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Previously, on Criminal Case...
Gloria Hayes: <Name>, it's hard to believe there was ever a time I thought Grimsborough would be a peaceful place compared to Chicago.
Gloria: Turns out there's a conspiracy in Grimsborough that goes up to the highest echelons of city government!
Chief Parker: Yes the four Ad Astrans we've uncovered so far have been helping each other advance their common and personal agendas for years.
Chief Parker: And now they're cooking up some new plan called "Supernova!"
Gloria: I'd feel better if we knew more about that plan. So far we're only sure that it involves the meteorite.
Gloria: We overheard Bateman and the mayor talking... They seemed frustrated that the plan wasn't already launched. I wonder what the delay is!
(The lights start to go out.)
Gloria: We need to look into it! I wonder if it would be a good idea to-
(The lights go out.)
Gloria: <Name>, what happened?!

Back in the present...
Gloria: <Name>, we've had a power cut!
Chief Parker: Somebody get me a flashlight!
Gloria: Is everyone alright?
Chief Parker: Get Cathy to go check on the generator. Everybody else, stay here!

A few minutes later...
(The lights are back on.)
Cathy: There, I managed to restart the emergency generator!
Chief Parker: What happened? Why is there a blackout?
Cathy: I'm not sure, but it's city-wide!
Gloria: What? All of Grimsborough's without power?
Cathy: Yes, and that's not all. Mobile communications are down, too! The blackout cut power to the cell towers!
Gloria: So, we're without light or signal? What could've caused this?
Cathy: I have no idea, but I say we need to go to the electricity plant to check!
Chief Parker: Yes! Cathy, you finish setting up generators here. <Name>, Gloria, go to the power plant and see what you can find! And, just in case, bring lighting equipment with you!

Chapter 1

Investigate Power Plant Substation.
Gloria Hayes (holding a flashlight): <Name>, there's a dead man here! I nearly stumbled over him while setting up the lights!
Gloria: You're right, he's been shot in the chest. Clearly this man was murdered!
Gloria: But when was he killed? Before the blackout? Or was it-
Jon: <Rank> <Name>, what are you doing here? And why is it so dark?
Gloria: What are YOU doing here, Mr... Benson, was it? Last time we met you, you were Paul Gigs' bodyguard!
Jon: Well, now I work here, and-
Jon: Oh, no! That's the boss!
Gloria: This man's the manager of the power plant?
Jon: Yes! His name's Ryan Min. But... what happened?
Gloria: We'll discuss it all in a moment, Mr Benson. Please step aside for now.
(Jon leaves.)
Gloria: Meanwhile, <Name>, you also wanted to look at that graffiti? It says, "Open your eyes."
Gloria: You're right, the paint looks fresh. Whoever did this was here recently. Let's look this style up in the database and find the "artist"!
Gloria: <Name>, it's hardly a coincidence that the power plant manager's dead right as a blackout happens! We need to solve this, STAT!

Talk to Jon Benson about the murder.
Gloria: Now, Mr Benson, tell us step by step everything that happened this evening.
Jon: Well, I was doing my rounds, and everything was normal... But then I swear I saw some weird shadows!
Jon: So, I called the boss down from his office. It's protocol, you know!
Jon: But while I was talking to him, I got knocked out! I didn't even see by whom!
Jon: And when I wake up, everything's dark, and there's no cell power. Then I find you here, and the boss's dead!
Gloria: So, it was your phone call that brought your boss down here and into the path of a murderer.
Jon: I couldn't have known what would happen! I didn't mean to, I swear! It's not my fault my bosses keep dying!
Jon: Min wasn't even a bad one... didn't interfere, stayed up in the control tower most of the time... I can't believe he's dead.
Gloria: Indeed. Please stay close, <Rank> <Name> may have more questions. Meanwhile, we'll check out that control tower!

Investigate Control Tower.
Gloria: <Name>, look at that! It's a case of bullets!
Gloria: You're right, our victim was shot... What if those bullets were left here by his killer? Let's open the case!
Gloria: And you think we could find something amongst that electrical equipment? Right, let's search through it!

Examine Electrical Equipment.
Gloria: What's this card you found in all that electric equipment, <Name>?
Gloria: Oh, right, it's one of those time stamp sheets employees use to track when they come into the office and leave it!
Gloria: Figuring out who this card belongs to could provide a lead! Quick, let's reveal the information on it!

Examine Time Stamp Sheet.
Gloria: <Name>, that punch card belongs to one Jenna McFry...
Gloria: Wasn't she that kooky electrician who worked under the dome?
Gloria: Apparently, she's working here now. And you're right, the time stamp shows that she punched in this morning! But she didn't punch out.
Gloria: So, Jenna's still around! We better find her!

Interrogate Jenna McFry.
Jenna: <Rank> <Name>, long time no see. Before you ask, I'm totally legit. I was cleared as being completely ignorant of whatever crazy things were happening under the dome.
Jenna: Then I started working here. I'm currently doing overtime because I'm trying to fix this blackout!
Gloria: Any idea how it happened?
Jenna: I don't know, dude. Everything's a mess... but it's kinda fun!
Gloria: Fun?! Being without electricity and mobile network can be very dangerous! And are you aware that your boss is dead?
Jenna: Wait, what?
Jenna: Oh, wow, things are a bigger mess than I thought! And just after that safety inspector cleared us!
Gloria: What safety inspector?
Jenna: Some Felix Murray guy, he inspected us today. Anyway, if that's all, I got wires to check.
(Jenna leaves.)
Gloria: Well, she hasn't changed. Anyway, I agree, we'd better find that safety inspector she mentioned, and ask him if he saw anything!

