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Spain, 1500s...
Amy Young: <Name>, it's hard to wrap my head around everything that's happened since we left 2029.
Amy: We tried to contact the present after a time traveler sabotaged our time machine...
Amy: ... but when that failed, we traveled to the 1500s to find Leonardo da Vinci so he could help us!
Amy: Being stranded in time is starting to affect team morale. People have been cooped up for so long, they're beginning to get on each other's nerves!
Amy: None of this is helped by the fact that we haven't actually found Da Vinci...
(Jack is seen wearing a Swiss guard uniform throughout the case.)
Jack: ... because he's a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition! That's why we've come to Spain!
Jack: According to our sources, the Inquisition is keeping Da Vinci in a cellar not far from here.
Amy: Given how much history has changed, we can't be sure the Inquisition won't execute Da Vinci, so time is of the essence.
Amy: Take Jack and head to that cellar to look for Da Vinci, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Torture Chamber.
Jack Archer: <Name>, this place is full of torture equipment! It's more terrifying than the thought of my hairline receding!
Jack: And there's no sign of Da Vinci... Just a corpse attached to that torture rack!
Jack: Whoever this guy is, he's covered in injuries! Clearly he was tortured... and it looks like his throat was slit, too!
Jack: You're right, <Name>. That leather apron he's wearing is the trademark of a torturer! Seems somebody gave him a taste of his own medicine!
Jack: So, the Inquisition's torturer is dead and Da Vinci is gone!
Jack: What's that, <Name>? You think we could use this fact to our advantage?
Jack: It's true that solving this murder would get us on the Inquisition's good side, which might help us rescue Da Vinci once we find him. Let's examine the clues!
Jack: I don't relish the idea of looking through that torture equipment, but it seems to be our only lead!
Jack: I say it's time we lead an inquisition of our own into this murder!

Examine Torture Equipment.
Jack: You found a ring among that torture equipment, <Name>?
Jack: That insignia is super fancy... I'd wager that it belongs to someone important! Let's look for a match in the history books!

Examine Insignia on Ring.
Jack: According to the history books, each time a new cardinal is appointed, the Pope gives him a ring...
Jack: And this particular ring was given to Cardinal Cisneros, head of the Spanish Inquisition!
Jack: I bet he won't be happy to learn his torturer is dead...
Jack: But we have no choice - we need to inform the cardinal!

Inform Cardinal Cisneros of the murder.
Cisneros: Ah, the Swiss Guard. Did the Pope send you to congratulate me on a job well done? We've had a record number of heretics recant this month!
Jack: Not exactly. We just paid a visit to the Inquisition's, uh... physical interrogation chamber... and found your torturer murdered!
Cisneros: My torturer... You mean Mateo? He's been murdered?!
Cisneros: But Mateo accompanied me to a trial in the town square just this morning! He lopped the head clean off an unrepentant sinner!
Jack: So Mateo was an executioner as well as a torturer?
Cisneros: Yes, we were a team. I questioned the heretics, while Mateo made sure they were... inclined to confess. And if they didn't repent, he executed them at trial!
Cisneros: He was a true professional. Where am I going to find someone with a strong enough stomach to replace him?!
Cisneros: I already have enough on my plate, what with that pesky Da Vinci fellow escaping!
Jack: You mean to say you have a, uh... heretic by the name of Da Vinci on the loose?
Cisneros: Yes, but don't concern yourself with it. I already have people looking for him... He'll be headed straight to the gallows once he's found!
Cisneros: You need to focus on finding Mateo's killer! I want to know who dared murder an agent of the Inquisition! Now good day to you!
(Cisneros leaves.)
Jack: So Da Vinci escaped from the Inquisition, <Name>!
Jack: Let's just hope that solving this murder will get us into the cardinal's good graces and help us rescue Da Vinci once we find him!
Jack: The cardinal mentioned that our victim attended a trial in the town square earlier. Let's go!

Investigate Inquisition Tribunal.
Jack: So, this is where the Inquisition holds its public trials, <Name>.
Jack: It's barbaric... Forcing people to confess to "crimes" through torture and executing them if they don't repent. And to think that people came to watch!
Jack: I suppose some came for enjoyment, others to be seen supporting the Inquisition. Either way, since our victim worked here, we'd do well to find out who attended the trial!
Jack: Whoever dropped this broken fan clearly had a front row view. You'd better put it back together!
Jack: And that blood on the pocket watch can't have come from the executions... it was too far away for that! Let's recover the engraving on the back!
Jack: Somebody must've left that wooden box here, too. Can you get it open?
Jack: Let's pray one of these clues brings us closer to finding Mateo's killer and locating Da Vinci!

Examine Broken Fan.
Jack: This fan is pretty and all, <Name>. But there's no name-
Isabel: Oh, you found my fan! Thank you!
Jack: And you are?
Isabel: Isabel Vázquez. I just realized that I'd dropped my fan at this morning's trial, so I returned to look for it!
Jack: So you must've seen the Inquisition's torturer earlier today! We'll need a few moments of your time, Ms Vázquez.

