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Previously on Criminal Case...
Maddie O'Malley: <Name>, the gang war between the Irish and the Italians is reaching disastrous levels!
Maddie: You'd think our star-crossed lovers, Seamus and Giulietta, both in love despite being on opposite sides of the conflict, would have tried to end the war...
Maddie: Despite claiming they want the gang war to end, casualties on both sides keep rising... and the conflict is even spilling out into the streets, killing innocent citizens!
Maddie: Fires are raging! Bodies are building up! Crimson Banks is in chaos! This must be stopped IMMEDIATELY!
Evie: <Name>, I just received a message from Giulietta Capecchi!
Evie: She says her mother has placed a bomb in Concordia's Central Station! It could explode any minute now!
Maddie: A bomb at the train station?! That could kill hundred of people!
Maddie: Evie, call the station, make them evacuate everyone! <Name>, we must go there, NOW!

Concordia Central Station...
Maddie: <Name>, we must defuse the bomb before it can detonate! Do you see it anywhere?!
Maddie: Neither do I... but we must find it quickly! Let's have a look around the station, every second counts!

Chapter 1

Investigate Concordia Station.
Maddie O'Malley: Sweet mother of pearl, <Name>! That's Seamus... he's dead!
Maddie: You're right, there's no time to examine him now... We must disarm that bomb before the entire station and everyone in it explodes! Hurry!

Examine Bomb.
Maddie: <Name>, you did it! You defused the bomb and saved us all!
Maddie: We already know who's responsible for that bomb, and that's Franca!
Maddie: But did she also kill Seamus? And what was he doing here in the first place?! Let's get the body to Dick, and hope he can bring us some answers.
Maddie: And while we wait for those answers, I agree, we should have another look around the station! Franca cannot have gone far!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: First Vittorio Capecchi crosses my table, and now Seamus O'Neill. It looks like the gangs have received quite the blow recently.
Maddie: They have. Seamus claimed to want to end the conflict, but now he never will. What could you determine from his examination?
Dick: Seamus received several blows to his cranium which produced a sizable laceration. As you may suspect, this was the cause of death.
Dick: Now, exactly what was used to gash his head, I don't know. You'll have to uncover that yourself, <Name>.
Dick: But there was also a slight nick with fresh blood on his arm, most likely from a bullet grazing his skin. Somebody must've shot him prior to bashing in his skull.
Maddie: It would certainly seem as if someone had it in for Seamus. And I bet you it was Franca!
Dick: Well, what I do know is that whoever killed Seamus left chewing gum in his hair, near the wound. It's quite the fad these days. I see everyone around town chomping on it.
Maddie: Chewing gum? I love it! It's definitely helped me deal with the absence of absinthe in my life these days...
Dick: Well, this gun was freshly chewed so it must belong to your killer!
Maddie: So the killer chews gum! <Name>, no time to chew the fat, we're looking for a killer with a taste for gum!

Investigate Concordia Station again.
Maddie: <Name>, that Train Preparation Checklist might tell us who was around at the time Franca planted the bomb... and when Seamus was killed! We must recover the writing on it!
Maddie: And I'd normally say something witty about searching through the rubbish, but in this case, we'll need all the clues we can find! Let's dig in!
Maddie: <Name>, we've got out work cut out for us! We not only need to discover where Franca could be hiding, but we'll have to figure out whether or not she killed Seamus!

Examine Trash Can.
Maddie: <Name>, let's hope the calling card you found in the garbage gives us a new lead!
Maddie: Oh look! That card belongs to Adrienna Brassiere! She must've passed through the train station recently.
Maddie: Adrienna's loyalties lie with the Irish, so we know she's connected to Seamus.
Maddie: Adrienna could've come here to meet with Seamus, which means we should go interrogate her!

Ask Adrienna Brassiere why she was at the train station.
Adrienna: <Rank> <Name>, I didn't expect to be seeing you again so soon. Coming to inquire about my new... services?
Maddie: We're actually inquiring about the murder of Seamus O'Neill. We found him dead at the train station!
Adrienna: Seamus is dead?! How can that be?
Maddie: Don't sell us a dog, Adrienna! We found your calling card in a garbage bin. We know you were at the station. Why were you there?
Adrienna: I was coming home from a long night of work. I like to do some "mingling" while I'm at the station, so I gave out a few cards. But I didn't see Seamus!
Adrienna (crying): <Rank> <Name>, this is a tragedy! Who will lead us now?!

Examine Checklist.
Maddie: <Name>, this checklist was signed by one Erica Dupri.
Maddie: Erica Dupri... She was the train conductor we met in Coyote Gorge. The one whose train had been robbed.
Maddie: If she was running her checks right before the station was evacuated, she might've seen Franca... or even better, Seamus' murder! Let's speak with Erica immediately!

Ask Erica Dupri if she saw anyone suspicious in the train station.
Erica: <Rank> <Name>, I heard there was a bomb here at the station! It could have damaged my train! My poor train!
Maddie: Yes, your train could've been damaged... as well as the whole of Concordia Station... But worry not, <Rank> <Name> took care of it!
Maddie: The bomb is only half of it; a man by the name of Seamus O'Neill was murdered and we-
Erica: Seamus O'Neill? That name rings a train whistle...
Erica: Wait a minute! Mr O'Neill had snuck onto my train back when that other fellow robbed it in Coyote Gorge! He was murdered?
Maddie: He was, and we know you were in the station at the time of his murder. Did you see anything? We know the person who placed the bomb was a woman, maybe you saw her, at least?
Erica: A woman, you say? I did see one running towards the clock tower, right before they evacuated the station. No one ever goes in there... and she certainly seemed to be in a hurry.
Maddie: <Name>, that could be Franca! We need to go to the clock tower, now!