Question Felix Murray about his inspection of the plant.
Felix: Officers, being here feels like being bathed in light. Neither my home nor my office have power generators... I do hope the blackout ends soon!
Gloria: The blackout took you by surprise, then? But you inspected the station today. You didn't notice anything strange?
Felix: No! I'm happy to send you a copy of my report, but Mr Min runs the station well. Nothing indicated this would happen.
Felix: To be completely honest, I'd suspect foul play.
Gloria: Speaking of foul play, I'm afraid he's been found dead.
Felix: Dead?! Mr Min?
Felix: Do you think his murder's related to the blackout?
Gloria: We're trying to determine that. What can you say about him?
Felix: Well, he was competent. And cooperative. It's always the good ones that go first, isn't it?

Examine Bullet Case.
Gloria: <Name>, let's send this bullet case to Rita, and see if she can tell anything from it!

Analyze Bullets.
Rita: <Name>, the whole team's growing pretty antsy about not having cell coverage! And then there's the darkness, too!
Gloria: It'll hopefully get fixed soon. Being out in the field without the ability to make calls is pretty daunting, let me tell you!
Gloria: Anyway, were you able to work on that case of ammo bullets <Name> sent you?
Rita: Yes! So, I checked with Martine, and the bullets matched the one found in the victim's wound. They're both 9mm, and they're definitely your killer's!
Rita: Secondly, there were some microscopic crumbs in the case, that I sent to Amir to analyze. They were from an energy bar! Your killer obviously enjoys eating those.
Gloria: Our killer eats energy bars? Well, they'll soon realize running from <Name> will be a waste of their energy!

Examine Graffiti.
Gloria: <Name>, for a moment I thought that, with this blackout, the database wouldn't work. But thankfully Cathy made it run on reserve power.
Gloria: Apparently, the graffiti we picked up at the crime scene has a style and color pattern that matches that of one Izzy Ramsey.
Gloria: Seems like this person's been fined for graffiti in the past, so we have her "artwork" on file.
Gloria: Hold on. Isn't she that conspiracy theorist we met soon after we started working together? The one who was interested in the dome...
Gloria: And now she pops up in this investigation. I agree, <Name>, we need to talk to Izzy!

Question Izzy Ramsey about her graffiti.
Izzy: What do you want with me, <Rank> <Name>? Isn't it enough that darkness has covered us all?
Gloria: We want to talk about darkness, actually. We found your graffiti at the power plant, and-
Izzy: People need to open their eyes to the evils of electricity! It causes cancer! As do mobile phones! The government's behind it, they're lying to us!
Gloria: Ms Ramsey, I assure you that the government doesn't want you to have cancer!
Gloria: But it's interesting that you believe this, and were at the power plant not long before the blackout that knocked out our communication systems...
Izzy: Pff, don't bother trying to accuse me, <Rank> <Name>. I was home by the time the blackout happened.
Gloria: So, you don't know anything about the murder of Ryan Min, the plant manager?
Izzy: Nope. First time I hear of him. But I won't cry over the death of someone working for the system!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Cathy had the right idea, setting up this electricity generator, <Name>. I don't know how I would've done this autopsy without it!
Gloria: She and Alex are working on fixing the power. They're trying to track the source of the blackout, but it might take a while.
Martine: Je comprends. Anyway, your victim was shot in the chest. There aren't many signs of body deterioration, so he died shortly before you arrived, <Name>.
Gloria: So, around the time the blackout happened!
Martine: Oui, but obviously I can't say if it was before or after. Here's one thing I do know: your victim was shot at close range...
Martine: And judging by the angle of the bullet in his chest, I can tell you that the shot was fired by someone who's right-handed!
Gloria: Well, <Name> will be sure to catch this right-handed wrongdoer, blackout or no blackout!

Later, at the precinct...
Gloria: <Name>, so far this case's as murky as the darkness we're all living in right now!
Gloria: There was a sudden blackout that knocked out the lights. The cell towers were also affected, so we don't even have mobile communication! Call me paranoid, but I wonder if Ad Astra's behind this!
Gloria: We went to the power plant, where we found Jon Benson, now a security guard there. He claims someone attacked him while he was doing his rounds tonight, but I didn't see a bruise.
Gloria: Allegedly, he called his boss before being knocked out. Ryan Min then came down, and got shot.
Gloria: If that timeline's correct, the killer then went up to the control tower, where we found traces of their presence.
Gloria: But what would they want there? I mean-
Chief Parker: <Name>! I need your help at once!
Chief Parker: The citizens are starting to panic, and you need to control the crowds!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: I never imagined having to solve a murder during a blackout, <Name>! Even mobile communications are down.
Gloria: We went to the electricity power plant, where we found the manager shot dead, apparently around the time the blackout happened.
Gloria: Our suspects so far are mostly people who worked with him. I don't think-
Chief Parker: <Name>! I need your assistance!
Chief Parker: People have gathered in the streets and the squares. It started off with citizens sharing candles and batteries, but now some of them are stirring things up!
Chief Parker: I need you to make sure they don't start any riots. A blackout gives ruffians the perfect opportunity to loot and create chaos!
Chief Parker: The biggest assembly seems to be at Hutshing Square. I suggest you go there immediately!

