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Chief Andrea MarquezWelcome to White Peaks, <Rank> <Name>! The district's named after its beautiful mountains.
Chief Marquez: Even though we're here to work, if you get a chance you should visit the forest, the camping grounds, even the caves.
Chief Marquez: It's packed with tourists, but luckily we've got a local here who can show you the ropes!
Amy: Hi there <Name>! Ready for me to guide you around my district? There's so much to show you... you might even meet my family.
Amy: But first stop, I got us two tickets to the Frosty Cup! It's the biggest winter sports competition in all of Pacific Bay!
Amy: We better get to our seats quickly, though. It's the first year that women can compete in the Ski Jump, and it's about to start! Let's go!

At the Frosty Cup...
Amy: Nice view, huh <Name>? And I even managed to get one of my favorite King Dairy ice cream treats just in time!
Ski AnnouncerThank you all for coming! Let's kick off the Frosty Cup with the first ever Women's Ski Jump event!
Ski Announcer: First athlete up... the amazing Anjulie Cruz! This is history being made ladies and gentlemen, the first woman to go down the Frosty Cup ramp!
Ski Announcer: And there she goes! She's gaining speed down the ramp... She's about to take off-
Ski Announcer: Holy smokes!!! Anjulie Cruz has just been... cut in half??!?!
Amy: Oh... My...
Amy: How did that happen?! What should we do, <Name>?
Amy: You're right, we need to investigate immediately!

Chapter 1

Investigate Ski Ramp.
Amy Young: I can't believe it! Anjulie Cruz was going down the ski ramp at full speed and then... she suddenly got cut in two?!
Amy: You're right <Name>, nobody gets cut in two from skiing! This had to be a premeditated murder! And on the grand opening of the Frosty Cup!
Amy: This is terrible news. Hopefully Roxie can give us some more insight at autopsy. Let's take the body to the lab!
Amy: Thankfully you picked up some clues. Look at this phone: there's a woman skier on it who looks just like our victim! Do you think you can unlock it, <Name>?
Amy: Good eye <Name>, that's one of our victim's ski shoes! It must have come off during the murder. There seems to be some faded writing. I bet you'll figure out what it says in no time!

Examine Victim's Phone.
Amy: Way to unlock Anjulie's phone, <Name>! I hate to go through it without her permission but, considering she's dead, we have no choice.
Amy: Looks like her last calls were from this same number, 425-606-3257... Wait a minute...
Amy: Holy canoli! I recognize that number... Oh dear me! That's Bobby Prince's number!
Amy: Sorry to get all flustered <Name>, it's just... the reason I know that number is because Bobby was my high school sweetheart!
Amy: Oh Bobby Prince! We went our separate ways after I pursued the police force but... I can't believe it! It'll be so nice to talk to him again!
Amy: Of course <Name>, we're going to talk to him strictly for investigation purposes... but my hair looks okay, doesn't it?

Ask Bobby Prince why he called Anjulie.
Bobby: Amy? Is that you? Look at you in that fancy police coat, all grown up!
Amy: Hi Bobby boo... I mean, Bobby. And gee, thanks. It's so great to see you-
Amy: Sorry, <Rank> <Name> you're right, we're here to work. Bobby, we know you were the last one to call Anjulie Cruz, the ski jumper, just before she went down the ramp.
Bobby: Yes, I had called to wish her good luck at the Frosty Cup. It's terrible what happened, and awful that she died doing the one thing she loved. I used to see Anjulie out here pretty often.
Amy: Out here, you say?
Bobby: Yup. Maybe you didn't know, Amy, but I come here to the mountains a lot... to get in touch with nature... living like a real man.
Amy: That sounds a bit wild... but so exciting...
Amy: Sorry again <Name>. Well Bobby, seeing as you called Anjulie several times before her death, we need to know if you had some sort of relationship with her.
Bobby: I'm sorry, but there's not much I can tell you, other than I saw her last night at the hotel lobby. I wish I could be of more help.
Bobby: But I hope you get to the bottom of this, Amy. And maybe after we can go grab a cup of coffee?
(After talking to Bobby Prince)
Amy: Bobby seemed pretty impressed with my police coat, didn't he?
Amy: I'm sorry for getting giddy <Name>... I know he was the last person to call our victim, but you don't actually believe he could be the killer, do you?
Amy: You're right, he did mention seeing Anjulie at the hotel lobby. If you're going to investigate, I'm coming along!

Investigate Lounge Area.
Amy: You've really got exceptional searching skills, <Name>!
Amy: You managed to find Anjulie's sports bag! I bet you'll dig up a hot lead from there!
Amy: And why did you decide to pick up this torn fabric? I'm sure I'll get the answer when you piece it back together!

Examine Victim's Sports Bag.
Amy: Way to find that card under all the sports equipment in Anjulie's sports bag <Name>! It's such a pretty card too!
Amy: Looks like the text on it is faded though. Want to go over it with the powder kit? I'm sure you'll have no problem!

Examine Faded Card.
Amy: You were quick to reveal the text on that card you found in Anjulie's sports bag, <Name>!
Amy: The card says "Dear Anjulie, we're counting on you! Love, Sharon White". Sounds like our star had a lot of pressure to succeed.
Amy: What's that, <Name>? You think we should chat with Sharon White to see how she knew Anjulie? Good idea!

