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San Francisco, USA...
Gwen Harper: <Name>, we're in San Francisco, the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, hipsters, hills...
Gwen: ... And the Dawn of Night flower - the final ingredient of a power-hungry vampire's elixir of invincibility!
Gwen: Any vamp who drinks this potion will be immune to sunlight, decapitation and the stake! They'll be practically impossible to kill!
Chief Arrow: We still don't know which vampire wants invincibility. But it's clear we can't let them get their hands on this flower!
Chief Arrow: The species is native to the forests around San Francisco. It's due to bloom later today. We've gotta grab it before the vamp does!
Gwen: Hmm, what shall we do while we wait for the flower to bloom, <Name>? Some sightseeing?
Hope: Actually, we've just received a call from a guard at the Alcatraz Museum, <Name>!
Hope: He says he found a dead werewolf lying on the pier!
Gwen: A dead werewolf? On Alcatraz Island, where the famous prison used to be? What were they doing there?
Chief Arrow: That's for you and <Name> to investigate, Gwen! Grab the next ferry to Alcatraz and go check out this dead wolf!

Chapter 1

Investigate Alcatraz Island.
Gwen Harper: Hairy face, check. Canine teeth and claws, check. <Name>, that's a dead werewolf, alright!
Gwen: And look at the multiple shot wounds on his chest... he's been murdered!
Gwen: Werewolves can only be killed using silver, so the perp must've used silver bullets to shoot-
Reggie: Are you the... hunters? I... I called about this dead, erm... werewolf...
Gwen: You did right, sir. Did you know the victim?
Reggie: Yeah, it's Danny Kwame! He always comes here on full moon nights when they... you know... transform!
Gwen: Alright, Sir, <Name> will take it from here, but we'll need to ask you a few questions shortly.
(Reggie leaves.)
Gwen: I see you also found this ferry ticket, <Name>. The blood on it's gotta be the victim's! Taking a sample of that pink powder might provide us with a lead!
Gwen: Right, we've only got till the Dawn of Night flower blooms to solve this werewolf's murder. So let's get investigating!

Ask Reggie Pratt about the victim.
Gwen: So, Reggie, ready to answer some questions about the murder you called in?
Reggie: I guess! You know, one of my ancestors may have been a brave Roman centurion, but I'm just a museum guard! I ain't used to seeing dead bodies!
Gwen: But it looks like it wasn't your first encounter with a werewolf?
Reggie: No sirree! Danny and I went to junior high together. I was the chubby kid everyone teased, but he was always kind to me!
Reggie: When the poor dude got bit, I let him and his pack lock themselves up every full moon in an abandoned wing of old Alcatraz that ain't open to museum visitors...
Reggie: That way, they couldn't go around hurting nobody with their wolfy teeth and claws!
Gwen: So that's why Danny was here last night - to hide away during his transformation!
Gwen: Reggie, you'd better lead us to the abandoned prison wing where Danny used to lock himself up!

Investigate Abandoned Prison Wing.
Gwen: Gosh, <Name>, what a mess! Werewolves have definitely been wreaking havoc here!
Gwen: One of them must've torn up this cardboard. Let's tape it back together!
Gwen: And look, our victim's initials are on this bag! We'd better rifle through it for clues!

Examine Victim's Satchel.
Gwen: There was a sandwich in Danny's bag, <Name>...
Gwen: ... And judging from the faded note stuck on it, someone prepared it for him. Let's recover the message!

Examine Sticky Note.
Gwen: <Name>, the note on the sandwich says "Ham and cheddar - your favorite! Love, your Mama."
Gwen: Seems our victim's mom was still making him packed lunches! Hope she's a better cook than mine!
Gwen: But more seriously, we should talk to her!
Gwen: We'll have to pretend to be news reporters when we speak to the lady, <Name>. And she probably doesn't know her son's a werewolf, so best not mention it!

Speak to Serena Kwame about the victim.
Gwen: Mrs Kwame? We're reporters from the... um... San Francisco Chronicle-
Serena: If you are here to beg for donations for your little rag, you have come to the wrong place! I am not a charity!
Gwen: Er, no. We were actually hoping for an interview... I'm sorry to tell you that your son was found murdered this morning.
Serena: My Danny? Murdered? No, it cannot be!
Gwen: I'm afraid it's true. We know this must be a hard time, but-
Serena: I have nothing to say to reporters right now! Oh, I knew I should've stopped him for going to his poker nights every full moon!
Serena: I told my Danny he was hanging out with a bad crowd, and that it would kill him one day!
Serena (crying): Oh, why didn't he just listen to his mama and stay home every evening!

Examine Torn Cardboard.
Gwen: <Name>, this is a lunar calendar! Of course, knowing the dates of the full moon must be important to werewolves.
Gwen: There are two names scrawled on the calendar - one's our victim, and the other's "Zander."
Gwen: That museum guard mentioned that Danny had a pack, so this Zander guy's probably another werewolf! We need a word with him, <Name>!

