Misha Goshwalla (Hin: मिशा गोश्वल्ल) was the killer of her sister, first-year student Rani Goshwalla, in Murder on Campus (Case #32 of Grimsborough).


Misha is a 22-year-old Indian literature student who has long black hair. Misha is seen wearing a pink salwar kameez with a yellow collar. On her left side, she wears a Psi Sigma Gamma brooch. It is known that Misha eats frozen yogurt, drinks champagne and takes Vitamin C supplements.

Height 5'5"
Age 22
Weight 118 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Rani and Misha2

Rani and Misha in front of the Taj Mahal.

Misha Goshwalla was a literature student, who studied at the Grimsborough University along with her younger sister, Rani, whom she "accidentally" killed one morning. When Misha was arrested, she explained to Jones and the player that she hated Rani and was jealous of her. She thought that her younger sister was better, prettier, and more popular than her. One day, Misha decided to tell her sister how she really felt while they were in the campus. Just when Misha went to Rani, she saw her younger sister wearing a bikini with writings all over her body. This made Misha want to humiliate the victim in front of the whole college. She made Rani drink alcohol after alcohol until the victim finally passed out. Then, Misha tied her up and left her for the whole college to see, but what she did not realize was that there was an ant hill right next to her unconsious sister, causing her to die of asphyxiation after the ants crawled into her ears, nose, and mouth.

Misha was hereby charged with manslaughter and sentenced to twelve years in prison and meeting with a psychiatrist regularly.


The team found a major finding in Spring Break Massacre in which a serial killer using others to do their job was on the loose. At the climax of The Rorschach Reaper, the court found out that Misha was one of the three killers (the other two being Penelope Rivera and Taylor Kirby) who were hypnotized by Tess Goodwin, which led Misha to kill her own sister against her own will. This finding did not make Misha innocent, however, but it did add a criminal charge to Tess's list of crimes.


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