Ask Sharon White about the card she wrote to the victim.
Sharon: I can't believe Anjulie is dead! And from going down the ski ramp! To think it could have been me!
Amy: Her death was truly a tragedy. Are you a ski jumper as well, Ms White?
Sharon: Yes, that's how I knew Anjulie. Both of us were frustrated that women ski jumpers couldn't compete in the Frosty Cup.
Sharon: And so we worked together to try to prove to everyone that women can and should be allowed to compete. After so much resistance, we finally got what we deserve.
Sharon: It was a huge win for all women athletes, and her jump should have been a big moment, the first woman to ski jump in the Frosty Cup!
Sharon: But now, everyone will forget our achievement and only remember that she got killed!
Sharon: This is a tragedy, not only losing Anjulie, but for the image of women's sports!

Examine Ripped Fabric.
Amy: How neat, you pieced together a fun t-shirt!
Amy: Oh wait, good observation <Name>, that's our victim on it! There's a phrase that reads "A King for the Queen of the Slopes".
Amy: A "King for the Queen"? Do you think Hannah could tell us more about who made the t-shirt and why they chose that quote? Okay, I'll send it to her!

Analyze T-Shirt.
Hannah: Celebrities these days, they get their faces on everything! Though personally I find it a bit creepy to wear another person's face.
Hannah: Anyway, the shirt reads "A King for the Queen of the Slopes". The queen must refer to Anjulie. So that leaves the question... who is the king?
Hannah: Taking a closer look, we can see Anjulie is holding an ice cream cone... therefore it didn't take much to deduce that "king" refers to King Dairy, the ice cream brand.
Amy: Oh, I absolutely love King Dairy ice cream!
Hannah: So did Anjulie apparently. King Dairy sponsors Anjulie, and for quite a good price. She gets almost half a million dollars in endorsements from them.
Hannah: I did a bit of digging and found that a man named Calvin Ono is the head of sponsorships at King Dairy.
Amy: Wow, how cool is that to be sponsored by my favorite ice cream company! Should we go speak to Calvin Ono <Name>? I'm right behind you!

Talk to Calvin Ono about sponsoring Anjulie.
Calvin: I can't believe it! Anjulie, my gem, is dead! This is atrocious! Ludicrous! Bonkers! What am I going to do!
Amy: Please calm down, Mr Ono. How long have you sponsored the victim?
Calvin: Since she was practically a child! I discovered her years ago when I saw her on the slopes eating a King Dairy ice cream bar.
Calvin: She was just a kid then, but she told me her dream was to be in the Frosty Cup. And I could tell she had the face of a winner.
Calvin: So I convinced the King Dairy team to sponsor her, and I've worked endlessly on endorsements to get her, and our brand, out in the public.
Calvin: Finally all that work paid off when she was asked to be the face of the Frosty Cup! Thanks to me, our very own King Dairy girl became a celebrity!
Calvin: But then she got killed! Her life, my hard work, everything was all for naught! Not even an ice cream cone can turn my spirits around!

Examine Ski Shoe.
Amy: Whoa, the message you revealed on Anjulie's ski shoe says "Enjoy your last jump"... sounds like a threat!
Amy: Whoever wrote this message knew it would be Anjulie's last jump down the mountain... so what you're saying is...
Amy: The person who wrote this message must be the killer! I'm with you on this one <Name>, let's send this shoe to the lab!

Analyze Engraved Shoe.
Yann: Ah, <Name>, I have to say the fresh mountain air is doing wonders for my spirits after everything that happened in Jazz Town. I feel... refreshed, at last!
Yann: Anyway, I took a closer look at the engravings on the ski shoe <Name> brought me, and I noticed that the writing must have been scratched with a particular object.
Yann: To get a better idea, I checked the shoe for any unusual substances. In the scratched marks I found traces of two unique types of cheese: gruyère and emmental.
Yann: I called up the local Swiss restaurant and sure enough, they confirmed that gruyère and emmental melted together make the perfect recipe for a classic dish... fondue!
Yann: Therefore the message must have been written using a fondue stick! So the killer must have enjoyed a delicious meal before the crime.
Amy: Murder is anything but cheesy, but thanks to <Name> we now know a piece of evidence... that the killer eats fondue!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: You brought me a sliced victim <Name>? Why, that's the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Amy: Roxie! That's a tasteless thing to say!
Roxie: You're right, sliced bread isn't all that tasty. So let's see here... according to <Name>, the victim was cut in two just as she was launching off the ski jump ramp.
Roxie: Considering the speed she went down the mountain, the only plausible weapon that could cut her would have been something thin placed at the end of the ramp.
Roxie: Something thin and invisible to go unnoticed... That means our victim was definitely cut by a taut wire at the end of the ramp.
Amy: What?! A wire? How twisted! You didn't see a wire on the crime scene, did you <Name>?
Amy: Unless... in all the confusion after Anjulie's jump... Maybe the killer took down the wire and hid it? We aren't dealing with a half-wit criminal, are we <Name>?
Roxie: Maybe not a half-wit, but the killer sure liked things cut in half! Oh boy I'm on fire!
Roxie: Anyway, I still managed to find a unique substance on the victim's body where she was cut: highly refined oil.
Roxie: Based on the oil's composition, making it resistant to extreme temperatures, I could tell it is used specifically for snow mobiles.
Roxie: I'm thinking that the killer used the snow mobile oil to grease the wire on the ski ramp, making it less visible.
Amy: Anyway, excellent work <Name>, we know one thing for sure... the killer has a snow mobile!

