Lily Arrow is a minor character in Criminal Case. She made a video appearance in Bad Vibes (Case #6 of Supernatural Investigations) and was mentioned during the events of other cases in Supernatural Investigations. In The Third Degree (Case #25 of Supernatural Investigations), it was eventually discovered that her body was inhabited by the Demon Queen.


Lily was a fairy who had her wings cut and Chief Arrow's late wife. She had blue eyes and long, curly, dirty blonde hair. She wore a salmon cardigan with a floral pattern over a white shirt.

Events of Criminal Case

Blood Lust

During the investigation, Ben informed the player how the Supernatural Hunters was formed. He explained that he and Chief Arrow had discovered the existence of vampires after one killed Lily. As a result, Chief Arrow and Ben formed the team and began hunting supernatural creatures.

Bad Vibes

After arresting Rainee Day's killer, Ben informed Felix and the player that Chief Arrow had honeymooned with Lily in Arizona, so their investigation in Saguaro had stirred some painful memories. Felix and the player found a time capsule in the crystal caves containing a video revealing that spiritual healer Amanda Harrison had foretold Lily's death. They also found Lily and Chief Arrow's wedding cake figurine in the office that used to be the bed and breakfast where they had stayed.

The Third Degree

After transporting themselves to the alternate dimension in which the demon queen cage was located to have a chance to fight with the demon queen's supporters, Chief Arrow, demon ally Arthur Darkwood, and the player saw demon Reggie Pratt unlocking the cage, resulting in the demon queen who was inhabiting Lily's body greeted Chief Arrow.

Death at a Funeral

After returning to the base, Chief Arrow told the team that they were going to exhume Lily's body in South Carolina due to the demon queen resembling Lily, only to be interrupted by Bernie Silverman's murder. After arresting his killer, Chief Arrow informed Luke and the player that he did not feel emotionally prepared to exhume Lily's body and therefore, he asked Luke and the player to exhume her body for him instead. The two did so, only to find nothing but a crowbar in her coffin. According to Priya, the dirt from the crowbar proved that Lily's body was stolen a week after her death. Upon updating Chief Arrow about the bad news, he wondered why the demon queen picked his wife's body instead of other bodies.

To the Lighthouse

After discovering the identity of Bucky Johnson's killer, Chief Arrow and the player found out that supernatural hunter Falcon had bound the demon queen to Lily's body. Falcon told the team that he had joined forces with demon rebel Rathimael to destroy the demon queen during the demon war. After the queen was defeated, the two of them decided to put the queen in a cage that would have to be made from an utterly pure being. However, the only one who fit the qualifications was Lily, who was actually a good fairy who had her wings cut. Feeling guilty, Falcon told the team that he got a vampire to drain Lily's blood and that he and Rathimael exhumed her body from the grave a week after in order to bound the queen to her body.

To Hell and Back

Once again, Lily's physical body was seen while it was inhabited by the Demon Queen, when she went to meet with her Demon Guard to instruct him to both bring the then-dead Arthur Darkwood and the team before the planetary alignment.

The Demon Queen once again appeared inside of Lily's body shortly after Zeke's arrest and his execution by the Demon Guard, alongside Chief Arrow. She came to laugh at the team for their failure in preventing her breaking the veil before the planetary alignment. Drinking Arthur's blood, which Zeke originally gave to Arrow for safekeeping not knowing Arrow was on the queen's side, the demon queen broke out of her prison in Lily's body and transformed into her true demonic form. What happened to Lily's body afterwards is unknown, since it wasn't mentioned or seen for the rest of the case.

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