Ask Zander Stark what happened last night.
Gwen: Excuse me, Zander? I'm Gwen Harper, and-
Zander: Harper? So you're from that supernatural hunter family! Have you come to gloat about your kill this morning?
Gwen: No, we're actually here to-
Zander: Danny and I were the only two wolves left in San Francisco after the rest of our pack was slaughtered by the likes of you!
Zander: What did he do to deserve to be murdered like a dog?
Gwen: Look, Zander, I know you're upset about Danny. But we didn't kill him! In fact, we're trying to find out who did!
Gwen: I take it you'd locked yourself in Alcatraz with Danny last night?
Zander: Yep, though if you're asking me what I remember, then I've got nothing to tell you. We wolves have no memory of what happens during the full moon.
Zander: In fact, the only good thing about being a werewolf is that I stop being allergic to fur when I'm transformed!
Gwen: Oh, that's ironic - a werewolf being allergic to fur!
Gwen: Sorry, Zander, this isn't the time for jokes. What about Danny's death - did you see anything?
Zander: All I saw was his bullet-riddled body on the pier when I left the old prison wing at dawn. And I ran straight off cause I was scared I'd be next!

Examine Bloodstained Ticket.
Gwen: Let's get this pink powder from the bloody ticket to the lab, <Name>!
Gwen: Except... Priya's a werewolf too!
Gwen: Which means she's only just re-emerged from last night's transformation herself. It always leaves her feeling down in the dumps.
Gwen: And the fact that our victim's a dead werewolf won't help matters. Let's hope she can still cope with analyzing this powder, <Name>!

Analyze Pink Powder.
Priya: <Name>, apologies in advance for my moroseness. I'm still recovering from my monthly forced incarceration during last night's full moon...
Priya: ... And emerging to find a dead werewolf on Ben's autopsy table is the final nail in the coffin!
Gwen: Oh, Priya, this investigation's gotta bring up a bunch of conflicting emotions for you!
Priya: The fact is, I've dreaded meeting another living werewolf ever since one attacked and turned me. But seeing one dead is traumatic too!
Gwen: Priya, if you don't think you're up to working on this case-
Priya: No, no - work is a good distraction! Which leads me to the pink powder left on the bloodstained ferry ticket...
Priya: The sample turned out to be a crushed sleeping pill.
Priya: Since there was no trace of this medication in the victim, it has to have come from your insomnia-suffering killer!
Gwen: So our killer has trouble sleeping, <Name>. Well, we'll be staying up night and day till we catch them!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Ben (singing): I left my heart in San Francisco... High on a hill, it calls to meee...
Gwen: Sorry to interrupt your karaoke session, Ben!
Ben: Oh, hee hee! I was just practicing a song to cheer Priya up with! She's always mopey after being locked up during her full moon transformation!
Gwen: Yeah, and the fact that we have a werewolf victim won't help matters!
Ben: Indeed... Anyway, as you've probably already guessed, Danny Kwame died from multiple silver bullet wounds to the heart and upper chest!
Gwen: Yeah, werewolves can only be killed using a silver weapon! Everyone knows that!
Ben: Correct, Gwen! But, what most people don't know is that adding wolfsbane into the mix makes it even more certain that the werewolf will die!
Gwen: Wolfsbane - you mean the purple flower that's poisonous to werewolves?
Ben: Exactly! And your werewolf-slayer knew this too, because they'd dipped their silver bullets in wolfsbane before shooting the victim!
Ben: This means your killer's well-versed in werewolf knowledge and lore!
Gwen: Well, <Name>, the killer's knowledge of werewolves sure won't help them escape our clutches!

Back in the prison wing...
Gwen: <Name>, I was hoping to do some San Francisco sightseeing while waiting for the Dawn of Night flower to bloom...
Gwen: ... But we've got our hands full investigating the murder of a werewolf!
Gwen: Danny Kwame was shot multiple times with silver bullets on the pier at Alcatraz, a former prison.
Gwen: The murder was called in by a sympathetic security guard, who let Danny and his pack lock themselves up in this abandoned prison wing on full moon nights.
Gwen: I'm not surprised that Zander, the other werewolf, had it in for me... seeing he knows I come from a family of hunters!
Gwen: We also met Danny's mom, who doesn't seem to have a clue that her son's a werewolf!
Gwen: It didn't look like our vic-
Gwen: Um, <Name>, the door... it just slammed shut!
Gwen: That was our only way out of this creepy prison! We're locked in!

Chapter 2

In Alcatraz...
Gwen Harper: <Name>, we're in San Francisco, investigating the murder of a werewolf...
Gwen: ... Which is why we find ourselves standing in the disused prison wing on Alcatraz, where Danny Kwame and the one surviving member of his werewolf pack locked themselves up every full moon!
Gwen: Danny was shot to death outside as he emerged, still in wolf form, after one of these moonlit nights.
Gwen: We still don't know who-
Gwen: Um, <Name>, did the door just slam shut? Are we locked in this prison?!
Gwen: HEEEEELP! Anybody! Get us out of here!
Zander: Well, well, well. Looks like the hunters have gone and got themselves trapped! Now that's ironic!
Gwen: Zander! Thank God. Can you let us out please!
Zander: Hmm, it's probably in my interest not to... But fine, I know you'll get out eventually.

Zander unlocks the door...
Gwen: Thanks a million, Zander! I know you don't trust us-
Zander: For good reason! Nowhere's safe for us wolves! There's even been hunters sniffing around our forest hideout-
Gwen: You have a hideout? In a forest? Did Danny spend time there?
Zander: He did. Darn it - I should have kept my big mouth shut!
Gwen: Well, your hideout may hold clues as to who killed Danny! <Name>, we'd better head straight there!

