Judy Strong appeared as a quasi-suspect in Gone in 30 Seconds (Case #7 of Travel in Time).


Judy is a 27-year-old bank clerk working for the Grand Manhattan Bank. She has brown eyes and chin-length red hair with a white hairband. She is seen wearing a light orange dress with white patterns and white linings, along with a black belt, and is seen holding a light brown Grand Manhattan Bank file folder. Additionally, Judy sports purple eyeshadow.

Height 5'3"
Age 27
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Mid-investigation, Jack and the player spoke with Judy at the Grand Manhattan Bank in order to access the victim's safe deposit box. Later, Judy alerted the team to the fact that artist Sandy Lemko was attempting to access Billy's safe deposit box under the allusion that he was related to him.

After arresting Billy Snapshot's killer, Amy instructed Zara and Theo to open a safe deposit account for Chief Scott under the allusion that he was their son. By opening an account for the Chief, they could leave him a letter to be opened in 2029 that would alert T.I.M.E. to them being stranded in the past. Surprised to learn that they wanted "their son" to access the account 60 years in the future, Judy informed Zara and Theo that they would require form C-21-10-15.

After finding the bank form and sending it to Orlando to forge their documents, Zara and the player returned their paperwork to Judy so that she could set up the account. Zara then specified that they needed the bank to contact "Master Scott" in 2029, which Judy assured.

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