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Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, since learning that the Italian gang cleared out the town of Devil's Ridge, we've been searching the area for signs of habitation...
Isaac: But so far, the only two houses we've stumbled upon have been abandoned! It seems like towns everywhere have been emptied of people entirely!
Isaac: We know that the Italian gang has a stronghold on Coyote Gorge... Could this really all be their doing?
Isaac: If so, we must find out for what purpose they're evicting entire communities!
Charles: <Name>, good news! I've located a nearby farm which is showing signs of life!
Isaac: A farm? Excellent! I just hope there shan't be any horses... They do unsettle me so! Let us depart at once, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Farm Entrance.
Isaac Bontemps: Tarnation, <Name>! So much for finding any signs of life. This farmer is quite dead!
Isaac: Look at those puncture wounds through his back! It appears he was stabbed with a pronged instrument of some kind...
Isaac: I see you've already picked up some clues in order to elucidate the matter! Piecing that torn fabric back together might yield a vital lead!
Isaac: And this rosette you found shall require a good dusting if we are to learn to whom it was awarded!
Isaac: We stumbled upon this place looking for people who could inform us more about the exodus affecting towns across Coyote Gorge...
Isaac: But for now, <Name>, we shall have to turn our attention to solving this grisly murder!

Examine Faded Rosette.
Isaac: This rosette reads, "Best Rider"... And it was awarded to a certain Adaline Galls!
Isaac: Well, whoever this Adaline Galls is, she must be around here somewhere. Perhaps she can inform us to whom the farm belongs!
Isaac: But, uh, let us just hope this Miss Galls is not accompanied by her equine companion at present...

Ask Adaline Galls whom the farm belongs to.
Adaline (with her pony): Say, who are you people?
Isaac: Hello, might you be Adaline? I say, your pony is so miniature, it would almost be endearing if it weren't so fearsome!
Adaline: Buttercup ain't fearsome! We're just back from a lovely ride! Anyhow, I didn't know Papa was expecting visitors. He's around here somewhere. I'll call for him!
Adaline: Papa? Paaapaaaa?! Where are youuuu? Somebody's here to talk to you!
Isaac: You say you live on the farm with your father? He wouldn't happen to be a brown-haired gentleman wearing a striped shirt, would he?
Adaline: Yup, that's my papa, Benjamin Galls! Did you already bump into him or somethin'?
Isaac: Adaline, I'm afraid we have terrible news... We've found your father murdered!
Adaline: What?! Papa's... dead?
Adaline: But... but that means I'm all alone with Buttercup on this big farm! There's not even so much as a dog to keep me safe!
Isaac: We're terribly sorry for your loss, Miss Galls.
Isaac: Our colleague, Constable Ramirez, will be here shortly to give you some hot tea and cookies while we take a look around your home!

Investigate Kitchen.
Isaac: Did you find anything to help us understand Benjamin Galls' bloody demise, <Name>?
Isaac: You believe there could be something in that ash bucket? Then let us take a look!
Isaac: This photo is more intriguing, however, It shows our victim!
Isaac: But who are these two young girls? They're clearly not the victim's daughter, as she was light-haired... And Adaline didn't mention any siblings!
Isaac: <Name>, let us see if we can find this girl's likeness in our archives!

Examine Framed Photo.
Isaac: My goodness, <Name>! The girl next to our victim in the photo is none other than a young Giulietta Capecchi!
Isaac: The last time we saw Miss Capecchi, she was spying on the Irish moonshine business in order to impress her gangster father...
Isaac: And thanks to her mother, whom we met in Devil's Ridge, we know that the Capecchi family lives here in Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: I suppose Giulietta might have grown up around here, <Name>! It certainly seems that she knew our victim. We'd better have a word with her!

Ask Giulietta Capecchi about her relationship with the victim.
Giulietta: <Rank> <Name>, I should've known our paths would cross even in Coyote Gorge! What brings you here?
Isaac: The more pertinent question would be: what is your mobster father doing in Coyote Gorge?
Giulietta: I'm my own person, <Rank> <Name>, not a mouthpiece for my father. If that's all you wished to talk about, I shall be on my way!
Isaac: It isn't. We were, in fact, hoping you could enlighten us about this photograph of you we found in the Galls family home.
Giulietta: Oh, I didn't imagine Benjamin Galls would've kept that. Lucrezia and I used to visit the Galls family as children when we came to our summer house in Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: Ah, so the other girl in the photograph is your late sister!
Giulietta: Yes, Daddy would never let us have a pony of our own, so Benjamin was kind enough to let us ride his!
Giulietta: We fell out of touch over the years, though. I must catch up with Benjamin now that I'm back in Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: I'm afraid that won't be possible, Miss Capecchi. Benjamin Galls has been murdered!
Giulietta: Murdered?! Why, who would do such a thing? He was the most harmless man I'd ever met!
Isaac: That's what we're endeavoring to get to the bottom of, Miss Capecchi. Now, please remain in the vicinity in case <Rank> <Name> wishes to speak with you again.