Investigate Werewolf Hideout.
Gwen: <Name>, someone drew a werewolf on this poster and wrote "Danny, I'm coming to get you, you mangy mongrel!"
Gwen: So, Zander was right - the werewolves' forest lair HAD been uncovered! And whoever made this poster was clearly on the hunt for our victim!
Gwen: Let's try to match the handwriting on the poster to something in our records!
Gwen (holding a mortar and pestle): As for this mortar and pestle - the goo in it totally looks and smells like wolfsbane!
Gwen: Ben told us that the killer had dipped their silver bullets in wolfsbane to be extra sure they'd be lethal...
Gwen: ... Which means this mortar and pestle must be our perp's! We should get a sample of the paste!
Gwen: And this torn cloth looks weirdly familiar. Let's stitch it back together, <Name>!

Examine Mortar and Pestle.
Gwen: Alright, <Name>, let's get the wolfsbane paste from the killer's mortar and pestle to Priya!
Gwen: Hang on... Priya's a werewolf, which means exposure to wolfsbane would be highly dangerous!
Gwen: Ben had better analyse the sample instead!

Analyze Wolfsbane Paste.
Ben: Hey <Name>, I tried to make Priya laugh with my terrible singing but it didn't work!
Gwen: Our investigation's really traumatized her, hasn't it? I'll go see if she's alright in a bit!
Ben: I'm sure your sunny nature will do wonders for her mood, Gwen!
Ben: Now, the wolfsbane paste you sent me from the killer's mortar and pestle - it ended up being rather culinary...
Ben: You see, mixed in with the wolfsbane were traces of raw beef, raw egg yolk, and capers...
Ben: ... In other words, all the essential ingredients of steak tartare, a delicious French delicacy! Your killer's clearly a fan!
Gwen (disgusted): A dish made of uncooked beef and egg? Our killer can keep their steak tartare - I'll stick to a good ol' American burger, thank you very much!
Gwen: Now, <Name>, how about we head back to Alcatraz and take another look around the disused prison wing. And let's try not to get locked up this time!

Investigate Prison Floor.
Gwen: <Name>, what's this envelope of cash doing here?
Gwen: There's some blurred writing on it - we should recover it!
Gwen: And you found our victim's phone? Nice one! Let's unlock it!

Examine Locked Phone.
Gwen: Nice passcode-cracking on Danny's phone, <Name>. Now let's get it to Hope!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hope: <Name>, would you kindly inform your partner that if she doesn't desist from playing mournful ballads in our bedroom, I shall snip off all her ginger locks!
Gwen: Come on, Hope - listening to sad songs is the only way I can get over Pierce! You'll understand if you ever fall in love one day!
Hope: Humph! I am far too pragmatic for emotions such as love, unlike yourself!
Gwen: Aaaaanyway, enough about... um... myself. How about the victim's phone we sent you? Was there anything on it relating to the murder?
Hope: Well, the majority of correspondence I found on the phone just confirmed how much everyone liked your victim...
Hope: ... That is, apart from one SMS message, which demanded that he "Stop this werewolf business!"
Hope: This message was sent to Danny from none other than his mother!
Gwen: Danny's mom was telling him to stop his "werewolf business?" Which means she knew he was a wolf and clearly didn't like it.
Gwen: <Name>, we need another conversation with Mrs Kwame!

Confront Serena Kwame about her angry text message to her son.
Serena: It's you newshounds again! Can't you leave me to mourn my son in peace ?
Gwen: This won't take long, Mrs Kwame. It's just that we found the message you sent your son telling him to stop his "werewolf business", and-
Serena: And what of it? All I wanted was for him to end this childish pretense of being a mythical creature!
Serena: Playing card games with his friends was one thing, but insisting that he was an actual werewolf was too much!
Serena: The night he came home with some silly book about werewolf lore to "prove" he was one, I snapped and nearly threw my steak tartare at him!
Serena: That text message was just me desperately trying to get my son to grow up! To leave the world of fantasy to children, and start behaving like a 33-year-old man!
Serena: But I doubt your readers are interested in any of this. And I must go and buy some sleeping pills. Otherwise I'll be up all night thinking about my poor, misguided boy.

Examine Cash Envelope.
Gwen: <Name>, the note on the cash envelope says: "Reggie, this is all we got! Danny." Reggie's the museum guard who called in Danny's murder!
Gwen: The dude told us that he let the werewolves use the abandoned prison wing out of kindness, but this money indicates otherwise!
Gwen: Reggie Pratt had better have some answers for us, <Name>!

Demand answers from Reggie Pratt about the envelope of cash.
Gwen: Reggie, can you explain why this envelope of cash has your name on it?
Reggie (sweating): Ooh, er... where'd you get that?
Gwen: C'mon, 'fess up! You were demanding money from the wolves to use the abandoned wing, weren't you?
Reggie: Okay - don't get mad! Yes I was! But I ain't proud of it!
Reggie: It's cause of my wife! She's always complaining that I earn a pittance as a guard. That it's barely enough to treat ourselves to our favorite steak tartare meal now and again!
Reggie: So, when I told her I was letting some... old friends stay in the prison, she said I was a silly dumbo missing out on a golden opportunity to make money!
Reggie: That's why I started changing Danny a small fee to use the wing... But then my wife kept making me increase it.
Reggie: When Danny told me he couldn't afford to pay more than what he was already giving me, I just didn't know what to do!
Gwen: Well, Reggie, let's hope you didn't shoot Danny dead because he couldn't afford to fund your wife's expensive lifestyle!

