Miracle Girl was a suspect in the murder investigation of comic book artist Marcus Butler in Color Me Murdered (Case #22 of The Conspiracy).


Miracle Girl is a 28-year-old cosplayer who has brown hair in a braid and blue eyes. She wears a white, gold and blue and white star print superheroine suit. She also wears dark blue cuffs with gold linings, gold star earrings, a golden crown in her hair and light red lipstick. It is known that Miracle Girl went to GrimCon, drinks Incredible Bulk cocktails and takes vitamin D supplements.

Height 5'9"
Age 28
Weight 143 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Miracle Girl became a suspect after she arrived at the precinct to tell Jones and the player about her encounter with the victim at a tavern called The Kraken. Her revelation prompted Jones and the player to investigate the tavern.

Miracle Girl was spoken to again about the victim mocking her. She explained that she was excited to show Marcus her costume and transformation because he was the character's creator, but received negative feedback from him. Despite doing everything she could to prove that she could be Miracle Girl, nothing was good enough for him.

Miracle Girl was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Haruki Kato for Marcus' murder. But she was later questioned regarding the disappearances of Carter Hayes and Olive Powell after Gloria and the player stumbled across her in the ruins. She told them that she had seen the children in the ruins, but they had ran off when she tried to return them to their families. She then suggested that they searched Marcus' studio because they had been talking about it.


  • Miracle Girl is a parody of Wonder Woman (portrayed by Gal Gadot), a character from the DC comic series and its film adaptations.

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