Dr. Howard Haggard was a suspect in the murder investigation of archaeologist Burt Montana in Temple of Doom (Case #40 of Pacific Bay).


Howard is an 81-year-old history professor with blue eyes, messy gray hair, gray mustache, and gray beard. He is seen wearing a white shirt underneath a brown polka-dotted bow tie and a tan jacket, and he is often seen carrying a bunch of ancient scrolls. It is known that Howard eats red chili peppers and knows Aztec and astronomy.

Height 5'7"
Age 81
Weight 200 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Howard found himself in trouble after Amy and the player found an Aztec statue with a note. The note had the following message, "If I'm dead, ask that damn professor!" written on it. Digital intervention, courtesy of Hannah, was required before Howard was sent for questioning for the first time, but not without notating about a feud Dr. Haggard had with Burt prior to the interrogation.

All Howard wanted was to keep the Aztec statue out of Burt's reach, but Amy told the professor that the player found the Aztec statue in the temple. Before Amy informed Howard that the statue would be held as evidence, Howard stated that the statue was a sign of an apocalypse, much to Amy's disbelief. Knowing Aztec, Howard believed that anyone tampering the statue will bring upon the Earth an apocalypse. In spite of Burt's beliefs of the Aztec statue being valuable treasure that was meant to be left in the Aztec temple. Amy was not willing to accept what Howard said.

Howard would be interrogated a second time after Amy and the player found sticks of dynamite intended to blow up the Aztec temple, in which the player could not help but notice hair on the dynamite sticks. Yann had to go through the trouble of confirming the hairs to be Howard's before Amy and the player interrogated the mad professor a second time. Post this interrogation, Amy was unsure as to why a professor would detonate an ancient temple.

Amy thought Dr. Haggard was crazy for attempting to blow up an ancient temple but he had to use dynamite to stop Burt from retrieving the Aztec statue. Burt retaliated by threatening to revoke his PhD from his credentials if he did not stop following the archaeologist, but in spite of Howard being a strong suspect, he was found innocent.

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