Ask Isabel Vázquez if she knew the victim.
Jack: Señorita Vázquez, we're investigating the murder of Mateo Arias-
Isabel: The Inquisition's torturer? Somebody murdered him?!
Jack: So you know him?
Isabel: Everybody knew who Mateo was! He was the cardinal's right-hand man. Always by his side during those horrific trials...
Isabel: ... I mean, please don't misunderstand me! Of course heretics must be punished! I just wish it wasn't all so... gory!
Isabel (sweating): That's why I had my fan with me! To cover my eyes during the execution!
Isabel: Anyway, I'm afraid I didn't know Mateo personally. I wish I could be of more help!

Examine Locked Box.
Jack: This box contains a bunch of herbs and stuff, <Name>. I think it's some kind of old-timey first aid kit!
Jack: And there's a name on the inside. "Beatriz del Castillo"...
Jack: Could this Beatriz have something to do with the trials the victim took part in here, <Name>? Let's question her!

Question Beatriz del Castillo about her medical supplies.
Jack: Señora del Castillo, we found this box of medical supplies. We believe it belongs to you?
Beatriz: That's right. What's it to you?
Jack: We're investigating the murder of Mateo Arias, the Inquisition torturer-
Beatriz: You don't have to tell ME who Mateo is! He... he's dead?
Beatriz: Mateo and I worked together for years. I'm a healer for the Inquisition, you see!
Jack: We weren't aware that the Inquisition employed healers...
Beatriz: It's just logic, isn't it? If a heretic passes out during questioning, it's a waste of everybody's time! Mateo's AND the Grand Inquisitor's!
Beatriz: I make sure that doesn't happen! A cold flannel and a sniff of rosemary is usually enough to perk 'em back up!
Beatriz: Anyway, I can't tell you more than that. Mateo and I worked together, but we weren't friends!

Examine Pocket Watch Engraving.
Jack: This engraving on the bloody pocket watch reads, "Inquisition Torturer" in Spanish.
Jack: <Name>, this pocket watch belonged to our victim!
Jack: The nature of his job might explain the blood... but it's not like we have any other leads, so let's get the pocket watch to Theo!

Analyze Victim's Watch.
Theo: <Name>, I've narrowly escaped being caught up in a row between Marina and Orlando...
Theo: Apparently Orlando "repurposed" one of Marina's skirts to make a dress for Penelope, and she's furious!
Jack: I can't say I blame her. Anyway, what can you tell us about the victim's pocket watch?
Theo: Well, it turns out that the blood on the pocket watch was actually your victim's!
Jack: The blood was Mateo's? But that means our killer must've dropped the pocket watch at the tribunal after the murder!
Theo: Yes. And that's not all. I found traces of something else on the pocket watch - olive brine!
Theo: I checked with Janis and your victim didn't have any olives in his stomach, so the substance came from your killer!
Jack: So, our killer eats olives, eh? They'll be sick to the pit of their stomach once you catch them, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: <Name>, I'm sure glad you had a body to send me. It's the first time Penelope's given me a moment's peace!
Janis: She's absolutely gaga about that boy she met! I'm all for young love, but it's the only thing she talks about!
Jack: Penelope does seem smitten. It reminds me of my first love! There was this girl called Asal-
Janis: Not you too, Jack! Can we please just get down to business?
Janis: Your victim's cause of death was a laceration to his throat.
Janis: But judging by his other injuries, he suffered immensely before that final blow!
Janis: See, your killer gave him enough sleeping draught so they could tie him to the table... but not so much that he wouldn't suffer while being tortured!
Jack: How did someone manage to get a big, burly guy like that to take a sleeping draught?
Janis: No idea, but your killer clearly knew what they were doing, <Name>. They inflicted maximum pain without puncturing any vital organs!
Janis: Only somebody with extensive knowledge of anatomy would've known how to prolong his suffering like that!
Jack: So, now we know our killer understands anatomy! That'll narrow down our suspect list, <Name>!

Jack: <Name>, we came to Spain to rescue Leonardo da Vinci from the Inquisition.
Jack: But we arrived at the torture chamber to find Da Vinci gone and the Inquisition's torturer murdered!
Jack: We're hoping that solving Mateo's death will get us on the Inquisition's good side, so we can rescue Da Vinci... if we ever find him!
Jack: We've already encountered the head of the Inquisition, Cardinal Cisneros. Not only is he furious that Mateo's dead...
Jack: ... but he also intends to have Da Vinci executed as soon as he's recaptured! We need to beat him to it, <Name>!
(Penelope is seen wearing her Renaissance outfit.)
Penelope: Uh, <Name>?
Penelope: I think I know where Da Vinci is!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, we came to Spain to rescue Leonardo da Vinci from the Inquisition.
Jack: But we arrived at the torture chamber to find Da Vinci had escaped!
Jack: And what's more, the Inquisition's torturer, Mateo Arias, has been murdered!
(Penelope is seen wearing her Renaissance outfit.)
Penelope: <Name>, you're not going to believe this!
Jack: Believe wha- Wait, why are you wearing that? Did you go out of the time machine?!
Penelope: Just to pick up a letter Alexandre sent me!
Penelope: But listen to this! I overheard someone complaining about a crazy Italian artist hiding from the Inquisition in the local brothel. It might be Da Vinci!
Jack: A crazy Italian artist? That does sound like it might be Da Vinci! <Name>, we must speak with him at once!

