The Criminal

aka Alexandrias

  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Overthinker
  • I am ?


Hello young one, feel free to speak to me, I don't bite
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  • Would you like some mems

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday Criminal!!

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  • Happy birthday!! Hope you don't die of a stroke just yet xox

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  • I hate you JK, but happy birthday didn't know it was your birthday, but congrads

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  • Happy Birthday to you! It is already March 30 in my area!

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  • happy birthday fugly xoxo

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  • Hello Crim :). I know I may be too late but 

    Congratulations on your promotion. :D :D

    RoseyLaly28 u~u 05:47, March 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • h20 just add cringe

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  • Hey... I only would want to know how did you doto have  your favorites cases and charaters in sections like University or Airport ?

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    • Heh dude if you tell me what ten characters you want in each districts I'll fix it for you.

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    • If you accept to do it, alright.

      Industrial Area : Rosa Wolf, Eva Coleman, Mikhail Levin, Nikolay Woloch, Ginger, Biff Wellington, Lydia Holly, Rosa Cassidy, Samantha Warner, Joshua Kempe.

      Financial Center : Kate Murphy, Harriet Meadows, Alfred Ziegler, Racher Priest, Ramona Stewart, Julian Ramis, Jezabela, Harper McAlister, Drake Ribbs, Carl Ackerman.

      Historical Center : Margaret Littlewood, Nellie Appleton, Gertrude Piccadilly, James Savage, Desmond Galloway, Adela Zhu, Gloria Fernandez, Constance Bell, Charles Parker, Charlotte Young.

      University : Madison Springer, Donna Walker, Tess Goodwin, The @rtist/Cathy King (same person), Chad Baker, Caroline Fitzgerald, Isaac Hersberger, Taylor Kirby, Sarah Mills, Jenny Honeycomb.

      Maple Heights : Adam Bentley, Martha Price, Kelly-Anne Buxton, Archibald Ashworth, Lola Vallez, Zack Holden, Molly Mocard, Georgi Papacoulis, Mohammad Souleyman, Harper Stone.

      Airport : Susan Huckabee, Herman Cavendish, Shanaya Peota, Anakee, Delsin Peota, Jenny Quaid, Rosie Gatewood, Morgan Goodwin, Rebecca Moire, Luna Hecate.

      All districts *Most Favorite*: Rachel Priest, Jezabela, Julian Ramis, Nellie Appleton, Margaret Littlewood, James Savage, Gertrude Piccadilly, Desmond Galloway, Constance Bell, Cathy King, Donna Walker, Tess Goodwin, Chad Baker, Madison Springer, Georgi Papacoulis, Lola Vallez, Anakee, Delsin Peota, Morgan Goodwin, Rebecca Moire. 

      That all. (If you wants, i can put all the character from every districts at their places *I cannot do it for the «All districts» things, but I can replace the characters for the one I wants in the districts to help you*)

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