Jones suggesting the player to use a hint in The Death of Rosa Wolf.

Hints help to find hidden objects during crime scene investigations in Criminal Case.


Hints can be used by the player to find hidden objects in crime scenes, and to use a hint, the player will need to click on the avatar of their partner at the bottom right corner.

When the player uses a hint, a hand will appear pointing toward one of the remaining objects to find. Once the player has used all the available hints (5) in a crime scene, the hint circle will start to slowly refill until 1 hint becomes available again. Every unused hint at the end of the scene will reward the player with 20,000 additional points. The player can thus get up to 100,000 extra points.

The number of hints increases to 5 no matter how many hints their partner offers if the "5 Hints" booster or the "Hint Frenzy" Happy Hour bonus is in effect.

The player can also win trophies by achieving certain tasks related to hints.

Amount of hints

Teammate Selection Screen

A screenshot of the teammate selection screen.

Hints are provided by the partner the player has chosen at the teammate selection screen before starting a crime scene investigation. The number of hints available (from 1 to 5) is displayed at the bottom right corner.

The hints the player can benefit from depend on the number of consecutive days their partners have been playing Criminal Case. If the partners remember to play the game for five straight days or more, they will have 5 hints to give, however, if they stop playing Criminal Case for at least one day afterwards, their hint counter will go back to 1. (Please note that that is not the case for in-game characters who will always provide a fixed number of hints.)

Likewise, if the player plays everyday, they will have more hints to offer and they will more likely be chosen as a partner. Also, when they are chosen as a partner by their teammate, the player will be sent a Lucky Card—unless the player's partner chooses to skip this step.

Hints from characters

Characters from the game itself can also be chosen to provide the player with hints. (Note: Only the player's partners provide hints in the desktop version of the game.)

Season 1 hint[a] 2 hints 3 hints 4 hints 5 hints
Grimsborough David Jones[b] Eduardo Ramirez Judge Hall Alex Turner
Nathan Pandit
Grace Delaney
Pacific Bay Amy Young
Frank Knight
Honorable Dante Russell Crane Hannah Choi Chief Marquez
Yann Toussaint
World Edition Jack Archer
Carmen Martinez
Michelle Zuria
Judge Adaku Lars Douglas Elliot Clayton Ingrid Bjorn
Marina Romanova
Mysteries of
the Past
Maddie O'Malley
Isaac Bontemps
Evie Holloway Viola Pemberton Rose Zhao Chief Wright
Charles Dupont
The Conspiracy David Jones
Gloria Hayes
Eduardo Ramirez Martine Meunier Rita Estevez Chief Parker
Cathy Turner
Travel in Time Jack Archer
Zara Tien
Penelope Sage Janis Rivers Orlando Ordelaffi Amy Young
Kai Malano
Gwen Harper
Luke Fernandez
N/A Priya Desai Felix Reed Chief Arrow
Hope Newman
City of Romance Carrie James
Hugo Mercier
N/A Nadia Ben Yamin Enzo Traoré Chief Delacroix
Judge Lebrun
  1. Unless otherwise stated, characters in this column only provide hints if they are the player's partner for the first chapter of that case.
  2. Jones provides 1 hint for every case in Grimsborough, regardless of whether he is the main partner or not.

Criminal Case: Travel in Time

Changes in the gameplay of the Travel in Time app also involved an overhaul in the partner and hint design. The player can no longer freely choose a partner in the crime scene investigation. Instead, it is assigned in order of the teammate's level from the player's list of teammates, which includes Penelope, Janis, Orlando, Amy, and Kai. No hints are available unless the 3 hints helper is bought. Instead, each partner provides a randomly-selected "teammate bonus" of coins (50, 100, 150, or 200). However, the aforementioned character partners do not offer this bonus.


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