Kaitlyn Flynn was a suspect in the murder investigation of her father, former Vipers leader Ash Bison, in Byte the Dust (Case #14 of The Conspiracy).


Kaitlyn is a 22-year-old arcade employee. She has short light blonde hair with green, blue and pink streaks, and dark blue eyes. She wears a red T-shirt with maroon sleeves, three pixelated hearts in the center, and brown suspenders. She also wears a yellow badge saying "GAME OVER" in black letters, a name tag reading "KAITLYN" in white letters, several glow sticks, and magenta lipstick. It is known that Kaitlyn plays Weirder Stuff.

Height 5'4"
Age 22
Weight 129 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Jones and the player talked to Kaitlyn after finding her bandana with the Double Vipers logo on it. Kaitlyn said that as an arcade employee, she was supposed to wear the bandana to promote the game but she did not want to. When the cops told her that Ash was found dead, Kaitlyn said that she knew nothing about his game except that the game was the most popular one in the arcade. She said that she simply worked at the arcade to save up for college.

Later, the cops found Kaitlyn's birth certificate stating that Ash was her father. Kaitlyn said that despite being her father, Ash did not want anything to do with her. Ash left her mother when she was young, and so she never knew him. When her mother died, she started searching for her father and found Ash, who rejected her, saying that she was only after him for his money.

Kaitlyn was found innocent when Ash's girlfriend, Joy Schneider, was found guilty of the murder. When Joy explained her motive, she said that she saw Ash visiting Kaitlyn frequently in the arcade and apparently mistook Kaitlyn for Ash's mistress.

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