Verify Leonardo da Vinci’s identity.
Jack: Mr Da Vinci? Are you there?
Da Vinci: Argh! The Swiss Guard! Please don't take me back to the Inquisition!
Jack: We're not here to arrest you. We want to help you!
Jack: You have no idea how happy we are to find you alive and well! The great genius Leonardo, I can't believe-
Da Vinci: Shhh! Are you crazy?! Don't say my name! The Inquisition is everywhere and they want me dead!
Da Vinci: They held me captive for weeks! Mateo tortured me for hours on end! It was wholly undignified... even if I did make new discoveries about human anatomy!
Da Vinci: I managed to escape and came here. I supposed the Inquisition would never look for me in a brothel, and the ladies have been ever so kind about hiding me!
Da Vinci: But I've just discovered that Mateo is a regular here! I need to find a new hiding place!
Jack: Actually, you can stay where you are because Mateo has been murdered!
Da Vinci: The torturer is dead, you say? He was very much alive when I snuck out, I promise you!
Jack: We certainly hope so. Either way, it's not safe for you to go outside while the Inquisition is after you.
Jack: But we promise that once we've caught Mateo's killer, we'll use it as leverage to escort you out of here!

Jack: <Name>, we've accomplished what we came here to do - we've found Da Vinci!
Jack: I've sent Amy a message informing her that Da Vinci is alive and will stay here until it's safe for us to rescue him.
Jack: And to do that, we must win the Inquisition's favor by solving the torturer's murder! Since he was apparently a regular here, we should look around!

Investigate Brothel.
Jack: So, we know Mateo was a regular here, but we don't know which girl he visited!
Jack: Good catch, that undershirt has the victim's name on it!
Jack: And that hair on the undershirt clearly didn't belong to him! Collecting a sample might lead us to the woman we're looking for!
Jack: And if you want to take a look through that wicker basket, I won't stop you!

Examine Victim's Undershirt.
Jack: <Name>, let's hope Theo can figure out a way to identify the woman the victim visited from that hair on his undershirt!

Analyze Hair.
(Theo is seen wearing a Swiss guard uniform, inspecting himself in a mirror, holding a handkerchief in his left hand to wipe away the kiss marks on his face.)
Jack: Theo, what happened?! Did you and Zara finally...?
Theo (having kiss marks on his face): I wish! But I didn't get these lipstick marks from Zara... I got them at the brothel!
Jack: At the brothel? This gets better and better...
Theo (having kiss marks on his face): I mean... let me explain... See, I needed to collect hair samples from the ladies to compare them to the one you collected from the victim's undershirt.
Theo (having kiss marks on his face): But they wanted to give me more than just their hair, <Name>! I was fending them off left, right and center!
Jack: Sounds terrible... Did you find a match?
Theo (having kiss marks on his face): Yes, the hair sample confirmed that your victim visited a lady by the name of Teresa Martínez!
Jack: Teresa Martínez, eh? <Name>, let's see what she can tell us about Mateo!

Question Teresa Martínez about her relationship with the victim.
Teresa: Hello, lovelies! What can I do for you?
Teresa: I've got the skills to have your anatomy standing on end quicker than a heretic confesses under torture!
Jack: We're just here to ask you about Mateo Arias. We know he... availed himself of your services-
Teresa: How'd you know that? Haven't you ever heard of escort-client privilege?
Jack: Never mind how we know. Mateo was murdered earlier today! What can you tell us about him?
Teresa: Murdered?! But Mateo was my best client!
Teresa (eating an olive): But I'm afraid he wasn't the talkative type... if you know what I'm saying! It was always straight down to business with him! Now 'scuse me, there are clients who want serving!
(Teresa leaves.)
Jack: Well, Teresa wasn't much use, <Name>... but you're right, she was eating an olive! l'll add it to her profile!
Jack: Now, I'm not delighted about returning to the torture chamber, but if you think we need another look, then let's go!

Investigate Torture Table.
Jack: <Name>, that looks like the tarot card for death... and it has our victim's name on it! Can you recover the rest of the writing?
Jack: And the label on that small bottle says that it's a love potion!
Jack: What the heck is a love potion doing here, <Name>? Maybe vacuuming up a sample of that powder will tell us!

Examine Tarot Card.
Jack: The message on this tarot card to Mateo reads, "Your time has come!" in Spanish!
Jack: <Name>, this is a threat to our victim... and that means it must've come from our killer!
Jack: Let's hope Orlando can make something of this! We'd better get the tarot card to him!

Analyze Threat.
Orlando: <Name>, I hope we can get Da Vinci to work on fixing the time machine soon. I'm desperate for some time away from the team!
Orlando: I've just had Kai ranting about how Theo showed him up at archery practice with Zara, Marina isn't talking to me, and now Theo says he's annoyed at you, Jack. Something about a missing face cream?
Jack: Theo's complaining?! He stole MY face cream, not the other way ar- ugh, never mind. I've been trying not to think about it! Please, just tell us what you've got on that tarot card the killer addressed to our victim?
Orlando: Well, you might be surprised to learn that tarot cards haven't always had the mystical reputation with which we associate them today.
Orlando: See, tarot cards were simply used as normal playing cards before the 18th century!
Orlando: And more specifically, tarot cards were used to play a game called Triumph, similar to modern-day bridge!
Orlando: <Name>, since your killer had this card in their possession, they must know how to play Triumph!
Jack: So, our killer plays Triumph, eh? We'll be triumphant once they're behind bars!