Examine Ash Bucket.
Isaac: <Name>, why would someone leave clothing in an ash bucket?
Isaac: Mon Dieu, the vest's covered in blood! Just look at those puncture marks!
Isaac: Those holes through the chest correspond perfectly to the injury suffered by our victim. He was clearly wearing this vest at the time of the murder!
Isaac: Our killer must have attempted to burn the garment in order to destroy evidence of their involvement n this heinous crime!
Isaac: This vest may be just the lead we require, <Name>. Let us send it to Viola to find out!

Analyze Victim's Vest.
Viola: <Name>, did you know that the first ever theatrical performance I staged for my parents was about a dog?
Viola: Alas, they did not take the hint and I never managed to acquire a canine companion...
Isaac: I see... But what does that have to do with the victim's vest which the killer tried to burn?
Viola: Well, you see, I found some paw prints on the vest... And managed to determine that they came from a collie!
Isaac: That's odd, since the victim's daughter told us there was no dog on the farm...
Viola: Well, a collie was definitely present at the time of the murder. It must be your killer's!
Isaac: So, our killer owns a collie! You'll soon have them herded into a prison cell, <Name>!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Isaac: This bandana apparently belongs to one "Clay Westwood."
Isaac: Let us ask this Mr Westwood why he dropped his belongings on our crime scene!

Ask Clay Westwood about his belongings being on the crime scene.
Isaac (holding a bandana): Good morning, Mr Westwood. We believe this bandana belongs to you?
Clay (with his horse): Thankin' you kindly, detectives! I wondered where that had gotten to!
Isaac: Goodness! Your horse! It's so huge! It's terrifying!
Isaac: Uh... I mean to say, <Rank> <Name> found your bandana here on the farm... next to the dead body of the farmer who lived here!
Clay: The fella who lives here is dead?!
Clay: Well ain't that a cryin' shame? He was a right nice fella, though I never even learned his name!
Clay: I'm just passin' through with Bullseye here, lookin' for work. The farmer couldn't give me any, but he kindly offered me a glass of milk from his cow before he sent me on my way!
Isaac: Thank you for your time, Mr Westwood. But please, don't go on your way just yet. <Rank> <Name> may have more questions for you later!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: It is a pleasure to see you, Isaac! Though I do wish you'd brought me something more challenging than a simple stabbing, <Name>. My talents are going to waste!
Isaac: We shall endeavor to bring you a more interesting corpse next time, Richard. Now, what can you tell us about our victim?
Dick: Well, as <Name> rightly guessed, your victim was stabbed clean through the torso with a four-pronged implement...
Dick: And given that he was found on a farm, I suspect he was most likely killed with a pitchfork!
Isaac: So, our victim was stabbed with a pitchfork! We shall keep an eye out for it!
Dick: There's more, though. As evidenced by his bruises, your victim was clearly involved in a scuffle in the moments prior to the murder...
Dick: And it appears as though his attacker spat in his face! Unfortunately, the saliva sample was too badly damaged by the midday sun for the DNA machine to provide any information...
Dick: But I did manage to find traces of chewed up wheat in the killer's saliva!
Isaac: So, our killer chews wheat! They bit off more than they could chew when they made an adversary out of you, <Name>!

Later, on the farm...
Isaac: Well, <Name>, we may have set out to investigate the people being evicted across Coyote Gorge by the Italians...
Isaac: But instead, we stumbled upon a murder!
Isaac: The victim, Benjamin Galls, appears to have been a humble farmer, as well as a father to Adaline Galls...
Isaac: And a friendly neighbor to Giulietta Capecchi!
Isaac: Nobody has had a bad word to say about the victim-
Isaac: <Name>, do you hear that commotion?
(A flock of birds begin to charge through the player and Isaac.)
Isaac: Tarnation! What is this avian apocalypse?!

Chapter 2

On the farm...
Isaac Bontemps: Well, <Name>, we may have set out to investigate the people being evicted across Coyote Gorge by the Italians, but instead we stumbled upon a murder!
Isaac: We found the owner of this farm, Benjamin Galls, stabbed in the back, most likely with his own pitchfork!
Isaac: Nobody has a bad word to say about the vic-
Isaac: <Name>, do you hear that commotion?
(A flock of birds begin to charge through the player and Isaac.)
Isaac: Tarnation! What is this avian apocalypse?!
Constable Ramirez: <Name>! I was trying to cheer up the victim's daughter and I... I let all the birds out by mistake!
Constable Ramirez: I'll round them up here, but some escaped in the direction of the town nearby! Please help me catch them, <Name>!
Isaac: Are you quite sure they're not disease-ridden, Constable Ramirez? <Name>, I shall let you handle this! Let us away!

In the town...
Isaac: <Name>, I do believe I just saw a duck enter that general store! Quick, we must follow it!

