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Blackmoor Asylum, El Paso, Texas...
Gwen Harper: <Name>, we're finally starting to understand why my latest crush Justine killed her sister - she got possessed by a murderous ghost!
Gwen: And she isn't the only one. This serial-killer spook has been making people commit murder ever since they died five years ago! Leaving a tarot card on the scene is their signature.
Gwen: We summoned this vengeful spirit in a seance, and it was angry and threatening.
Gwen: It told us to drop the investigation, or we'd end up like Greg Schmidt, the cop who investigated the previous tarot murders. He went insane!
Gwen: A police officer losing his marbles - that ain't a good omen! But it's the only lead we have, which is why we've come to the asylum where he's a patient.
Gwen: We'll tell them we're hospital inspectors making a surprise nighttime visit! That usually makes people pay attention!
Gwen: The place looks creepy as hell, doesn't it? But I guess we have no choice but to go in! After you, <Name>!

Inside the asylum...
Gwen: Gosh, <Name>, this place looks like it's about to fall apart! You'd think there'd be a receptionist or something...
Gwen: Hang on... there's blood seeping out from under that bathroom door! We'd better find out what's going on!

Chapter 1

Investigate Creepy Bathroom.
Gwen Harper (disgusted): Oh God, <Name>... that woman's skull's been cracked open and her brains are spilling out!
Gwen: She couldn't have done this to herself - it's a murder!
Gwen: There's a nametag pinned to her coat - "Dr L. Stein". So she was a doctor here.
Gwen: I don't see a tarot card anywhere, so this can't be the ghost's doing! But we can't turn a blind eye to a murder - we'd better investigate it!
Gwen: Let's start with looking through this bag - the victim's initials are on it!
Gwen: And we should recover the faded writing on this door pass and find out whose it is!
Gwen: <Name>, don't forget we came here to talk to the tarot murder cop, so let's keep an eye out for him too!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Gwen: It makes sense that Dr Stein would be carrying her to-do-list in her bag, <Name>!
Gwen: But look! Her first task today was to "Assess whether Greg Schmidt can be released from solitary confinement"! That's the name of the cop we came here to talk to!
Gwen: So Schmidt's not only involved in the tarot murder investigation, but he clearly also saw our victim not long before she was murdered!
Gwen: We need a chat with the former police officer!

Speak to Greg Schmidt.
Gwen: Excuse me, Officer Schmidt?
Greg (showing his badge): Hands up where I can see them! Or you're going into solitary this time, not me!
Gwen: Um, we're not criminals, we just want to talk to you!
Greg: Where's Dr Stein? She's the only one I'll speak with. Innocent until proven guilty! Or is it guilty until proven innocent?
Gwen: I'm afraid you won't be able to speak to Dr Stein, because she's been murdered!
Greg: Murdered?! Murders ruined my life! Murders landed me here!
Greg: We gotta solve Dr Stein's murder before you go mad too!
Gwen: Okay, try to stay calm. Do you need us to find you a doctor?
Greg: No time! Gotta go file my police report!
(Greg leaves.)
Gwen: <Name>, there's definitely a screw loose in Greg Schmidt's head! I wonder if looking into the tarot deaths made him like that.
Gwen: Anyway, it seems we're not going to get much out of him until we solve Dr Stein's murder, so let's focus on that for now!

Examine Access Badge.
Gwen: This access badge belongs to an Adam Enstrom, <Name>...
Gwen: We'd better talk to the guy about the murder. And remember, we're hospital inspectors, so we'll need to act all important and stuff!

Ask Adam Enstrom about the victim.
Gwen: Mr Enstrom, we're hospital inspectors conducting a surprise visit of these premises...
Gwen: Not only have we noticed multiple breaches of health and safety, but we also discovered the asylum doctor murdered in the bathroom!
Adam: Dr Stein... has been murdered?
Gwen: A hole drilled into her skull sounds like murder, yeah!
Adam: This is awful, but sadly, sometimes staff get attacked by unhinged patients. See, I have a fresh scar too! It needed four stitches!
Gwen: So, are you a doctor here too?
Adam: I was once a patient, but Dr Stein cured me, and then trained me to be her assistant. I owe her everything!
Gwen: I must say, that's a pretty amazing story of recovery!
Adam: I know! I can't believe I saw the good doctor making her round of the patients' dorms only earlier, and now she's dead!
Gwen: All we can do now is make sure the killer doesn't strike again. Now, if you last saw Dr Stein in the patients' dormitory, then we'd better continue our inves- I mean, inspection there!

Investigate Patients’ Dorm.
Gwen: Look at the state of this dorm, <Name>! Seriously, how is this asylum even allowed to operate?
Gwen: Anyway, our victim sure liked putting her initials on her belongings! At least we know for sure that this stethoscope belonged to her.
Gwen: Could the blood on it also be hers? We should collect a sample!
Gwen: And what's this torn cloth about? Let's stitch it back together!

Examine Torn Cloth.
Gwen: Ugh, this is a straitjacket, <Name>. Makes sense that we'd find one in a psychiatric hospital!
Gwen: But why are there two collars? And two names: "Charity and Mercy!"
Gwen: Is this straitjacket used to restrain two people at the same time? We need to find Charity and Mercy, and get the answer!