At Hutshing Square...
Mob: It's every man for himself! Who knows how long this'll go on for! Grab everything you see!
Gloria (presenting her badge): Grimsborough PD! There will be no grabbing or looting! Anyone who tries to cause disorder will head to lockup immediately!
Mob: Argh! The cops are here!
Gloria: Yes, we are. So you'd better disperse now and return to your homes if you don't want any trouble!
(The mob stand, embarrassed.)
(The mob leave.)
Gloria: Well, that's done, <Name>... The square doesn't seem to have sustained damage, but, I agree, we'd better check!

Investigate City Square.
Gloria: <Name>, those broken machinery bits seem to be stained with blood! We'd better fix them at once!
Gloria: But why are you interested in this picnic basket? Oh, you're right, that blanket inside has our victim's initials on it. It must be his!
Gloria: I agree, <Name>, searching through the basket could give us a new lead!

Examine Broken Machine.
Gloria: <Name>, let's send this blood-stained machine thing straight to Cathy. She'll know what to do with it!

Analyze Electronic Machine.
Cathy: <Name>, do you know what you found? It's an electromagnetic pulse machine!
Gloria: An electroma- what?
Cathy: You can call it an EMP machine. It's used to create blackouts! It overwhelms the circuits, causing an entire system to crash.
Gloria: Wait, so this is the machine that caused the blackout?
Cathy: Yes. And whoever did it also had to access the power plant's control tower to plug the machine into the circuitry!
Cathy: But there's more... I have proof that whoever's behind the blackout also committed your murder!
Cathy: The killer left some of your victim's blood on the EMP machine when they dropped it in the square!
Gloria: Was there anything on the machine to identify this blackout-causing killer?
Cathy: Yes! Clearly, your killer made adjustments to the EMP machine themselves. I found a few metal strings used instead of copper wire... Then I realized they came from an electric guitar!
Cathy: Your killer must play the instrument if they have those cords lying around!
Gloria: Our killer may play the electric guitar now, but they'll have to switch to the air guitar in prison!
Gloria: And, I agree, <Name>, in light of these revelations, we'd better return to the power plant!

Investigate Power Plant Fence.
Gloria: <Name>, this paper has symbols and annotations like "power lines" and "circuit breaker"... You're right, this is a map of the power plant!
Gloria: So this control tower must be the one the victim worked in. We also know the blackout was caused from there... And it's circled in red!
Gloria: I agree, gathering some of that powder could tell us who used this map!
Gloria: And what about this hip flask? You think it was dropped here recently? There seems to be a name, but I can't make it out. Let's retrieve it!

Examine Power Plant Map.
Gloria: Now that you've collected those particles from that map of the power plant, <Name>, we can put them under the microscope!

Examine Colorful Particles.
Gloria: The particles we got from the power plant map come from dry shampoo for pink-colored hair.
Gloria: Wait, isn't Izzy's hair that color?
Gloria: So Izzy circled the control tower in red? Did she have plans to break into it? We know she was outside, but she didn't mention going in!
Gloria: First she warns us against electricity, and now we find out she may have been in the place where the blackout was caused! I agree, <Name>, we need to confront Izzy!

Confront Izzy about her breaking into the control tower.
Gloria: Ms Ramsey, <Rank> <Name> found the map you had of the power plant. Were you planning on breaking into the control tower?
Izzy: Ah, you found that, did you. Yes, I needed to see Min!
Izzy: I needed to convince him there's a conspiracy in Grimsborough! They plan to kill everyone with electricity, I know it!
Izzy: I tired out my right hand writing him letters...
Izzy: So I took a different tack. I flirted with that Benson, we talked about how we both play electric guitar... and I stole the map from him.
Izzy: Then I snuck in and confronted Min face to face!
Izzy: But he said I was crazy! He kicked me out and threatened to call the police!
Gloria: Sounds like you were very upset... Did it make you lash out and do something you'd regret?
Izzy: No. Not that it matters, since his soul was already dead anyway.

Examine Hip Flask.
Gloria: <Name>, this flask has the name "Torbin Inc" engraved on it... sounds like some company or other.
Gloria (looking at her phone): I don't see what it's doing here, though... And I can't look the company up, since there's no data signal because of the blackout!
Gloria: I agree, <Name>, Cathy will have better luck than us tracking down this flask's owner!

Analyze Name on Flask.
Gloria: So, Cathy, did you figure out who that hip flask belonged to? It was at the crime scene.
Cathy: Well, the name refers to a private security company. They provide hired muscle, for a price.
Cathy: I did some digging. Turns out that one of your suspects works for them: Felix Murray!
Gloria: What? But he presented himself to us as your typical bureaucrat! Said he was a safety inspector!
Cathy: He definitely isn't. He's been working at Torbin Inc for a few years now.
Gloria: Why would Murray lie? I agree, <Name>, we need to go talk to him again!