Examine Love Potion.
Jack: Let's put that powder you collected from the love potion under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Green Powder.
Jack: <Name>, that powder you collected from the love potion in the torture chamber is rosemary!
Jack: Wait... didn't the Inquisition's healer mention using rosemary when we spoke to her?
Jack: But what would Beatriz be doing with a love potion in a torture chamber?!
Jack: Only one way to find out. We need to question Beatriz again, <Name>!

Ask Beatriz del Castillo what she was doing with a love potion.
Jack: Señora del Castillo, can you explain what you were doing with a love potion in the torture chamber?
Beatriz (sweating): Um... nothing...
Jack: You told us you were a healer, but making love potions is something else entirely! Were you doing magic?!
Beatriz: Shhh! Do not speak of magic! I'll end up in the gallows if people catch on!
Jack: Catch on? So you WERE practicing magic!
Beatriz: Only a few harmless spells! A good luck charm here, a love potion there... That's all I offer people! Just like my mother, and her mother before her!
Beatriz: But the Inquisition wants everyone like us dead! I thought that by workin' for them, I could hide in plain sight...
Beatriz: But I was wrong! Mateo had started gettin' wary of me, askin' questions about my herbs... wanting to know whether they had any "special properties"!
Beatriz: I even caught him sniffin' my olives the other day, like he thought they might be magical!
Jack: So you killed him to protect your secret, is that it?
Beatriz: No! Witchcraft is about helping people, not hurting them. I didn't lay a finger on Mateo!

Examine Wicker Basket.
Jack: You found a handkerchief in that wicker basket, <Name>?
Jack: It's embroidered with a pair of initials. "M. A." must be our victim...
Jack: But who is "I. V."?
Jack: You think it's Isabel Vázquez, <Name>? But she claimed not to have known Mateo personally when we spoke to her earlier... and she was disgusted by his job!
Jack: Clearly Isabel lied. Let's ask her why!

Ask Isabel Vázquez why she lied about knowing the victim.
Jack: Señorita Vázquez, you told us earlier that you didn't know Mateo personally, but we found this handkerchief with both your initials on it!
(Isabel stands, sweating.)
Isabel: I hid the truth from you earlier. Mateo and I were engaged!
Jack: YOU were engaged to the torturer?!
Isabel: I didn't really have a choice in the matter!
Isabel: I'd love to spend my days sitting around eating olives and studying the sciences... I have a particular fondness for anatomy!
Isabel: But my father died unexpectedly and all he left me was his debts! I may look wealthy, but if I don't marry soon, I'll be homeless!
Isabel: Mateo had been trying to win my hand in marriage for months. Any husband is better than none, so l finally relented and accepted! He would've given me security!
Isabel: But now he's dead and I need to find another man to marry! Good day!

Later, at the town square...
Jack: <Name>, I can't stop thinking about my missing face cream. I'm sure it's Theo. All the clues point to him-
Jack: Right... sorry. We've got bigger issues to deal with! Like the fact that we've found Da Vinci but we can't ask him to fix the time machine because the Inquisition will have him arrested if he leaves the brothel!
Jack: Though I, for one, can't wait to see Da Vinci's face when we finally tell him that we're time travelers from 2029!
Jack: But for now, we just need to focus on discovering who killed his torturer, Mateo, so we can get into the Inquisition's good books and escort him out of here.
Jack: Our suspects include Beatriz del Castillo, the healer who feared Mateo had discovered that she practices magic.
Jack: And what about Isabel Vázquez? She became engaged to Mateo out of necessity. Maybe she changed her mind and decided to end the engagement?
Jack: We need more leads-
Cisneros: Guards!
Cisneros: I wish to speak with you!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, we've found Da Vinci... But he can't leave the brothel until we're solved Mateo's murder and gotten into the Inquisition's good graces.
Jack: We can't wrap this up soon enough. The others are really starting to get on my nerves. Especially Theo, that face cream thief-
Cisneros: Guards! I wish to speak with you!
Jack: Yes. Cardinal Cisneros?
Cisneros: I know that you've been frequenting a house of ill repute! Such behavior is not fitting for members of the Swiss Guard!
Cisneros: If I hear that you've visited the brothel again, I'll inform the Pope and have you recalled to the Vatican!
(Cisneros leaves.)
Jack (sweating): <Name>, is it just me, or did the cardinal seem overly upset about us visiting the brothel?
Jack: We'd better discreetly head over to the brothel and examine it again, while we still can!

Investigate Luxurious Bed.
Jack: Thank goodness Da Vinci's safe from the Inquisition here, <Name>. Not only would it be a blow to us if they caught him, but I'd set science back by centuries!
Jack: Anyway, have you found any clues to help solve Mateo's murder so we can get the Inquisition on our side?
Jack: Whatever this broken object is, it looks dangerous. Be careful putting it back together!
Jack: And recovering the faded writing in this notebook might prove informative.
Jack: As for that locked case, d'you think you can crack the lock?
Jack: The torture of not knowing who killed Mateo will soon be over, <Name>!