Investigate Store Counter.
Isaac: Thank goodness, <Name>, you've caught the last of those birds! Let us get it back to Constable Ramirez at once. I am no lover of wildlife!
Ethel: Golly, I don't know who you people are, but thanks for catchin' those beasts! They'd have wreaked havoc here in my shop!
Isaac: You are the proprietor of this general store, Madam?
Ethel: I sure am! The name's Ethel Spencer.
Ethel: To think that Benjamin's birds escaped all the way here from his farm... Tha's not like him to be so lax!
Isaac: You know Mr Galls, Miss Spencer? Then we must ask you to step to one side. We shall need your testimony!
(Ethel leaves.)
Isaac: And since we know the victim was known here, it's good you looked for clues, <Name>! We shall search through that bag of groceries, if you wish.
Isaac: But that check looks like a more promising lead! Look, it was signed by our victim!
Isaac: Whoever attempted to cash it clearly had an unhappy surprise, though. The check was rejected! Deciphering the addressee should tell us more!

Question Ethel Spencer about the victim.
Ethel: So, what can I do for you folks?
Isaac: Miss Spencer, I'm afraid we are investigating the murder of Benjamin Galls!
Ethel: Benjamin's been murdered?!
Ethel: Now, who would do such a thing to a gentleman like Benjamin Galls?!
Isaac: That's what we're hoping to find out, Miss Spencer! What can you tell us about the victim?
Ethel: Benjamin was a regular down here at the store!
Ethel: He was an upstanding sort of fella, only ever focusing on making a living, making sure his little girl had bread and milk on the table...
Ethel: He used to sell me his produce, and even did odd jobs for me when I needed it! There was nothing Benjamin Galls wouldn't do to get by! He sure will be missed around here!

Examine Bag of Groceries.
Isaac: What on earth were those brass knuckles doing in a bag of groceries?
Isaac: Oh, and you're right, <Name>! The brass knuckles bear a name... that of Vinnie Costa!
Isaac: The last time we saw this Italian gangster, he was enjoying himself at the Moulin Rose in Sinner's End.
Isaac: We must ask Mr Costa about his presence here in Coyote Gorge!

Question Vinnie Costa about his presence in Coyote Gorge.
Vinnie: Dio mio, not you and your flying cigar again, <Rank> <Name>!
Isaac: I cannot pretend we are pleased to see you again either, Mr Costa. We found your brass knuckles. What are you doing here in Coyote Gorge? Getting up to no good again?
Vinnie: What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here?
Vinnie: I live in Coyote Gorge! It's my quartiere! Can't I buy my groceries without the Flying Squad questioning me?
Isaac: Not considering a murder has taken place practically on your doorstep, Mr Costa. How, what do you know about a Mr Benjamin Galls?
Vinnie: Niente! I know nothing of a Mr Galls!
Vinnie: Now, let me finish my groceries and get home to my collie, Maximinus. If I leave him alone for too long, he'll chew all my wheat!

Examine Check.
Isaac: You've deciphered the account number on that check signed by our victim, <Name>! Let's send it to Evie to learn whom Benjamin gave it to!

Analyze Account Number.
Evie: Bontemps, <Name>, I've got a puzzle for you!
Isaac: Capital. I am feeling particularly sharp of mind, so let us hear it!
Evie: How could a cowboy ride into town on Sunday, stay two days, and leave on Sunday?
Isaac: ......
Evie: It's because the horse's name was Sunday!
Isaac: Why, you gave me but two seconds to try and find the answer, Evie! I am certain I would have guessed it!
Isaac: What does this have to do with our victim's check, however?
Evie: Well, the check was addressed to a cowboy! A certain Clay Westwood, to be exact.
Evie: But the check was evidently rejected when he tried to cash it!
Isaac: When we spoke to Mr Westwood earlier, he claimed he didn't really know the victim and that there was no work to be paid for. Let us ask him why he lied!

Question Clay Westwood about his payment from the victim.
Isaac: Mr Westwood, <Rank> <Name> found this check the victim addressed to you. Earlier, you told us you didn't even know the fellow's name!
Clay (with his horse): I just wished I hadn't known him! I did weeks of work for that good-for-nothing maggot!
Clay: I did everything he asked of me, but when it was time to cough up the cash, he said that he'd fallen on hard times and pleaded with me to wait!
Clay: But me, Bullseye and my collie need more sustenance than simple wheat, <Rank> <Name>!
Clay: Anyhow, when I finally managed to squeeze the check out of him, the bank rejected it! I got zero pay for all that hard work!
Isaac: And so you decided Benjamin Galls should pay you with his life, is that it?
Clay: You're barking up the wrong tree, <Rank> <Name>. It takes more than that to make a rough an' ready traveler like myself snap!

Isaac: <Name>, it appears as though our victim did not lead such a simple life as we first anticipated! He was clearly having financial troubles...
Isaac: You're right, we clearly need to learn more about Mr Galls if we wish to solve his murder. Let us head back inside the Gall's home!

Investigate Dining Table.
Isaac: Cripes, <Name>! Look at this note! It reads, "Benjamin, you can resist until the cows come home... But it'll be the death of you!"
Isaac: This is quite clearly a threat against our victim's life! And that means it must have come from his killer!
Isaac: And the killer clearly left a white stain on that note... Collecting a sample of it should prove informative!
Isaac: As for that ornate box, you shall have to crack the lock in order to discover its secrets, <Name>!