Ask Felix Murray why he lied.
Gloria: Mr Murray, <Rank> <Name> and I know the truth! You're not some safety inspector bureaucrat, you work as hired muscle!
Felix: Oh, darn, it all comes out... This is more embarrassing than the time I played electric guitar in public!
Felix: Fine, it's true. But I only pretended to be a harmless inspector because that's what Mr Min asked me to do!
Gloria: What?
Felix: Mr Min was concerned that something was off at the plant. He was worried something was going to happen.
Gloria: That WHAT was going to happen? The blackout? His murder?
Felix: Probably, in retrospect! He called our company and asked to send someone to pretend to be an inspector and observe his employees.
Felix: He sounded jumpy. I honestly thought he was imagining things, so today was just a cursory check. I mostly munched on energy bars, really.
Felix: But then, he died! I'd cut off my right hand to turn back time and make sure it didn't happen!
Gloria: Why didn't you tell us when we first talked?
Felix: I knew it looked fishy that I pretended to be someone I wasn't! I should've come clean to you at once!

Examine Picnic Basket.
Gloria: That basket looks like it was meant for a romantic picnic, <Name>!
Gloria: You're right, this is a customized plate. It says, "Ryan & Oscar," and has the victim's face on it.
Gloria: So I guess the other face must be this Oscar's... Clearly, he and the victim were romantically involved.
Gloria: Okay, <Name>. Let's go tell Ryan's boyfriend the sad news.

Inform Oscar Thompson of his boyfriend's murder.
Oscar: Officers! Thank God you're here!
Oscar: I was meant to meet my boyfriend for dinner, but he never showed... It's happened before, he works a lot. I didn't think too much of it...
Oscar: But now there's a blackout and I can't reach him! Can you help me find him? Is there some kind of missing person system? His name's Ryan Min!
Gloria: Mr Thompson, I'm afraid your boyfriend isn't missing... <Rank> <Name> and I found him at the power plant. I'm sorry to say that he's been killed.
Oscar: Killed?! Ryan?
Oscar (crying): How could this have happened?
Gloria: We're trying to figure it out. Had your boyfriend mentioned anything to you about his work? Was anyone threatening him?
Oscar (crying): Threatening Ryan? No, he was a good manager. I can't see who would've wanted to harm him!
Oscar (crying): My poor Ryan, he didn't deserve this!

At the control tower...
Gloria: Well, <Name>, we're still in the dark about who killed Ryan Min... literally.
Gloria: The blackout isn't fixed, which means both electricity and mobile communications are still down.
Gloria: But at least we found the source of the blackout: an EMP machine!
Gloria: And we also know that the killer and the person who caused the blackout are the same person.
Gloria: Apparently, the blackout was caused by plugging the machine into some circuitry in here.
Gloria: We've identified one person who got into the tower: Izzy. But she denies having killed Ryan.
Gloria: And apparently the "safety inspector" is actually hired muscle engaged by the victim to protect him from someone among his employees.
Gloria: Apparently, the victim was scared something bad was going to happen... and he was right!
Gloria: With so many shady characters, it's-
Gloria: Hold on, what's that light?
Gloria: Hey, who's there?

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: Well, <Name>, we're still in the dark about who killed Ryan Min... literally.
Gloria: The blackout isn't fixed, which means both electricity and mobile communications are still down.
Gloria: The one thing we know for sure is that whoever caused the blackout's also our killer!
Gloria: In the meantime-
Gloria: What the-
Gloria: Hey, who's there?
Jenna (holding a flashlight): Oops, sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't think there'd be anyone in here...
Gloria: Ms McFry, what are you doing here? The control tower's closed during the investigation!
Jenna: Right, sorry. I just had ideas on how to fix the blackout! I wanted to come check it out. You know, fiddle with some buttons to test my theories.
Gloria: If you really do have ideas about how to fix the blackout, you should talk to our experts in the police force. Not break into a crime scene! Now leave.
(Jenna leaves.)
Gloria: I can't believe the cheek of her, <Name>! Anyway, you're right, we should search this place again since we know that's where the killer came to cause the blackout!

Investigate Victim's Desk.
Gloria: <Name>, this laptop's welcome screen says our victim's name! It must be his! Let's unlock it!
Gloria: And this desk drawer's clearly his as well! I agree, we should search through it!
Gloria: And what about this torn paper? I'll get the glue to piece it back together. We're on a roll, <Name>, I can feel it!

Examine Victim's Drawer.
Gloria: Aw, <Name>! There was a cute little bunny in the victim's drawer.
Gloria: But, you're right, there's a message pinned to it!
Gloria: I can't read what it says... You know what that means: we need our dusting kit to reveal the message!

Examine Rabbit Plushie.
Gloria: <Name>, the message on the rabbit says, "You can take this back until you apologize! No love, Oscar." Sounds like there's been a bit of a spat between two lovers!
Gloria: So the victim gave Oscar this rabbit as a gift! But he seems to have angrily given it back.
Gloria: What happened between them? Let's go ask Oscar!