Examine Torn Cloth.
Gwen: <Name>, this vest - it belongs to Pierce! My Pierce!
Gwen: I mean... he's not mine anymore since I found out he was a vampire...
Gwen: Still, he's just so dreamy! Probably dreamier than any other guy or girl I've liked before!
Gwen: Since we found Pierce's clothes in our victim's forest hideout, I guess I have no choice but to talk to him...
Gwen: You're right, <Name> - I can do this! Let's go find Pierce!

Find out what Pierce Cromwell was doing in the werewolf hideout.
Pierce: Is that you, Gwen? Have you come to say you miss me and want me back?
Gwen: Yes! I mean, no! Not at all!
Pierce: Y'know, there's this super-glam vampire ball coming up to celebrate Dr Aculus' deathday... It's the event of the year, and I'd love you to come with me!
Gwen: Please stop, Pierce! I'm not here about us. I'm here on serious hunter business!
Gwen: Danny Kwame, a werewolf, was murdered...
Gwen (holding Pierce's vest): ... And... um... we found your vest torn to pieces in his secret hideout in the forest! <Name> stitched it back together for you.
Pierce: Ah, thanks - I was wondering where it had gone! But forget about the werewolf! Talking about us is way more interes-
Pierce: Wait! Did you say... Danny? Danny's the murdered wolf?
Gwen: Yeah... so you knew him?
Pierce: I did. Vamps and wolves are renowned for hating each other, and all those teenage movies about our rivalry ain't helping...
Pierce: ... But we can get along just fine! I loved messing around in the forest with Danny and his friend Zander! Then we'd spend the night debating vampire and werewolf lore!
Pierce: Danny was one of the good guys. Too bad he's left this world.

Moments later...
Gwen (sweating): Drats, <Name>, I hope Pierce couldn't see how nervous I was!
Gwen: I know we can't be together - me a hunter and he a vamp and all... but does he have to be so darned charming?!
Gwen: Anyway, I'll get over him somehow! Thanks for being a good listener, <Name>.

Examine Wanted Poster.
Gwen: Cripes, <Name>! The handwriting on that poster belongs to Ruth Wu!
Gwen: She's a supernatural hunter, infamous for her cruelty! People even call her Ruth-less Wu!
Gwen: Point is, hunters like Ruth will slaughter anything supernatural that moves - no matter whether they're good or evil!
Gwen: Ruth popping up during a werewolf murder makes her highly suspect. We need to talk to her!

Confront Ruth Wu about her threatening poster.
Gwen: Ruth! Fancy meeting you here!
Ruth: Well, if it isn't Gwendolyn Harper! I was talking to your mother only last week...
Ruth: You don't need me to tell you how disappointed she is that you've joined Jake Arrow's team of spineless hunters!
Gwen: We're not here to talk about my mother, Ruth! We're here about Danny Kwame's murder - we know you had your sights set on him!
Ruth: Drats! Someone nabbed that wolf before me?
Gwen: So, you admit it! You wanted to kill him! That's why you're lurking around his forest hideout, isn't it?
Ruth: As you know, dear Gwendolyn, it is my life's ambition to rid the world of all supernatural scum...
Ruth: I've studied every book there is about killing mongrels like the fellow you mentioned! But sadly, this particular trophy isn't mine.
Ruth: Now, off with you! I've got to figure out my next target!

Later, in the prison wing...
Gwen: Well, <Name>, our victim may have been a nice guy, but that didn't stop people having problems with him!
Gwen: First off, there's the Alcatraz security guard, who was frustrated that Danny couldn't afford his ever-increasing payment demands!
Gwen: Then there's Ruth Wu, the horrible hunter desperate to have Danny's head on a plate, but insists that someone got to him before her!
Gwen: We also found out that my Pierce was pals with Danny. And okay, he's a vampire, but surely even vamps don't kill their friends?
Gwen: What we know for sure is-
Gwen: Um, <Name>. Can you hear shouting?
Gwen: Sounds like it's coming from the pier - let's go check it out!

On the pier...
Ruth (aiming her gun to Priya): Stand back, <Name>, or I'll shoot the wolf!
Gwen: Priya! How did you-
Priya: Don't let her kill me, <Name>!

Chapter 3

In the abandoned prison wing...
Gwen Harper: <Name>, I hope we solve the case of the dead werewolf soon!
Gwen: Danny Kwame seemed like Mr Nice Guy, but some people still had it in for him!
Gwen: I wonder what-
Gwen: <Name>, what's all that shouting about?
Gwen: Sounds like it's coming from the pier - let's go check it out!