Examine Threat.
Isaac: <Name>, let us see what Viola makes of the substance you collected from the killer's threat!

Analyze White Liquid.
Viola: <Name>, being in the countryside, one might be tempted to avail oneself of a glass of delicious fresh milk...
Viola: Alas, I have a theory that certain people develop terrible revolutions of the stomach when they consume dairy!
Isaac: I must say, that would explain many of my own experiences with dairy... We should discuss this at length later, Viola!
Viola: Certainly, but dairy is, in fact, relevant to your investigation!
Viola: You see, the substance on your killer's threat turned out to be milk!
Viola: And the words on the page weren't blurred, which implies that the stain was left on the paper BEFORE the message was written... So we can safely assume our killer drinks milk!
Isaac: So, our killer drinks milk! Well, they had better milk their defense for all it's worth!
Isaac: Oh, and sharp memory, <Name>! We know that both Adaline Galls and Clay Westwood enjoy a fortifying glass of milk, just like our killer! I shall note it down at once!

Examine Ornate Box.
Isaac: There's nothing but torn paper inside that ornate box, <Name>!
Isaac: You're right, piecing it back together could turn it into a veritable lead!

Examine Torn Drawing.
Isaac: This paper is a child's drawing of a family, <Name>...
Isaac: Look, there's a little girl, and it says, "Adaline" above her head! She must be the one who drew this!
Isaac: But her father has been scribbled out!
Isaac: If Adaline scribbled out her father's likeness, they must've quarreled! We must question her at once, <Name>!

Ask Adaline Galls about her quarrel with her father.
Isaac: Adaline, <Rank> <Name> found this drawing... Why did you scribble out your father?
Adaline (with her pony): How did you find that, <Rank> <Name>?!
Adaline: Well, fine! I was angry at Papa! He drove my mommy away!
Isaac: Your mother?
Adaline: Yes! All Papa ever did was work, work, work! And mommy got sick of it!
Adaline: So she left us! And now Papa's gone and got himself killed! I'm all alone in the world!
Isaac: Please don't cry, Adaline. It's a tragic situation to be sure, but you can rest assured that <Rank> <Name> and I will do everything we can to assist you!

On the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, our investigation into Benjamin Galls' murder has shown that the simple country life is not as simple as that!
Isaac: Clay Westwood, our traveling cowboy, was furious with the victim for giving him a bad check...
Isaac: While Mr Galls' daughter, Adaline, blamed him for her mother's departure.
Isaac: We also encountered Vinnie Costa, who-
Constable Ramirez: <Name>, you must come quickly!
Isaac: Constable Ramirez? You're supposed to be watching young Adaline!
Constable Ramirez: Well, that's the thing! Young Adaline... She threatening to shoot Mr Dupont!

Chapter 3

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, our investigation into the Italians' activity in Coyote Gorge led us straight to a murder!
Isaac: Several people had a grudge against our victim, Benja-
Constable Ramirez: <Name>, you must come quickly!
Isaac: What is it now, Constable Ramirez?
Constable Ramirez: It's Adaline... She's threatening to shoot Mr Dupont!
Isaac: What?! <Name>, we must return to the farm at once!

A few moments later...
Adaline (with her cow, aiming a shotgun): Stay away from me and Daisy! Go on, now! Shoo!
Charles (holding an udder cup): But Miss Galls, I was only trying to help!
Isaac: Charles, just what is going on here?
Charles: I just wanted to show Miss Galls how to milk her cow more efficiently! I brought my genius cow milking machine with me, but she-
Adaline: I don't need your help! Now shoo, before I shoot!
Charles: Fine! But I'll have you know that this is one of the greatest inventions ever created! You're missing ou-
Isaac: That is quite enough! Miss Galls, please hand over that shotgun and return inside! Charles, try to confine yourself to the airship until we have concluded our investigation.
(Charles and Adaline leave.)
Isaac: Now, <Name>, let us solve this murder before yet another mishap occurs! You wish to return to the general store? Then let us do so at once!

Investigate Cash Register.
Isaac: Goodness, <Name>! I don't know what that receptacle contained, but whatever it is, some of it has spilled out! We must vacuum up a sample!
Isaac: And you need not check your reflection in that mirror, <Name>, you look dashing as always!
Isaac: Oh, I see! The mirror is engraved with the name "Galls"! I imagine it must be an heirloom, of sorts. But how did it end up here? Collecting a sample of that pink liquid might enlighten us!
Isaac: As for those broken pieces of wood, I am certain you shall piece them together in a heartbeat!
Isaac: Whoever thought they could get away with murder clearly wasn't familiar with the expression, "Don't count on your chickens before they hatch," <Name>! You'll have them behind bars in no time!

Examine Hand Mirror.
Isaac: <Name>, let us place that pink liquid you collected from our victim's mirror under the microscope, post-haste!