Ask Oscar why he was mad at the victim.
Gloria: Mr Thompson, we have a few questions for you. We found Ryan's gift you returned to him, demanding he apologize. How did he anger you?
Oscar: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, it's so awful!
Oscar: Ryan and I had been together for five years. I thought everything was going fine! Sure, he worked a lot, and would get home late... but he was worth the wait!
Oscar: But then one morning I heard his phone ding. I knew I shouldn't look, but I couldn't help myself... It was a notification from Timber!
Oscar (crying): Ryan was chatting with loads of guys on there! Each match more naked than the previous one!
Oscar: I had to stuff my face with energy bars to keep from crying!
Oscar: I confronted Ryan about it. He swore he'd never met with any of them... Said he didn't have anything to be sorry about! I didn't know what to think!
Oscar: Then he suggested we go on a romantic picnic. I thought he was going to finally admit that what he did was wrong. It broke my heart that he didn't show.
Gloria: And then you went to his workplace and killed him for breaking your heart?
Oscar (sweating): Of course not! <Rank> <Name>, I loved Ryan! I can't believe things ended this way!

Examine Locked Laptop.
Gloria: You unlocked the victim's laptop, <Name>! I know Cathy's very busy with trying to fix the blackout, but maybe she'll have time to look at the device!

Analyze Victim's Laptop.
Cathy: ... So if we compress the field effect transistor, maybe we could use a parallel circuit to act like a vacuum...
Alex: I don't know if the isolation diode would hold, though...
Cathy: Oh, <Name>'s here. We'll continue later, Alex.
Alex: Sorry, <Name>, we were so wrapped up in how to fix the blackout that we didn't see you! I'll get out of your hair. See you later, honey!
(Alex leaves.)
Cathy: I checked out your victim's laptop, <Name>. He was a pretty organized guy, so combing through his files was quick.
Cathy: I didn't find much on him, but did come across a folder full of disciplinary documents against one of Min's employees: Jon Benson!
Gloria: Benson? What were the documents about, exactly?
Cathy: Lack of respect, disobedience, bad temper... Benson even said he wanted the whole plant to go to hell, which earned him a warning from the victim!
Gloria: Well, we've heard that the victim was concerned someone might try to do some damage at the plant. Could he have been talking about Benson?
Gloria: I agree, <Name>, Benson better have an explanation!

Question Benson about his threats against the power plant.
Gloria: Mr Benson, we know you harbored a lot of anger against your boss, and the plant! You failed to mention that, earlier.
Jon (sweating): Um... Oh, you found that out, <Rank> <Name>...
Jon: Okay, here's the truth. See, turned out that this job was way worse than guarding Paul Gigs! I never thought I'd hate a job more than that one. Boy, was I wrong.
Jon: I was ALWAYS on the night shifts. I was going crazy with only these wires for company!
Jon: Not to mention being surrounded by creepy towers all night long. And all that for minimal pay! I can barely afford food.
Jon (holding a energy bar): Fortunately that crazy electrician lady's kind enough to share her energy bars... but a man can't survive on those!
Jon: And the boss had zero empathy. When I complained, he told me to deal with it, or leave.
Gloria: It sounds like you really despise the plant, Mr Benson. Enough to take action against your boss and sabotage this place.
Jon: No, <Rank> <Name>! Min was the one who mistreated others. I don't!

Gloria: Well, <Name>, Benson certainly has a lot of bottled up emotions.
Gloria: And, did you notice? He held his energy bar with his right hand! I'll add it to his profile.

Examine Torn Article.
Gloria: <Name>, this article's about Jenna! Look, it has her mugshot on it!
Gloria: And it says "Electrician arrested for causing blackout with EMP machine." The article says it happened in a town called Unkrich...
Gloria: Wait, what? Jenna caused a blackout in the past? Using the same device that we found during this investigation?
Gloria: I wonder if this was the real reason she was sneaking around earlier... Let's go find Jenna, <Name>!

Interrogate Jenna about her history of causing blackouts.
Jenna: <Rank> <Name>, this isn't a good time, I just hurt my right hand! Do you realize how important your dominant hand is in electrical work?
Gloria: Ms McFry, we've more important matters to discuss. We know you caused a blackout in the past!
Jenna: Yes! That was so much fun, you've no idea! Everyone in my building got so mad... But I was so proud of rigging the cutest little EMP machine!
Gloria: Funny, an EMP was also used to cause this blackout. Did you rig that one too?
Jenna: If only! Would've been neat! I mean, this is a whole new level of power outage. Kudos to whoever pulled this off!
Jenna: But, no. The only thing I rigged today was my electric guitar.
Gloria: If you say so. But we'll be keeping an eye on you!

At the precinct...
Gloria: Well, <Name>, I can't say I'm loving learning about this darker side of our victim.
Gloria: Ryan hid from his long-term boyfriend the fact that he was still on a dating app...
Gloria: And he clearly created a bad work environment for Benson. 
Gloria: Meanwhile, Cathy and Alex are still working on fixing the city-wide blackout caused by the killer. Hopefully, catching this villain will provide some answers!
Gloria: You're right, we know the killer went to Hutshing square after the murder. Maybe we can find more clues there!

