aka Zachary Riley

  • I live in Boise, Idaho
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Student at Law School (Almost Done)
  • I am Male
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  • Is Jack Logan one of the Logan’s we have then we can’t use him

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    • Case 44: Symphony of a Broken Heart

      Victim: Aileen Treasure (found dead in her workplace in east Stockholm)

      Weapon: Noose


      Elvira Milton (Tourist)

      Hank Kyles (Swedish Prime Minister)

      Finley Ijonkori (Morocco Olympic Coach)

      Ayden Aoki (Fashion Designer)

      Siacalo Laislisna (Pilot)

      Killer: Hank Kyles (life in prison)

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    • Case 45: The Murder War

      Victim: Finley Ijonkori (found shot in the head in Helsinki by a traitor of the World Detectives)

      Weapon: pistol


      Halo Array (Partner)

      Mezata Tusk (Coroner)

      Mia Loukas (Beat Cop)

      Nicki Sixteen (Chief)

      Samantha Summerson (Lab Chief)

      LOMINOAS (Good Creature)

      Maya Corpse (Partner)

      Sofia Ursula (Tech Expert)

      Killer: Sofia Ursula (life in prison, the traitor) 


      Guanting Zhihao (Beat Cop)

      AI: The team found out that weapon were being given to Belarus to start a war with Azerbaijan and Armenia. When asked where the weapons were coming from, Mezata Tusk took Sofia's place as tech expert and found out both Turkmenistan was the one handing out the weapons. The team was convinced to go to Minsk, Belarus. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • How are you.My home room that I teach just won our schools Feild day.

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  • Happy Birthday zach

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  • Happy 22nd birthday, Zach.

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  • I will message you here.

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  • Will you link to your user page?

    NOTE: I did not intervene. Because this is your user page.

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  • You were born two months after Jordan.

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  • Hey who is your favorite character?

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  • Hey, Can we chat?

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  • How is the law school going?

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