Back at the office...
Amy: What a case, <Name>! Right when I come home to White Peaks, we are already faced with a murder!
Amy: And the death of a celebrity at that! Even worse, she got killed doing the one thing she loved... ski jumping.
Amy: So far all we've got are a crying ski jumper and a hysterical sponsor, both pretty distraught about Anjulie's death.
Amy: And then there's Bobby... he's all grown-up with a beard now, but still young at heart...
Amy: Oh my, I'm getting flustered, I need a little breather. Can you hand me that Girly Gossips magazine over there? Just to distract myself a bit.
Amy: What's that, <Name>? Anjulie is on the cover of the magazine? Do you think it's okay to indulge in some gossip, even if she's dead?
Amy: Let's see here... "Have we got Trouble in Love? Ski jumper and Frosty Cup poster girl Anjulie Cruz was seen last night getting in an argument with her boyfriend of two years"...
Amy: ... Bobby Prince?!
Amy: Bobby was dating Anjulie and didn't tell me?! That's withholding information... and that's a crime!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: I can't believe it! Just after our victim Anjulie Cruz was murdered when going down the ski jump ramp, I read this article in Girly Gossips.
Amy: "Ski jumper and Frosty Cup poster girl Anjulie Cruz was seen last night at the Hot Springs getting in an argument with her boyfriend, Bobby Prince".
Amy: Why didn't Bobby tell me he was dating Anjulie? He shouldn't keep that information from us... Let's talk to him now! He needs to get his story straight!
Amy: Okay, deep breaths, Amy, deep breaths. Sorry, <Name>, sometimes when I'm stressed out I start talking to myself.
Amy: Anyway, you're right <Name>, if they were arguing last night in the Hot Springs, it'd be a good idea to go investigate.
Amy: I'll go clear the area so you can search. Let's go, <Name>!

Ask Bobby Prince about being with Anjulie in Girly Gossips.
Amy: Bobby, you said you barely knew Anjulie, and yet you were fighting with her in the Girly Gossips magazine! You lied to the police... to me!
Bobby: I didn't mean to lie to you, honey bear-
Amy: I'm not your honey bear anymore. And <Rank> <Name> needs to know the truth!
Bobby: Okay, sorry! So yeah, <Rank> <Name>, I was dating Anjulie, I didn't see why I needed to say it earlier, that would have just been awkward for everyone!
Bobby: But if you want to know why we were fighting in that magazine photo, it's because she dumped me! I cried all the way home on my snow mobile!
Bobby: Now that she's a celebrity, she says she couldn't be seen with someone like me. Can you believe the nerve?
Bobby: She even canceled our date for that night... I was making her fondue! How can she think she's too good for my fondue?
Amy: So... that means you're single now?
Bobby: Yes, and I'll never date someone like her again. She thought she could just break my heart in two like that? That girl had it coming!
(After talking to Bobby Prince)
Amy: I can't believe Bobby was with Anjulie, and that she dumped him just because she got famous!
Amy: He did seem pretty upset... maybe I should try to console him?
Amy: You're right <Name>, I need to focus on the case. I just hope Bobby Prince doesn't turn out to be the killer... I wouldn't have the heart to arrest him.

Investigate Hot Springs.
Amy: The clues just keep tumbling your way, don't they <Name>? Can't wait to see how quickly you piece these scraps of paper back together!
Amy: And Anjulie's name is on this faded form, but I'm sure you can clear up the rest of the text in no time!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: Outstanding work <Name>! You restored a postcard ad for "Anjulie's Ski Jump Camp".
Amy: Our victim was going to teach a class? What a pity she died before she got the chance!
Amy: Oh, good observation <Name>. The price $9000 is circled in red with a bunch of exclamation marks... that is quite a hefty price for a ski class!
Amy: Looks like the ad was sent to this woman named Claire Cambridge. What do you say, should we speak to her? I'm happy to tag along!

Ask Claire Cambridge about the ad for Anjulie's ski jump course.
Amy: Mrs Cambridge, <Rank> <Name> found the postcard ad addressed to you for Anjulie's Ski Jump Camp.
Claire: Oh yes! I had requested information since I was interested in maybe taking the class. I'm quite the leisure skier, though I've never jumped before.
Claire: I thought the class would be a great way to learn more about the sport. Skiing is my favorite pastime... well, besides eating fondue of course!
Claire: Plus the class would be on this mountain here, right by where I live! I could have gone to the class with my snowmobile in just a few minutes!
Claire: But then I saw the flyer and the class is just so darn expensive! Skiing is not the cheapest sport, but all this jumping business? It really drives up the costs!
Amy: Mrs Cambridge, would you be able to give us any information on Anjulie's murder?
Claire: Her murder? I simply ripped up a postcard ad, I didn't kill anyone for goodness sake! I wish I could help you, but I'm just a simple skier who wants to ski!

Examine Clipboard Form.
Amy: Way to go <Name>! You revealed that the sign Anjulie signed was a petition.
Amy: The petition says "Fight Gender Discrimination" and has a logo for the ISA.
Amy: But what is the ISA? I'm with you on this one <Name>. Let's send the petition to the lab!