Investigate Square Ramp.
Gloria: <Name>, those are the keys to the control tower, it says so on the label!
Gloria: But... what would those keys be doing all the way here?
Gloria: Wait, you're right! We know the killer went to the control tower... this must be how they got in! And then they ditched the keys here!
Gloria: Come to think of it, these keys might well belong to the victim, and the killer stole them. Anyway, a sample of that liquid will surely provide a clue!
Gloria: And electricity might be down right now, but I'd still be careful opening that voltage box! Come on, let's not lose a moment on the trail of this killer!

Examine Control Tower Keys.
Gloria: Let's send that sample from the control tower keys to Amir, <Name>!

Analyze Blue Substance.
Amir: <Name>, this blackout's killing me! I desperately need caffeine, but Cathy says the coffee-maker isn't an essential device, and refuses to power it with the generator!
Gloria: I hope you fought your caffeine withdrawal long enough to analyze the liquid from the keys the killer used!
Amir: Yes, I did extract a few key ingredients from that sample.
Amir: I found two main ingredients: alkyl sulfates and deionized water. After further analysis, I discovered the sample's cleaning liquid for glasses!
Amir: Your victim didn't need glasses, so your killer's the one with eyewear! They must've wiped some smudge off their lenses before killing your victim.
Gloria: Well, the killer can clean their glasses all they want, but they'll be spending eternity with a dirty criminal record!

Examine High Voltage Box.
Gloria: Well, I'll be, <Name>, that box was used to store a gun!
Gloria: Our victim was shot, so this could be the murder weapon. Let's send this gun to Rita, quick!

Analyze Gun.
Rita: <Name>, this blackout reminds me of the time I was deployed in Afghanistan. My command used the darkness to improve a basic pincer maneuver, and-
Gloria: I'm sure you have fond memories of your time in combat, Rita... But, for now, could we talk about that gun <Name> sent you?
Rita: It's definitely your murder weapon! I compared the gun with the 9mm bullets, and it's a match!
Rita: The gun itself didn't tell me much, but I noticed some texture on the handle. It turned out to be hair!
Rita: Facial hair, to be exact! And so short that it could only come from a man who has stubble. Your killer obviously scratched their chin before drawing their weapon!
Gloria: Chin up, <Name>, we're looking for a killer with a 5 o'clock shadow! We're close to catching them, I know it!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: Someone caused the blackout and killed a man. It's time they answer for their crimes, <Name>. Let's go arrest this killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Mr Murray, you are under arrest for the murder of Ryan Min. And for causing a city-wide blackout!
Felix: Now, why would I've done that? I told you, <Rank> <Name>, Mr Min's the one who hired me to protect the plant!
Gloria: Well, that backfired. You shot him with a steady right hand.
Felix: Mr Min did nothing to make me shoot him. Doing so would be a waste of energy.
Gloria: Good thing you have a stack of energy bars, then. You left some crumbs on the box of bullets you used!
Felix: So it's my snacking habits that got you accusing me of murder?
Gloria: We also found your EMP machine, covered in the victim's blood! We know you did it. Stop trying to deny it!
Felix: .........
Felix: Fine, I won't fight you any longer. Yes, I did kill Min. But only because he tried to stop me from causing the blackout!
Gloria: So that's why you went to the plant to begin with, is it? You were never there to protect Mr Min!
Felix: Well, Min did call a security company because he was worried about one of his employees. And I was assigned to this mission.
Felix: I didn't think anything of it, but then a... valued old friend contacted me. They asked me to be ready to cause a blackout on their signal.
Gloria: And what, you just agreed?
Felix: I did say it was a valued friend, <Rank> <Name>. There are some people you don't refuse.
Felix: Their signal took a while to come. I had to stick around till nightfall, lurking outside. When it finally came, and I was making my move, some guard nearly spotted me.
Felix: I knocked him out, but he'd already called down the manager.
Felix: Min obviously realized I wasn't there to protect him. I had no choice, he knew my face and name, he was a threat!
Felix: So, I shot him. I had to, even if those weren't my orders.
Gloria: Right, you were "just" meant to cause the blackout. And whose orders were you following?
Felix: Let's just stick to "an old friend," <Rank> <Name>. I don't name my clients, that's why they trust me.
Gloria: This "old friend" wouldn't happen to be someone from Ad Astra, would they?
Felix: Believe what you want. I'm not saying another word.
Gloria: Fine, we'll get our answers sooner or later. Mr Murray, you are under arrest.

Judge Powell: Mr Murray, you're charged with the murder of Ryan Min, and for causing this terrible blackout in Grimsborough. How do you plead?
Felix: Guilty. I've no more reason to lie, Your Honor. I've been caught, it's my own fault.
Judge Powell: I read here that you refuse to say who hired you. Can you at least tell us why you caused the blackout? What was your employer after?
Felix: I'll give you a hint: it's not darkness itself they were after. At least, not in the literal sense.
Judge Powell: Your meaning's clearer than you think. If it's not literal darkness they wanted, it means their goal was to bring down mobile communications!
Judge Powell: And you helped them! For this and the murder, you're sentenced to 35 years in jail!
Felix: I can't believe I got so burned on such an easy job!

