Lucy Winters was the victim in Blood Lust (Case #1 of Supernatural Investigations).


Lucy was a high school graduate from Seattle, Washington. At the time of her death, she had brown eyes with black eyeshadow and eyeliner and messy long brown hair. She wore a navy blue dress with white vertical lines running down the dress and black and white sneakers, as well as silver earrings and a matching silver necklace.

Murder details

Lucy's body was found by Gwen and the player in a Seattle cemetery on the orders of Chief Arrow following a vampire attack, as confirmed by the fang punctures in her neck, prompting the team to register the killer's vampire fangs as the murder weapon. Ben informed the team that Lucy had been drained of blood and that she had died at midnight. After revealing that the killer had torn off Lucy's necklace, Ben told the team that he had discovered saliva on the bite wound. The markers in the saliva prompted Ben to conclude that the killer was allergic to garlic.

Relationship with suspects

Lucy was high school friends with Mina Reynolds before the former drove the latter crazy with her vampire obsession, prompting Mina to send Lucy a threatening cake. Lucy also dated her boyfriend Eric Zwart before she broke it off as he was too "boring" for her tastes. She also stalked disc jockey and musician DJ Blood as she was obsessed with him and his songs. Dr Aculus branded Lucy a threat after she discovered that vampires were real. Lucy also came into contact with drugs from fellow partygoer Roxanne Vega.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be DJ Blood.

DJ Blood admitted to killing Lucy, who had wanted to be turned into a vampire after seeing him drink blood. When Blood finally caved in to Lucy's requests, he bit her, intending to drink a little of her blood in exchange for transfusing his blood in her. Not having tasted fresh blood in a long time however, Blood could not resist sucking her dry. The team took him to the leader of the US vampire coven, Dr Aculus, who sent him to his ancestral castle in order to stay in the dungeons for at least fifty years.

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