Examine Pink Liquid.
Isaac: This pink liquid from the mirror comprises pink lemonade, cranberry juice and copious amounts of sugar... All of which make a drink known as Pink Paradise!
Isaac: Pink Paradise? Why does that sound familiar, <Name>?
Isaac: Oh, you're right! We encountered Mr Costa drinking this beverage at the Moulin Rose!
Isaac: But what was Mr Costa doing with our victim's affairs? Let us ask him!

Ask Vinnie Costa what he was doing with the victim's belongings.
Isaac: Mr Costa, we'd like you to explain what you were doing with Mr Galls' belonging!
Vinnie: Maledizione, you police keep accosting me with questions, when I'm just buying milk, like a nice legal citizen!
Vinnie: But if you must know, Mr Galls gave me that mirror as a gift! You know, for being a good neighbor!
Isaac: That's interesting, since the last time we spoke to you, you denied knowing Mr Galls!
Vinnie: Well, I didn't know him well... But, uh, he was very generous with his belongings!
Isaac: A likely story! I'd wager that you were pilfering them! And if you killed Mr Galls for catching you in the act, <Rank> <Name> will find out!
Vinnie: No, no, no! You've got it all wrong! Me, I'm an honest Italiano! I'm no killer!

Examine Strange Vase.
Isaac: I am most certain Viola shall be able to tell us what the ashes you collected from that vase are, <Name>! We must send them to her at once!

Analyze Ashes.
Viola: <Name>, when you send me samples of such a nature, it would be pertinent to warn me in advance!
Isaac: My dear Viola, if we knew what the substance from the vase was, we should never have needed to send it to you in the first place!
Isaac: Besides, what could possibly have disturbed you so?
Viola: Well, the substance you sent me was made up of pulverized bone fragments... The kind produced by cremation!
Isaac: Cremation?! You mean to say those ashes were once a person?!
Viola: Precisely! Now, the condition of the ashes suggests that this person has been deceased for several months.
Viola: I was skeptical as to whether I would be able to identify to whom they belonged, but I chanced upon a tooth fragment...
Viola: And I can tell you that these are the ashes of Lucrezia Capecchi!
Isaac: Lucrezia Capecchi?! <Name>, what in heaven's name were Lucrezia's ashes doing on the floor of the general store?
Isaac: We must speak with her sister, Giulietta, at once!

Ask Giulietta Capecchi why her sister's ashes were in the general store.
Isaac: Miss Capecchi, we must broach a rather... delicate subject with you. We found the remains of your sister, Lucrezia!
Giulietta: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! I wanted to go back to the store with my collie and get them myself, but I was too afraid!
Isaac: Afraid? What of?
Giulietta: Of Benjamin! He's the reason I dropped Lucrezia's ashes!
Isaac: But you told us you'd gotten along well with him since your childhood!
Giulietta: Yes, back then, things were fine. Lucrezia and I would drop by all the time to drink fresh milk by the pint!
Giulietta: And now, after everything, I went to the farm to spread Lucrezia's ashes, so she could finally be at peace!
Giulietta: But Benjamin had changed completely! He came out brandishing a shotgun! He said Italians weren't welcome on his land anymore!
Giulietta: I almost choked on the wheat I was chewing! And... and as I ran into the general store for cover, I... I dropped Lucrezia's ashes!
Giulietta: I'm glad Benjamin's dead, <Rank> <Name>! He deserved everything he got!
Isaac: We understand your anger, Miss Capecchi. Let us just hope it did not get the better of you!

Examine Broken Sign.
Isaac: This wooden store sign reads, "Sorry, we are temporarily closed"...
Isaac: But look at that note attached! It reads, "And you can thank that no-good Benjamin!"
Isaac: So Miss Spencer was forced to temporarily close her store because of our victim? We must ask her about this!

Ask Ethel Spencer how the victim forced her to close the store.
Isaac: Miss Spencer, when we spoke to you, you had only good things to say about our victim. But this sign paints a different picture! You had to close the store because of him?
Ethel: Oh, you found that...
Ethel: Well, I don't see why I should hide it! The store ain't doin' so good, and it's all Benjamin's fault!
Ethel: I had a hole in the storeroom roof about a month back... Benjamin said he'd fix it in exchange for a few shillings. Mentioned something 'bout needin' to pay a cowboy...
Ethel: Anyhow, knowin' that he was strapped for cash, I took him up on the offer.
Ethel: But Benjamin did a shoddy job! A week later, the roof caved in!
Ethel: My produce was ruined! There was barely even any wheat left for me to chew!
Isaac: It's an unfortunate predicament, Miss Spencer. But if you killed Mr Galls because he threatened your livelihood, <Rank> <Name> shall find out!

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, from all that we've heard, Benjamin Galls does not appear to have been a malicious fellow, but he certainly had more than a few enemies!
Isaac: He drew the store owner's ire by botching her roof repairs...
Isaac: Mr Costa was potentially pilfering his belongings...
Isaac: And the victim chased Giulietta off his land with a shotgun, causing her to drop her sister's ashes!
Isaac: This is all such a muddle, <Name>!
Isaac: You're right, if we wish to solve this gruesome murder, we must head back to the scene of the crime! Let us away!

