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Laboratory is a gameplay feature in Criminal Case. It is a section of the case screen which lets the player autopsy bodies and analyze clues.


As a homicide detective, the player will come across many items of interest throughout the cases which may need to be shipped to an individual member of the lab personnel for analysis.

The analysis may take as long as 5 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, 12 and 15 hours. For autopsies, the tutorial cases require only 5 seconds while Corpse in a Garden, Shark Attack!, God Save the Prince, Welcome to Concordia!, Snake in the Grass, Death as Old as Time and Blood Lust require 25 minutes. All other cases require 18 hours for primary autopsy jobs with the exception of Behind These Walls, which requires 12 hours. However, all sorts of autopsies and analyses can be done immediately if Instant Analysis is bought.

Once the analysis is over and the player clicks on "View Results", a short cutscene will play in which the analyst will give important information to the player, which may lead the team to events such as interrogating (as well as bringing in new) suspects, discovering certain attributes of the killer, further inspecting the clue in hand via forensic examination, etc.

Lab personnel

There are different sets of lab personnel for each police department featured in the game. The Grimsborough Police Department consists of ten lab technicians (three in Season 1 and seven in Season 5), the Pacific Bay Police Department and Parisian Police Squad consists of four, The Bureau, the Concordian Flying Squad, and the Temporal Crimes Division consist of six each, and the Supernatural Hunters consists of five, as shown below:

Position Grimsborough PD Pacific Bay PD The Bureau Concordian Flying Squad Temporal Crimes Division Supernatural Hunters Parisian Police Squad
Coroner / Medic Season 1:
Nathan Pandit
Season 5:
Martine Meunier
Roxie Sparks Angela Douglas / Grace Delaney[a] Richard Wells Janis Rivers Ben Shepherd Nadia Ben Yamin
Forensic Expert / Lab Chief / Chemist Season 1:
Grace Delaney
Season 5:
Rupert Winchester / Amir Devani[b]
Yann Toussaint Lars Douglas Viola Pemberton Theodore Moon Priya Desai Enzo Traoré
Tech Expert Season 1:
Alex Turner
Season 5:
Cathy Turner / Alex Turner[c]
Hannah Choi Elliot Clayton / Ingrid Bjorn[d]
Kai Malano Hope Newman Émile Bardot
Profiler Season 5:
Gabriel Herrera
Russell Crane Marina Romanova
Marina Romanova
Jean-Philippe Delacroix [e]
Armand Dupont
Orlando Ordelaffi
Field/Weapons Expert Season 5:
Rita Estevez
Jonah Karam Rose Zhao
Jacob Arrow


Charles Dupont
Evie Holloway
Consultant Season 5:
Eduardo Ramirez
Diego del Lobo
Lab Assistant Season 5:
Amir Devani[b]
Historian Assistant
Penelope Sage
Lore Expert
Felix Reed
Others Season 5:
Jasper Everett[g]
Zara Tien / Jack Archer[h] Luke Fernandez

[h] / George Mathison[i]

Gauthier Delacroix


  1. Grace replaces Angela as the coroner (see: Ice Rage) after the latter is jailed (see: In Plain Sight).
  2. 2.0 2.1 Amir gets promoted (see: A Rock and a Hard Place) to lab chief from lab assistant after Rupert dies (see: Things Fall Apart).
  3. Alex only performs technical analyses if Cathy is unavailable.
  4. Ingrid takes over on one occasion where Elliot was unavailable.
  5. Primarily the High Commissioner, but also performs analyses whenever necessary.
  6. Primarily a chief, but also performs analyses on weapons whenever necessary.
  7. Although not part of the police, Jasper analyzes astrogeology-related evidence occasionally.
  8. 8.0 8.1 Mainly partners, take necessary samples to expert suspects on the field.
  9. Although not part of the supernatural hunters, George helps the team analyze evidence which they are not equipped to analyze.
  10. Primarily a chief, but also performs analyses whenever necessary.



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Pacific Bay Police Department

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Concordian Flying Squad

Temporal Crimes Division

Supernatural Hunters

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