Kǒng Wàn Chūn (Chn: 孔萬春) is a minor character in Criminal Case, appearing during the events of The Wrath of Khan (Case #30 of Travel in Time).


Wan Chun is a Chinese soldier and Princess Torgoljin's boyfriend. He has long black hair tied in a man bun, a mustache and a beard. He wears an orange vest under gray armor. Additionally, he sports a crimson neckerchief.

Events of Criminal Case

After arresting Santiago Sanchez's killer, Penelope informed the player that she had discovered that Theo's ancestor was Wan Chun, and that if they could set him up with Princess Torgoljin, they could restore Theo's ancestry and stop his disappearance. After Marina tracked him down to the Great Wall of China, Penelope and the player brought Torgoljin with them to see him. When they met each other, they instantly fell in love. After the team repaired one of Wan Chun's kites, they left the two of them together, successfully restoring Theo's ancestry.

Case appearances



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