Manka Srebnik (Srb: Манка Сребник) née Radich (Srb: Радић) was a suspect in the murder investigation of her father, shop owner Radovan Radich, in Eastern Promises (Case #13 of Pacific Bay).


Manka is the 24-year-old bride of the groom, Steve Srebnik, in the Serbian wedding. She wears a traditional Serbian bride garment which includes a white oglavja, and a sky blue scarf as well as a sea blue traditional cap for her headdress. She also wears two strings of silver coins around her neck accompanied with gold earrings. It is known that Manka smokes shisha pipe, uses bathing salts and reads the Daily Dawn.

Height 5'6"
Age 24
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Manka was born Manka Radich and therefore is the daughter of the late Radovan Radich.

Moments after Manka said "I do" to Steve Srebnik, she told the police to investigate the reception room only to find Radovan's body impaled by a wedding decoration--grounds for Frank and the player to question Manka right away. Being a strict woman, Manka wanted Radovan alive but Frank informed Manka her father was murdered, but Manka thought Radovan's death meant something for her as Radovan let Manka down her life, something that puzzled Frank--but later on the team discovered that Radovan was known to have been defensive over Manka about Steve as Radovan did not want Steve touching Manka.

Later on, Hannah found out Radovan edited his will to ensure Manka would not inherit the Pipe Dreams Shisha shop at his death, which was flagged as a possible murder reason, and for that, the team opted to talk to Manka for a second time. Manka was aghast when the team told her about Radovan's edited will and also went far by telling Frank that he was a bad father. She believed she loved Radovan although neither Radovan nor Manka got along. Frank then took some time to talk about his divorce from his wife and through a divorce decree Frank was forbidden from seeing his children, although he would prefer to leave the past behind.

Manka was found innocent once the killer was incriminated and incarcerated for grand homicide.

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