Herman Jeffries was a suspect in the murder investigation of botanist Wendy Stokes in In Cold Blood (Case #35 of The Conspiracy).


Herman is a 49-year-old nurse working for DreamLife. He has graying black hair, green eyes as well as wrinkles. He is seen wearing a blue V-neck T-shirt with a pocket, which has a thermometer and two pens inside. Additionally, his T-shirt is adorned with an ID badge. Furthermore, Herman is seen holding some DreamLife documents. It is known that Herman has dandruff, is a climber and drinks iced tea.

Height 6'1"
Age 49
Weight 193 lbs
Eyes green
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

Herman became a suspect after Gloria and the team found his medical locker key inside a tray of lab equipment. After informing Herman of Wendy's death in Lab 88-B, the team asked him about the experimentation happened in DreamLife, as well as Zoe Kusama. However, Herman said that he did not know Zoe. But he could tell them about the experimentation in lab 88-B, saying that all the experiments there were voluntary. Herman also told the team that scientists there only voluntarily performed experiments on themselves. Nevertheless, he then told the team that he did not know what exactly the experiments were about.

Herman was spoken to again after the team found out that he had sent a note warning to the victim about being "strapped to that chair". When being asked about this, Herman told the team that it was a misunderstanding and that he was just worried about Wendy's health. He then explained that he did weekly health checks on all DreamLife employees and was able to find out that Wendy was stressed as her blood pressure quickly rose. In the end of the conversation, Gloria hoped that Herman did not go further than writing a warning to the victim.

Although Herman was found to be innocent of Wendy's murder directly after the team found out that Rosie Summers was Wendy's killer, it was revealed that he had given Rosie Protozane before she killed Wendy. When being asked about this, Herman admitted that he was tasked to administer Protozane to the test subjects and to ensure their vitals did not crash. He then said that he did not know how the drug acted as he was never allowed to stay in the room. He also told the team that the scientists kept brain scans of the test subjects in an SD card shortly before they arrested him for being an accomplice to Wendy's murder.

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