Mike Herbert was a suspect in the murder investigation of his ex-fiancée, scuba diver Valerie Green, in What Dies Beneath (Case #3 of Pacific Bay).


Mike is a 28-year-old shop owner sporting a tan, a light stubble, and has black hair and green eyes. Mike wears an open light-blue shirt with his company's logo "Pacific Diving" imprinted on it. It is known that Mike uses hand cream, knows scuba diving and drinks champagne.

Height 5'10"
Age 28
Weight 193 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

When Chief Marquez told Amy and the player about a bomb ready to explode at the Pacific Diving Scuba Diving shop, the team had to put their murder investigation on hold to remove the bomb away from the premises. Fortunately, the team removed the bomb but were covered in smoke—prompting the player to assemble the bomb back together and entrusting it to Hannah for analysis. The investigation alone prompted Amy to talk to Mike.

Mike mentioned about Valerie Green, something that aroused Amy's attention. Mike told the team he was backstabbed by Valerie when she opted to break the engagement in favor of dating Mighty Pete. This agitated Mike forcing him to close the discussion letting the team knew he needed to go scuba diving.

When the player and Amy re-investigated Pacific Diving, Mike asked Amy for the player's permission to talk to them, and the player agreed. Mike apologized to the team for giving them the wrong perception of Valerie, and the reason why he broke up with Valerie was because she lived in Pacific Bay all her life and wanted to leave the city, so she decided to engage in a gold-digging spree by dating Mighty Pete, causing Mike to accuse Valerie of cheating on him. Mike gave one simple message—talk to Roger Strout about Valerie's murder—something that helped prove Mike innocent at the end of the case when Mighty Pete was found guilty of the premeditated murder of Valerie Green. Mike did not need any help after the indictment.

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