On the pier...
Ruth (aiming her gun to Priya): Stand back, <Name>, or I'll shoot the wolf!
Priya: Don't let her kill me, <Name>!
Gwen: Ruth! That's my colleague you're threatening!
Ruth (aiming her gun to Priya): A werewolf's a werewolf! Get out of the way!
Gwen (aiming her gun): No! Get your filthy hands off Priya or I'll shoot you!
Ruth (holding her gun): Alright, alright! This pathetic wolf isn't worth my time. You can have her!
Gwen: The only pathetic person here is you, Ruth!
(Ruth leaves.)
Priya: Oh, <Name>! Thank you for saving me from that horrible individual!
Gwen: Of course, Priya! But what were you doing here?
Priya: I'm sorry, but curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to see where a werewolf died.
Priya: I'll head back to base now, so I don't cause you any more trouble!
(Priya leaves.)
Gwen: <Name>, I can't believe Ruth had the audacity to attack one of our team! I swear if we find out she killed our victim, I'm taking her down!
Gwen: Speaking of our investigation, let's look around the pier for more clues!

Investigate Pier.
Gwen: <Name>, someone scrawled the victim's name on this dog muzzle!
Gwen: Maybe that powder on it will reveal who wanted to muzzle Danny!
Gwen: And security cameras are always useful! Let's unlock this one. We should also tape up this torn photo.
Gwen: <Name>, we've almost got our wolf-slayer by their tail!

Examine Security Camera.
Gwen: <Name>, let's see if Hope can find any useful footage on the security cam from the pier!

Analyze Camera.
Hope: Gwen, I know your emotions are in a delicate state... so you might not want to see the footage from the crime scene!
Gwen: My... emotions? I don't know what you mean, Hope! Just put the video on already!
Hope: Alright... But don't say I didn't warn you!

Start of footage...
(Pierce is seen trying to disable the security camera.)
Pierce: So, I just need to pull out this wire here...
Pierce: ... And it should disable the camera!
(The security camera is disabled.)

End of footage...
Gwen: Um, <Name>... did we just see my ex-boyfriend disabling the security camera at our crime scene?!
Hope: I'm afraid so, Gwen. And he did it last night, which is why there wasn't any footage of your victim being killed this morning!
Gwen: You're right, <Name>, this is all suspicious as hell. And ex or not, we need to confront Pierce!

Find out why Pierce disabled the security camera.
Pierce: Gwen, babe! Tell me you've changed your mind about the vampire ball!
Gwen: I've had other things on my mind, actually. Including trying to figure out why you disabled the security cam on the pier where Danny was murdered!
Pierce: Okay, look, there's an innocent explanation!
Gwen: I'm all ears, Pierce!
Pierce: The truth is, I'd sometimes tease Danny about how being a werewolf was child's play compared to being a vamp!
Pierce: Aside from full moon nights, they only turn into wolves when they feel like it. But being a vampire's a full-time job for life - in other words, forever!
Pierce: Anyway, the puppy got his tail in a twist about my banter! He told me to come to the old prison and see what happens when they unwillingly transform at full moon, and not just for funsies.
Pierce: I was having a hard time sleeping, so I agreed. And I'm a secretive person, which is why I disabled the camera so there was no evidence of my being there!
Gwen: So, if you were at the prison last night, did you see the murder?
Pierce: Thing is, when I saw what actually happened when Danny turned into a wolf... I kinda freaked out and skedaddled long before dawn!
Gwen: So... first you teased the werewolves... and then got scared of them?
Pierce: Let's just say I won't be making fun of wolves again any time soon, <Name>!

Examine Muzzle.
Gwen: Let's put this powder from the victim's muzzle under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine White Powder.
Gwen: <Name>, the powder on Danny's muzzle was fur allergy medication...
Gwen: That's right - Danny's werewolf pal said he was allergic to fur! So he must have given this muzzle to him.
Gwen: We need a chat with Zander about this strange "gift", I agree!

Confront Zander about the victim's muzzle.
Gwen: Zander, we thought you and Danny were friends. So what compelled you to give him a muzzle?
Zander: Because I wanted him to shut the heck up about being a werewolf, <Name>!
Zander: It was bad enough that the museum guard knew about us, but we needed his help...
Zander: But then Danny wanted to tell his mom the truth!
Zander: I can barely sleep at night thinking of how many wolves are already dead. The rest of us need to be super careful if we want to stay alive!
Zander: I gave Danny the muzzle to make him understand that keeping our identity secret was a matter of life and death!
Gwen: And you expect us to believe you didn't do anything more to shut Danny up?
Zander: <Name>, my goal is to protect werewolves, not kill them! And anyway, my animal instincts only go as far as enjoying raw meat in my steak tartare!

Examine Torn Photo.
Gwen: Um, <Name>, are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Gwen: That's our victim in the photo, being all lovey-dovey with... Ruth the hunter?!
Gwen: But Ruth DESPISES supernatural creatures! So how did she end up having a love-in with a werewolf?
Gwen: I can't believe we're gonna have to speak to that vile person again!

Demand answers from Ruth Wu about her true relationship with the victim.
Ruth: Gwendolyn, could you tread more lightly, please? You're scaring away fresh meat for my steak tartare lunch!
Gwen: Ruth, could you forget about your lunch for a second and explain what you were doing having an affair with a werewolf?
Ruth: Don't say such things so loudly!
Ruth: Alright, I'll admit I had an affair with Danny! But that was before I realized he was a werewolf!
Ruth: As far as I was concerned, he was just another delicious young male - they're the only ones who can keep up with me!
Ruth: When I realised my mistake, I was mortified! How could I, the most notorious supernatural hunter in America, not recognize a wolf when I saw one?!
Gwen: so, is that when you killed Danny? When you realized your error?
Ruth: Gwendolyn, I already told you that someone got to Danny before me!
Ruth: And <Name>, if I find out you told anyone about my relationship with a nasty mongrel, I'll hunt you AND your family down!