Talk to Charity and Mercy about Dr Stein.
Mercy: Look, Charity, we gots ourselves some fresh meat!
Gwen: Ummm...
Charity: Ooh yes, Mercy! I loves me a redhead - she's mine! Hee, hee!
Gwen: Um, hello there! So, you're conjoined twins?
Charity and Mercy: Yes, we is, and we's best frenemies too, hee, hee!
Gwen: Oh-kay... So, we're hospital inspectors, and we need to ask you about Dr Stein. You see, she was murdered-
Charity: Dr Stein's murdered? That means she's dead? Ooh, we just adores dead things, don't we, Mercy?
Gwen: So you're saying you're happy Dr Stein's dead?
Charity and Mercy: We're happy about everything! Squish, squash, bish bosh! Out, damned spot! Hee, hee!
(Charity and Mercy leaves.)
Gwen: Geez Louise, <Name>, I wonder if we'll ever solve this murder if all our suspects are like these girls!

Examine Victim's Stethoscope.
Gwen: Right, <Name>, let's get the blood from our victim's stethoscope to Priya. Doctor's orders!

Analyze Blood.
Priya (knitting): Knit one, purl one? Or is it purl two? Drats!
Gwen: Having some trouble there, Priya?
Priya (knitting): Hmm? Oh, I've taken up knitting because I heard it's a great way to relax. But I think I need more practice before that happens!
Gwen: Well, I am in need of a winter beanie... just saying!
Priya: Duly noted! But back to business. The blood on the stethoscope you sent me - it's the victim's!
Gwen: Which means the killer must've yanked the stethoscope off her neck after committing murder, and then discarded it in the dorm room!
Priya: Correct! And I also found traces of medication for claustrophobia in the blood...
Priya: Ben confirmed that your victim didn't have this medicine in her system, so it's your killer who isn't a fan of small spaces, <Name>!
Gwen: Well then I hope the prison cell we get the killer thrown into won't be too claustrophobic!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Ben: <Name>, the way your victim was murdered was positively prehistoric!
Gwen: So you're saying a Neanderthal did this, Ben?
Ben: Not quite! But let me start from the beginning...
Ben: First off, I noticed pentobarbital, a strong sedative, in your victim's blood. The killer must've injected her with it, so keep an eye out for a syringe.
Ben: Once Dr Stein became drowsy, her killer led her to the bathroom where you found her body.
Ben: This is where the prehistoric part comes in, because your killer then proceeded to bore a hole in her skull using a trepanning tool!
Gwen: A trepa-what now?
Ben: A trepanning tool! It was used thousands of years ago to conduct crude surgical procedures on people! They'd use it to drill, cut, or scrape away layers of bone-
Gwen (disgusted): I think I'm gonna be sick!
Ben: Well, if done properly, the patient usually survives such a procedure. So your killer's either an incompetent medical professional, or a layman trying their luck at surgery!
Ben: And here comes another stomach-churning detail - the killer left some of their breakfast oats in the victim's brains!
Ben: The oat's consistency confirmed it to be gruel, a weaker version of porridge... which your killer must enjoy!
Gwen: Gruel for our cruel killer... Hope it tastes better than it sounds, <Name>!

Gwen: <Name>, I don't think I've ever met so many unhinged individuals all at once!
Gwen: I guess it's to be expected when visiting a creepy mental asylum!
Gwen: What we didn't plan on was finding the asylum doctor murdered with a hole drilled through her skull!
Gwen: We did manage to meet the cop involved in the tarot murder investigations, but it was impossible to get any straight answers from him!
Gwen: Then there's the weird conjoined twins, who seemed strangely excited about the murder.
Gwen: We also talked to the victim's assistant-
Gwen: Sounds like someone set off an alarm!
Adam: Help, Inspector <Name>!
Adam: It's one of the patients... they've escaped!

Chapter 2

Blackmoor Asylum, Texas...
Gwen Harper: <Name>, we might be in modern-day Texas, but this creepy asylum is straight out of a Victorian gothic novel!
Gwen: We came here to figure out why an angry ghost is possessing people and making them commit murder... hoping that a now insane cop mignt have some answers...
Gwen: ... but instead, we found the asylum doctor with a hole drilled through her skull!
Gwen: There's still a lot we-
Gwen: <Name>, sounds like someone set off an alarm!
Adam: Help, inspectors! One of the asylum patients has escaped!
Adam: He's a danger to himself and others - we can't let him leave the premises!
Gwen: Leave it to us, Mr Enstrom - we'll stop the patient from getting away!

Seconds later, by the asylum gate...
Adam: Look, there he is, trying to scale the wall! Hey, get down from there!
Greg: What? No! I need to get back to the precinct, stat! Otherwise, the captain's gonna whip my hiney!
Gwen: Officer Schmidt?!
Gwen: Listen, if you don't stop this nonsense immediately, that hiney of yours will be thrown right back into solitary!
Greg: Oh no - anything but solitary - it's so claustrophobic in there! I won't run away anymore.
Gwen: You made the right call, Officer. Mr Enstrom will escort you back to the asylum!
Greg (with Adam, showing his badge): Fine, but I order you to search the perimeter! The murdered doctor walked here all the time!
(Greg and Adam leave.)
Gwen: <Name>, now I know what babysitting must feel like!
Gwen: Anyway, Schmidt said that the victim liked to walk around the asylum grounds. His mind may be broken but maybe his cop instincts are still intact. Let's hunt for clues!