Gloria: <Name>, we're still in darkness, but at least you illuminated the circumstances of this murder!
Gloria: Apparently, the victim tried to stop the blackout, and was killed because of that.
Gloria: The killer appears very loyal to whoever asked him to cause the blackout, calling them "a valued old friend."
Gloria: You can't help but wonder if Ad Astra hired him, since they seem to be behind everything lately. But was it actually them? The killer didn't confirm it.
Gloria: And, apparently, the main reason for the blackout was to cut power to mobile cell towers and hinder communications!
Gloria: We'll have to look into this. And also do our best to restore power to Grimsborough!

To the Stars (2/6)

Rita Estevez: <Name>, I heard this dark mess didn't stop you from figuring out who caused the blackout and killed that guy!
Gloria: Yes. But Murray said he acted on behalf of a valued friend.
Rita: What kind of friend would want a blackout? And why?
Gloria: Apparently, to stop mobile communications, since cell tower power failed along with the rest.
Gloria: So, it sounds like it was to stop information from going out... But what? And who tried to stop it?
Rita: Ad Astra?
Gloria: Murray didn't say. It could be, but I'm not sure!
Rita: Well, I hope you figure it out. Meanwhile, <Name>, I actually came cause Alex wants to talk to you. He says he and Cathy are close to fixing the blackout!
Gloria: That's great! We'll go see him at once.
Olive: <Rank> <Name>! <Rank> <Name>! I need to talk to you!
Gloria: Olive? We haven't seen you at the station since you got embroiled in that comic artist case! Does your mom know you're here?
Olive (crying): No! My mom's missing!
Gloria: What? Okay, Olive, one of us will talk to you at once! And we'll see Alex and Cathy as soon as possible, too!

See Alex and Cathy about the blackout.
Cathy (with Alex): <Name>, Alex and I are close to getting the power back. But we need your help!
Gloria: Anything to end this blackout!
Cathy: We found a way to kickstart the grid. It involves a diesel engine rigged to an electric generator.
Cathy: We have everything, except the diesel fuel! I was wondering if you'd seen any in the power plant offices? They should have some.
Gloria: If they do, we'll find it! Let's return to the control tower, <Name>! I'll take some cash along to pay them!

Investigate Control Tower.
Gloria: <Name>, let's dust the label on this canister to see if this is the fuel Alex and Cathy need to restart the grid!

Examine Fuel Can.
Gloria: You were right, <Name>, this is the diesel fuel we were looking for! Let's get it to the lab, STAT!

Analyze Diesel Fuel.
Alex (with Cathy): <Name>, thank you for getting the diesel fuel. It's exactly what we needed!
Cathy: And now we've managed to kickstart the grid! Power's gradually returning, and mobile signal should already be back!
Gloria: That's great news!
Gloria: But... why's the room still dark?
Cathy: Well, we first need to prioritize hospitals, the airport, and other critical installations. It'll take a while for power to come back everywhere.
Gloria: I'm so relieved! I'd half-started believing the city would be without power for days to come!
Cathy: Before you take off, there's another thing you should know! With mobile data back, we accessed the undelivered text messages stuck in limbo because of the blackout...
Cathy: And among them we found a message that refers to Ad Astra and Plan Supernova!
Gloria: You did? We know the blackout was caused to block out mobile communications... this message could be important! What did it say?
Alex: It said, "Abt. Supernova. Human enhancement. Wrong way! Find me ASAP."
Gloria: Well, "Supernova" clearly refers to Ad Astra's plan, which we know involves the meteorite... but what's this human enhancement? And "wrong way" how?
Cathy: No clue. Ad Astra previously used the meteorite to experiment on humans for the mind-altering serum... but that wasn't "enhancement"!
Gloria: No. We're dealing with something else here.
Cathy: It would help to know who sent this message and to whom, but it was just floating in limbo among other undelivered stuff.
Gloria: Well, we know who made sure that nothing was delivered! The blackout was caused to stop communications, and this could be why! Let's press Mr Murray for answers!

Confront Felix Murray about the cryptic message.
Gloria: Mr Murray, you confessed that the blackout was to stop mobile communications...
Gloria: Was it to stop this message: "Abt. Supernova. Human enhancement. Wrong way! Find me ASAP"?
Felix: Bugger. I guess that means I failed!
Gloria: So this does mean something to you! Did you cause the blackout to stop this message specifically?
Felix: Listen, I don't know what I was supposed to stop, exactly. But my signal to start the blackout was the word "supernova," like in your message.
Felix: But, even if you have the message, at least the recipient doesn't... So, it's still mission accomplished!
Gloria: And who was the recipient? Do you know what the message means? Do you still refuse to tell us who paid you to stop it from going out?
Felix: I'll take these answers to my grave, <Rank> <Name>.
Gloria: Fine. Have fun rotting in prison, Murray. And no need to make that face at us!

Back at the office...
Gloria: That Murray infuriates me, <Name>! He still won't tell us who employed him...
Gloria: But at least now we know that the blackout happened to stop this message about Ad Astra's plan from going out.
Gloria: And the plan seems to involve some human enhancement! We're definitely making breakthroughs, <Name>!

Ask Olive what happened to her mom.
Olive: <Rank> <Name>, I don't know what to do! My mom's missing!
Rita: Young human... I mean, Olive, please, calm down! We'll help you. Tell us everything in detail!
Olive (crying): Mom never came home after the trial. She's never late! What if something's happened to her?
Rita: Well, maybe she had some car trouble on the way home?
Olive (crying): Mom doesn't drive to work, she walks. She cuts through Hutshing square to go faster.
Rita: Okay, Olive, you stay here. <Rank> <Name> and I will go to the square. We'll find your mom!