Investigate Galls' House.
Isaac: By Jove, look at this pitchfork! It's covered in blood, and it matches the shape of our victim's wounds perfectly!
Isaac: I do believe you've just found our murder weapon, <Name>!
Isaac: The blood on the prongs undoubtedly comes from our victim... But let's collect a sample of that blood on the handle! With any luck, it could belong to our killer!
Isaac: But I'm not sure what you want with that damaged toolbox...
Isaac: Oh, shrewd deduction, <Name>! Richard did mention that our victim was involved in a struggle with the killer prior to his demise. This toolbox must've been damaged during the fight!
Isaac: And that means it merits searching through the tools! We are but a few steps behind our killer, <Name>, I can feel it!

Examine Broken Toolbox.
Isaac: Why, what in heaven's name was that dog collar doing in that toolbox, <Name>?
Isaac: Oh, you're right! We know that our killer is in possession of a collie... and that poor animal was present during the murder!
Isaac: Perhaps the victim tore the collar off the dog during the altercation...
Isaac: We must send this dog collar to Viola at once! If fate is smiling upon us, it may tell us more about our killer!

Analyze Dog Collar.
Viola: <Name>, I can most certainly confirm that this collar you sent me belongs to a collie! I found traces of collie fur on it!
Isaac: So our hunch was right, the collar did belong to the killer's collie!
Isaac: But surely there was more to be found on the collar, Viola?
Viola: I was only just getting started, Isaac!
Viola: You see, the collar also held traces of felted beaver fur... which is used in the confection of cowboy hats!
Viola: <Name>, your killer must've touched their dog's collar after adjusting their hat... which lets us know that they wear one!
Isaac: So, our killer wears a cowboy hat! It'll be hats off to you once you've caught them, <Name>!

Examine Pitchfork.
Isaac: Make haste, <Name>! We must send this blood from the murder weapon to Viola!

Analyze Blood.
Viola: <Name>, this country air is doing me a world of good! I can already feel my complexion beginning to glow!
Isaac: I wish I shared your enthusiasm, Viola. However, I prefer the city, myself.
Isaac: Just the thought of accidentally ruining my shoes by stepping in a cow pie sends my blood pressure through the roof!
Viola: Ha! Speaking of blood, I have information regarding that sample you collected from the handle of the murder weapon!
Viola: I identified the blood type as A-...
Viola: But according to Richard, your victim's blood type was O+! Which means the blood on the pitchfork handle was your killer's!
Isaac: This A- killer shan't be feeling positive once you've got them in handcuffs, <Name>! We're closing in on them!

After completing all the tasks...
Isaac: You have amassed all the evidence required to arrest Benjamin Galls' killer, <Name>! Let us proceed!

Take care of the killer now!
Isaac: Mr Costa, you are under arrest for the murder of Benjamin Galls.
Isaac: Did you really kill a man just so you could steal his belongings?
Vinnie: Sta scherzando? I never laid a hand on Mr Galls, <Rank> <Name>!
Isaac: Is that so? Then why was your collie present during the murder? The dog left traces on the victim's vest!
Vinnie: Hey, you leave Maximinus out of this! I had nothing to do with this murder, and nor did he!
Isaac: Yet we found your dog's collar on the crime scene. You left fibers from your cowboy hat on it!
Vinnie: Maledizione! Everybody around here wears such a hat!
Isaac: Give it up, Mr Costa! We found your blood on the pitchfork you used to stab Mr Galls through the back!
Vinnie: ......
Vinnie: E va bene, you got me, <Rank> <Name>. I killed Mr Galls! But I didn't mean to!
Vinnie: It was the gang, they sent me to force him into giving up his land!
Isaac: His land? You mean to say that you killed him because he refused to leave his home behind, giving it up to the Italians?!
Vinnie: It's better to leave than to die, <Rank> <Name>! That's how things are around here!
Vinnie: I tried sending him threats at first, to make him understand... but he didn't listen! So I went to rough him up a little, you know how it is!
Vinnie: But things got out of hand! He fought back!
Vinnie: I threatened him with the pitchfork, thinking he'd back off, but he made a lunge for me... and I ended up impaling him by accident!
Vinnie: I never wanted it to come to this, <Rank> <Name>. But I guess this is what happens when you work for the Italian gang!
Isaac: What happens is that you end up in jail, Mr Costa. You're under arrest!

Judge Lawson: Mr Costa, you stand accused of killing Mr Benjamin Galls on behalf of the Italian gang. How do you plead?
Vinnie: Guilty, Your Honor. But it was an accident!
Vinnie: I'd never killed for the gang before, and I didn't mean to start now! I don't know how it all went so wrong!
Judge Lawson: I'd take a wild guess and say it all went wrong when you tried to threaten an honest man out of his home on the gang's orders, Mr Costa!
Judge Lawson: However, this Court shall take into account the fact that the murder was not premeditated.
Judge Lawson: You are hereby sentenced to 10 years in prison!
Vinnie: Dio mio, may la Madonna forgive me! Being in the gang has cost me everything!

