Marley Evans, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Over the Edge (Case #18 of Supernatural Investigations).


Marley is one of the kidnapping victims of the US witch coven. She has green eyes, a missing tooth and black dreads tied back into two buns with beige and white bows. She is seen wearing a yellow shirt.

Events of Criminal Case

The Supernatural Hunters arrived in Clarksville, Iowa, following FBI Agent George Mathison's lead regarding Marley's disappearance. However, their search for Marley was waylaid by a murder.

After arresting Sharon Decker's killer, Hope and the player continued their search for Marley at the roller rink. They restored a missing poster for Marley and sent it to Felix for examination. Felix ran his quartz over the missing poster, causing it to light up, which meant that hours before Marley had gone missing, she had been under the influence of a witch's spell. Hope and the player then interrogated coven leader Morgana Blackhawk about the child abductions. Morgana denied all of the accusations and told the team that she would personally look into the allegations. Hope then assured the player that the team would look into the allegations too.

Case appearances


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