Lucy Armstrong was a suspect in the murder investigation of science-fiction actor Rex Logan in Star Crime (Case #35 of Pacific Bay).


Lucy is a 22-year-old costume designer. She has green eyes and wavy auburn hair that lays onto her right shoulder. Wearing red lipstick, she dons a black apron fitted with paintbrushes, and is seen painting an arm for a costume at times. Additionally, she wears a blue-purple scarf, and she also wears the badge of an infamous cult on the left side of her apron. Other than that, she has traces of blue makeup on her face due to the nature of her job as a prop designer. It is known that Lucy uses talcum powder.

Height 5'9"
Age 22
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Lucy was suspected of murder once Amy and the player found an acid bottle order form confirmed by Hannah Choi that Lucy did purchase the acid bottle as a part of the production of Warzone Pacific. This made Amy suspect Lucy might have done the murder, so the player started interrogating Lucy about it.

Lucy was not happy when Amy and the player discussed about Rex's murder with her, but Amy replied that she was the one who purchased the acid bottle. Lucy ordered the acid bottle to augment her job as a props maker, which proves that she did not use the acid bottle as a murder weapon. Amy poked at Rex's murder since she told Lucy she had the easiest access to the acid bottles, but Lucy was not the type of person who would use props material to kill anyone.

The player found and restored a prop Lucy broke with a threatening message from Rex, forcing Amy and the player to talk to Lucy for a second time. Lucy confirmed that Rex was going to have Lucy out of production, and the key reason was because Lucy did not make props that would make actors look great in a film set. Lucy confirmed that Rex used his Utopian faith to kick her out of the movie industry, but with Rex dead, Lucy's job is secure.

Lucy was found innocent after the murder was found to have been committed by Rex's co-star, Daniel Lambert, but she was under fire for being involved in a brainwashing fiasco which involves using the Ivywood Movie Awards for a grand plot the Utopians have in the making.

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