On the airship...
Chief Wright: <Name>, I hear that you've finally put that miscreant Vinnie Costa behind bars... for the murder of a farmer, of all things!
Isaac: Mr Galls was no ordinary farmer, Chief. He stood up to the Italian gang, who wished to force him off his land... So Vinnie was sent to "persuade" him!
Chief Wright: The Italians' shenanigans in Coyote Gorge are proving most troubling, <Name>. I can only imagine the amount of paperwork which shall end up on my desk...
Chief Wright: But regardless, we must establish what the Italians intend to do with all this land they're freeing up and prevent them from evicting anyone else!

Once Upon a Time in the East (3/6)

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, we've finally put that miscreant Vinnie Costa behind bars, for the murder of farmer Benjamin Galls.
Isaac: Vinnie lost control while trying to pressure Benjamin to give up his land...
Isaac: Which is another indication of the Italians forcibly evicting people across Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: It is imperative that we learn why the Italians are seizing land if we hope to stop them! We must question Vinnie again!
Charles: <Name>! Before you go, I wish to have a word about that embarrassing incident earlier...
Charles: Oh, and I wouldn't be at all opposed to Maddie accompanying you! I'll wait for you in my lab!
(Charles leaves.)
Isaac: I can see that my presence shall not be required for that particular task, <Name>! Once we're done questioning Vinnie, you and Maddie should speak with Charles!

Ask Vinnie Costa about the Italian gang's plans.
(Vinnie is now wearing his prison uniform.)
Vinnie: Porca vacca, <Rank> <Name>, I don't know what you think I can do for you now I'm in prigione!
Isaac: You can tell us precisely what the Italian gang wishes to do with the land they are seizing!
Vinnie: Don't get me wrong, I want to help you in order to make up for my mistake...
Vinnie: But I won't last five minutes in prison if I rat on the Italians!
Vinnie: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, you'll just have to figure things out for yourself!
Vinnie: But, uh, maybe you could try looking in the Galls' kitchen, capisce? And take this money to help... It'll be useless in prigione!

Isaac: Well, I do believe you're right, <Name>. Vinnie was attempting to aid us, in his own bizarre fashion...
Isaac: If there really is something in the Galls' family kitchen that could inform us of the Italians' intentions, then we must head there right away!

Investigate Kitchen.
Isaac: Do you believe this torn paper could be the lead Vinnie was hinting at, <Name>? There is but one way to find out... Let us piece it back together!

Examine Torn Paper.
Isaac: <Name>, this is clearly a map of Coyote Gorge, but a large chunk of it is faded!
Isaac: You're right. If we wish to learn exactly what the Italians have got up their sleeves, we must recover whatever was on the map!

Examine Faded Map.
Isaac: <Name>, look! This map shows both the Galls' farm and Devil's Ridge, with a line running between them!
Isaac: I agree, given that both these places were on the Italians' eviction list, this clearly pertains to their schemes in Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: We must get this map to Evie immediately to see what she makes of it!

Analyze Map Markings.
Isaac: Evie, did that map shed any light on the Italians' plan for the land they're acquiring?
Evie: Well, the plan is of a one-track nature... and it's moving full steam ahead!
Isaac: Tell me this is not another one of your riddles, Evie...
Evie: Not at all! You see, I've identified a project which runs straight through the lands the Italians emptied... and it's a railroad!
Evie: It's an extension of the current track operated by the Concordia Railroad Company, which is odd, since the company isn't owned by the Italians!
Isaac: They may not own it, but clearly the reason for which the Italians are freeing up land in Coyote Gorge is to make way for railroad tracks!
Isaac: Their motives for doing so are left to be determined...
Isaac: ... But either way, the means through which the Italians are freeing up the land are most decidedly illegal! We must prevent them from going further!

See what Charlie wants.
Maddie: Charlie, <Name> said you wanted to talk to us?
Charles: Yes, I'm ever so embarrassed about what happened earlier. You know, with Adaline...
Charles: But I didn't mean any harm! I was just trying to demonstrate how my cow milking machine works!
Charles: Constable Ramirez has informed me that Adaline's grandmother will join her at the farm, but the workload will be too much for them. I'm convinced my machine would help them!
Maddie: Aw, that's sweet of you, Charlie! I'm sure Adaline would appreciate the help if we explained it properly to her!
Charles: Well, that's the thing... We can't! After she threatened me, I dropped the machine somewhere!
Charles: I was hoping you'd help me find it, <Name>!
Maddie: Of course we will. But maybe you should wait here, Charlie. We wouldn't want Adaline coming at you with a shotgun again! <Name>, let us head back to the farm!

Investigate Farm Entrance.
Maddie: <Name>, don't you think it gallant of Charlie to come to a young girl's assistance like this?
Maddie: I can only hope we can find his cow milking machine for him...
Maddie: You believe it worth looking through that hay? Well, let us hope it'll be easier than finding a needle in a haystack!