Investigate Asylum Gardens.
Gwen: Right, <Name>, that cop said the victim liked to walk around here, so let's see what clues you found!
Gwen: That's a pretty box. We should open it!
Gwen: And there's a name scratched into this wheelbarrow. It's almost illegible, but I'm sure you can fígure it out!
Gwen: As for this pile of wood, it could definitely be hiding something. Hope your biceps are up for some log-tossing, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Logs.
Gwen: Cripes, <Name>, this weird contraption you found under the logpile has blood all over it!
Gwen: Could it be the trepanning tool that was used to drill a hole in our victim's head? Let's send it to Ben and find out!

Analyze Weird Tool.
Ben: <Name>, I still don't get why your killer chose such a complicated murder weapon!
Gwen: So the strange object we sent you is the trepanning tool that was used to kill our victim?
Ben: Without a doubt! Not only does the blood on it match your victim's, but the circumference of the drill bit is identical to the hole in her head!
Ben: What's more, I discovered microscopic particles of yellow plastic on the tool's handle...
Ben: ... And it turns out that this plastic is used exclusively in making counters for a game called Link 4!
Gwen: I remember asking my parents for Link 4 for Christmas once, but they got me a hunting crossbow instead.
Ben: Well, that wasn't the fate of your killer, who definitely seems to have enjoyed playing Link 4!
Gwen: It may be all fun and Link 4 games for the killer now, but we'll soon put an end to that, eh, <Name>?
Gwen: And on that note, let's take another look around the scene of the crime!

Investigate Bloody Bathtub.
Gwen: <Name>, just when you think this place couldn't get any more disturbing, we find this freaky mask!
Gwen: I've heard of contraptions like these - they're used to stop patients from biting!
Gwen: There's a tag on it signed "Dr Stein". Let's uncover the rest of the message!
Gwen: And we should tape up this torn photo too!

Examine Mask.
Gwen: <Name>, the tag on the creepy mask says "Patient 84682: If you don't behave, you know what will happen! Dr Stein."
Gwen: So, Dr Stein was threatening to put this mask on a patient if they didn't "behave" themselves! They can't have been happy about this!
Gwen: But which patient does the number on the tag refer to? Let's see if Hope can find out!

Analyze Mask Tag.
Hope (holding her laptop): Curiouser and curiouser...
Gwen: Hey, Hopie! Whatcha up to?
Hope (closing her laptop): Nothing that concerns you, Gwen!
Gwen: Alright... well, the mask tag we sent you does concern us. Did you find out who patient 84682 is?
Hope: Oh yeah - the asylum's online network is as crumbly as the building itself, so hacking into it was child's play!
Hope: And the patient your victim was threatening was Adam Enstrom!
Gwen: Adam Enstrom, Dr Stein's assistant?
Gwen: You're right, <Name>, he told us he used to be a patient, and that Dr Stein cured him!
Gwen: Sounds like she was using that mask to threaten to turn Enstrom back into a patient!
Gwen: We need another talk with the assistant, <Name>!

Find out why the victim was threatening Adam Enstrom.
Gwen: Mr Enstrom, are you in the habit of biting people?
Adam: Of course not! What would make you say that?
Gwen: The mask that Dr Stein was threatening to put on you if you didn't "behave" yourself!
Adam: Oh, that terrible mask was just one of many ways Dr Stein bullied and punished me!
Adam: One time she put four teaspoons of salt in my bowl of gruel and forced me to eat it all...
Adam: ... just because she saw me playing Link 4 with Savannah!
Adam: Another time, she locked me in a tiny cupboard, even though she knows I'm claustrophobic! And that was because had taken too many bathroom breaks!
Adam: I know I owe Dr Stein for making me healthy again, but that didn't give her the right to treat me this way!
Gwen: Mr Enstrom, it sounds like Dr Stein was making your life unbearable, but I hope we don't find out you ended her life in retaliation!

Examine Torn Photo.
Gwen: <Name>, is that Charity and Mercy, the conjoined twins... unconjoined?!
Gwen: I'm totally confused about what's going on. Let's ask the girls!

Ask Charity and Mercy to explain their photo.
Mercy: Mr Poopface is mine! Give him to me!
Charity: I won squares and fairs at Link 4 - he belongs to ME!
Gwen: Ladies, can you forget about Mr Poopface for a sec and explain how you're separated in this photo?
Mercy: Oh, that's before we mets the nasty doctor, isn't it, Charity?
Charity: Yes, yes. Dr Stein stoled us from our mommy and cut us up and stitched us back together as one! Now we even shares the same tummy!
Gwen: Wait, you're saying that you used to be twins, and Dr Stein's the one who turned you into conjoined twins? What the actual-
Charity and Mercy: She told us we was her bestest experiment! But we was not happy! We wanted the doctor dead! We so happy someone killed her! Hee hee!

Examine Ornate Box.
Gwen: This looks like a music box, <Name>! Let's play it!
(The music box plays.)
Savannah: Oh, goodie, you found my ballerina in a box! Doesn't she look just like Dr Stein...?
Gwen: A little, I guess... Who are you?
Savannah: Usually I'm Savannah, but today I'm a butterfly flit, flit, flitting through the sky!
Gwen: Um, alright, Savannah-slash-butterfly, we have some questions to ask you about Dr Stein!