Investigate City Square.
Rita: I don't see Judge Powell anywhere, <Name>.. I didn't want to say anything in front of the kid, but I also think something's happened!
Rita: What's that you found? You're right, it's Judge Powell's gavel! How did she drop it?
Rita: Right, there's some kind of substance on it. Whatever it is, it could help us find her. Let's take a sample!

Examine Gavel.
Rita: Let's send the sample from the judge's gavel to Amir! I hope it helps us find her, <Name>!

Analyze Yellow Substance.
Amir: <Name>, time's of the essence, so I'll get to the point about that sample from the judge's gavel.
Amir: The substance is alcohol! I found traces of fermented molasses which leave no room for doubt: it's rum!
Rita: So... the judge got a drink on her way home? That doesn't sound like her...
Amir: There's more: the rum's a special blend, imported directly from Barbados and found only in one bar: the one you visited in your pirate case!
Rita: The pirate-themed bar? Okay, <Name>, I guess that's our next stop! Let's go ask the personnel there if they've seen anything.

Ask Ruth Matuszak if she's seen the judge.
Ruth: Hello, <Rank> <Name>, and welcome back to the Black Sparrow! What can I get for you?
Rita: Actually, we're looking for someone. Have you seen Judge Powell?
Ruth: The judge? I've never seen her in here, <Rank> <Name>...
Ruth: Although I did hear two guys talk about Judge Powell earlier! Said they wanted to teach her a lesson, or something.
Ruth: They also mentioned the power plant, but I didn't hear much else, sorry.
Rita: So, some guys talk about teaching the judge a lesson, and later that night she goes missing? I bet this blackout gave them the nerve to do something stupid!
Rita: I agree, <Rank> <Name>, we need to get to the power plant, ASAP!
Ruth: Before you go, take this, <Rank> <Name>. The blackout forced us to cook everything we had in the fridge!

Investigate Power Plant Substation.
Rita: There she is, there's Judge Powell!
Judge Powell: <Rank> <Name>, how did you find me? I'm so glad, please help!
Judge Powell: Two ruffians tied me up. They kept mumbling about how I had no heart, and how I misjudged their father! I don't know what they were talking about!
Rita: <Name>, let's unlock these restraints before the thugs come back!

Examine Judge Powell's Restraints.
Judge Powell: You freed me! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
Willie (with Jeb): Hey, what's the police doing here?
Judge Powell: They're the ruffians that kidnapped me!
Willie (aiming his gun): You deserved it, witch!
Rita (aiming her gun): Who the heck are you?!
Jeb: We're the sons of the man she condemned to prison! Shane Redfern ring any bells?
Judge Powell: Is that what this is about? Your father's a murderer!
Rita: And I see that the apples didn't fall far from the tree! Now, put down your weapons! You are both under arrest for kidnapping!
Willie: No way, you little-
(Rita shoots Willie.)
Willie: I've been hit! Jeb, I'm bleeding!
Jeb: Okay, okay, <Rank> <Name>, we'll come peacefully!

Back at the station...
Judge Powell: <Rank> <Name>, Rita, I can't thank you enough for rescuing me!
Olive: Mom!
Judge Powell (crying): Olive! Oh, my darling, I'm back, safe and sound!
Rita: You see, Olive? <Rank> <Name> and I always keep our promises. Now, you both better go home and get some rest.

Later, in the Chief's office...
Chief Parker: <Name>, you'll be glad to see that now lights are back on everywhere in Grimsborough, including the station!
Chief Parker: Cathy and Alex did good work, and I hear you helped.
Rita: Thank God it's over! People were going crazy, and some criminals took advantage of the dark. Some even kidnapped the judge!
Chief Parker: Yes, I'm glad you were on hand to stop it, <Name>! And, meanwhile, you also learned what the blackout was actually for!
Chief Parker: Apparently, it was to prevent someone from sending a message about Ad Astra's Plan Supernova.
Chief Parker: The message mentions some "human enhancement" and suggests something's the "wrong way."
Rita: Well, whatever this "enhancement" is, it can't be anything good if it's coming from Ad Astra!
Chief Parker: Agreed. And while it's disturbing, at least it's a breakthrough! Up till now, we only knew Plan Supernova involved the meteorite, but now we have more.
Rita: The message sender said it was the "wrong way," and asked the recipient to meet them asap. Does it mean there's disagreement within Ad Astra?
Chief Parker: If so, it would explain the delay in Plan Supernova that Bateman and the mayor were complaining about.
Rita: And we shouldn't forget, there's a fifth Ad Astran out there whose identity we haven't uncovered...
Chief Parker: Yes, but those are idle speculations. We must focus on what we know: that Ad Astra's Supernova plan somehow involves human enhancement and the meteorite!
Chief Parker: We didn't find anything on this when we were under the dome. After DreamLife's demise, it was handed to the relevant authorities. They're still sorting through leftover documents...
Chief Parker: I'll contact them and tell them we must visit the site in light of this new information! <Name>, we're going back to the dome!

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