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No point in sitting around! Go out there and get the job done!
—Jacob Arrow

Chief Jacob "Jake" Arrow is a main character appearing in Season 7 of Criminal Case, where he served as the Chief and Weapons Expert of the Supernatural Hunters before pledging his loyalty to the demon queen in The Hunted Hunter (Case #28 of Supernatural Investigations). During the events of To Hell and Back (Case #30 of Supernatural Investigations), he broke his loyalty and returned to the team.


55 years of age, Jacob has brown eyes, shaggy, graying brown hair, a thick beard and a mustache. He sports an X-shaped scar on his left cheek and wrinkles across his forehead and under his eyes. He wears a maroon, buttoned-up shirt under a black overt vest with a black pistol holstered inside.

Jacob and Ben formed the Supernatural Hunters 25 years ago after a vampire killed Jacob's wife, Lily. After years of fighting alone, he was forced to recruit the team after he lost his left arm. He is rough and grizzled, and while he can be ruthless, he respects supernatural beings who live peacefully with humans. He also enjoys fishing and DIY.

In his quasi-suspect appearance in The Tree of Death, Jacob ditches his vest in place of a slate gray jacket with black fur lining and wears his holster on the outside of his jacket.

Height 6'2"
Age 55
Weight 183 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

Meeting Chief Arrow

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Immortal Combat

After arresting Dr Aculus' killer, Luke and the player found the recipe for the vampire elixir of invincibility (per Felix) amongst Eric's belongings. After Luke burned the recipe, he and the player updated Chief Arrow. Chief Arrow told the team that if there was even a chance that Dr Aculus had left some mention of the elixir in writing at his mansion, they needed to find it and destroy it.

After Chief Arrow took over from Luke as the player's partner, they searched Dr Aculus' bedroom to see if there was anything related to the elixir. There, they found a key with Chief Arrow's name on it. Per Hope, the key unlocked a safety deposit box at Débit Suisse. At the bank, Chief Arrow and the player found a letter from Dr Aculus addressed to the chief. The letter revealed that Dr Aculus' sources in the Southwest had informed him of a malevolent force that was sapping the life of the livestock and the land. This prompted the team to head to the Southwest.

Bad Vibes

After arresting Rainee Day's killer, Felix and the player asked Ben about Chief Arrow's foul mood, which had started ever since they arrived in Saguaro, Arizona. Ben informed them that Chief Arrow had honeymooned there with his late wife and suggested that they helped remind him of the good times.

After they found Chief Arrow's wedding cake figurine, Felix and the player brought it to him. He reminisced about his wedding being the happiest day of his life and thanked the player for restoring one of his happiest memories. He then rewarded the player.

The Ghost of Murders Past

Mid-investigation, FBI Agent George Mathison arrested Chief Arrow for the possession of R.J. Fielding's body.

After uncovering the identity of Fielding's killer, Felix and the player pleaded with George to release Chief Arrow. Reluctantly, he released the chief, who was caught up on Luke's possession by Abigail Riley.

After the team exorcised Riley's spirit from Luke and arrested Axel Bross for Fielding's murder, Chief Arrow and the player asked Axel how they could convince Riley to find peace. He told the team about a ring that he had gifted to her when she died, prompting Chief Arrow and the player to search for the ring. When they did, they summoned Riley and convinced her to pass over to the afterlife.

Weirder Stuff

After discovering the identity of Rex Lane's killer, Chief Arrow and the player searched the Weirder Stuff film set for a lead on finding Chief Arrow's former mentor, Falcon. After finding a sequence of numbers carved into a tree, they sent them to Hope, who deduced that they were coordinates for a wooden structure.

At the said structure, Chief Arrow and the player found Falcon. Falcon pointed a crossbow at the team, demanding that Chief Arrow proved his identity. After performing a fireball trick that Falcon had taught him, Chief Arrow gained his former mentor's trust, prompting them to hug. Chief Arrow then asked about demons roaming the earth and the possibility of a demon-werewolf alliance. Falcon informed the team that the demons lived in the Netherworld and drew their strength from their queen. He also revealed that demons wanted to drain Earth's life force and explained that they could only cross into their world if they were either strong enough or summoned by a human. Falcon then told the team to stay in touch with him.