Try to get some answers from Savannah Austin about the victim.
Savannah: Oh, I feel just so fandabidocious! Dr Stein's happy pills are the best!
Gwen: Savannah, I'm sorry to kill your buzz, but we're actually investigating Dr Stein's murder.
Savannah: Dr Stein... is dead? But who's gonna give me my medicine now?
Gwen: I'm sure we can find someone else to, um, give you what you need. But for now, can you tell us if you happened to see the doctor earlier today?
Savannah: Hmm, I remember her coming to mix some of her special pills in with my gruel this morning... but after that it's just been rainbows and ponies!
Savannah: Wait... are YOU a pony?
Gwen: Um... no we're peop-
Savannah: Anyway, I'll be floating away now!

Examine Wheelbarrow.
Gwen: <Name>, the name etched on the wheelbarrow was "Will Hicks."
Gwen: That must be the name of the groundskeeper. He's bound to know all the goings-on in the asylum. Let's pay him a visit!

Talk to Willie Hicks about the asylum.
Willie: Where'd I put that dang wheelbarrow?
Gwen: Hello, sir, we're hospital inspectors come to, um, inspect the asylum! You must be Mr Hicks, the groundskeeper?
Willie: I am, indeedy! I just love bein' under the Texan moon tillin' the good ol' Texan soil. Bein' cooped up inside makes me all claustrophobic!
Gwen: Well, we're here to speak to you about the asylum doctor. She was murdered a few hours ago and were trying to figure out who did it.
Willie: The good doctor's been murdered? Dang it, I knew working in a loony bin was gonna be dangerous!
Gwen: Dangerous? Why? Did you notice any unusual activity around the asylum recently?
Willie: Well, I didn't mark anything out of the ordinary... but there's a bunch of crazies in there, so unusual is relative - if you catch mah drift!
Willie: Now, folks, I'd best get back to mah prunin'!

Back at the camp...
Gwen: <Name>, turns out our victim was a sadistic psychopath!
Gwen: You'd have to be to stitch two healthy people together in a sick experiment!
Gwen: And look at the way she bullied her assistant, Adam Enstrom!
Gwen: At least all she did to Savannah Austin was dose her up to her eyeballs in "happy pills", but who knows for sure!
Felix: <Name>, help!
Gwen: Felix? What are you doing with that horrible mask on your head?
Felix: I can't get it off! It's stuck!

Chapter 3

Gwen Harper: <Name>, I've seen some crazy things in my time as a supernatural hunter, but this asylum case really takes the cake!
Gwen: We came here because of a murderous ghost and an insane cop, but instead found a dead doctor who turned out to be a sadistic psycho!
Gwen: I'm really not looking forward to going back to the asylum, but I guess we have no-
Felix: <Name>, help! I can't get this mask off!
Gwen: Felix? What on earth made you put that gross thing on in the first place?
Felix: I just wanted to freak Luke out! But now I'm freaked out! Maybe it's cursed, man!
Gwen: Ah, don't be silly, Felix! It's probably just got stuck because of all the hair gel you use!
Gwen: Right, I'm gonna pull the mask off in one, two, three!
Gwen (holding the mask): There we go!
Felix: Phew! Thanks, guys - I thought I'd be stuck in that mask forever!
Gwen: You're welcome, Felix! And maybe try not to stick your head in anything other than books from now on?
(Felix leaves.)
Gwen: Well, that was a nice bit of comic relief, <Name>! But it's time we headed back to that asylum dorm and found more clues to catch our murderer!

Investigate Dormitory Beds.
Gwen: <Name>, we should unlock this security camera - it'll show us what the patients have been up to!
Gwen: And trust the victim to hang a portrait of herself so the patients felt she was always watching over them! I'm not surprised someone defaced it.
Gwen: Maybe that orange powder on the painting will help us find out who did it.
Gwen: But why'd you pick up this "Texan Conspiracies Weekly" article, <Name>?
Gwen: Ah, the headline's "The mystery of Blackmoor Asylum's missing patients!"
Gwen (reading the newspaper): The article says there's a number of families who claim their loved ones entered the asylum never to be seen again!
Gwen: We already knew this place was creepy, but is there something more sinister at play?
Gwen: Someone wrote: "I know the truth, Dr Stein!" on the article, so at least one person thought our victim was involved! Let's try to identify the handwriting.
Gwen: <Name>, we're close to catching the person who murdered Dr Stein, so let's not lose our momentum!

Examine Security Camera.
Gwen: Okay, <Name>, let's see if Hope can find any interesting footage on the unlocked security cam!

Analyze Unlocked Camera.
Gwen: Hey, Hopester! You're not doing sneaky things on your laptop again, are you?
Hope: If you continue mocking me, Gwen, I won't show you the scintillating discovery I made on the security camera from the asylum dormitory!
Gwen: Ah, I'm only messing with ya! You're entitled to privacy, even from your mega-lovely roommate! Let's get the camera rolling!

Start of footage...
Greg (showing his badge): Dr Stein, you're under arrest!
Greg (holding a scalpel): And I'm going to carry out your death sentence!
Lucrezia: Officer Schmidt, I kindly suggest you put down that scalpel...