Back at the base...
Gwen: Okay, <Name>, let's have a quick recap of our latest findings in Danny Kwame's murder.
Gwen: For starters, "Ruth-less" Wu was having an affair with our victim... until she realized he was a werewolf!
Gwen: In other news, my vampire ex was at the scene of the crime last night. Worse, he disabled the security camera! I really hope we don't find out he's guilty!
Gwen: We also discovered that Zander was furious that Danny was putting them in danger by blabbing about being a werewolf.
Gwen: <Name>, there's only one way to decide who actually murdered Danny, and that's more clues!
Gwen: So, let's take one last look around the werewolves' forest hideout! We've got this, <Name>!

Investigate Forest Path.
Gwen: Look, <Name>, it's a box of silver bullets! That's what the victim was shot with, so it's gotta belong to our killer!
Gwen: Let's get a sample of the dirt left on the inside cover!
Gwen: And this hollow tree stump makes the perfect hiding place, I agree!
Gwen: Let's have a "root" around the hollow! Root - tree... geddit?

Examine Tree Hollow.
Gwen: <Name>, someone dumped this gun in the tree hollow!
Gwen: Could it be what our killer used to shoot our victim?
Gwen: The chief's a weapons aficionado - he'll give us the answers we need about this gun!

Analyze Handgun.
Chief Arrow: <Name>, I enjoyed tinkering with this gun you found.
Chief Arrow: It brought back memories of my weapons expert days in the military, before I became a hunter!
Gwen: I bet it's a special gun, if the killer shot a werewolf with it?
Chief Arrow: Not at all. It's a run-of-the-mill handgun anyone can get. But the traces of silver in the bullet chamber confirm it's your murder weapon!
Chief Arrow: What's more, your killer must've kissed their gun for luck before pulling the trigger, since I found some of their red lipstick on it!
Gwen: Well, that was lucky for us then! <Name>, keep an eye out for a suspect with red lips!

Examine Bullet Box.
Gwen: Let's send this dirt from the killer's bullet box straight to Priya, <Name>!

Analyze Dirt.
Gwen: Priya, how are you holding up after your encounter with that nasty hunter?
Priya: I was a wreck until Ben finally calmed me down. I can't thank you enough for saving me, <Name>!
Gwen: All in a day's work! Now, about that dirt from the killer's bullet box...
Priya: Ah, yes! Upon first examination, the dirt was simply Californian forest soil...
Priya: ... But further testing revealed minuscule particles of moonstone mixed in with the dirt!
Gwen: Moonstone? That's that whitey-blue gemstone people wear as jewelry, right?
Priya: Correct, Gwen! And since your killer was the only one to handle the box, we can conclude that they're wearing a moonstone!
Gwen: A "moon" stone - pretty apt for a werewolf killer, don't you think, <Name>?

After completing all the tasks...
Gwen: <Name>, we've got enough evidence to confront our werewolf-slayer! Let's go get 'em!

Take care of the killer now!
Gwen: Mrs Kwame, it was you! You killed your own son!
Serena: How dare you say that? I'm utterly heartbroken that Danny's dead!
Gwen: That may well be, but you still murdered him. You knew he was going to Alcatraz Island last night, and you went after him.
Serena: So sue me - I liked to know what Danny was up to. He was a mama's boy, but I loved him all the more for it!
Gwen: Yes, but you couldn't accept it when Danny told you he was a werewolf-
Serena: Enough of that word! Your readers might lap up that fantastical garbage, but I refuse to believe-
Gwen: Actually, Mrs Kwame, we're not news reporters. We are "hunters", people who solve supernatural crime. That's why we know your son was a werewolf, and that you are responsible for his death!
Serena: You are the... supernatural police?!
Serena: Alright, I admit it! I knew Danny was a werewolf! I saw him transform!
Serena: One night he sat me down... Said he had something to show me...
Serena: And then he... turned into a beast... before my very eyes!
Serena (crying): I begged him to make this horrid monster go away. But he said if I loved him, I had to accept his new identity.
Serena (crying): He promised me that our lives wouldn't change, except that he would have to leave me on full moon nights. He also gave me a book about his... condition.
Serena (wiping her tears): It was from this book that I learned that werewolves could be killed with silver and wolfsbane...
Serena: So, I bought a gun and silver bullets, and took my shot when Danny emerged on the pier after the full moon.
Serena: But I didn't want my Danny to die! I only wanted to kill the monster in him, and purge him of it!
Gwen: You... thought Danny would survive the gunshots? And then you'd get your old son back?
Serena (crying): Yes! I only realized how wrong I was when I held his lifeless body in my arms!
Gwen: Mrs Kwame, you made a terrible mistake... And your son had to pay the price. We have no choice but to hand you over to the police for the murder.

