Megan Lucas was the killer of franchise owner Brad Price in Cross My Heart (Case #4 of The Conspiracy).


Megan is a 27-year-old massage therapist. She wears glasses and has her brown hair tied back in a bun with a rose fascinator. She wears a lavender buttoned-up shirt with a gold name tag on her right lapel. It is known that Megan practices archery, goes indoor tanning and drinks green smoothies.

Height 5'7"
Age 27
Weight 151 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Megan became a suspect after Gloria and the player found a tablet showing the wellness center's appointments and discovered that the victim was one of Megan's clients there. After Gloria informed her of the victim's murder, she expressed shock, but claimed that she didn't know him very well as they wouldn't converse a lot.

Megan was spoken to again about an old photo which revealed that the victim used to bully her in high school. When presented with the picture, she begged them to take the picture away and revealed that Brad and his friends would bully her throughout high school because of her looks. However, after high school, she reinvented herself, which caused the victim to not recognize her when he became her massage client. Despite assuring them that she had gotten over her childhood torture, Gloria questioned whether she would have still committed murder.

In the end, it was proven that Megan was Brad's killer. Upon admitting to the murder, Megan said that Brad had almost killed her. He invited her to a party when they were in senior year. There, he dared her to jump into the pool because everyone was going to do it. Wanting to fit in, Megan jumped into the pool, not knowing that it was drained empty a few days earlier. She was then hospitalized for six months, ruining her plans of going to medical school. Angry at him for ruining her life, Megan struck Brad with an arrow through the heart, hoping that people would think it was a murder due to love. Judge Powell sentenced her to 7 years in prison for the crime.

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