End of footage...
Gwen: Gosh, our victim was super scary in real life, <Name>!
Gwen: But you're right - more importantly, we just saw that crazy cop dude trying to kill the doctor with a scalpel!
Gwen: Did Greg Schmidt fail in murdering her then, but succeed today? We'd better interrogate him!

Find out why Greg Schmidt tried to kill the victim.
Greg (eating gruel): Officers, why are you bothering me? Can't you see I'm on a gruel break?
Greg: Unless you brought donuts?
Gwen: Sorry, we only brought more questions. We want to know why you tried to kill Dr Stein with a scalpel!
Greg: For the most heinous of crimes! She took away my Link 4 game! For three whole days!
Greg: The lady committed grand theft! Larceny, malicious intent, assault! She's under arrest!
Gwen: Let's not get worked up now! Clearly, you didn't succeed in carrying out Dr Stein's "death sentence" that time. Is that why you murdered her tonight? 
Greg: I did no such thing, officers! I am a down- I mean, upstanding citizen of the law!

Examine Newspaper Article.
Gwen: It was Willie Hicks who wrote the message on the news story about the asylum's missing patients!
Gwen: I wonder what the groundskeeper meant when he wrote to Dr Stein that he knew the "truth". We need to ask him, <Name>!

Ask Willie Hicks what he meant by knowing the truth about the asylum.
Gwen: Mr Hicks, we found this newspaper article about the asylum. What's this "truth" you knew about Dr Stein?
Willie: I discovered the doc was killing her patients and burying them in that there backyard!
Gwen: Dr Stein was... killing her patients?
Willie: Why, yes! It all started when I unearthed a bunch of chopped-off human limbs and skulls while I was diggin' up some flowerbeds!
Willie: When I told the doctor, she pooh-poohed mah concerns. She said I'd just found an ol' graveyard that used to be on the site.
Willie: Then one day, I was reading Texan Conspiracies Weekly over a bowl of gruel, when I saw this article about the asylum's missing patients! I knew then that Dr Stein had to be stopped!
Gwen: Stopped... how?
Willie: Missy, if y'all are implyin' I murdered the doctor, then y'all are barkin' up the wrong tree! I just wanted to warn her, is all!

Examine Defaced Portrait.
Gwen: We'd better get that orange powder from the victim's defaced portrait straight under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Powder.
Gwen: <Name>, those orange flakes from the victim's vandalised oil painting were chipped nail varnish.
Gwen: There's only one suspect I noticed with orange nails - that girl who was off her face on meds!
Gwen: Hopefully, Savannah'll be lucid enough to tell us why she drew horns and a moustache on the victim's face!

Ask Savannah Austin why she defaced the victim's portrait.
Savannah: Oh, my head!
Gwen: What's wrong, Savannah?
Savannah: I feel like I've been hit by a truck... but at least I can think straight again now that my medication's finally worn off!
Savannah: Was I hallucinating or has my mother really been murdered?
Gwen: Your mother? Dr Stein is your mom?!
Savannah: Yeah. You can't imagine a crueler parent! She used to lock me in the tiny closet under the stairs when I was a child, even though I suffered from claustrophobia!
Savannah: And she threw me into this asylum, despite me being completely sane! All because she didn't approve of my boyfriend!
Savannah: Then she kept me constantly high on meds so I wouldn't escape! It was just horrendous!
Gwen: My God, Savannah! I can't believe you suffered so much, and all because of your own mother!
Savannah: That's why I'm so glad she's dead. At least now I can finally be free!

Gwen: Honestly, <Name>, if Dr Stein wasn't dead already, I'd kill her myself!
Gwen: Not even her own daughter was safe from her cruelty! How could she lock her up in a mental asylum just because she didn't like her choice of boyfriend?!
Gwen: And if the groundskeeper's to be believed, Dr Stein's been killing patients, and then chopping up and burying their bodies in the flowerbeds!
Gwen: Then there's the cop, who did actually "sentence" the victim to death... Maybe he finally succeeded in doing so?
Gwen: Alright, <Name>, it's time we wrapped up this crazy investigation by taking one final look around the asylum grounds!

Investigate Front Gate.
Gwen (disgusted): Ugh, <Name>, that bucket of compost stinks worse than a swamp monster! If you really think it's worth digging through, I'll let you do the honors!
Gwen: And this torn paper might hold something important, I agree! We'd better tape it up!
Gwen: <Name>, these clues could be the final key to knowing which of our suspects drilled a hole in the not-so-good doctor's head!

Examine Torn Paper.
Gwen: <Name>, this is a guide on how to trepanate someone!
Gwen: Knowing how our victim was murdered, it's gotta belong to our killer! Let's get Ben to check out the instructions!

Analyze Trepanning Instructions.
Gwen: Ben, did you find out anything useful from the killer's trepanation guide?
Ben: You mean, apart from how to put holes in people's skulls?
Ben: Sorry, I know this isn't time for joshing around... I did pick up something interesting from the paper - oily stains, to be exact.
Ben: Turns out these stains came from ointment used to treat scar tissue, which means your killer must be sporting a scar!
Gwen: Well, let's hope the killer won't have any psychological scars from being caught by us, <Name>!

