Jebediah Cobb was the killer of historian Reggie Liotta in Writer's Blocked (Case #21 of The Conspiracy).


Jebediah is the 67-year-old author of The Lost City of Xerda and curator of the Grimsborough Museum. Jebediah has grey hair and brown eyes behind a pair of semi-circular glasses, as well a grey mustache. He is seen wearing an olive green tweed blazer over a maroon vest with a pocket and black buttons. Underneath his maroon vest, he wears a white collared shirt and a black tie with a tie clip attached. He also has a name tag reading "CURATOR; Jebediah Cobb" and he is seen holding a smoking pipe. It is known that Jebediah uses hand sanitizer, knows Xerdan language and is a member of the Historical Society.

Height 5'7"
Age 67
Weight 181 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Jebediah became a suspect after Gloria and the player learned that the victim's meet and greet was hosted by him. After being told about the murder, he told them that Reggie had been a breath of fresh air for the historical community. He then revealed that the meet and greet had occurred in the museum's garden, prompting Gloria and the player to investigate there.

Jebediah was spoken to again about his argument with the victim. He explained to them that he had extensive knowledge of the Xerdan community, which had been an asset to historians for decades. When the victim came along with his new take on the Xerdans, it bruised his ego and was angry at how Reggie could be so rude.

In the end, it was proven that Jebediah was Reggie's killer. Upon admitting to the murder, Jebediah said that Reggie had discovered that Xerda was a matriarchal society, which went against Jebediah's findings that they were a patriarchal society in his book, The Lost City of Xerda. Afraid that Reggie's book would expose his life's work as a fraud, Jebediah begged him to reconsider the publication. When he refused, Jebediah had bludgeoned him with a Xerdan stone club. Judge Powell sentenced him to 10 years in prison for the murder.

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