Examine Leather Case.
Jack: <Name>, is that... the Mona Lisa?
Jack: As in Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting of all time?!
Jack: But look at the state of it! It looks like somebody tried to put it back together after it was destroyed!
Jack: I wonder what happened to it. Either way, Da Vinci shouldn't be leaving his belongings lying around while the Inquisition's looking for him. We'd better return it to him!

Return the Mona Lisa to Leonardo da Vinci.
Jack: How are you doing, Mr Da Vinci? We trust that the ladies are keeping you well hidden from the Inquisition?
Da Vinci: Oh, yes. They bring me meals and even entertain me with the occasional game of Triumph!
Jack: That's good to hear. But we found your Mona Lisa lying around. Please, be more careful-
Da Vinci: O Dio mio! Tell me you didn't lay eyes upon it in its current state? It's only a poor imitation of what it once was!
Da Vinci: And it's all Mateo's fault! He realized that there were better ways to hurt me than with physical pain... So he went to my workshop and took my favorite masterpiece so he could rip it up in front of my eyes!
Da Vinci: I gathered up the pieces as I escaped, hoping I could salvage it... but it was impossible!
Jack: Can't you just, uh... repaint it?
Da Vinci: I put my SOUL into that painting! A reproduction will never be good enough to grace the walls of a museum! And it's all Mateo's fault!
Jack: We understand your anger, Mr Da Vinci. But you have no idea what a mess we'll all be in if you killed Mateo for it!

Examine Broken Object.
Jack: <Name>, that looks like some kind of torture device! It must've belonged to our victim!
Jack: Wait... you think it's shaped like a spanking paddle? I... guess you're right... but if someone pulled that out in the bedroom, I'd run in the opposite direction!
Jack: It's true that our victim had sadistic tendencies. D'you think he might've brought it here to use on someone... in bed?
Jack: If so, it must've been his favorite escort, Teresa. Let's ask her!

Question Teresa Martínez about the paddle.
Jack: Señorita Martínez, can you tell us who this paddle belonged to? Was it Mateo's?
(Teresa stands, embarrassed.)
Teresa: I s'pose I don't have any reason to lie, now that he's dead!
Teresa: That paddle was Mateo's. See, my normal... services... weren't enough for him.
Teresa: Mateo got off on seein' people in pain! He wasn't happy unless he was hurting me!
Teresa: But as soon as he was done, he'd act like nothing happened. He'd sit back and order me to play Triumph with him 'cause his fiancée wasn't much good at it!
Teresa: I hated the way he treated me! But I didn't dare do anything about it, in case he had me arrested!
Jack: You certainly didn't deserve to be treated like that, Señorita Martínez. But we hope you didn't exact revenge by torturing Mateo to death!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Jack: The writing in this notebook is in Spanish, <Name>...
Jack: That's Mateo's name, but the rest is too long for me to make out!
Jack: Penelope's Spanish skills are much better than mine. Let's send her the notebook!

Analyze Spanish Writing.
Penelope: Jack, isn't it time you dropped this silly grudge against Theo? He insists he didn't take your moisturizer!
Jack: I can't believe everyone's falling for his lies! I'll forgive him when he returns it!
Penelope: Suit yourself. Nothing can bring me down, anyway. Alexandre wrote me the most wonderful letter! He said that my eyes sparkle like topazes and-
Jack: That's great. But please tell me you found time to look at that notebook from the brothel?
Penelope: Of course! And hold on to your hat, <Name>, because the notebook belonged to Cardinal Cisneros!
Penelope: In fact, it's the cardinal's diary. And this entry is about him bumping into Mateo at the brothel!
Jack: But... what was the cardinal doing at a brothel?!
Penelope: He doesn't specify, but he was clearly embarrassed by Mateo seeing him... and suggested he might need to silence Mateo if he didn't keep quiet about it!
Jack: It all makes sense now, <Name>! Cardinal Cisneros warned us to stay away from the brothel because he was worried we'd discover his secret!
Jack: And clearly Mateo already had! We need to question Cardinal Cisneros... but we'd better tread carefully!

Ask Cardinal Cisneros about meeting the victim at the brothel.
Cisneros: Guards, I hope you're only interrupting my game of Triumph because you've found Mateo's killer?
Jack: Not exactly. But we did find out that you, um, visited the brothel!
Cisneros: I hope you're not hinting at anything improper! Cardinals take a vow of celibacy... I go to the brothel purely to weed out heretics!
Jack: We also know that you encountered Mateo there. You wrote in your diary that you might need to silence him. Is... that what happened to him?
Cisneros: Of course not! I simply clarified the situation with him. I couldn't have people thinking that I spend my time being fed olives by ladies of ill repute!
Cisneros: But one can never know if people really believe you. So I threatened to use my knowledge of anatomy to liberate him of one of his body parts if he ever told anyone!
Cisneros: Now, run along and find the real culprit! My patience is running out!

Jack: <Name>, we might've found Da Vinci, but he's stuck in that brothel until we find Mateo's killer!
Jack: We're counting on solving Mateo's murder to gain favor with the Grand Inquisitor so we can escort him out of Spain without raising suspicion.
Jack: That is, if the Grand Inquisitor himself didn't murder Mateo to protect his reputation!
Jack: We know the killer visited the tribunal in the town square, <Name>. Let's take another look there!