Examine Bucket of Compost.
Gwen: There was a syringe hiding in that smelly bucket of compost, <Name>! You really do know how to sniff out a clue!
Gwen: We know that the killer injected a sedative into our victim before murdering her - could they have used this syringe?
Gwen: You're right, only Priya can tell us. We need to send the syringe to her, stat!

Analyze Syringe.
Priya: <Name>, you did well to bring me this syringe, because it's got the remnants of pentobarbital in it...
Gwen: That pento-whatever - it's the sedative the killer injected into the victim, isn't it?
Priya: Correct, Gwen! What's more, I discovered traces of your victim's blood on the needle, which means this is definitely the syringe the killer used on her!
Priya: Luckily for us, the perpetrator left some of their skin cells behind on the pumping mechanism.
Priya: I managed to extract the DNA from the cells on the syringe, which revealed that your killer is male!
Gwen: So we're looking for a male killer, <Name>. That'll narrow down our suspect list!

After completing all the tasks...
Gwen: Alright, <Name>, we now have enough evidence to decide which of our suspects murdered Dr Stein. Let's go get them!

Take care of the killer now!
Gwen: Mr Enstrom, you did it! You killed Dr Stein!
Adam: Killed? Killing someone goes against all my medical training!
Gwen: Come on, she wasn't exactly the nicest person, was she? Look at the way she bullied you! And you must've known about the sadistic experiments she was conducting on people!
Adam: But that's just it! I was only trying to fix the doctor! It wasn't my intention to kill her!
Gwen: What do you mean you were trying to fixing her? 
Adam: I guess I should start from the beginning... my beginning...
Adam (showing his bolts): You see, I was Dr Stein's biggest and most successful experiment of all!
Gwen: Wait... are those bolts in your neck? But-
Adam: Dr Stein created me! From other patients' body parts - the patients she'd murdered!
Gwen: Dr Stein... made you?
Adam: Yes. She said she wanted to create a human to show what an amazing doctor she was!
Adam: She built me, brought me to life, and kept me as a patient while she taught me everything she knew. When she thought I'd learned enough, she made me her assistant.
Adam: But in one respect, I was always different. I pitied the patients... their suffering saddened me...
Adam: And then it occurred to me that I could cure Dr Stein of her lack of empathy, if only I could find a way to re-jig her brain!
Adam: So while the doctor was doing her rounds today, I came from behind and stabbed a strong sedative into her neck. I then dragged her to the bathtub, and commenced the trepanation process...
Adam: But something went wrong, and instead of fixing her, I killed her! I'll never forgive myself for taking a human life!
Gwen: It's totally mindblowing that you're an intelligent being made from human body parts! I've never seen anything like it!
Gwen: But it's also ironic how such a cruel mind could've made something with more humanity than she could ever possess.
Gwen: Mr Enstrom, it's clear that Dr Stein was a monster, and that you meant no harm. But you still killed someone, so we'll need to figure out what to do with you.
Adam: I'm already finding it difficult to live with what I've done, Inspector <Name>.

Gwen: Wow, <Name>, who'd have guessed that Adam Enstrom would turn out to be the real-life Frankenstein's monster, built from human body parts?!
Gwen: If I'm being honest, that sadistic woman he killed deserved everything she got, and more! I don't think I've ever been more pleased about someone's death!
Gwen: Thing is, we still gotta decide what to do with Enstrom. And there's all the patients left in the asylum - we can't just leave them to rot in there!
Gwen: Anyway, now we've found the killer, we can go back to our original mission - tracking down a serial-killer ghost!

Something Wicked This Way Comes (4/5)

Blackmoor Asylum, Texas...
Gwen Harper: <Name>, when we came to Blackmoor Asylum, I never expected to find the real-life Frankenstein's monster! Nor that he'd end up being our killer!
Gwen: I believe Enstrom when he says he murdered his maker by mistake. But we've still got to figure out what to do with him.
Gwen: We also still need to talk to former cop Greg Schmidt about the tarot murders and the vengeful ghost who's been possessing people!
Gwen: I'm worried that we're not going to get anything straight out of Schmidt about what happened, since he's gone kinda kooky. But we've still got to try-
Mercy: Look, Charity - it's those funny peoples again! Shall we tells them what we seens?
Gwen: Charity? Mercy? What's up?
Charity and Mercy: More dead! Dead more! Enstrom the monster!
Gwen: Wait, are you saying that Adam Enstrom... is dead?
Charity and Mercy: Yes! We saws him just now in our dormsie. All green. Hee hee!
Gwen: <Name>, you'd better get to the dorm and see what's happened to Enstrom! I'll call in Ben to join you. And then meet me straight after to talk to Greg Schmidt about the tarot murders!

Investigate Patients' Dorm.
Ben: <Name>, those twins were right. Adam Enstrom is most definitely dead!
Ben: You weren't kidding when you said he'd been assembled from human body parts. Just fascinating!
Ben: Judging by his green hue and the foam coming out of his mouth, he's had a drug overdose! Was it self-inflicted?
Ben: There's a note sticking out of his front pocket... it might give us some answers.
Ben: Darn it, the writing's all blurry. I'll let you recover it, <Name>!