Investigate Train Station Clock.
Maddie (aiming her gun): Franca Capecchi, we have you now!
Franca: Maledizione! You caught me? This cannot be!
Maddie: Your criminal reign ends now, Franca! You should have known <Rank> <Name> would catch you sooner or later!
Franca: Porco diavolo, I wish you had blown up with my bomb!
Maddie (holding her gun): You can wish all you want, but we're taking you back to the station with us! You're under arrest!
(Franca leaves.)
Maddie: And <Name>, I agree, let us get a sample from that bloody handkerchief... it's clearly Seamus'!

Examine Bloody Handkerchief.
Maddie: That blood from the handkerchief is probably Seamus', but if we're lucky, Viola will find something more, <Name>!

Analyze Blood.
Viola: <Name>, I'm glad you're safe! That bomb could have killed you!
Maddie: Indeed, but we still don't know how Seamus became entangled in all of this. Were you able to find anything on the sample we took from his handkerchief?
Viola: I did. The blood type, as we can guess, is Seamus'. But I became intrigued by an aroma emanating from the sample, so I ran a few tests...
Viola: It turns out the blood was mixed with perfume molecules, no doubt left on the handkerchief when the killer wiped their hands on it!
Viola: The exact perfume the killer left on the handkerchief is a cologne called "Eternal Youth."
Viola: Dick confirmed your victim wasn't wearing any cologne... which means your killer wears it! It's a unisex scent, however a bit on the feminine side.
Maddie: <Name>, our killer wears Eternal Youth Cologne... And there's no way they'll throw you off their scent now!

Interrogate Franca Capecchi.
Maddie: Franca Capecchi, your heinous attempt has failed! <Rank> <Name> has disarmed your bomb!
Franca: Maledizione! You couldn't even let me have my victory!
Maddie: Victory? You were going to blow everyone up!
Franca: And what do I care, <Rank> <Name>?! It's all over for me... Vittorio is dead! His murderer is missing! The gangs are decimated! Why not go out with a bang?
Maddie: I'll have you know... Seamus isn't missing. As a matter of fact, he was very much found... murdered! And I wager it was you who did it!
Franca: O'Neill is dead? Ha... that's the first good news I've heard in a while! That cretino is gone at last!
Franca: Unfortunately, I had nothing to do with it. I just planted the bomb and went to the clock tower to observe the fireworks!
Maddie: Convenient story, Mrs Capecchi! We'll find the truth soon enough, and if you did murder Seamus, you'll be justly punished. Until then, we're keeping you for attempted bombing!

Later, aboard the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, I heard you did the city of Concordia a great service in disarming the bomb that Franca placed in the train station!
Isaac: And you captured Franca Capecchi, as well! She is now safely behind bars where she can do no harm to anyone!
Maddie: Indeed... and now we must concern ourselves with finding the person who bashed in Seamus O'Neill's head and left him lifeless on the train platform. That is, if it wasn't Franca herself.
Isaac: Well, it's not like Mr O'Neill was lacking in enemies. Now it's just a matter of finding out exactly who killed him!
Maddie: Well, Franca denies having anything to do with his death...
Maddie: ... and I'd love to talk to Giulietta, if only we knew where she was!
Evie: Then I have news for you, <Name>!
Maddie: What is it, Evie?
Evie: I know where Giulietta is!

Chapter 2

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, you did the city of Concordia a great service in disarming the bomb that Franca placed in the train station!
Isaac: And you captured Franca Capecchi, as well! She is safely behind bars where she can no longer bring anyone any harm!
Isaac: Now, we must concentrate on finding the person who brutally bashed in Seamus O'Neill's head and left him for dead at the train station!
Maddie: Although the most obvious suspect is Franca, we cannot deny that Seamus had many other enemies...
Maddie: Figuring out what Seamus was doing at the train station in the first place could give us more leads... but who would know?
Evie: <Name>, I have news you'll want to hear!
Evie: I know where Giulietta is! She's been spotted at her old, burned down house!
Maddie: The house that burned down while Giulietta and her sister were young children? I didn't even know the place was still standing!
Maddie: We know Giulietta and Seamus were still in love, so she could be able to give us more information!
Maddie: Either way, we must go to that old house and find Giulietta post-haste!

Investigate Burned House.
Maddie: <Name>, I don't see Giulietta anywhere... but that heart necklace has the letters "S" and "G," as in Seamus and Giulietta! This must be hers!
Maddie: There's an engraving on the back: "Always remember" and it's followed by those blasted code symbols.
Maddie: If you can decipher that code, we can find out just what Giulietta was supposed to "remember"!
Maddie: Wait, is that Seamus in the photo you found?
Maddie: Who's that man he's standing next to?
Maddie: I hadn't expected to find any leads on Seamus here... <Name>, why don't we search for that man's face in our archives to see if we find a match?

Examine Heart Necklace.
Maddie: Now that we have the numbers that were engraved on Giulietta's necklace, <Name>, let us send them to Evie for her expert opinion on what they could mean!