The Tree of Death

After discovering the demon identity of Annette Strong's killer, Chief Arrow and the player asked Falcon for help in confronting Zeke. He told the team that they could use the essence of the magic tree to amplify the power of their weapons. After Ben used essence from the tree to amplify their weapons, the player discussed the plan to banish Zeke with Chief Arrow. He told them to start their search at the viewpoint and that if they came across him, they would distract him while Ben attacked from behind.

Upon receiving Zeke's message to meet him at midnight, the team confronted Zeke. However, Zeke melted their weapons and gained the upper hand. Before Zeke could kill the team, a mystery demon appeared and banished Zeke to the Netherworld. The mystery demon turned out to be novelist Arthur Darkwood, who told the team that their minds were vulnerable to demon attacks. He then advised Chief Arrow and the player to seek out a coven of witches in the Midwest in order to gain a spell to protect their minds.

Scry for Help

On Walpurgis Night, witch Belinda contacted the team through her crystal ball and informed them that she had located all of the missing children, telling them to meet her at an abandoned castle. However, when Chief Arrow and the player arrived at the castle, they found Belinda's dead body. Chief Arrow then partnered the player during the investigation.

During the investigation, the player found a crystal inside of a vat of witchy ingredients. Chief Arrow recklessly picked the crystal up and began asphyxiating. After Felix performed a healing spell on him, he informed the team that the crystal was cursed, believing that witch Agnes Leek was the one responsible.

After arresting Belinda's killer, Chief Arrow and the player contacted Arthur after Agnes casted a mind protection spell on the team. They learned from Arthur that there had been a civil war between demons in which the demon queen had been left powerless and trapped in a magical cage between dimensions. He revealed that the queen's faithful were hunting down the five keys necessary to unlock the cage, having already found four of them. The keys had been made by late rebel demon Rathimael, who Arthur revealed had lived on the East Coast.

Niagara Fallen

After arresting Ronnie Hawk's killer, Hope and the player updated Chief Arrow on Rathimael's murder. Hope informed him that Rathimael's last address was now a witch museum in Salem, Massachusetts. With no other leads, Chief Arrow decided to move the team to Salem.

The Third Degree

After discovering the demon identity of Theresa Rosenthal's killer, the team discovered that Hope was the fifth key to the demon queen's cage and that she was in the demons' captivity. Luke and the player informed Chief Arrow, who urged the team not to panic. Arthur told the team that there was still time to prevent the demon queen from being released. He informed them that the cage was in an alternate dimension, and that the forces in said dimension ebbed and flowed, making the cage stronger and weaker at different times. Since the next weak phase was to happen that night, the team could use a jumper artifact to join Arthur in the other dimension.

After finding a jumper artifact at Theresa's house, the team made the jump to the other dimension. There, Arthur welcomed them to the between-dimension and swore that he would protect the team at the first sign of danger. However, they were too late to stop Reggie from using Hope to unlock the demon queen's cage. After the cage opened, the demon queen emerged looking exactly like Lily, much to Chief Arrow's surprise.

Death at a Funeral

A few hours after traveling to the between-dimension, the team returned to the base, where Ben informed Luke what had happened. Chief Arrow told the team that they were going to South Carolina in order to dig up Lily's grave to see if her body was still there. However, the team was sidetracked by businessman Bernie Silverman's murder.

Mid-investigation, Ben told Luke and the player that Chief Arrow had claimed that he had seen his wife. However, the woman in question was not Lily, leaving Chief Arrow in tears.

After arresting Bernie's killer, Chief Arrow informed Luke and the player that he did not feel emotionally prepared to exhume Lily's body. As such, he gave the task to the two of them, who subsequently discovered that Lily's coffin was empty, save for a dirty crowbar. Priya determined from the dirt that Lily's grave had been disturbed precisely one week after her death. Luke and the player told this to Chief Arrow, who was left with lots of unanswered questions. He then excused himself as he needed some time alone to think. Later, after Chief Arrow and Hope reconciled after their fight in Massachusetts, he moved the team to Georgia.