Examine Enstrom's Note.
Ben: Well, <Name>, there ain't no doubt about it - Adam Enstrom killed himself!
Ben: His note says: "I can no longer live with myself, knowing I stole a human life. Please bury my body, so that the people whose limbs I possess can finally rest in peace."
Ben: "My last living wish is for Mutability to be read at my eulogy. Farewell, beautiful world."
Ben: So the poor guy couldn't live with having harmed someone. We owe it to him to honor his last wish, and read "Mutability" at his funeral, whatever that is!
Ben: You're right, maybe Felix will know! Let's send Enstrom's suicide note to him!

Analyze Suicide Note.
Felix: Yo, <Name>. Sad times for this Enstrom dude, killing himself and all!
Ben: I know, Felix. The only thing we can do for him now is read this Mutability thing he mentioned in his suicide note. Did you find out what it was?
Felix: Yeah, it's a poem by a dead dude called Percy Bysshe Shelley. I'm more into modern verse generally, but I gotta admit - the guy knew how to write!
Felix: What's even cooler is that Shelley's wife, Mary, wrote the novel, Frankenstein. Pretty apt, seeing that Enstrom was kinda a version of Frankenstein's monster!
Ben: That's probably why he chose this poem to be read at his funeral. And now that we've worked it out, we'd better go bury the poor guy, <Name>.

A little later...
Ben: Now that Adam Enstrom's body has been laid in the ground, does anyone have anything to say before I read out the poem as per his wishes?
Savannah: Farewell, Adam. You were always kind to me.
Ben: Thank you, Savannah. It's great that-
Charity: We wants to says something too! What was it again, Mercy?
Mercy: I knows! It was - see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!
(Charity and Mercy leaves.)
Ben: Thank you for that... um... insightful comment, ladies. Now to the poem...
Ben: "We rest. A dream has power to poison sleep... We rise. One wandering thought pollutes the day"-
George: What in God's name is going on?!
Ben: Agent Mathison? What are you doing here?
George: I'll be the one asking the questions!
Ben: Alright, sir, we'll be with you right away!

Answer Agent Mathison's questions.
George: <Name>, not only do I discover you at an asylum where someone has recently been murdered, but I also catch you in the process of burying a dead body!
Ben: Agent Math-
George: This is the second time I find you in possession of human remains, <Name>! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't send you straight to the Bureau for interrogation!
Ben: Sir, we have a perfectly good explanation-
George: At this point, I'm finding it hard to believe anything that comes out of your cakehole!
Savannah: Agent Mathison, my name's Savannah Austin, and I can vouch for <Name>!
George: Alright, Miss Austin. But you better not be wasting my time, because my patience is wearing VERY thin!

Witness Savannah Austin vouch for us.
George: Miss Austin, a spate of criminal activity has been taking place in Blackmoor Asylum, and I strongly suspect this individual.
Savannah: You're right about the criminal activity, sir! We're talking sick experiments, locking up innocent people, even murder!
Savannah: But the only culprit's my late mother, Dr Lucrezia Stein!
George: Your mother's to blame? Because it looked to me that the people suspiciously burying a body in the backyard were <Name> and their cronies!
Savannah: All <Name> has done is help uncover the true extent of my mother's crimes!
Savannah: Why don't I show you the patient files and my mother's notes. Then you'll see I'm telling the truth, and that the asylum needs to be closed down!
George (pointing): Alright, Miss Austin, lead the way. <Name>, you're free to go for now. But I'll be keeping an eye on you and your shenanigans!
Savannah: <Name>, I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you did for me. I don't have much, but please take this as thanks!

Gets answers from Greg Schmidt about the tarot card murders.
Gwen: Officer Schmidt, we're here to talk about a series of murders you investigated, where a tarot card was left on each crime scene-
Greg: Not allowed to talk about that! Last time I talked about it, they threw me in here! Where's my meds?
Gwen: The thing is, the murders have started again. Innocent lives are at stake and only you can help us!
Greg: Okay, okay! The troubles began five years ago! Terrible incident! I wrote down everything on my secret interwebs file!
Gwen: You have a file online with all your findings? Officer Schmidt, we need the password!
Greg: Don't remember the password right now! But I did earlier! Wrote it down and threw it in the laundry...
Greg: But oh noes... it'll be all washed away now! I did bad again! Going to have my nap now.
(Greg leaves.)
Gwen: So, Schmidt says he wrote the password to his online files on something and threw it in the laundry...
Gwen: Wait, I remember seeing a laundry basket in the bathroom! Could the password be in there? Let's go take a look, <Name>!
Greg: Me again! I like you, so take my Link 4 winnings!

Investigate Creepy Bathroom.
Gwen: <Name>, hopefully the password to Schmidt's online reports is somewhere in those dirty clothes!

Examine Laundry Basket.
Gwen: Schmidt's fake police badge was in the laundry basket, <Name>!
Gwen: And look, he's written "X-F1L3S" on the back! Could this be the password to his online investigation reports?
Gwen: There's only one way to find out. Let's get the password to Hope!

