Levels are a progression feature integrated into Criminal Case. The player will reach a new level each time they accumulate a certain amount of XP points. There are currently 850 levels existing in the game.


Reaching new levels does not affect the storyline of the game in any way; however, there are certain advantages of leveling up:


The player can also unlock new items every time they reach certain levels (after the first 3 levels).

  • ​The player can share a bottle of Orange Juice for their teammates or other Criminal Case players to collect.
    • If the claimer chooses to send a Lucky Card in return, the player will receive a random Lucky Card and may get a chance to collect a Royal Flush if lucky enough.
  • The player goes one step closer to being promoted to a new rank. The player ranks up each time after a certain level is reached, allowing them to share a bottle of Orange Juice as well as a bag of Potato Chips.
  • Reaching certain levels unlocks new items in the Avatar Shop.
  • The energy bar is refilled: the player's energy bar will automatically be filled up to 110. (Note that the player does not get 110 additional energy points, so if the player had some energy left they will not exceed 110. If the player had more than 110 energy points they will not lose any of it but neither will they gain any.)



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