Chief Arrow: <Name>, I've just been told that Mrs Kwame confessed to the cops... and never revealed that her son was a werewolf.
Gwen: Great, so the police will just treat it like the murder of a really hairy man!
Gwen: This was a tragic case, really. That poor misguided woman!
Gwen: Although, I've gotta admit I'm selfishly relieved that Pierce is innocent!
Chief Arrow: "Innocent" is a tricky concept when it comes to vampires, Gwen. Remember that.
Gwen: Oh, I will. I have no intention of taking Pierce back. Even though he's a smoking-hot vamp-
Chief Arrow: The only vampire I care about is the one behind that invincibility plot! Get ready to hunt them down, <Name>!

A Taste of Blood (4/5)

Priya Desai: <Name>, that werewolf case was painful from the start... But the fact that his own mother killed him was just soul-crushing!
Priya: It reminded me of when I told my own husband I was a werewolf.
Priya: He didn't kill me, but there were days I wished he had. And my family still don't know the real reason we divorced. I doubt I'll ever tell them.
Gwen: Families, eh. My folks are fanatical hunters like Ruth Wu, who want to eradicate all things supernatural. I wish I wasn't related to them!
Priya: Aren't we a merry band of misfits, <Name>? Keeping the world safe from supernatural baddies... and fighting family trauma!
Gwen: Speaking of baddies, we still have a vampire plot to foil! The elixir of invincibility!
Gwen: We know that a rare flower is needed to make the elixir, and that it only blooms in the forests in North California...
Gwen: ... but how do we find it before the vampire - or vampires - do? We have no idea where to look for it!
Priya: What about your victim's werewolf friend, <Name>? They used to hang out in the forests around here. He might have spotted the plant in question!
Gwen: Great idea, Priya! Zander's a nice guy - if a bit prickly. You should go with <Name> and talk to him, werewolf to werewolf!
Priya: Absolutely not! The last thing I want to do is socialize with werewolves! I was suggesting YOU went with <Name>, Gwen!
Gwen: Actually, Felix has asked to see <Name> and me. He's been doing his own research on the invincibility elixir.
Gwen: We should check what Felix has for us, <Name>. And don't worry, Priya - I'm sure your meeting with Zander will go just fine!

Ask Zander to help us find the Dawn of Night flower.
Zander: <Name>, I must admit I misjudged you. I thought all hunters were bad, but you solved my friend's murder.
Priya: We try our best. But actually, we're here because we need your help!
Zander: Wait, you... are you a werewolf?
Priya: I... yes, but that's not the point. We-
Zander: It's so exciting to meet another wolf! Now Danny's gone, I'm the only one left in San Francisco. Do you... already have a pack? If not... we could start one!
Priya: I don't need a "pack". And if I had one, it'd be with <Name> and the other hunters.
Zander: Oh, okay... I... didn't mean to overstep the mark. So, what do you need from me?
Priya: We're looking for the Dawn of Night flower. It blooms only once a year, and that happens to be today!
Zander: Oh, I know the exact forest clearing where the Dawn of Night flower grows! I'll show you! And let me pay for our cab there, <Name>!

Investigate Werewolf Hideout.
Zander: This flower used to grow abundantly here, <Name>...
Zander: ... But now it's almost extinct. The specimen you picked is the last one left!
Zander: Anyway, I'll be on my way now. Good luck, <Name>! And Ms Desai, if you change your mind about joining a werewolf pack, you know where to find me!
(Zander leaves.)
Priya: <Name>, you won't see me running off into the wild with Zander and his new pack anytime soon...
Priya: But if he's right about this flower being the last known specimen of the Dawn of Night, we're in luck! We got to it before the vampires did!
Priya: In any case, we'd better verify it really is the Dawn of Night flower through our database!

Examine Flower.
Priya: <Name>, the flower we found in the forest is indeed the Dawn of Night! And since it was the last remaining specimen, the miscreant vampires won't be able to get their hands on it!
Priya: I'll go drop it off at Felix's camper, then we'll wait and see for the next steps!

Talk to Felix about his findings on the elixir of invincibility.
Gwen: Hey, Felix! You wanted to see us about that vampire invincibility business?
Felix: Yup. Been reading the Grimoire of Bloode. Major bummer that the page with the elixir recipe is missing, but there's other juicy info in there...
Felix: ... And it turns out there's a catch - a weakness to the elixir of invincibility!
Gwen: You mean even when a vampire becomes immune to staking, decapitation, and sunlight, they can still remain vulnerable? But how?
Felix: The book don't say. But I found a groovy solution... You need a chinwag with a high-level witch! She'll know everything about these sorts of elixirs and potions!
Gwen: Dude! Last time I ran into a witch, she whacked me with a curse just for smiling at her boyfriend! I couldn't stop grinning like a fool for three weeks!
Felix: Witches are temperamental creatures, for sure! They're regular humans, but extremely gifted with magical powers.
Felix: And they despise hunters, so it's best if you wear a protective amulet to block the witches' bad juju.
Felix: I can make such an amulet, but you'll need to score me some cast iron first!
Gwen: Cast iron? <Name>'s right - the old prison wing must have some lying about! We'll bring some back asap, Felix!

Investigate Abandoned Prison Wing.
Gwen (holding her phone): <Name>, Pierce keeps texting me about that vampire ball... I already said no, but-
Gwen: Sorry, we're on the clock here. Our priority's to find cast iron for the anti-witch amulet Felix wants to make for us.
Gwen: Alright, let's rifle through that pile of prison junk! Hope your tetanus shots are up to date, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Junk.
Gwen: Those rusty chains you found in the pile have got to be made from cast iron, <Name>!
Gwen: Let's get the metal to Felix so he can make us those witch-proof amulets!