Analyze Petition.
Hannah: I never knew your victim, but considering she drafted this petition that <Name> found, I bet she was totally rad!
Hannah: This petition was to get support to sue the ISA, the International Ski Association, for gender discrimination.
Hannah: The ISA, who manages all skiing events, kept refusing to allow women ski jumpers to compete in the Frosty Cup!
Hannah: But when Anjulie threatened to sue, the ISA must have listened, because the Women's Ski Jump was finally added to this year's Frosty Cup! Go Anjulie!
Hannah: The ISA is run by a geezer named Sven Blattner, who is the one who was so reluctant to allow the Women's Ski Jump event.
Amy: Not wanting women to ski jump? Does he think we still live in the 19th century or something? I agree <Name>, we need a word with this man!

Ask Sven Blattner about Anjulie's petition to sue the International Ski Association.
Amy: Mr Sven Blattner, <Rank> <Name> wanted to ask you some questions about the ISA's dispute with Anjulie Cruz, who I'm sure you are aware was killed this morning.
Sven: Ah yes. Seems the girl brings nothing but trouble. I'm not saying it's not tragic what happened, but she really liked to start fights.
Sven: What was she thinking, trying to sue the ISA? We are the people that make the Frosty Cup happen! Without us, ski jumping wouldn't even exist!
Amy: But not everyone could compete... specifically women. She was just trying to have gender equality.
Sven: Equality my butt. Adding a new event into the Cup, no matter what it is, takes time and money.
Sven: And she could have asked nicely rather than attacking us! She even threatened to vandalize my snow mobile!
Sven: The ISA has an image to uphold. And threatening with a lawsuit? That would have been no good for anyone, including her!
Sven: But we gave her what she wanted, and look what happened? Now I think I've said enough, I'm off to go eat some fondue before trying to start the Cup back up.
(After talking to Sven Blattner)
Amy: That old man was sure cranky! Anjulie really got on his nerves by threatening the ISA, didn't she?
Amy: He said something about getting the Frosty Cup started back up... that means the slopes will no longer be closed for the investigation!
Amy: Good thinking, <Name>, let's take another look at the crime scene... I'm sure the killer had to leave some more tracks behind! Let's go!

Investigate Ski Jump Landing.
Amy: Wow <Name>, it's as if the clues just jump right at you! Think you'll find something interesting inside this box of merchandise?
Amy: And you found some scattered papers... We'll know exactly what it is once you piece it back together <Name>!

Examine Torn Scraps.
Amy: Nothing can puzzle you <Name>! Putting together that magazine was a piece of cake for you!
Amy: That's Today magazine, it covers all the breaking news stories in Pacific Bay. Looks like Anjulie made the cover as "Woman of the Year"! What a feat!
Amy: Oh wait, Sharon White crossed off Anjulie's face and name and put her own instead! But I thought they were friends! You're right <Name>, we need to speak to her again!

Question Sharon White about writing her name over Anjulie's on the magazine cover.
Amy: Sharon White, we need to ask you why you crossed off Anjulie's face and name on this magazine. I thought you two were friends?
Sharon: That was ridiculous, naming her Woman of the Year. I saw that article while eating fondue and it completely ruined my appetite!
Sharon: I'm a better skier than her, and everyone knows it! But she was chosen as the main skier and I was left as her backup! You want to know why?
Sharon: Because of her looks! They said they had to let the poster girl Anjulie ski or it would disappoint the fans! When did sports become about smiles instead of athleticism?
Sharon: And even worse, Anjulie, who was supposed to be my friend, went along with it! I went to her place on my snow mobile to confront her, but she just slammed the door in my face!
Sharon: What a phony! Maybe she didn't deserve to die, but she sure didn't deserve to make that first jump at the Frosty Cup!

Examine Merchandise.
Amy: Wow, you managed to pull out this wire from under all that merchandise so quickly, <Name>!
Amy: Why did you pull out a wire anyway? It's quite a harmless thing really... unless... wait a minute...
Amy: Oh my! That's right, <Name>! Roxie said our victim was killed with a wire!
Amy: Good thinking to send the wire back to Roxie... she'll know if it was the one used to kill Anjulie!

Analyze Wire.
Roxie: Well <Name>, coming back for more Roxie insight? Guess you're down to the wire on this case, huh!
Roxie: It's a wire joke, get it? Oh don't look at me like I've got my wires crossed. Okay sorry, I'll stop!
Roxie: While any traces of blood must have been wiped clean, I still managed to find traces of snow mobile oil on the wire that match what I found earlier on the victim.
Roxie: Which means you found the murder weapon! Great work <Name>!
Roxie: I did a closer analysis on the ends of the wire, because that's where there would likely be traces left from the killer.
Roxie: I was able to find very small traces of a molecule on the ends, which clearly couldn't have belonged to the victim who only came in contact with the wire when she hit it.
Roxie: That means this molecule most certainly came from the killer, but unfortunately I wasn't able to identify it. Sorry to let you down, <Name>.
Amy: Oh don't worry, Roxie, we've got our expert here with us! You can certainly match the molecule in our database in no time, <Name>!

Examine Unknown Molecule.
Amy: Excellent detective work, <Name>! You identified the molecule from the murder weapon!
Amy: It's lip balm! Speaking of that, I could really use some. The air is so dry up here in the mountains that I'm getting all chapped up!
Amy: What's that <Name>? Oh yes, since the lip balm was on the edges of the murder weapon... that means our killer wears lip balm!

