Lucrezia Capecchi was the victim in Let Me Down Gently (Case #7 of Mysteries of the Past).


Lucrezia was the youngest daughter to late mob boss Vittorio Capecchi. She had long brown hair, green eyes, and had burn scars on the left side of her face from a fire when she was young. At the time of her death, she donned a cream dress with a pink fairy hairpin. After her death, Lucrezia was cremated by her family.

Murder details

Lucrezia's battered body was found on the shore near Elysium Fields' lighthouse. Per the bruises in her wrists, Isaac and the player deduced that Lucrezia was pushed from atop the lighthouse. Dick determined that Lucrezia died from the injuries she suffered when she fell and found traces of champagne where the killer grabbed her before her death. This meant that the killer drank champagne.

Relationship with suspects

Lucrezia was a member of the Capecchi family, a notorious mob family headed by Vittorio Capecchi, her father. As a small child, Lucrezia suffered burns in a house fire set by rival mobsters. Her disfigurement led her to be looked down upon in society, annoying her sister, Giulietta Capecchi, who sought to become accepted into high society.

Lucrezia worked as an actress for Dolly Darnell, who thought her performance was pitiful. In her spare time, Lucrezia exchanged letters with banker Jordan Wilson, who she planned to meet at the lighthouse party.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Jordan.

After denying involvement, Jordan admitted to the crime. He and Lucrezia were having a romantic relationship. When she first contacted him, she sent him a picture of her sister, Giulietta Capecchi, to hide her scars and attract him. When they got to know each other atop the lighthouse, Jordan was disgusted with Lucrezia's real appearance and wanted to leave, but Lucrezia grabbed him. Trying to free himself, he accidentally pushed Lucrezia out the window. Judge Takakura sentenced him to 20 years in jail.

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