman Empire to speak with the Sultan who rules that land and is a great friend to France!
Zara: The Ottoman Empire?! But that's weeks of travel from here!
Francis: Never fear, friends! They can't have gotten far! And We will give you gold to help you in your quest to find the fair Penelope!

A few moments later...
Zara: Can you believe it, <Name>? Penelope ran off with Alexandre the musketeer to the Ottoman Empire!
Zara: I've got to get back to the time machine and tell the others right away!

Investigate Chambord Gardens.
(Theo is seen wearing a Swiss Guard uniform.)
Theo: So we need a certain type of tree sap. I can then use it as a base to synthesize a fixing agent for the paint on Leonardo's mural!
Theo: Well spotted, <Name>, there's some sap on that parasol. Let's get a sample!

Examine Parasol.
Theo: That sap is perfection, <Name>! I'll get it back to my lab to create the fixative to preserve Leonardo's painting!

Analyze Tree Sap.
Theo: <Name>, you'll be glad to know that the sap you collected from that parasol worked like a charm! Leonardo will now have faster-drying and longer-lasting paint!
Theo: I was able to synthesize the sap to create the fixative and then mixed it with a strong alcohol in order to speed up the drying process!
Kai: Hey guys, I couldn't help but overhear... did you say that Leonardo's mural will dry faster?
Theo: Yep! He just needs to apply the fixative after he's done painting. It will be dry in hours, not days!
Kai: So that means Leonardo will be able to come help us fix the time machine that much more quickly!
Kai: And I really hope that he can... because as exciting as it is to wander through time, I'm really starting to miss the creature comforts of 2029...
Kai: I'm totally going to be behind on all my telenovelas!
Theo: You'll muddle through, Kai! In the meantime, we've got to get this fixative to Leonardo!

Deliver the fixative to Leonardo.
Theo: Leonardo! I have excellent news for you! Here is your fixative! Now your paint will dry faster and be protected longer!
Da Vinci: You whipped up a batch so fast? Theo, I think you might be a little bit of a genius yourself!
Theo: That means everything in the world coming from you, Leonardo!
Da Vinci: I dearly hope that the work will be complete in a short time, so I can get back to working on your wondrous time machine!
Da Vinci: I feel bad about the delay... If my life didn't depend on finishing this mural, I would certainly abandon it...
Theo: We understand, Leonardo. But we've been stuck in the past for months now! Another couple of days won't hurt us!
Da Vinci: Thank you, <Name>! I could KISS you! And, please, <Name>, have this gift to thank you for all your help!

Later, in the time machine...
Da Vinci: My friends! I am happy to report great progress!
Da Vinci: Thanks to the fixative you gave me, the mural for King Francis has advanced so quickly that one of my students can finish it!
Da Vinci: I may now devote all my mind and energy to helping you with your time machine!
Amy: Wonderful, Leonardo! But we have a new crisis on our hands!
Amy: One of our colleagues, Penelope, has eloped with a musketeer!
Orlando: I cannot believe she ran off! Our little mousey Penelope!
Amy: By now, she's well on her way to the Ottoman Empire, and we've got to get her back!
Da Vinci: In that case, I shall come with you! My obligations to King Francis are discharged, and I am now at liberty!
Amy: That is most generous of you, Leonardo!
Amy: Then, we're off to the Ottoman Empire, <Name>! I hope we can make Penelope listen to reason!

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