Lissa Avery was the victim in The Machiavellian Candidate (Case #49 of Mysteries of the Past).


Lissa was the assistant of Senator Malcolm Rochester. She had short curly brown hair with a sky blue bow and brown eyes. She also used to hold a clipboard. At the time of her death, she wore a long-sleeved sky blue dress and a gold and blue necklace. Per suspect testimony, it is known that Lissa had a seafood allergy.

Murder details

Lissa was found dead at an awards luncheon. Per Dick, Lissa was poisoned with cyanide that was put into a glass of French wine that she drank. Dick revealed that the cyanide used was made for medical purposes only, specifically for diabetes. This led him to conclude that the killer had diabetes.

Relationship with suspects

Lissa not only helped out Malcolm but his entire family as well. However, Veronica Rochester knew that she was only using her position to climb the social ladder and so put her in her place. Malcolm was thinking of "getting rid of" Lissa due to her incompetence, a recent example of which was her handing him a wrong script for a speech to a public crowd. Lissa was at first friendly with education lobbyist Samson Drake but soon placed herself between him and Malcolm, feeling that his presence was threatening her influence on the senator. Lissa had pestered Mayor Cornelius Castletown into bestowing a prestigious award upon her but disliked that the award eventually given to her was for Best Secretary and not Outstanding Concordian. While at first not close to her stepmother, Gertrude, Gertrude claimed they eventually got close as family.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Gertrude.

Initially denying the accusations, Gertrude admitted to the crime. After her husband had died, Lissa got the whole inheritance, giving Gertrude a tiny sum. Realizing that killing Lissa would grant her the fortune, Gertrude slipped cyanide in her wine during the luncheon, hoping to pin the murder on the politicians. Judge Takakura sentenced her to 25 years in jail.


  • Lissa's death at the hands of her stepmother is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Mysteries of the Past.

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