Analyze Iron Chains.
Felix: 'Sup, <Name>! You're just in time to collect your snazzy cast iron amulets!
Gwen: Excellent, Felix! So by wearing these amulets, we'll be safe from the witches' curses?
Felix: Yeah. And I've fixed a meetup with Morgana Blackhawk, the head of the witches' coven. If anyone can spill the beans on the elixir of invincibility, it's her!
Felix: Morgana'll be waiting by an old cemetery on the outskirts of the city. But remember, witches can be grumpier than the chief after a rough day!
Gwen: Well, then we shouldn't be late, <Name>! Let's go meet Morgana before she changes her mind!

Ask Morgana Blackhawk about the invincibility elixir.
Morgana: The eastern wind blows disquiet into my soul. Who goes there?
Gwen: Erm, Ms Blackhawk... long time no see. We're here about the-
Morgana: Invincibility elixir, I know. And I already told Felix I'm not keen on vampire business - or hunter business, for that matter.
Gwen: But... but Felix said you'd help us! He-
Morgana: Stop begging like a needy child. I shall assist you, but on one condition...
Morgana: Hear my demand: bring me a drop of blood spilled at dawn, diluted by the ocean. That is the price of my "help", as you so crudely put it.
Gwen: A... drop of blood... dawn... ocean... But wait, how-
Morgana: Just bring it to me before midnight. Adieu!
(Morgana leaves.)
Gwen: <Name>, can you believe her? "Bring me a drop of blood spilled at dawn!" What a drama queen.
Gwen: Wait, you're right! Our latest victim's blood was spilled at sunrise, at the Alcatraz pier! That's blood, ocean and dawn in one! Let's head there and grab a bite on the way!

Investigate Alcatraz Island.
Gwen: <Name>, you think that the sea water inside that seashell might contain traces of our victim's blood?
Gwen: If it does, it'll be enough to appease Morgana the witch's weird demands. Let's collect a sample!

Examine Seashell.
Gwen: <Name>, let's ask Ben to see if there's any blood in the sample of ocean water from the seashell!

Analyze Seashell Water.
Ben: <Name>, I'm planning to cook a meal for the team tonight. Do you like kale?
Gwen: Uh, Ben... I know you want to get us into healthy eating, but... we also need joy in our lives. Kale is incompatible with joy.
Gwen: Anyway, meal-planning will thankfully have to wait. Any news on that water sample from the pier?
Ben: Yes, and it's good. Your drop of ocean water does contain some of your latest victim's blood. And since the murder happened at dawn, this should satisfy the witch Morgana's demands!
Gwen: Excellent! I just hope Morgana doesn't want it gift-wrapped too... and that she'll keep her word and tell us about that elixir.
Gwen: <Name>, let's go see Morgana. Don't forget to wear your amulet!

Give Morgana the "gift" she demanded.
Gwen: Morgana, we've brought you what you wanted: blood, ocean, dawn, the lot. Now will you help us?
Morgana: Very well. But only because the idea of an invincible vampire basking in sunshine repulses me!
Morgana: The elixir of invincibility, while powerful, carries the essence of its own weakness. And this is how your invincible vampire can be defeated!
Gwen: Tell us, Morgana! What is this weakness?
Morgana: It is the same force that allowed the elixir to exist - a virgin's blood! Dip a stake in that self-same blood, and the vampire shall be invincible no more.
Gwen: Mina's blood can still destroy the invincible vampire? That must be the "catch" Felix was talking about!
Morgana: My work here is done. And I'm feeling generous. <Name>, take this gift. May the love of Goddess Nature be ever in your heart.

Later, at the base...
Chief Arrow: <Name>, you found the only remaining Dawn of Night flower! That's the vampire invincibility plot foiled!
Chief Arrow: And I hear you also learned some interesting things from Morga-
Luke: <Name>, Chief! There's been a... an incident!
Luke: Someone broke into our camper while I was out! They attacked Felix...
Luke: He's alright, but... the flower... it's gone!

A few minutes later...
Felix: No stress, dudes, I'm alright. Ben patched me up after I got hit on the head...
Felix: ... But I couldn't protect the Dawn of Night flower! It was stolen from my camper!
Chief Arrow: That damned vampire! They must've taken the flower!
Chief Arrow: If they've got it, nothing will prevent them from making the invincibility elixir! So how do we stop them now?
Gwen: We might not be able to stop the vamp from making the elixir, bu there's still a way to defeat them, Chief!
Gwen: Morgana the witch told us that the virgin's blood used in the elixir can still kill the vampire...
Gwen: And we know whose blood was used - Mina Reynolds'! We just need some more of her blood to dip our stakes in!
Chief Arrow: That can probably be arranged. But knowing how to defeat the invincible vampire is only half the battle won. We also have to know which vampire it is!
Gwen: About that... You know Pierce keeps nagging me to go to that vampire ball with him? To celebrate Dr Aculus' deathday, in his Los Angeles mansion?
Gwen: I wasn't going to accept, but-
Chief Arrow: But now you'll have to! A party with all vampires attending - there's no better place to find the one in search of invincibility!
Chief Arrow: Alright, people. The ball's tomorrow! Try to get some sleep before we hit the road to L.A.!

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