Analyze Numbers.
Evie: <Name>, I was wondering if I could ask for your advice. I'd love to offer Katherine a little gift as a token of my affection. Maybe a necklace like Giulietta's. Do you think she'd like that?
Maddie: My my, Evie! You certainly are smitten with Miss Woolf. I didn't know you were such a romantic.
Evie (blushing): Well... she IS quite perfect...
Maddie: Speaking of jewelry... were you able to deduce what the code on Giulietta's necklace meant?
Evie: Absolutely! The numbers you deciphered from Miss Capecchi's jewelry are coordinates.
Evie: And not just any coordinates... they lead to the playground where you discovered Seamus and Giulietta kissing.
Maddie: That must be what the "Always remember" is about. And that also must be where Giulietta is! <Name>, let's go find her!

Talk to Giulietta about Seamus' murder.
Giulietta: <Rank> <Name>, what do you want now? My mother's in jail. Both my sister and father were murdered...
Giulietta (crying): ... And now the love of my life is dead! What's there left to say?
Maddie: Giulietta, we understand this must be incredibly difficult for you... but we need to know if you have any information regarding Seamus' murder.
Giulietta: I don't know anything, <Rank> <Name>! This entire thing has just blown to pieces and now I'm all alone!
Giulietta (holding a bottle of Eternal Youth Cologne): All I have left is the necklace he gave me... and this bottle of cologne water. Both remnants of our ill-fated love! How can life be this cruel?!
Maddie: You need your time, Giulietta. <Rank> <Name> and I will leave you be, but do contact us should you have anything you need to tell us!
Maddie: As for us, <Name>, I agree, we ought to go back to the clock tower. We're in dire need of clues and we know the killer went there!

Investigate Clock Mechanism.
Maddie: <Name>, your instincts were right! We found more clues here... like Seamus' gun! Look, his name's on it!
Maddie: It's covered in some sort of black substance, however. Let us gather a sample to see what it is!
Maddie: There could be something hidden in that crate of clock parts. We should search through it, I agree!
Maddie: And if you'd like to restore that torn stationery, I shan't stop you!

Examine Torn Paper.
Maddie: <Name>, this paper is an invitation to a parlay... sent by Franca!
Maddie: And look, there are both Seamus' and Giulietta's names on it... as well as the Irish and Italian flags.
Maddie: I cannot imagine Franca wanted to make peace after all that's happened!
Maddie: And you're right! She invited them to the train station... right where she set up the bomb!
Maddie: <Name>, do you think... did she intend to blow up Seamus? And her own daughter too?!
Maddie: I'm smelling something rather off with this invitation. Let us go interrogate Franca about this immediately!

Question Franca about her proposed parlay.
Maddie: Tell us, Mrs Capecchi, were you planning on calling a truce with the Irish before or after the bombing?
Franca: Truce? I don't know what you're talking about...
Maddie: Don't play games with us! We found the invitation you sent to Seamus and your daughter! Were you planning on blowing them both up?!
Franca: That man murdered my husband! He romanced my daughter! He ruined everything we had built! He didn't deserve his happy ending! Neither did Giulietta!
Maddie: But Giulietta's your daughter! Were you really going to kill her for falling in love with the wrong man?! What kind of mother are you?
Franca: The kind of mother that would do anything to protect her famiglia... but Giulietta betrayed us! That's the worst kind of crime!
Franca: It's because of her and her "love" that I'm in this horrible place... no pasta, no Eternal Youth Cologne, not even some chewing gum! I'm living like an animale!
Maddie: Mrs Capecchi, the "animale" here is certainly you... and if we discover that you actually did murder Seamus, you'll be caged for good!

Examine Victim's Gun.
Maddie: <Name>, let us examine the sample of that black substance you obtained from Seamus' gun post-haste!

Examine Dark Substance.
Maddie: <Name>, your analysis shows that the black substance you sampled from Seamus' gun is train grease. The kind used to lubricate the mechanical parts of a locomotive.
Maddie: Locomotive? The only person I can imagine that would have come in contact with such a thing would be Erica... But why would she have handled Seamus' gun?
Maddie: Great memory, <Name>! Dick did mention Seamus had a slight bullet wound on his arm.
Maddie: Could Erica have shot at him? We must go speak to her immediately!

Ask Erica if she shot at the victim.
Maddie: Miss Dupri, how exactly did you end up handling the victim's gun? Did you shoot at him?
Erica (sweating): I... uh...
Erica: <Rank> <Name>, that man was going to kill us all with a bomb! He had to be stopped!
Erica: I was on my way to buy some chewing gum when I saw him handling what looked like a bomb.
Erica: I got closer, but the man saw me approaching and pulled out his gun! He yelled at me to go away, but I stood my ground!
Maddie: <Name>, Seamus must've been trying to disarm the bomb!
Erica: Was he? Oh no!
Erica: I thought that man was going to blow up the station, <Rank> <Name>... so I fought him! What else was I supposed to do?
Erica: I wrangled away the gun and shot him in the arm! But then I saw the bomb clock ticking away, so I had no choice but to drop it and run out of the station!
Maddie: Miss Dupri, your intentions were noble, but if you doubled-back to finish the job on Mr O'Neill in order to get him to stop, your train's final destination will be prison!