Back at the Office...
Amy: What a twist. It turns out our smiling star Anjulie Cruz was already headed down a slippery slope before her death, seeing as she made quite a few enemies.
Amy: Sven Blattner still held a grudge since our victim tried to sue the ISA.
Amy: Sharon White felt betrayed that Anjulie took her spot in the Frosty Cup, even though she was the better skier.
Amy: Our victim sure made Bobby mad by dumping him. He deserves to be with someone who cares about him, someone sweet and nice like...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, get back over to the hotel lobby quick! The head of the International Ski Association is holding a press conference, and he's making a statement about Anjulie's death!
Amy: What?!

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, get back over to the hotel lobby quick!
Chief Marquez: The head of the International Ski Association is holding a press conference, and he's making a statement about Anjulie's death!
Amy: What?! That's Sven Blattner, the one who was resistant to allowing women to ski jump in the Frosty Cup! Let's go see what he has to say <Name>!

At the Hotel Lobby Press Conference...
Sven: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for coming. It is under unfortunate circumstances that we have been brought together.
Sven: Anjulie Cruz's death is a great tragedy to the entire skiing community. We cannot afford to let any more female athletes die in such a manner.
Sven: Therefore, the Women's Ski Jump category in the Frosty Cup, from here on out... will be banned!
Amy: Did you hear that?! Sven Blattner just banned Women's Ski Jump again? Do you think this was his plan all along?
Amy: He didn't want women to compete anyway, so maybe having Anjulie killed would be a good excuse to get what he wanted!
Amy: I totally agree <Name>, we better go talk to him!
Amy: Oh, you want to take another look at this lobby while we're here? Good idea, the killer likely would have come by to hear the consequences of the murder!
Amy: I'll get everyone out so you can investigate the lobby. Go do your thing, <Name>!

Question Sven Blattner about why he is banning Women's Ski Jump from the Frosty Cup.
Sven: Officers, glad to see you were at my press conference. Have either of you seen my lip balm? I seem to have misplaced it.
Amy: No, Mr Blattner, we haven't seen it, but we did hear you cancel Women's Ski Jump in the Frosty Cup. Seems it was easy to get rid of the event, just like you wanted, now that Anjulie is gone!
Sven: This is all just one big misunderstanding, officers. I didn't cancel Women's Ski Jump out of discrimination, I did it for the women's safety!
Sven: Truth is, we never should have had the event in the first place, at least not with the current ramps we have.
Sven: It's scientifically proven that women need longer ramps to gain enough speed for a safe landing, but building new ramps for just a couple of competitors would have cost us millions!
Sven: But Anjulie insisted on getting the event into the Frosty Cup, so we obliged, warning them it wouldn't be safe.
Sven: And now she's dead. I hope the other female competitors will back down and leave ISA alone!

Investigate Fireplace.
Amy: Too bad we aren't playing Finders Keepers, or you'd certainly be the winner, <Name>!
Amy: This flyer you picked up reads "Ban the Frosty Cup, Ban Anjulie"... someone clearly had a problem with not only our victim, but the whole Frosty Cup! Can you pull prints off it?
Amy: And what could these broken pieces be? I'm counting on you to put them back together, <Name>!

Examine Boycott Flyer.
Amy: Nice job retrieving the prints off that boycott flyer <Name>! I bet you can match the prints in our database even quicker!

Examine Fingerprints.
Amy: You matched the prints so quickly <Name>! They belong to Claire Cambridge! She's the one who was interested in Anjulie's ski jump course!
Amy: But if Claire is a skier herself, why would she boycott the Frosty Cup, and specifically Anjulie? I agree, we should go have a chat with her!

Talk to Claire Cambridge about boycotting the Frosty Cup.
Amy: Claire, we found your flyer to boycott both Anjulie and the Frosty Cup, which I'm very surprised about, considering you're such an avid skier.
Claire: Oh forget Anjulie, why are we still bothering to talk about her! She thinks just because she's a little bit famous that she can ruin skiing for the rest of us!
Amy: I don't understand what you mean. She seemed to encourage skiing. She rallied for women's ski jump, she had a training camp-
Claire: Oh don't get me started again on that class she's running. You know the reason I ripped up the ad? Because when I went to ask her about signing up, she told me not to bother because I'm too old!
Claire: I'm 32 years old for crying out loud! Sure I have to wear lip balm to fix my chapped lips, but everything else in my body is working just fine!
Claire: But she said at my age I'll never be able to compete in the Frosty Cup, and her camp is only for potential professional athletes.
Claire: First they ruin this beautiful mountain by building all these ramps on it, and then they don't even let people use it unless they are the very best? That's discrimination, and completely unfair!
Claire: Just because Anjulie has her face on a few t-shirts doesn't mean she can decide the future of skiing and who can do it. This Frosty Cup, people like her... they are the bad guys here!
Claire: By proving the harm that competitive sports is doing to the community, only then will everyone get an equal chance to enjoy skiing once again!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Amy: Nice work <Name>! You pieced together Anjulie's ski helmet!
Amy: Wait a minute... good catch <Name>! Someone wrote the word "traitor" on it! Who could have done that? Let's send it to the lab to find out!

Analyze Victim's Helmet.
Hannah: Man, this helmet is super tacky, but for two million dollars, I'd wear anything too.
Amy: Two million dollars? You're talking about our victim's helmet, right Hannah?
Hannah: Actually I'm talking about Anjulie's last contract before her death... looks like she signed a two million dollar sponsorship deal with Rocket Cow!
Amy: Rocket Cow? But wait a minute... <Name> has a good point... didn't Anjulie already have a sponsorship with King Dairy ice cream?
Hannah: She must have dropped her King Dairy sponsorship and went with the higher offer... we're talking a lot of money here!
Amy: Her King Dairy sponsor must have been furious! Do you think he wrote the word "traitor" on the helmet?
Hannah: It had to be. Clearly his prized poster girl wasn't so loyal after all. Good idea to talk to him, <Name>!