To the Lighthouse

After discovering the demon identity of Bucky Johnson's killer, Chief Arrow and the player went to Dr Daemon's mansion, where they found Edwinata's historic account regarding the demons. Per Felix, the account divulged that Falcon had bound the demon queen to Lily's body. Chief Arrow and the player confronted Falcon about their discovery, who confirmed the account. He revealed that he had joined forces with Rathimael to destroy the demon queen. They had realized that they needed a cage made from a completely and utterly pure creature. The only creature that fulfilled the criteria was a good fairy, resulting in Falcon revealing to Chief Arrow that Lily was a fairy. Falcon lured a vampire to drain Lily's body of her blood and, after waiting for seven days, he exhumed the body with Rathimael and left to allow the rebel to imprison the demon queen. Feeling guilty after seeing Chief Arrow hellbent on avenging Lily's death, he took him under his wing. Chief Arrow then told Falcon to get out of his sight.

Later, Chief Arrow took off in his van. From his phone, Gwen and the player discovered that he was heading to Florida. Ben revealed that Chief Arrow's last vacation with Lily was in a swamp in the Everglades, prompting the team to head to Florida.

The Hunted Hunter

After arresting Dolores Harper's killer, Luke and the player searched the swamp for traces of Chief Arrow. Swamp monster Gregg confirmed that he had seen a man fitting Chief Arrow's description by the swamp. They found a bandana which (per Priya) contained traces of his sweat, along with ribbon ink from Arthur's typewriter. Luke and the player asked Arthur about the encounter, who revealed that Chief Arrow had pledged his loyalty to the demon queen, convinced that some part of Lily remained in the queen.

To Hell and Back

During the arrest of second-in-command Zeke Davis for Arthur's murder, Luke and the player learned that Zeke had given Arthur's blood, a necessary component in the demon queen's plans, to Chief Arrow, believing that he was still a part of the team. However, Chief Arrow had given the blood to the demon queen, who subsequently drank it before the team, gaining her full form.

After the veil between the Earth and the netherworld opened, Chief Arrow rejoined the team and told them that there was still a way to bring the demon queen down. Facing a cold reception, he apologized to the team for making a terrible mistake, claiming that he had been desperate to believe that his wife lived on in the queen. He told Ben and the player that their best shot was to investigate the queen's throne room. There, they found an ancient scroll and sent it to Felix for translation. After a minor disagreement between Felix and Chief Arrow, Felix revealed that he had only been able to determine that only the queen's "closest ally turned nemesis" could stop her.

After finishing the translation, Felix told the team that the queen could only be defeated when "the traitor and the key become one". He informed Hope that she needed to assume Arthur's body in order to defeat the queen. After Hope defeated the demon queen, and subsequently her faithful, Chief Arrow told the team that he was incredibly proud of them and that it was an honor to be their chief.


As a weapons aficionado, Jacob has the responsibility of taking care of necessary ballistic analyses, and informing the team of such results after a certain amount of time or a speed-up process using Criminal Case Cash. His task-wait rates varied depending on the difficulty of the task, but they would all cost 1 Criminal Case Cash per 30 minutes.

Below is the list of analyses Jacob has performed throughout the course of the game:

Case #4: Hour of the Wolf

  • Handgun (15:00:00)

Case #13: Weirder Stuff

  • Flamethrower (09:00:00)

Case #14: Winter Murderland

  • Trident (09:00:00)

Case #25: The Third Degree

  • Fingerprints on Gun (03:00:00)
  • Bullet Casing (15:00:00)

Case #27: To the Lighthouse

  • Blueprint (12:00:00)
  • Electroshock Device (15:00:00)


As the Chief of the Supernatural Hunters, Jacob requires reports from three different "teammates" (friends who play Criminal Case and are recruited to the player's team) before he can let the player advance to the next case of Supernatural Investigations. Besides that, he notifies the player each time they level up in the season.

Also, the player may choose Jacob to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any case in Supernatural Investigations) and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 5-hint partner. (This feature is only available in the mobile variant of Criminal Case)


  • Chief Arrow is one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect six times.
    • He is also one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect in two consecutive cases in Supernatural Investigations.
  • After proving his identity to Falcon, Chief Arrow draws his back to hug him, making him one of the few characters to do such at one point in a cutscene.

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