Jennifer Tanaka (Jpn: 田中ジェニファ) was the victim in The Dead and the Beautiful (Criminal Case: The Conspiracy-exclusive).


Jennifer was the winner of Grimsborough's 2018 beauty pageant. She had long auburn hair, black eyes and sported a beauty mark below her right eye and silver hoop earrings. Before her death, Jennifer was seen wearing a red striped dress with a Miss Grimsborough sash on it. At the time of her death, she was seen wearing a bathrobe and a tiara on her head.

Murder details

Jennifer was found dead by the police in her penthouse, her throat slashed. Next to her corpse was a bloody knife, which was immediately registered as the murder weapon. Her autopsy revealed that the killer was right-handed, due to them having slashed Jennifer's throat using their right hand.

Killer and motives

Jennifer's killer turned out to be Wolf News journalist Brandon Cummings, whose motive and jail time for killing her was never specified.

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