Examine Haystack.
Maddie: This is it, <Name>! You found Charlie's cow milking machine in that haystack!
Maddie: We had better ensure the machine's still in working order before we present it to Adaline, though. Let us send it to Charlie!

Analyze Cow Milking Machine.
Charles: Maddie, <Name>, thank you so much for returning my cow milking machine!
Charles: It was still in perfect working order, but I had the idea of adding new functionalities to it!
Maddie: New functionalities? Surely milking a cow is a rather straightforward affair...
Charles: There is always room for improvement, my dear Madeline!
Charles: You see, I've added extra teat cups so that Adaline can milk more cows at once!
Charles: But that's not even the best part! Once the milk has been extracted, it goes directly into a vat in order to be heated to a certain temperature, thereby killing all the bacteria!
Charles: It's a technique known as pasteurization! It was recently developed by a French friend of mine, and I am convinced that it shall be adopted worldwide!
Maddie: Oh, Charlie. You do make me laugh with your enthusiasm!
Maddie: But you can tell us all about pasteurization later. For the moment, let's see if we can convince Adaline to accept our help!

Show Adaline Galls the cow milking machine.
Charles: Hello again, Ada-
Adaline (with her cow): You again?! Get off my farm!
Maddie: It's alright, Adaline. We know you and Charlie got off on the wrong foot earlier, but he has a machine which could help you!
Adaline: I don't trust such things! I don't want to hurt my poor Daisy! We adopted her a few months back, after her owner died. We've been inseparable ever since!
Charles (holding a teat cup): As a matter of fact, Daisy is actually an old acquaintance of ours! She shan't feel a thing, I promise.
Adaline: Well... if you're sure Daisy won't mind... I guess you can set it up!
Maddie: You shan't regret it, Adaline. Charlie here wouldn't hurt a soul!
Adaline: Uh, now that you're here, <Rank> <Name>, I was kinda wonderin' if you could do somethin' else for me...
Adaline: I heard Papa's killer had a puppy. Now the bad man's in jail, I wouldn't want it to live on its own...
Adaline: Could you find the doggie and bring it to me, <Rank> <Name>? I think I heard barking coming from the shop!
Maddie: Of course, Adaline. Let us prepare you a hot dinner, and then we shall search the store for Vinnie's dog at once!

Investigate Store Counter.
Maddie: <Name>, this dog is certainly a collie, but how can we be certain that it belongs to Vinnie?
Maddie: You're right! That tattoo on the dog's ear might enlighten us as to its owner's identity. Let us recover it!

Examine Dog.
Maddie: So, the tattoo on the dog's ear reads, "Maximinus"... What a strange name for a dog!
Maddie: Oh, you say you recall Vinnie referring to his dog as Maximinus? Only an Italian gangster would name his pet after a Roman emperor...
Maddie: Anyhow, I suppose this means we should introduce Maximinus to his new owner! Let's speak to Adaline again!

Give the dog to Adaline Galls.
Maddie: We're back, Adaline! And guess who we found! His name's Maximinus an-
Adaline (with her collie): Ooooh, I love him already! Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>!
Charles: And I've just finished setting up the machine! You should have no problem milking the cows now, Adaline!
Maddie: Just remember, if you or your grandmother ever need anything, we're only a telegram away! And rest assured, nobody shall bother you again now that you're under our protection!
Adaline: Thanks, Mr Charlie and Miss Maddie! You two are the bestest couple ever! Please, take this for all your help!

Charles: Say, that was a tad embarrassing, Maddie! Adaline believed us to be a couple!
Maddie: Well, it wouldn't be the first time we convinced somebody we were romantically engaged, would it?
Maddie: Anyhow, your desire to help Adaline confirms what I've suspected for some time... You're a true gentleman, Charles Dupont!
Charles: Why... Thank you, Maddie. You are most charming yourself!
Charles: In fact, I dare say you are the most charming young lady I have ever met!
Maddie: Charming enough, perhaps, for a rendez-vous of a romantic nature?
Charles: You mean... a date?!
Charles: Maddie, I desire a date with you more than anything in this world, but I have always been too afraid to ask!
Maddie: Then it is a good thing that I have never lacked courage! Now, if you'll excuse us, <Name>, I do believe Charlie and I shall be taking the rest of the day off!

On the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, do you happen to know where everyone is?
Isaac: Charles is out on a date with Madeline, you say?!
Isaac: And the Chief is out at a soirée... Sometimes I wonder how this ship is still flying, given that everyone is so fond of frivolities!
Isaac: And we do have a pressing matter to address! We've uncovered evidence showing that the Italians are freeing up land in order to build a railroad!
Isaac: This is seemingly the reason why they have been evicting people across Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: It's unclear how much of a hold the Italians have over the Concordia Railroad Company, but whatever the purpose of their scheme, it is clear we must put a stop to it!
Constable Ramirez: <Name>! We just got word of a train derailment nearby! Someone has sabotaged the tracks!
Isaac: A train derailment? <Name>, we must go there at once!

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