Lee Dupree was the victim in Bayou Blood (Case #6 of Pacific Bay).


Lee was an Ocean Shore native sporting a black hooded jacket with silver chains around his neck and a white t-shirt underneath his jacket. Lee also sported combed black hair with a quasi-stubble on his face, and had brown eyes. Lee also wore a name tag due to his job as a waiter in the Gumbo Jumbo seafood restaurant.

Murder details

Frank and the player found Lee skewered onto a tree in the Bayou with two skewers to the shoulders, with a third, undiscovered skewer fatally piercing his heart. They sent the body to Roxie, who detected shrimp juice in the wounds inflicted by the skewers, meaning that the killer ate shrimp.

Later, the team found the third skewer in the Gumbo Jumbo restaurant. On it, Yann found traces of Lee's blood, confirming it as the murder weapon. He also found traces of foot cream left behind by the killer, meaning that the killer used foot cream.

Relationship with suspects

Lee's mother had sent him to the Bayou with his uncle, Ignatius Dupree, to keep him out of trouble in Ocean Shore. Ignatius made him a waiter in his restaurant. Lee often flirted with his colleague Shawna Knox, whom he also used as a scapegoat for his antics. Swamp misfit Eugene witnessed Shawna running away from Lee after he had made fun of her for being nice to Eugene and tried to kiss her. Lee also bullied restaurant frequenter Bill Farnham, calling him a stupid, witchdoctor hick for working with voodoo. Lee had asked voodoo priestess Erikah Mabayo for a love potion. Erikah, meanwhile, had cursed Lee for interrupting her sacred tobacco-chewing ritual.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Shawna.

Shawna denied involvement but then admitted to the crime. While they were working at the Gumbo Jumbo, Lee started flirting with her, something she did not like. Lee's constant flirting led her to grab some BBQ skewers for protection. When Lee tried to sexually assault her outside the restaurant, Shawna decided it was the last straw. She stabbed Lee in the heart with one skewer, then pinned him to the tree by the shoulders to put the blame on Bill. Judge Dante ordered to place her in an institution for violent minors.

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