Analyze Schmidt's Password.
Gwen: Hope, did you manage to access Greg Schmidt's files using the password? Find anything about the tarot murders?
Hope: I did, and it all stems down to an incident that Officer Schmidt investigated five years ago...
Hope: A woman named Abigail Riley was staying with six friends in a country house near Amarillo, Texas, when she died of suffocation.
Hope: Her death was ruled accidental, and no crime had been committed as far as the cops were concerned.
Hope: The only one who thought differently was Schmidt, who suspected foul play. But he couldn't prove anything, and the case was closed.
Hope: Then the first tarot murder happened, and Schmidt investigated that too. And curiously, the culprit turned out to be one of the six friends who were there when Riley died!
Hope: The other two tarot murders followed, and once again the culprits were two of the friends. By then, Schmidt was adamant that he knew how all of this was connected...
Hope: ... Except nobody believed the cop, because the explanation seemed to involve... a ghost!
Gwen: A ghost? Then this confirms our theory! The tarot killers are all possessed by a ghost!
Gwen: And if Schmidt's right, and it all started with Abigail Riley's death five years ago... then she must be this ghost, possessing her six friends and forcing them to commit murder!
Hope: It's very likely! Jesse Adams and Justine Bankston are both named in Schmidt's notes among those present at Abigail's death! The other three names match the now-dead tarot killers.
Gwen: Okay, so that's five names. But what about the sixth friend?
Hope: Yes, he's mentioned too, and his name is... R.J. Fielding!
Gwen: R.J. Fielding? The oil magnate we met while investigating the murder of that Buzzer influencer girl?
Hope: The very same! And he's the only one of the six who hasn't committed murder yet - as far as we know!
Gwen: <Name>, we've got to get to Fielding before Abigail Riley possesses him and makes him kill someone!
Gwen: But you're right. The real culprit we have to stop is Riley's ghost! And only Greg Schmidt can tell us more about her! We need another chat with him.

Ask Greg Schmidt about Abigail Riley's ghost.
Gwen: Officer Schmidt, we found your police badge...
Greg (holding his police badge): Oh, you're an honorable citizen! Yes, yes!
Gwen: Now, we're gonna be straight with you. We're actually supernatural investigators. We suspect that the ghost of Abigail Riley's to blame for the tarot murders!
Greg: Me too! I saw Abigail Riley's ghost! I saw her come out of a killer when I arrested him! But no one believed me!
Gwen: We believe you! We summoned the spirit and she said she was possessing people and was angry about her death!
Gwen: In your notes, you say that you suspected her death by suffocation wasn't an accident...
Greg: No, not an accident! Occult ritual gone wrong! Nasty business, I tell you!
Greg: It happened late one night, by spooky Devilman's Bridge! Not nice! I'll never forget it!
Gwen: So it was an occult ritual that went out of hand! Thank you, Officer, you've been mighty useful!
Gwen: Right, <Name>, we need to grab a quick snack and then figure out how to save the last of the six friends from getting possessed!

Soon after...
Gwen: So, <Name>, now we know that the ghost possessing the tarot killers died in an occult ritual gone wrong.
Gwen: Abigail Riley's friends were never investigated for her death because only Greg Schmidt suspected foul play, and no one believed him!
Gwen: Riley's ghost now wants revenge, and is very likely going after the last friend - R.J. Fielding. We've gotta warn him!
Hope: <Name>, I tried calling Fielding but his phone's switched off!
Hope: My next step would normally be to track his car with my drone, but it's battery has short-circuited!
Hope: What it needs is something to jumpstart it back to life - just like when your heart stops beating and needs to be jolted into working again!
Gwen: You mean like a defibrillator?
Gwen: You're right, <Name> - there was a first aid kit by the asylum gate. Maybe there's a mini-defibrillator in there! Let's go!

Investigate Front Gate.
Gwen: Here's the first aid kit, <Name>. Let's get it open, quick!

Examine First Aid Kit.
Gwen: We were right, <Name> - there WAS a defibrillator in the first aid kit!
Gwen: I'll get the equipment straight to Hope so she can bring her drone back to life! Let's meet back at the camp for the debrief with the chief!

Later, at the camp...
Chief Arrow: <Name>, I heard the tragic news about Adam Enstrom.
Ben: Yeah, he just couldn't live with what he'd done. His burial almost got us into trouble with our old friend, Agent Mathison!
Chief Arrow: Yeah, I heard Mathison closed down the asylum and relocated all the remaining patients into Morningside Psychiatric Hospital. Let's hope they'll be more cared for there.
Chief Arrow: Gwen, what about the tarot murders? Get anything useful out of the cop involved in the investigation?
Gwen: Yes, Chief - the ghost's someone called Abigail Riley, who died in an occult ritual gone wrong near Devilman's Bridge.
Gwen: And get this - the killers committing the tarot murders were all present when she died. She seems to be haunting them for revenge.
Gwen: Three are now dead, and the other two, Jesse Adams and my Justine, are in prison. But there's one final person at the ritual who hasn't been possessed yet - R.J. Fielding!
Gwen: We're waiting for Hope to set up her drone so we can track Fielding down and warn him-
Hope: My drone's ready <Name>!
Gwen: Great! Now let's see if we can find Fielding's car before it's too late!

A few minutes later...
Hope (holding her tablet): Come on, Droney! Find Fielding's car... you can do it!
Hope (holding her tablet): Oh wait... there it is! A vintage white Cadillac with the licence plate, OIL-BOSS. It's gotta be Fielding's!
Hope (holding her tablet): And it's parked outside some weird house near... Devilman's Bridge!
Gwen: Abigail Riley died in a house by that same bridge! This is definitely not a coincidence!
Gwen: <Name>, we need to get to R.J. before Riley's ghost possesses him and makes him commit murder!

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