Lucky Cards are special collectibles that grant rewards upon collecting a Royal Flush. A Royal Flush is a term when you have 5 cards in deck up from Ten to Ace in the same deck.

Receiving Lucky Cards

After clearing a crime scene, players are given the choice to send a Lucky Card to the teammate they had chosen as their partner for the scene.

You can also receive Lucky Cards when you share a bottle of Orange Juice or a bag of Potato Chips after leveling or ranking up. Indeed, your friends (or any other Criminal Case player who is not in your teammates list) who receive those rewards can thank you by sending you a random Lucky Card. Likewise, when you get the snack from a friend, you can send them a random Lucky Card.

Another way is to have Police Pets find Lucky Cards for you after you have cleared a crime scene. Only certain pets, however, have the ability to find Lucky Cards.



Trading in the Diamonds (♦) cards will reward you with 20 XP.



Trading in the Spades (♠) cards will grant you a x6 Combo Starter Booster.



Trading in the Hearts (♥) cards will grant you a 5-Hints Booster.



Trading in the Clubs (♣) cards will grant you an Instant Magnifier Booster.



  • You cannot receive more than 76 Lucky Card requests in your Message Center a day.
  • The maximum number of cards that can be stored for future use is 99. So make sure to trade in the cards that have already reached the quota before accepting any more of them from the Message Center.
  • In Criminal Case: Travel in Time, the reward for the spades, hearts and clubs are changed to 1,500, 1,000 and 500 coins respectively.


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