Ask Calvin Ono about Anjulie breaking her sponsorship contract.
Calvin: Rocket Cow. Can you believe it? She signed with Rocket Cow! That stuff tastes like my lip balm... in other words disgusting!
Amy: I agree, your ice cream is much better than Rocket Cow, but that's beside the point...
Calvin: Sponsorships are about loyalty! We had a special bond, and yet she let that bond melt away like a pot of my favorite fondue!
Calvin: It was all my hard work that got her to be the face of the Frosty Cup! But instead of thanking me, she goes and drops me as her sponsor?
Calvin: It was more than just a business contract. I supported her, gave her guidance... I even taught her how to drive a snow mobile!
Calvin: But she let fame get to her head, screwing me over. I'm sorry for the ice cream reference, but she can't just go choose another flavor of the week like that!
Calvin: I bet my entire career on her, and she killed my dreams in one swoop. Her jump, her dying, that's what she gets for stabbing me in the back!

Back at the office...
Amy: I don't know about you, <Name>, but sometimes the animosity of our suspects can really make my blood run cold!
Amy: We know that Claire Cambridge detested Anjulie's competitive nature, especially for excluding skiers like herself.
Amy: And Anjulie's sponsor Calvin Ono was outraged that she dropped his sponsorship.
Amy: At least Sven Blattner seemed to be concerned about the female athletes' safety... though it's so hard to trust any of our suspects!
Amy: But you've done such a great job <Name>. We've got to be close to catching our killer, but we're still missing a couple nuts and bolts.
Chief Marquez: Close we are, but we haven't got time on our side! I've gotten word from the tourism office... they are upset that we've closed off the Hot Springs for the investigation.
Chief Marquez: You know how much of a tourist place White Peaks is, and so they are demanding that we reopen the springs to the public.
Chief Marquez: If I were you, I'd take one final look around. With <Rank> <Name>'s detective skills, I know you can find the missing pieces in this murder puzzle!

Investigate Thermal Rocks.
Amy: You bring your A game every time <Name>! That basket is the perfect place to hide something suspicious... I have no doubt you'll find a big clue!
Amy: And it's strange to find wire cutters at the Hot Springs, unless someone left them here by accident...
Amy: Way to connect the dots <Name>! The killer must have used cutters to take down the wire that killed Anjulie!
Amy: Maybe you can collect a sample to make sure. I bet this clue is going to tell us a key fact about our killer!

Examine Wire Cutter.
Amy: I'm always impressed by how quickly you collect samples! Getting those fibers off those wire cutters is a perfect example!
Amy: I've got a good feeling about this sample, <Name>: we're close to catching our killer, I can feel it! Quick, let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Fibers.
Yann: Nice find <Name>. The green fibers you collected had traces of snow mobile oil, which I confirmed matched the traces on the victim's body.
Yann: Therefore, the fibers had to have belonged to the killer!
Yann: Besides the oily stuff, the fibers you collected came from something quite soft to the touch... cashmere. Which means they didn't come from a hat.
Yann: By the length of the fibers and the texture, it looks to have come from a scarf. And the color will clue you in on exactly what kind of scarf.
Amy: So what you're saying is... oh you beat me to it <Name>! The killer is wearing a green scarf!

Examine Hot Springs Basket.
Amy: You sieved through that basket so quickly <Name>! You found a fondue stick... some fondue would be lovely to eat right about now!
Amy: What's that <Name>? Fondue is a piece of evidence connected to the killer?
Amy: That's right! And the killer wrote a death message on the victim's ski shoe using a fondue stick! I'll get this to the lab for you right away!
Amy: This murder's close to being solved, <Name>. You've got me on the edge of my seat!

