The Mummy of Pharaoh Sephtah VI was a suspect in the murder investigation of archaeology student Dan Quang in Scarab to Death (Case #24 of Supernatural Investigations).


The mummy is the 4007-year old mummified remains of Pharaoh Sephtah VI. He has pale, wrinkled skin, black eyes, and is missing a tooth. His body is discovered in torn, stained bandages.

Height 5'6"
Age 4007
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes black
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

The mummy became a suspect after he encountered Luke and the player in the storage facility of the Smithsonian Museum. After identifying himself to the team, he revealed that the victim had opened his sarcophagus and disturbed his eternal peace. He claimed that Dan deserved to die for disturbing him, but he had not been responsible for his death. The mummy then gave the team a scrap of paper that was stuck to his rags, telling them that Dan had left it behind. The scrap was a receipt for The Fifth Amendment Bar, prompting Luke and the player to investigate the bar.

The mummy was spoken to again about his threat to the victim. He revealed that Dan had also taken the scarab amulet from him. The amulet had been cursed for protection but allowed him to find peace. He informed the team that without the amulet, he would stay undead forever. Luke and the player then resolved to reunite the mummy with his amulet after solving Dan's murder.

Mid-investigation, Felix informed the team that the mummy had escaped from the Smithsonian and had headed to The Fifth Amendment Bar. Chief Arrow and the player went to the bar, where they found the mummy scaring occult dealer Reggie Pratt. Chief Arrow instructed Reggie to stand back and lured the mummy back to the storage facility with the scarab amulet.

The mummy was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Theresa Rosenthal for Dan's murder. Later, Luke and the player restored the scarab amulet to the mummy. He retrieved the amulet, but informed the team that he also needed a special drink made from barley and honey. They found some beer at The Fifth Amendment Bar and sent it to Priya, who concluded that the beer had the perfect balance of ingredients for the mummy. Luke and the player then gave the mummy the beer, who drank it and was laid to rest.


  • At 4007 years old, the mummy is the second oldest character in the game.

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