Investigate Stocks.
Jack: <Name>, that bottle... It contains a sleeping draught!
Jack: You're right! We know that Mateo was given a sleeping draught. Our killer must've left this here!
Jack: And that means we'd better collect a sample of that substance!
Jack: And I'm sorry, <Name>, but there's no way I'm sticking my hand in a bucket of rotten food. You're on your own!
Jack: We're closer than ever to finding Mateo's killer, I can feel it. Let's do this!

Examine Bucket of Food.
Jack: What was that bloody sickle doing in that bucket of rotten food, <Name>?!
Jack: Right, we know that our killer passed through the town square... and that Mateo's throat was slit.
Jack: This must be the sickle our killer used! Let's get it to Janis!

Analyze Bloody Sickle.
Janis: <Name>, all this petty drama is driving me up the wall! Now Nebet and Kai are squabbling about who used the last of the milk!
Janis: My grandkids show more maturity than some of the team, and they're only three and five!
Jack: Tell me about it. The sooner we get home, the better!
Janis: Anyway, I'm sure you want to hear about that sickle <Name> sent me.
Janis: I can confirm that not only is the blood on the sickle your victim's, but the shape is consistent with his wounds. You've got your murder weapon!
Janis: And what's more, I found traces of skin cells on the handle of the sickle, left there by your killer.
Janis: I isolated the chromosomes and I can confirm that your killer is a woman!
Jack: So, our killer is female? Phew, at least that rules Da Vinci out, <Name>!

Examine Sleeping Draught Vial.
Jack: <Name>, the last thing I wanna do is see Theo's sneaky face. But we need to send him that substance from the killer's sleeping draught!

Analyze White Substance.
Theo: Jack, for the hundredth time, I didn't take your face cream-
Jack: I don't want to hear your lies, Theo. We just want your results on that substance <Name> collected from the killer's sleeping draught.
Theo: Fine. The substance was a combination of chalk and lemon juice...
Theo: Which was a popular Renaissance concoction for restoring shine to silver jewelry!
Theo: And since it was your killer who left the substance on the sleeping draught, they must be wearing a silver accessory!
Jack: So, our killer is wearing a silver accessory! They'll have another soon - handcuffs!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: This is it, <Name>. We're about to discover who killed the Inquisition's torturer!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Señorita Vázquez, you're under arrest for murdering Mateo Arias!
Isabel: Me, kill Mateo? Didn't you listen to a word I said earlier? I need a husband. He's no good to me dead!
Jack: And yet, we know you gave him a sleeping draught, rendering him drowsy so you could restrain him!
Jack: Then you used your knowledge of anatomy to torture him for hours, before slitting his throat and leaving him for dead!
Jack: What we don't know is WHY you did it! Did you get cold feet about the marriage?
Isabel (crying): No, I did it because Mateo killed my father!
(Isabel facepalms.)
Isabel (crying): There's no point in lying anymore. I did kill Mateo. But he destroyed my family and ruined my life!
Jack: What do you mean Mateo killed your father? Was he executed by the Inquisition?
Isabel: It had nothing to do with the Inquisition! See, Mateo had proposed to me while my father was alive, but I rejected him. He was furious...
Isabel: And then, the day after I told him I'd never be desperate enough to marry him, my father was stabbed to death! His killer was never found... and my life fell apart around me!
Isabel: That was exactly what Mateo wanted. He proposed again and I accepted, having no idea that he'd killed my father!
Isabel (crying): But then I overheard him boasting to his friends that he was the one who murdered my father, forcing me into his clutches!
Isabel (crying): I realized that, whatever might happen to me, I couldn't let him live after what he'd done!
Isabel (crying): I seized my chance when Mateo invited me to his torture chamber, to "show off" his work. There'd be nobody there for hours, he said...
Isabel (crying): So while we were there, I spiked his drink. And then I gave him exactly what he deserved! I hope his soul rots in hell!
Jack: We're sorry for your loss, Señorita Vázquez. But murdering Mateo to avenge your father's death wasn't the solution. You're under arrest!

A short while later...
Jack: Cardinal Cisneros, we're here to report that we've discovered who killed your torturer. It was his betrothed!
Cisneros: Excellent work! I knew that the Swiss Guard, protectors of the Pope himself, would not disappoint!
Cisneros: Such a shame about Mateo's betrothed. We must have a trial at once!
Jack: Actually, it seems that Mateo triggered the cycle of violence by killing her father.
Jack: It's a pity, a man working for Your Excellency to be involved in such a crime. Perhaps it'd be preferable to avoid the publicity of a trial...
Cisneros: A valid point indeed. I shall settle for excommunicating the girl, before quietly banishing her!
Cisneros: And thank you again for your assistance, Guards. I shall be sure to put in a good word for you with the Pope next time I see him!

Amy: Great job, guys! Not only did you get on the cardinal's good side by finding the torturer's killer... but you also ensured Isabel Vázquez won't fall into the Inquisition's hands!
Amy: Now, our next order of business is to get Da Vinci to safety and enlist his support to fix the time machine!
Jack: It's a tall order, but given everything we've accomplished today, <Name>, I reckon we can do anything! Let's get to work!