Examine Clock Parts.
Maddie: <Name>, great work finding that chewing gum tin inside the crate!
Maddie: We know the killer chews gum... this could be theirs! We should send this tin to Viola to be sure!

Analyze Chewing Gum Tin.
Viola: One moment, <Name>...
(Viola blow a bubble with her gum.)
Viola: ......
Viola: My apologies, <Name>! I just couldn't help myself! I've seen so many people chewing gum, I just has to give it a try! The bubbles are my favorite part!
Maddie: It is quite entertaining, Viola... but we're in a bit of a hurry. Were you able to obtain any information regarding the chewing gum tin we found in the crate?
Viola: Indeed I was! Regarding the gum tin... there were miniscule spots of blood in it which tested positive for the victim.
Maddie: So this gum tin was our killer's!
Viola: It would appear so. I also found a faint trace of some sort of dried liquid on the tin lid.
Viola: I tested the liquid and it turns out it's a combination of fermented mashed grains... also known as whiskey!
Maddie: Our killer drinks whiskey! <Name>, I suppose that means we're looking for someone who enjoys their murder... on the rocks!

Examine Photo.
Maddie: <Name>, port authority immigration records have the man in the photo documented as one Colum O'Callaghan. He recently arrived in Concordia from Ireland.
Maddie: From the looks of this photo, this Colum person was well acquainted with Seamus. I wonder if he came here looking for his old friend...
Maddie: We should go speak with Mr O'Callaghan... and knowing he's Irish, perhaps we can find him at one of the pubs in town.

Ask Colum O'Callaghan about his friendship with the victim.
Maddie (presenting her badge): Excuse me, Mr O'Callaghan? We're with the Concordia Flying Squad. We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Colum: The Flying Squad, you say? That sure does sound fancy! What can I help ya with?
Maddie: We're investigating the murder of Seamus O'Neill. We found a photo of the two of you together. We presume you were friends.
Colum: Go way outta that?! Seamus is dead?! That be a right shame!
Maddie: Had you any contact with Seamus since your arrival in Concordia?
Colum: I hadn't had the chance to see him yet. I was going to surprise him, but I got distracted on me way from the docks.
Colum: The women there sprayed me with some cologne water called Eternal Youth and I was trying to find a place to wash it off! I couldn't very well see Seamus smelling like a lass.
Colum: Oh, and to think, now I'll never see Seamus again! We'll never accomplish our potato farm dreams!

Back aboard the airship...
Maddie: <Name>, the citizens of Concordia have the good fortune of knowing that Franca's diabolical bomb plan was thwarted...
Maddie: However, Seamus O'Neill will be resting in peace forever, being that he was brutally murdered right next to it!
Maddie: But with so many potential suspects, it'll be a challenge finding the person who decided to silence Seamus once and for all.
Maddie: Franca's callous invitation to kill both Seamus and Giulietta is highly menacing... and keeps her at the top of the suspect list. But did she do it?
Maddie: As for Erica, she shot Seamus' arm because she thought he was planting the bomb. Could she have gone too far and killed him?
Giulietta (aiming her gun): Nobody move! I've got a gun!
Maddie: Giulietta?! What are you... put down your weapon!
Giulietta: Only if you get me my mother... NOW!

Chapter 3

Maddie O'Malley: <Name>, the citizens of Concordia can rest well knowing that Franca's diabolical bomb plan was thwarted...
Maddie: However, Seamus O'Neill will be resting in peace forever, being that he was brutally murdered right next to it!
Maddie: But with so many potential suspects, we're still not sure who could've done it!
Giulietta (aiming her gun): Nobody move! <Rank> <Name>, don't try anything funny!
Maddie: Giulietta?!
Maddie (aiming her gun): Put down your weapon!
Giulietta: Only if you get me my mother... NOW!
Maddie: Why would you want to help your mother get out of jail? She tried to kill you!
Giulietta: I don't want to help her escape! I want to kill her!
Giulietta (crying): She killed the man I love... She deserves to die as well! So please get out of my way, <Rank> <Name>!
Maddie: Giulietta, you don't want to do this! Harming your mother will not bring Seamus back. You'll just gain yourself a place in prison for the rest of your life. So please, put down your weapon!
Giulietta: No! If you won't lead me to her, I'll just find another way!
Giulietta: Don't try to follow me, <Rank> <Name>!
(Giulietta leaves.)
Maddie: Giulietta! Come back here!
Maddie: <Name>, how dare Giulietta come here and threaten us?! We cannot simply let this go! She's a danger to herself and others!
Maddie: I agree, I bet you she did go back to her old house and we must go after her at once!

Investigate Porch.
Maddie: <Name>, Giulietta cannot be far! That Romeo and Juliet book in your hand is a clear indication that she was here!
Maddie: Why don't you crack that lock so we can see what's inside?
Maddie: And that potato sack must belong to Colum. Being that he's a suspect, we'd better have a look through it!
Maddie: That's a map of Crimson Banks... and Seamus' name is written on it! Was this his or did someone leave it for him?
Maddie: There are annotations on the map, but they're faded. I'll get your dusting kit!
Maddie: <Name>, there's still so much work to be done, so let us get to it!

Examine Locked Book.
Maddie: <Name>, this isn't a book... it's a box! Or more specifically, a fake book safe where someone can hide that which they don't want found.
Maddie: Much like this small vial of liquid Giulietta hid in this box. I wonder what it could be?
Maddie: Perhaps if we discover what this liquid is, it'll lead us to her. Let us send it to Viola promptly!

