Jeremy Cross was the victim in The Curse of Black Ridge (Case #3 of Supernatural Investigations).


Jeremy was a property developer with brown eyes and short brown hair. At the time of his death, he wore a white shirt and a tie with red, pink and maroon stripes underneath a blue suit with a front pocket and a gold nametag clipped to his left lapel. He also sported matching pants and brown shoes.

Murder details

Jeremy's body was found chopped up on the main street of Black Ridge. Ben counted four strikes in total, all inflicted with a wedge-like blade, most probably an ax. Judging by the angle of the strikes, Ben concluded that the killer was left-handed.

Upon returning to the crime scene, Luke and the player found a bloodstained ax and immediately filed it as the murder weapon. They dispatched a liquid sample from the ax to Priya, who determined that the liquid was isopropyl alcohol, the main ingredient in optical lens cleaner. This led Priya to conclude that the killer wore glasses.

Relationship with suspects

Jeremy's wife, Anika Cross, used to be a suspect in a series of murders at Black Ridge. He bought Black Ridge at an auction, sabotaging rival property developer Leah Spencer's chances of purchasing the town by slashing her tires. TrendVidder Ronnie Hawk set up a hologram projector that generated fake ghost projections inside Jeremy's makeshift office. Property buyer Rick Lewis bought a property from Jeremy before learning that Black Ridge was a ghost town. Since he had already signed a contract with Jeremy, Rick could not back out of the deal.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Rick.

Upon arrest, Rick vehemently denied committing the murder before the ghost of Nathaniel Mason appeared from his body and admitted to the murder. Nathaniel said that a gold mine tunnel that he had built released a poisonous substance to the ground, leading to "the curse of Black Ridge". Since then, Nathaniel's ghost had been killing any visitors to the town to keep people away. Most recently, he possessed Rick to convince Jeremy to stop building property on the town and endanger his clients. When Jeremy did not listen, Nathaniel (in Rick's body) killed him with an ax. Nathaniel then told the team that they had until sundown to leave or he would kill them as well before he left Rick's body.

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