A Stroke of Genius (2/5)

Amy Young: <Name>, now that you've solved the torturer's murder and gotten on the Inquisition's good side, we can focus on getting Da Vinci to safety and requesting his help with the time machine!
(Zara is seen wearing a Swiss Guard uniform throughout the case.)
Zara: The first step is to tell him the truth about us - that we're time travelers from 2029!
Zara: And then we need to get him to safety by bringing him here, to the time machine!
Amy: Yes. It's a major breach of one of T.I.M.E.'s founding values: ensuring people from the past don't learn about time travel!
Amy: But we don't have a choice. It's our only shot at repairing the damage the saboteur did to the machine and getting back to the present...
Amy: ... where we hope everything's okay! After all, we still don't know why Chief Scott didn't reply to our message-
Jack (with Theo): Just admit it, Theo! You took my anti-aging cream!
Jack: You KNOW how sensitive I am about my fine lines! Just tell me where-
Theo: I keep telling you - I didn't take it! And I'm sick of being accused of-
Amy: What is going on here?!
Theo: Jack's a liar! He-
Amy: Seriously?! Theo, Jack, in my office! <Name>, feel free to join us, unless you want to go see Da Vinci with Zara first!

Tell Leonardo da Vinci that we're time travelers.
Da Vinci: Ah, Guards. It's nice to see a familiar face. I'm starting to think I'll spend the rest of my life hiding here from the Inquisition!
Zara: Actually, we've come to rescue you! We're going to take you to a safe place-
Da Vinci: Safe?! Nowhere is safe! If I step foot outside, the Inquisition will throw me in a cell... or worse!
Zara: Don't worry about that. Thanks to the murder we solved, nobody will prevent us from escorting you out!
Zara: But... before we take you to this safe place we mentioned, we've got something to tell you. It might seem insane, but please, hear us out.
Zara: See, <Name> and I are not really Swiss Guards...
Zara: We're time travelers from the year 2029!
Da Vinci: Time travelers? From the future?
Da Vinci: I mean... I'd been contemplating the theoretical possibility of time travel for a while, but could never crack it!
Zara: That's the thing. You did manage to crack it, in a treatise which you're due to write on the subject in a few years' time!
Zara: It took scientists many, many years to successfully put your theory into practice. But they were eventually able to build time machines! Would you like to see ours?
Da Vinci: Of course! I just hope you're not joking... It'd be unkind to toy with an old man's emotions this way!

After a hurried trip to the time machine...
Da Vinci: I... I can barely believe my eyes! A real, working time machine!
Zara: Well, that's the thing, Mr Da Vinci. It's not working! A saboteur tampered with the code which controls the temporal navigational shaft, stranding us in time!
Da Vinci: The temporal... Oh! How ingenious!
Da Vinci: This... this is all too much for my nerves, <Name>! I feel quite faint!
Da Vinci: I... I think I need my medicine, but I left it in the brothel! I-
(Da Vinci collapses.)
Zara: Mr Da Vinci! Quick, <Name>, I'll get him to Janis then meet you at the brothel to find his medicine!

Investigate Brothel.
Zara: <Name>, do you think this jar contains Da Vinci's medication?
Zara: Recovering the label should tell us! There's not a moment to lose!

Examine Jar.
Zara (looking at her tablet): According to the label, this jar contains Da Vinci's valerian root!
Zara: Let's get Da Vinci's medication to Janis right away so she can treat him!

Analyze Da Vinci's Medicine.
Zara: What happened to Da Vinci, Janis? Did that medicine work?
Janis: Oh, yes! See, that valerian root you sent me was a Renaissance treatment for low blood pressure, which can cause fainting.
Janis: And it's a good thing you found it! Human physiology has changed since the 1500s - modern medicine would've been way too potent for Da Vinci!
Janis: Anyway, Mr Da Vinci perked straight up after taking his valerian root. You'll find him in the engine room with Kai!
Zara: Alright! <Name>, let's go talk to Da Vinci!

Talk to Leonardo da Vinci about fixing the time machine.
Zara: We hear you're feeling better, Mr Da Vinci?
Da Vinci: Positively wonderful! Mr Malano has just been showing me the inner workings of the time machine!
Kai (with Zara): Please, call me Kai. It's such an honor to have you on board!
Kai: And, get this, <Name>. Mr Da Vinci has agreed to help us fix the machine!
Zara: So we're going home?!
Da Vinci: Not quite yet, young lady. I'm afraid that I first have a lot to learn about this "coding" Kai mentioned... and my musings on time are only in their infancy!
Da Vinci: But worst of all, before I was hauled in by the Inquisition, I promised King Francis I that I'd return to the French court to complete a mural for him!
Da Vinci: I'm sure you understand that it would be unwise to disappoint a king, <Name>. And he's no friend of the Inquisition, so we'd be safer there!
Da Vinci: But do not fret! I shall have plenty of time while painting to muse upon your time machine problems! I therefore invite you to accompany me to France once you're done here. Here's something to wear!