Analyze Fondue Stick.
Yann: A fondue stick, <Name>? Do I get the sense that some members on this police team are a bit hungry?
Amy: It's the perfect item, Yann, since <Name> remembered that our killer eats fondue!
Yann: Well I guess <Name>'s instincts were right again. I found bits of plastic on the end of the stick, which I matched to the engravings found on your victim's ski shoe.
Yann: That means this fondue stick was indeed used by the killer.
Yann: I thankfully managed to pick up some DNA as well off the handle of the fondue stick.
Amy: Some DNA... what does it tell us, Yann?
Yann: Well I couldn't find much, other than that the DNA on the handle belongs to a male... which at least tells us that our killer is a man!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: <Name>, you pulled it off again, didn't you? You found enough pieces of evidence to identify who murdered our victim!
Amy: For Anjulie, for White Peaks, and for justice... go arrest the killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Sven Blattner, you are under arrest for the murder of Anjulie Cruz!
Sven: Hold on, now wait just one second, I am the head of the ISA! What reasoning could I possibly have for killing a skier, the very people I work to support?
Amy: A question we were wondering ourselves! But <Rank> <Name> found not only the wire cutters you used, but the actual wire you hung up to kill Anjulie!
Amy: It had traces of the oil from your snow mobile, plus your lip balm on the end. We know it's you, Mr Blattner!
Amy: Why would you kill a rising star like Anjulie? She deserved her chance for a medal!
Sven: She doesn't deserve to be in the Frosty Cup! No woman should!
Sven: Ski jumping is a man's sport! Back in my day, the sport and the Cup were taken seriously! Now it's just a big joke!
Amy: You say it's a joke because women have their equal turn? You had your chance for a medal, who are you to prevent other people from competing as well?
Sven: I had my chance and I never got my medal... damn if I let a woman get one if I couldn't!
Amy: Well Mr Blattner, you will certainly pay for what you did, and you certainly won't get a medal in jail. <Rank> <Name> is putting you under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Sven Blattner, you are being tried for the murder of Anjulie Cruz, the Frosty Cup athlete. Do you have anything worthwhile to say, or can we get this over with quick?
Sven: Your Honor, let me take this moment to tell you a little something about the sport of ski jumping.
Honorable Dante: Oh boy, here we go. Don't mind me if I doze off a bit... go on Mr Blattner.
Sven: Sports have been a man's game for centuries, since the beginning of time practically, a test of one's true heroism. And ski jumping is no exception!
Sven: But now, we have to make all these accommodations to that some women can participate... we need to make all the ramps safer and cushier for them, which they don't realize costs millions of dollars!
Sven: Now sports like ski jumping are just a big joke... there's no more danger, no more sense of achievement.
Sven: And to make matters worse, that annoying girl threatened to sue me because I wasn't playing nice? Someone needed to take a stand for athletics, and that's exactly what I did!
Honorable Dante: Mr Blattner, I'm going to have to stop you right there. Your reasons for killing an accomplished young woman are vile, twisted, and completely wrong.
Honorable Dante: Athletics are meant for everyone, not just some grumpy men like you. I have a beautiful granddaughter, and she deserves the same opportunities as everyone else, men and women alike.
Honorable Dante: Hate to break it to you, fellow, but I think everyone in this courtroom will be happy to see you behind bars. Sven Blattner, for the murder of Anjulie Cruz, I sentence you to 25 years in prison. All rise!

Amy: I'm impressed yet again at how well you solved that murder, <Name>!
Amy: I didn't expect to see such violence in my home district of White Peaks, but it's reassuring to know that I've got you here to put things back in order!
Amy: Now what do you say... should we treat ourselves to some King Dairy ice cream? Vanilla's my favorite flavor... call me a Plain Jane if you want, but it's simply the best!

Additional Investigation

Amy Young: <Name>, I'm glad to see you here! I was hoping we could go meet with Bobby, I'd like to properly introduce you to him now that the investigation is over!
Amy: What's that <Name>? Oh yes, it's true he's single now, but that's not why I want to talk to him of course... I just think you two would hit it off, that's all!
Andrea: Unfortunately, you're not off the clock yet, <Name>! Sharon White claims she's being harassed by someone!
Andrea: Go take her deposition, find out who attacked her. Even if women can't jump from the local ramp anymore, I'd rather avoid another scandal...
Amy: Of course, Chief Marquez. We'll go talk to Sharon as soon as possible.
Amy: <Name>, I can tell Bobby to meet us at the hotel lobby! He knows we're busy people, I'm sure he won't mind waiting if you'd rather talk to Sharon first!

Check on Bobby Prince.
Bobby: Hey <Rank> <Name>, hey Honey Bear... I mean Amy. Haha, old habits die hard! How are you settling in White Peaks?
Amy: It's nice to be back. That reminds me, <Name>, Bobby knows all the best spots in the mountains, you should take us sightseeing sometime!
Bobby: I'd love to, sadly I've just lost my map case... The mountains are too dangerous to wander around without a map, I hope it hasn't been stolen!
Amy: Oh, I'm sure <Rank> <Name> could find your map easily, Bobby Boo!
Amy: I mean... You don't mind, do you, <Rank> <Name>?
Bobby: You'd do that for me? That's great, I must have left it somewhere around here...
Amy: I'd do anything for y-... I mean, of course, we're happy to help all citizens, hehe. Alright <Name>, let's take a look around the place before I turn beet red!

Investigate Lounge Area.
Amy: Ah, nice catch, <Name>, this must be Bobby's map case! I'm relieved it wasn't stolen from him...
Amy: I know I'm asking a lot of you, <Name>, but his map case is really important for Bobby. Could you take a look inside, make sure nothing's out of place?

Examine Map Case.
Amy: What? <Name>, you found a card... for me? In Bobby's map case?
Amy: That's so cute! It says "Welcome back Amy" and it's signed by Bobby Boo and...
Amy: Duncan?! <Name>, that is my brother's name! Duncan Young! Oh, I really need to introduce you to him, you'll love him I'm sure! But I need to warn you about a little thing first...
Duncan: Why not do it right now, Amy? You haven't told <Rank> <Name> I was in a wheelchair? Don't worry, I'm sure they'd have noticed on their own. Hello, sis'!
Amy: Duncan! How long have you been there?
Duncan: I knew you'd be too busy to come see me, but I wanted to meet the partner you write so much about.
Duncan: <Rank> <Name>, I'm Duncan Young, Amy's older brother. It's an honor to meet you!
Duncan: I'm sorry you found our welcome card like that, Bobby was meant to send it, not misplace it! I hope he hasn't lost the gift too!
Amy: A gift, for us? Oooh, <Name>, how exciting! Let's go see Bobby right now! We need to give him his map case back anyway!