Analyze Vial of Yellow Liquid.
Viola: <Name>, are you familiar with the plot of Shakespeare's tragic love story Romeo and Juliet?
Maddie: Of course. Such a sad story of forbidden love... just like Seamus and Giulietta!
Viola: Well, as you know, poison became a very crucial element at the end of the story, both with Juliet feigning death and Romeo actually dying through the ingestion of poison.
Maddie: Wait, does this have something to do with the vial we found inside Giulietta's copy of Romeo and Juliet?
Viola: I'm afraid so. The liquid in the vial is actually poison. Golden Dart Frog poison to be exact.
Maddie: Giulietta had poison with her?! This cannot be good! <Name>, we need to find her, now!
Evie: <Name>, pardon my intrusion, but Giulietta's returned! She'd like to surrender herself!

Confront Giulietta.
Maddie: Giulietta, we're happy to see you've come to your senses.
Giulietta (crying): It's alllll over, <Rank> <Name>! I've got nothing anymore...
Maddie: Giulietta... that's not true! That's just the grief talking!
Giulietta: Se-se-seamus was right... I should have listened to him...
Giulietta: He wanted to kill my mother... said it was the only way we could live in peace...
Giulietta: But I said noooo... you can't kill her, I loooove her... she's my momma...
Giulietta (crying): I should have let him, <Rank> <Name>! He'd still be alive!
Maddie: Giulietta, if Seamus had killed your mother, he'd be in jail and you still wouldn't have been together!
Giulietta (holding a bottle of whiskey): So that's it then? I'll die looonely and heartbroken with only this... this... bottle of whiskey that I stole from my mother.
Giulietta: I don't even have any gum left... it's all so sad!
Maddie: Giulietta, you're a danger to yourself and others, so for your sake, we're going to take you into custody.

Examine Faded Map.
Maddie: <Name>, so this map of Crimson Banks belongs to Adrienna!
Maddie: What did she mean by: "Seamus, now am I worthy enough?" There's an arrow pointing to what appears to be the Capecchi's old house... the very house we're at!
Maddie: I agree, the only person who can answer this question is Adrienna herself! We must speak to her straightaway!

Question Adrienna about her message to Seamus.
Adrienna: Lovely to see you again, <Rank> <Name>... Just give me one moment...
(Adrienna applies some Eternal Youth Cologne.)
Adrienna: ......
Adrienna: There... now I'm presentable. A little cologne always hits the spot. So, what can I help you with?
Maddie: Miss Brassiere, we found the map of Crimson Banks you left Seamus, the one where you were inquiring about your "worth." What exactly did you mean by that?
Adrienna: Oh... that.
Adrienna: I'd done everything possible to prove my worth to the Irish, including putting myself in danger with Vittorio, but for Seamus it wasn't enough!
Adrienna: Despite all the whiskey we threw back together and all the hard-earned secret information I shared, Seamus told me I just couldn't be trusted!
Adrienna: So, I wanted to prove to him that my work with the Irish was indispensable! I found out where Franca was hiding... and laid it out for him on a silver platter!
Maddie: And was that enough for Seamus?
Adrienna: Of course not! Nothing would satisfy that man!
Adrienna: Anyway, life goes on! And I have a "rendezvous" in a few minutes. Would you happen to have any gum, <Rank> <Name>? Fresh breath is the cornerstone of my business.
Maddie: Miss Brassiere, life may go on for you, but it's certainly over for Seamus... and if you were the one to end it, the only cornerstone you'll have will be that of your prison cell!

Examine Potato Sack.
Maddie: <Name>, that newspaper article is about the potato famine in Ireland. Fitting considering where we found it...
Maddie: But look at the quote in the article: "It's all Seamus' fault!"
Maddie: You're right, the man in the picture is Colum, Seamus' old friend from home! He's looking rather glum...
Maddie: It seems as if Colum really came to Concordia to seek revenge on Seamus! Let's go speak to him!

Ask Colum about the newspaper article.
Maddie: Mr O'Callaghan, you failed to tell us about your falling out with Seamus!
Colum (sweating): Well I'll be darned!
Colum: Seamus and I had plans! We were goin' to build the largest potato farm Ireland had ever seen! But he turned his back on me!
Colum: Seamus came here to Concordia to make money to bring back home, but when he got here, he forgot about us! Never came back! Never sent money! I lost me entire crop of potatoes because of him!
Maddie: And so you came here seeking retribution for your loss?
Colum: I came here for answers! We were friends, Seamus and I, but he turned his back on me and the plight of the Irish... all for a gang in this barbaric city!
Maddie: Mr O'Callaghan, we hope that the answer you were looking for wasn't Seamus' death, or your next potato plight will be in prison!

Later, aboard the airship...
Maddie: <Name>, there's much happening at the moment, so let us try to unpack it all, shall we?
Maddie: The Irish gang has been left leaderless now that Seamus O'Neill has been murdered!
Maddie: With the fact that Seamus killed Vittorio, our lead suspect is obviously Franca... But we cannot discount all the other suspects who have shown their motive for wanting Seamus dead as well!
Maddie: However, we did learn that Franca had invited Seamus and Giulietta to a parlay under the pretense of calling a truce... when she really just wanted to kill them both! This keeps her at the top of the list!
Maddie: With so much going on, it's hard to make heads or tails of it all, but I agree <Name>! Given the circumstances, the best place to look for the missing answers is the train station. Let us return there at once!

