Lucy Liǎng (Chn: 梁露西) was the killer of guide Will Wyoming in Giving Up the Ghost (Case #26 of Mysteries of the Past).


Lucy is a 38-year-old caravan member. She has long curly brown hair and wears a straw hat with a dark brown stripe. She wears a wine red dress with yellow stripes, a brown bodice with gold buttons, and a yellow bandana with a plaid pattern. It is known that Lucy knows how to tie knots, has head lice and eats cactus.

Height 5'6"
Age 38
Weight 121 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Lucy became a suspect after the player and Isaac found a contract between her and the victim. She explained that she and several other people were traveling to a town called El Gordado, a town far out in the deserts with gold nuggets and precious gems laying on the ground. As for the contract, Will approached them and said he knew how to get to El Gordado, so she hired him to show them the way to the town. But she did not know much about Will himself, and preferred to keep her distance from him and keep their relationship professional.

Lucy was spoken to again about some annotations a map the victim was using to lead the caravan to El Gordado. She explained she had begun to distrust Will, as the path he drew lead them to countless dangerous spots. On top of that, Will promised them they could replenish their food stocks in Devil's Ridge, only when they arrived there the entire town was deserted. It had made Lucy angry that the victim kept insisting his way was the only way, despite all the danger it kept putting them in.

In the end, Lucy was revealed to be Will's killer. Lucy had hired Will to take her caravan to El Gordado, a place allegedly full of gold. Will then took them to Devil's Ridge and demanded double the payment to finish the trip. Knowing that no one could afford the price and angry at Will's demands, Lucy got him drunk with Whiplash whiskey and hanged him up on a tree. Judge Lawson sentenced Lucy to 11 years in prison.


  • Lucy resembles American actress and director Lucy Liu.

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