Give his gear back to Bobby and ask about the gift.
Bobby: Sorry I nearly lost your little surprise, Honey Bear! Duncan and I wanted to give you a proper welcome, even if we know you're going to be too busy to hang out much!
Amy: Oh, it's true working with <Rank> <Name> is intense, but I couldn't wish for a better partner! And I'm learning so much!
Amy: Sorry, I got a bit carried away! Anyway, Duncan mentioned... err... a gift?
Bobby: Oh, of course! Here, I have one for each of you! Welcome to White Peaks, <Rank> <Name>. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Question Sharon White about her assault.
Sharon: Oh <Rank> <Name>, I'm so relieved you're here! I was just enjoying a well-deserved break in the hot springs...
Sharon: ... when I suddenly heard noises! I had the horrible feeling someone was spying on me! And that's when I saw a shadow: it was terrifying!
Amy: You were scared of a shadow?
Sharon: You don't understand. It wasn't just a shadow. I think it was the Night Walker!
Amy: The night... Surely you're not talking about the urban legend? The boogeyman who supposedly comes out of the forest to snatch people away?
Sharon: That's him! The Night Walker is real, <Rank> <Name>, you'll see for yourself soon enough!
Amy: Well I don't know about that... But you're right, <Rank> <Name>, a stalker is still bad news, even if it's not a monster. Should we have a look around the hot springs?

Investigate Hot Springs.
Amy: What have you found, <Name>? Oh, you're right, this torn fabric seems out of place here...
Amy: Do you think Sharon's stalker left that here? I agree, you should try to see what this fabric was supposed to represent before it got shredded!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Amy: How creepy, <Name>! This torn fabric you found was a mask!
Amy: Wait a second... This mask looks exactly like the face of the Night Walker! At least according to the people who claim to have seen him...
Amy: Could someone be trying to pass themselves off as the Night Walker? You're right, we'd better send this mask to Hannah.

Analyze Night Walker's Mask.
Hannah: I have to admit, <Name>, you rarely send me things as creepy as this mask!
Hannah: I've read a bit about this Night Walker. It's said it's a man who kidnaps people and kills them, deep in the forest... The legend is widely known in the area!
Hannah: I've read stories about corpses found in the forest, and a few people even claim to have seen him! Their descriptions are very precise...
Hannah: And, whoever made this mask, they payed attention to every detail so it would look like the Night Walker! If Sharon's stalker made this, they're quite dedicated!
Amy: That's scary! You're right, <Name>, we should check up on Sharon. She could be in danger!

Reassure Sharon White about the Night Walker.
Amy: Hello again, Sharon. I'm afraid <Rank> <Name> found proof that a masked person was indeed spying on you at the hot springs.
Sharon: I told you it was true! The Night Walker is trying to hurt me for REAL!
Sharon: And something else happened! I wanted to exercise a bit and when I went to pick up my stuff by the ski ramp, someone had sabotaged my gear!
Amy: Really? You're right, <Rank> <Name>, we should take a look at that equipment! Where did you leave it, Sharon?
Sharon: Oh, I left my gear at the ski ramp! I'm so sorry to bother you again, take a snack on the way at least, I'm buying!

Investigate Ski Ramp.
Amy: Alright, <Name>, these goggles you found must be Sharon's! They're totally ruined, you think they have been painted by Sharon's stalker?
Amy: You're right, first someone tries to scare her at the hot springs, now her equipment gets sabotaged... I hope you'll be able to find something about her harasser on these goggles!

Examine Ski Goggles.
Amy: Good job retrieving these fingerprints over Sharon's goggles, <Name>! I hope they'll be good enough for Hannah to identify Sharon's stalker!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: Well, <Name>, you'll never believe this! I've run the fingerprints you found on Sharon's goggles through the database and...
Hannah: The person who's been stalking Sharon is actually Claire Cambridge!
Amy: Claire?! The woman who is against the Frosty Cup? She's the one who ruined Sharon's goggles?
Amy: <Name>, could she also be the one who used that creepy Night Walker mask? You're right, we need to talk to Claire straight away!

Confront Claire Cambridge about her attacks against Sharon.
Amy: Claire Cambridge, <Rank> <Name> found your fingerprints on Sharon's sabotaged goggles. Why are you harassing her?
Claire: Harassing? Come now, it was just a little gesture to discourage her from skiing in MY mountains again.
Amy: Oh really? We knew you tried to scare her off by wearing this Night Walker mask! This is serious, Claire!
Claire: What... I didn't use this mask! I've never seen it in my life! <Rank> <Name>, you've got to believe me. I only tried to scare Sharon by messing with her equipment, that's all!
Amy: Even if you're saying the truth, this is still an attack on someone's property! You'll have to pay a fine, Claire, and you'd better leave the professional skiers alone!
(After talking to Claire Cambridge)
Amy: You know, <Name>, I wonder if Claire was telling the truth about not having seen this mask before...
Amy: Do you think there might be someone else going around, scaring people and pretending to be the Night Walker? This doesn't sound good at all...

Later, at the station...
Amy: I'm so glad you could meet my brother, <Name>! His little surprise really made me happy!
Amy: We used to be very close when we were young, but we've kind of drifted apart recently... Especially after his accident...
Amy: Anyway, now that we're in White Peaks, I hope I'll be able to see more of Duncan... and Bobby!
Amy: Oh, you're right, <Name>, we might be too busy trying to figure out who our Night Walker impersonator is...
Amy: I've never really believed that urban legend, but a lot of people around here do. Who knows what might happen if someone goes around wearing that mask?

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