Investigate Station Benches.
Maddie: <Name>, that standing ashtray is stained with blood!
Maddie: Knowing that Seamus died due to a blow on the head, this could be our murder weapon! We must obtain a sample immediately!
Maddie: And that empty flask would seem harmless, except for the fact that we know our killer drinks whiskey! This could belong to them!
Maddie: It's covered in some sort of powder. Let us collect a sampling of it... quickly!

Examine Standing Ashtray.
Maddie: <Name>, no time to dawdle! Let us send that sample of bloody fibers you collected from the ashtray to Viola!

Analyze Bloody Fibers.
Viola: <Name>, time is ticking so I shall go full steam ahead with your analysis!
Viola: The blood on the ashtray is a match for Seamus', which means the ashtray is indeed your murder weapon!
Maddie: Quite clever leaving it in plain sight... no one would think twice about looking at such a thing in a train station.
Viola: Indeed! Secondly, the fibers were actually yellow threads.
Maddie: Yellow threads? Seamus wasn't wearing any yellow apparel so these must be the killer's!
Maddie: Which means our killer's donning the color yellow! <Name>, that will make them easy to spot in a crowd!

Examine Flask.
Maddie: <Name>, now that we have a specimen from the powder on the flask, we must get it to Viola this instant!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
Viola: <Name>, did I ever tell you about the time I decided to become a florist?
Viola: It was when I was younger. I quite enjoyed it. I do wish I had continued studying flowers, then I could be of more help now.
Maddie: That is a lovely story, but how does that relate to our investigation?
Viola: It relates because the powder you collected from the killer's flask is pollen!
Viola: I couldn't tell you the precise species, but I can tell you that in order for that amount of pollen to have found its way onto the flask, the killer must be wearing a flower on their person.
Maddie: So our killer wears a flower! And nothing could be sweeter than arresting our blossom-adorned killer!

After completing all the tasks...
Maddie: <Name>, although the clock on Franca's bomb never went off, time is certainly up for the person who murdered Seamus O'Neill... Let's go arrest them!

Take care of the killer now!
Maddie: Adrienna Brassiere, you're under arrest for the murder of Seamus O'Neill!
Adrienna: Seamus' murder?! <Rank> <Name>, you can't be serious! He was our leader!
Maddie: You mean, the leader whose handkerchief you so unabashedly used to wipe your hands clean of his blood? You left traces of your cologne water on it!
Adrienna: So I like cologne water. It keeps me smelling nice during long workdays. Is that a crime?
Maddie: No, but bashing Seamus' head in with an ashtray is! We found fibers from your yellow dress on it!
Adrienna: Hundred of people pass through that train station on a daily basis. You can't prove those fibers came from my dress!
Maddie: Perhaps, but our scientists can easily prove the gum you left in Seamus' hair was chewed by you... Shall we ask them to?
Adrienna (sweating): <Rank> <Name>... I... uh....
Adrienna: I suppose there's no use lying anymore... I did kill Seamus! But he had it coming!
Maddie: I thought you said Seamus was someone you admired, someone you wanted to prove your worth to. Why murder him?
Adrienna: Because he betrayed us! He was conspiring with Giulietta Capecchi! The daughter of our mortal enemy!
Adrienna: Seamus thought I didn't know, but he overlooked how resourceful I am! While I was spying on Franca, I discovered an even greater secret... Seamus was having an affair with Giulietta!
Adrienna: After everything the gang's gone through and all the people who've died... Seamus just went and threw everything out the window... for a petticoat!
Maddie: Seamus and Giulietta were trying to stop the gang wars and prevent more deaths!
Adrienna: It was too late to stop it all! The Irish deserved to take the Italians down! I didn't risk my life for nothing!
Maddie: No, Miss Brassiere, you risked your life for prison because now you're under arrest for the murder of Seamus O'Neill!

Judge Lawson: Adrienna Brassiere, you are charged with the murder of Seamus O'Neill. How do you plead?
Adrienna: Guilty, Your Honor! Seamus betrayed the cause!
Adrienna: He was conspiring with the Italians to end the gang wars... And we've shed far too much blood to let it all go without a fight!
Judge Lawson: Murdering Mr O'Neill in cold blood in order to maintain your illegal stronghold on this city is not how the system works!
Judge Lawson: The gangs have been overlooked for too long! At first, you all kept to yourselves... but then you took it to streets! You embroiled civilians, costing many innocent people their lives!
Judge Lawson: Then the gangs killed a prominent member of the police force! This is unacceptable!
Judge Lawson: This isn't the city I want to live in! And it's high time someone took a stand against the dregs of Concordia like yourself! In an effort to continue to set an example for you all, I sentence you to life in prison without parole!
Adrienna: Life in prison?! But all I did was kill one man!