Speak to Amy Young.
Amy: Jack, Theo, whatever petty argument you've got going on, it needs to stop. Cabin fever is affecting all of us, but-
Jack (with Theo): Look, I'm not unreasonable. I put up with Janis' morgue cookies and Orlando ruining my second best shirt. But when Theo outright steals my moisturizer-
Theo: I'm not a thief! You only think it was me because I teased you about your age!
Jack: There's nothing wrong with my age!
Amy: You know what? You boys clearly have some tensions to work out... I think I'd better send you on a mission to help you do just that.
Jack: You want me to work with HIM?!
Amy: Exactly. See, I've been thinking about organizing a little party, so everyone can let their hair down.
Amy: But we don't have anything to drink! So I want you two to go look for beverages... and I expect you to have made up by the time you get back!
(Amy leaves.)
Jack: Ugh, <Name>, let's get this over with. I think I saw some bottles in the town square!
Theo: Sounds like a stupid idea, but fine. I'll change while you grab some cash for a cart to the tribunal!

Investigate Inquisition Tribunal.
(Theo is seen wearing a Swiss guard uniform throughout the case.)
Theo: It's a long shot, but this crate might contain bottles-
Jack: I spotted it first! I'll be the one to help you crack that lock, <Name>!

Examine Locked Crate.
Jack: Bingo, <Name>! This crate IS full of bottles!
Jack: And that means Theo and I don't have to spend a minute longer together! Let's tell Amy-
Theo: Not so fast! We can't just serve up some unidentified Renaissance booze to the team!
Theo: I need to test it to make sure that it's safe for consumption! Come see me in a couple of hours, <Name>.
Jack (pointing his finger): I don't trust you, Theo. You might hide the bottles just like you did my cream! I'm coming with you!

Analyze Crate of Alcohol.
Theo (with Jack, drunk): <Name>! We've got... hic! We've got good news!
Theo (drunk): Jack and I tested ebbery... erry... all of the bottles...
Jack (drunk): And they're safe to dr-drink! Hic!
Jack (drunk): But that's not the b-best news!
Theo (drunk): Jack and I... we're friends again!
Jack (drunk): Turns out Theo didn't take my miost... moits... face cream! I just used it all!
(Jack and Theo are laughing.)
Theo (drunk): I... I love you, man! I'll never let you... hic... grow old!
Theo (drunk): In fact, I'm going to make you the b-best moisturizer EVER!
Theo (drunk): I just need some anti... hic... anti-aging ingredients! You said you met a w-witch, <Name>? Let's ask her to help us!

Ask Beatriz del Castillo where to find anti-aging ingredients.
Beatriz: I didn't expect to see you again, Guards. You not here to turn me in to the Inquisition, are you?
Jack (with Theo, drunk): Quite the oppopo... opposite! We want your help!
Theo (drunk): We're looking for ingredients to make something to... hic... renew the skin!
Jack (drunk): You wouldn't h-happen to have any, would you?
Beatriz: I don't normally go sharing my plants all willy-nilly. But I s'pose I do owe you for not rattin' me out.
Beatriz: I keep a bunch in the torture chamber for work. The purple ones are what you need!
Jack (drunk): Alright! Let's go search the t-torture chamber for these plants, <Name>! And can we grab something greasy to eat on the way? I'm starving!

Investigate Torture Chamber.
Theo (drunk): These p-plants might be... hic... what we need to make the anti-aging moisturizer, <Name>!
Jack (drunk): Baby smooth skin, here I come! Let's collect the p-purple ones, like Beatriz said!

Examine Plants.
Theo (drunk): <Name>, we've got the... the plants we need to make Jack's anti-aging cream.
Jack (drunk): It's time for you to work your... hic... magic, Theo! Let's take the plants back to your lab!

Analyze Purple Flowers.
(Jack and Theo are seen having eye bags, their hair and their clothes are messy.)
Jack: <Name>, I think I'm starting to sober up. And I do not feel good!
Theo: I feel like someone's drilling into my brain!
Theo: Anyway, I used those plants we collected to synthesize a molecule called GCK377. It has powerful anti-aging properties...
Theo (holding an anti-aging cream): And this face cream is the result!
Jack: Please... not so loud. But thanks again, bro. I can't apologize enough for my behavior earlier. I don't know what came over me!
Theo: We've all had it rough recently. But it's like Amy says - we're stronger together than we are apart.
Theo: Speaking of which, I don't know about you, but I need a lie-down before we get this party started!

Later on...
Amy (holding a glass of alcohol): <Name>, I had my doubts that you could get Jack and Theo to work together...
Amy (holding a glass of alcohol): And while I don't approve of them getting drunk, I'm relieved that they've ironed out their problems!
Amy (holding a glass of alcohol): What's more, having a couple of drinks is doing wonders for the rest of the team, too!
Orlando (with Marina, each of them is seen holding a glass of alcohol): Marina's forgiven me for borrowing her skirt...
Kai: And I've promised Nebet that I'll replace the milk before I finish it!
Zara (holding a glass of alcohol): And most importantly, we rescued Leonardo from the Inquisition and he's agreed to help fix the time machine!
Amy (holding a glass of alcohol): Yes, congratulations, <Name>! Getting Leonardo on board is our first step towards making our way home!
Da Vinci (holding a glass of alcohol): And I'm delighted to be here, <Name>! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd work on a real-life time machine!
Da Vinci (holding a glass of alcohol): Now, as lovely as this is, I'm afraid I cannot delay our departure to the French court any longer.
Da Vinci (holding a glass of alcohol): The French king awaits us at Chambord, <Name>!

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