Mason Bloom (2000–2018) was the victim in Behind These Walls (Case #27 of The Conspiracy).


Mason was the 18-year-old Bloom family heir. He had red hair and green eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a white buttoned shirt under a navy blue jacket with beige linings, as well black pants and brown shoes. It is known that Mason drank cider, shot clay pigeon, knew Latin, was a fan of The Henge and used fidget spinners.

Murder details

Mason was found in the Hall of Knights foyer of the Bloom family castle with a halberd sticking out of his chest, which was immediately confirmed as the murder weapon. Per Martine, the stab wound pierced his chest, causing him to bleed out. Despite the killer not leaving anything on his body, Martine found traces of hard apple cider on the shaft. This proved the killer drank cider.

Relationship with suspects

Mason had a twin sister, Chelsea Bloom, who was jealous of the victim being in the spotlight and the one their parents cared more about. Mason also had a feud with his father, Clive Bloom, claiming that Mason thought that he could do whatever he wanted (such as choosing where he wanted to study), despite the men's tradition in the Bloom family. Mason was also found out to have impregnated the bloom family maid, Anita Diaz, and had planned to run away with her. Mason also snapped a photo of his grandmother, Violet Bloom, walking despite keeping her secret so she could appear weak so the family would do what she wanted. Mason also infuriated the Bloom groundskeeper, Ruben Lindstrom, by being a nuisance and causing havoc in the family orchards, making Ruben think he didn't belong in the Bloom family.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Violet.

Upon admitting to the murder, Violet said Mason was dating Anita and impregnated her, eventually planning to run away with her. Violet thought the new child would destroy the Bloom family tree, so she stabbed her grandson in the heart with a halberd, forcing the maid to take care of her son all alone. Judge Powell sentenced Violet to 15 years in jail.


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