In the Chief's office...
Chief Wright: Congratulations, <Rank> <Name>! You've done fine work. It's been tough, but you've pulled through!
Maddie: Adrienna probably never thought she'd spend the rest of her life in prison when she decided killing Seamus was the best thing to do.
Maddie: This entire ordeal has been such a tragic waste of human life. The gangs, Vittorio, Seamus...
Maddie (sweating): And it would have been even worse if we hadn't stopped Franca from detonating that bomb!
Maddie: But it seems things are finally settling down. Adrienna is behind bars, as is Franca, and both gang leaders are now dead.
Maddie: And while we had to release Giulietta once she sobered up, I doubt she'll ever want anything to do with the gangs again.
Chief Wright: Yes, the Mayor is quite pleased. He'll be inviting you to a celebratory luncheon soon.
Chief Wright: Until then, let us make certain there are no loose ends! I'm counting on you, <Name>!

A Plague on Both Your Houses (6/6)

Aboard the airship...
Isaac Bontemps: Congratulations, <Name>! I heard about your investigation, that is pretty impressive!
Isaac: With both the Irish and Italian gangs leaderless and Franca and Adrienna behind bars, this sordid chapter in Concordia's history will hopefully be closed for good.
Maddie: One can never be too certain. We've had surprises before.
Maddie: And because of that, I believe we should have a word with Adrienna to see if the Irish have any final tracks up their sleeve.
Maddie: Of course, there is also Giulietta... with everything that's happened, she's been left all alone without any family... or Seamus.
Maddie: She was so distraught the last time we saw her... I'm worried for her safety, <Name>.
Maddie: I'd really like to check on Giulietta to se how she's faring. We could perhaps find her at the train station since that's where Seamus died.
Isaac: <Name>, allow me to be of service. I'll go with you to interrogate Miss Brassiere and then you could rejoin Madeline to search the train station for Giulietta!

Investigate Concordia Station.
Maddie: <Name>, that looks like Giulietta's handbag. She must've been here recently! Let us search through it to see if we can find any indication of her plans!

Examine Giulietta's Bag.
Maddie: Crikey, <Name>! You found a bloody pocketknife in Giulietta's bag!
Maddie: We know she's upset and confused, but would she go to the lengths of injuring herself? Or worse, someone else?
Maddie: We must send this bloody knife to Viola quickly! Someone's life may depend on it!

Analyze Bloody Knife.
Viola: <Name>, I have the results of the analysis on Giulietta's knife... and you won't like them.
Maddie: What is it, Viola?
Viola: The blood on that knife is in fact Giulietta's!
Viola: I'm concerned she may have tried to take her own life. We do know how the story of Romeo and Juliet ended...
Maddie: Oh no, <Name>! It's just as we feared!
Maddie: We must find Giulietta before it's too late! But where could she be?
Maddie: I agree! Being that we found her handbag at the train station, perhaps Erica Dupri might have seen her around. Let us go speak with her post-haste!

Ask Erica if she's seen Giulietta.
Maddie: Miss Dupri, we're looking for a young woman who recently came through the station. She has brown hair, green eyes and is wearing a yellow dress.
Erica: I did see a woman by that description just recently... but she was covered in blood!
Erica: I tried to help her, but she just walked right past me.
Maddie: So she's injured but still alive! Did you see where she was going?
Erica: I think she went outside. She was behaving very bizarrely, kept muttering something about "ending it all where it began."
Maddie: Where it all began? <Name>, that must be her old house! We must go there immediately!
Erica: <Rank> <Name>, if you don't mind me saying, you don't look so good yourself! Perhaps you should have something to eat on your way out?

Investigate Porch.
Maddie: <Name>, I can't see Giulietta anywhere... But this jewelry box is covered in blood. Perhaps we should open it!

Examine Locked Box.
Maddie (holding a music box): <Name>, this is a jewelry box... and it plays music, too!
Maddie: You're right, there's an engraving on it: "Always follow your dreams."
Maddie: I wonder who gave this to-
Giulietta (sporting bandages): That music box was a gift from my father. Isn't it beautiful, <Rank> <Name>?
Maddie: Giulietta... you're alive! We were so worried about you!
Maddie: Oh dear, you're all bloody. Why don't you take a seat and let us take care of you. We'll have a little chat while we're at it.

Make sure Giulietta's okay.
Maddie: Giulietta, what were you thinking? I know these past few months have been extremely difficult, but taking one's life is never the answer.
Giulietta (choking up): I didn't know what else to do. The pain was just too much, <Name>...
Giulietta: As I stood there where Seamus had been murdered, it was the only thing that made sense.
Giulietta: But then I remembered my music box... and all the dreams I had when I was a little girl...
Maddie: So that's why you came back here... for the music box.
Giulietta: I needed to be reminded that there was more to life than pain and struggle. That there was beauty still left to be discovered... and that I could start a new life.
Giulietta: Seamus would want it that way.
Maddie: I'm glad you have decided to get a fresh start. We wish you all the best, Giulietta.
Giulietta: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>. It's time for me to move on, to explore new places. I think I'll leave Concordia for a while. But I do hope to see you again some day!

Ask Adrienna about the Irish gang's plans.
(Adrienna is now wearing her prison uniform.)
Adrienna: Great, <Name>... as if destroying the gang and putting me in prison wasn't enough, now you need to gloat, as well?
Isaac: Actually, we're here because we'd like to make certain that your Irish associates don't have anything else planned.
Adrienna: You don't really expect me to talk, <Rank> <Name>? I ain't no blower, so don't think I'll be sharing any details with the coppers.
Isaac: May I remind you that you've been given life in prison. You've nowhere to go from here, so cooperating with us might be the most excitement you'll get in a very long time.
Adrienna: ......
Adrienna: Well, what do you think's happening? With Mad Dog in jail and Seamus dead... the gang's in shambles. Not to mention, there's not a single one in the lot that could lead us anyway! All idiots!
Adrienna: The Irish gang is done... but if I were you, I'd be looking into the Italians.
Isaac: Really? Why is that?
Adrienna: While I was spying on Franca, I saw her go to their old house numerous times... I think she was hiding something there!
Isaac: Very well, we shall investigate your claim and search the house, but you had better not be wasting <Rank> <Name>'s valuable time!
Adrienna: Oh, <Name>, assuming I ain't never getting out of here, take this. I won't be needing it anymore!

Investigate Burned House.
Isaac: <Name>, that black notebook has Vittorio's monogram on it! This must be what Franca hid!
Isaac: Let's have a look inside... Botheration! Those notes are faded. However... is that the name Rochester I see written in here?
Isaac: Are these the same Rochesters as the illustrious Concordian family we've already encountered previously? What would Vittorio want with them?
Isaac: <Name>, we need to see what an Italian gangster would want with such a prestigious family. Allow me to retrieve your dusting kit!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Isaac: <Name>, the notes you've uncovered from Vittorio's book seem like some sort of agenda.
Isaac: These scribblings read: "Inform Rochester, confirm with Rochester, get paid by Rochester"... What in the devil is this all about?!
Isaac: You're right, let's hope Miss Holloway can shed some light on these annotations!

Analyze Notes.
Evie: <Name>, I've got good news about Vittorio's notebook! While I couldn't figure out exactly which Rochester Vittorio was meeting with, I do know what they met about!
Evie: All the meeting points were places around Coyote Gorge, including the Galls farm, which got me thinking about all the lands Vittorio had sold to the railroad company...
Isaac: You mean the lands he forged the deeds to after unlawfully evicting hard-working farmers from their homes!
Evie: Exactly. Well, guess who is the main shareholder of the company which bought those lands? It's the Rochester family!
Isaac: Are you implying Vittorio met with the Rochesters to talk about his illegal land-selling scheme? We were told the company had no idea the deeds to those lands had been forged!
Evie: Well, maybe the company itself didn't, but some Rochester clearly did. The notes in the book show they knew exactly how Vittorio was obtaining those lands!
Isaac: I cannot believe someone in the Rochester family would associate themselves with criminals! We need to figure out exactly which Rochester we're talking about, I agree!
Isaac: <Name>, I'm not holding much hope, but I agree, maybe Franca would be willing to tell us more!

Ask Franca about Vittorio's connection to the Rochesters.
Isaac: Mrs Capecchi, we need to have a word with you regarding your husband's dealings with the Rochester family.
Franca: Rochester family? I don't know what you're talking about, <Rank> <Name>...
Isaac: Likely story. We know your husband's notebook where he listed all his meetings, including those with the Rochesters, no doubt to hand over the deeds to the Coyote Gorge lands.
Isaac: We would like to know which Rochester fell from the grace of their name!
Franca: Which Rochester, <Rank> <Name>? Ha! That entire family is rotten! Rich people can't be trusted. Don't you know that by now?
Isaac: These are grave accusations you're making. You're also not answering our question: which member of the Rochester family did your husband talk to?
Franca: Maledizione! I know better than to tell you anything... Being in prison is still better than being dead!
Franca: Take my word for it, <Rank> <Name>... The Rochesters are a force to be reckoned with!
Isaac: We will not take advice from a criminal, thank you. And by the way, you'll now be informed that your assets are being confiscated. Everything you own now belongs to the City of Concordia!

Back aboard the airship...
Maddie: <Name>, I'm glad Giulietta has decided to move on past Seamus' death and is ready to start her life over. Hopefully, she'll have a happier one this time around...
Isaac: It's no easy feat to overcome the odds that were placed against that young lady, but she's rising above them.
Chief Wright: And now with Mad Dog Flanagan incarcerated, and Seamus O'Neill and Vittorio Capecchi dead and buried, the chapter on gang wars in Crimson Banks is officially closed!
Chief Wright: Now you can move forward in your duties of protecting the people of Concordia!
Isaac: And we can begin by investigating the Rochester family and their connection to the Italians!
Isaac: The Rochesters are the major shareholders of the railroad company, and it turns out someone among them knew all along how the lands had been acquired!
Chief Wright: Now let's not be hasty! The Rochesters are a very established and noble family. Clearly, whoever conspired with Vittorio is just a rotten fruit.
Isaac: Rotten or not, we ought to look into the Rochesters, Chief!
Chief Wright: Very well. Then I shall ask for our new assignment to be over on Wolf Street. The Rochesters are, of course, major players in the finance district of Concordia.
Maddie: Great! We shall go to Wolf Street and figure out which Rochester made a deal with Vittorio!
Maddie: Until then, though... I think we deserve to celebrate, don't you, <Name>?
Maddie: If only we could have a proper drink. I'd love a cocktail right about now.
Chief Wright: Oh, did I forget to tell you? Prohibition's been lifted!
Chief Wright: With the rise of liquor-related activities and the loss of revenue for the city, the Mayor thought it best to reinstate the sale and consumption of alcohol.
Maddie: That's the best news I've heard all day, Chief!
Maddie (holding a glass of champagne): And <Rank> <Name>, I've got just the thing to start us off! Everyone... drinks are on me!

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